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  1. ROFL! And yes, the fine chappie who adopts Craster's bouncing baby boy... LOL
  2. We'll get their helpers... they have not even made it to the docks yet for the assassination attempt.
  3. The Others were great. I think we're going to see some similarities between the Others and the Children. Goes back to my theory they are of the same race, but the Others diverted somehow.
  4. I know people wanted to see Reek, etc etc. They simply were not cast. You need to figure in the logistics of casting and contracts before you can have someone in the show.
  5. Just gonna put this out there. The episode, and most episodes, are good for the TV viewers to get where they need to be and set them up for where they need to go. For the book readers (myself included) we get little golden nuggets... but let's face it, the series is not for us. In the end... it was a great episode.
  6. JS and QH are back.. wait, no... Oh, wildlings? Unsheath your swords fella's.... ummm.. a third horn? YES!
  7. Oh.. and the Tyrion/Varys stuff was great! I love how Varys gives just enough info about Dany to make himself look like an informant, but discredits her as being so far away and insignificant to the game.
  8. OK... they could have handled Dany's bit in 5 to 10 minutes. House of Undying... grab those babies... burn the place down. Then we could have her meet up with her new friends at the docks in episode 10. Instead we had the goofy scene with Robb. I am glad that the boys are in the crypt. That helps. So long as when they come out, the Reeds are waiting for them.
  9. They should have re-worked Dany's drama. Jorah should have taken her to the House where should could have had her visions and burned the place down. This would open up episodes 8 and 9 for the other stuff. Then in episode 10, she could meet her new companions at the docks.