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  1. sillent added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion   

    If you guys have so much trouble with the women on this show not always being the ones to save themselves, go ahead and watch madmax on loop. They haven't shown anything in the show so far to suggest that Dany & Missandei would be running around with daggers stabbing golden masked men -- that level of fanfiction would truly kill the show twice as hard.
  2. sillent added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion   

    Guys who was the hooded man/woman on the last boat Jon got on in the last scene!!!
  3. sillent added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion   

    Ermagawd, I was fine watching people eaten by dogs, tortured, castrated, raped and murdered -- but if Sansa gets raped after volunteering to marry Ramsay instead of Jeyne Pool who was abused even more and had no choice in marrying Ramsay I will be outraged to the point of pretending to quit watching the show.

    Yes because skipping the Vale storyline and replacing Jeyne Pool with Sansa had nothing to do with streamlining and keeping viewers interested instead of finding a way to invest in them caring about characters they've never seen before when extras are so routinely abused on the show was done ALL for the shock factor of this one scene. Give me a break.

    Dorne has been such a collosal disaster though. So so disappointed I don't think anyone can find that section interesting
  4. sillent added a post in a topic How would you rate episode 409?   

    I did not think it would end that soon what the fuck. I don't know how I feel about the episode.. its like nothing happened.. like for an episode nine this felt VERY underwhelming
  5. sillent added a post in a topic EW Reveals 7 Season Plan   

    Its just scary because it doesn't look like we will get ADOS before Season 6/7 (depending on overlap). Hoping that we're wrong, but our confidence level on the timing of ADOS will depend entirely on the completion of TWOW.. which doesn't seem to be happening this year.

    Having said that, I would be surprised if Winds & DOS can be done in 1 season each, considering all that needs to happen and the size of the volumes. I'm expecting them (or atleast one of the two) to be as monstrous as ASOS which they needed more than 1 season to fully flesh out.. I guess we'll know more depending on how they expand out the Dornish story this season
  6. sillent added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Cersei as a Rape Victim: How Does her Experience Inform our Opinions Westerosi Society?   

    My two cents on this entire thing after reading most of the posts..

    I feel like the evidence suggests that Cersei was probably 'raped' on at least one occasion. Except there is also evidence that Cersei had the power to say no (maybe not in that specific moment if Robert really wanted to rape her even after she tried fighting him off / saying no, but plenty of times before & after). Cersei was willing to put up with the rape/battery because of the perks she got out of the marriage. The question then becomes if the one-off rape, which if seen in isolation would very likely be rape -- could still be considered rape if seen in the larger context, specifically that Cersei was not a coward and could have walked out if she wanted to but didn't because she liked being queen. She essentially broadly consented to being raped on occasion in exchange for being queen, but still didn't find the rape pleasant and considered herself a victim / tried minimizing the frequency of her rape (which she had broadly consented to) by pleasuring Robert in other ways / 'guarding her cunt'.

    I think we all agree both Robert & Cersei were victims & pretty shitty in the marriage, but none of that has anything to do with the rape question.
  7. sillent added a post in a topic Eddard's Last Words   

  8. sillent added a post in a topic Planetos or GRRth or ...?   

    GRRth is pronounced girth? not sure how I feel about that
  9. sillent added a post in a topic Critics of ASOIAF   

  10. sillent added a post in a topic Critics of ASOIAF   

  11. sillent added a post in a topic Critics of ASOIAF   

    I think one thing to note is that AFFC/ADWD aren't completed. I'm pretty sure the first ~300 pages of Winds is what Martin ideally wanted in ADWD which could actually end Act II of the story but he fluffed up too much of the other stuff and ran out of pages.

    If we had either resolved Meereen or the North or the Riverlands it would be more of a complete book. Since he cut it short it was just a whole lot of fluff which ended abruptly. Really though, I'm not sure what the point of Quentyns POV was anyway. He is introduced and killed in the same book - it probably wouldn't have been too bad if we just randomly got introduced to Q in Dany VII or whatever and maybe we had just the one Quentyn stealing the dragons chapter later (similar to the lone Mel chapter earlier). I get that world building is cool and all, but when Martin time and time again tells us that the story is about Westeros and so we don't need Essosi POV's -- why do we need half a book to explore Essos and its wonders?
  12. sillent added a post in a topic Critics of ASOIAF   

    I think what total1402 is getting at is that whether Robb/Stannis/Renly/Tywin/Cersei/Tyrells/Dany/Varys/LF won the GOT it would make a VERY marginal difference compared to the invasion of the others. I think its safe to assume that its not going to be 1 million human soldiers all equipped with obsidian daggers going up against the army of white walkers to and just barely win.

    If that were the case then perhaps it would "matter" who actually wins GOT. But since its a lot more likely that an unknown factor, or some sort of magic, or dragons will be the "superweapon" to beat the big bad, the winner of GOT is irrelevant to how the essential main premise gets handled.

    This has nothing to do with how much i like ASOIAF or GOT or which one is written better.. its just an observation that regardless of who wins GOT, that person will be in a position to do little when the others finally invade since the achilles heel for the Others will no doubt be something magical.
  13. sillent added a post in a topic Critics of ASOIAF   

    I think I get both sides to the story. The Game of Thrones is why we love the series, since most of the book has been spent on it, but the initial premise presented to us was ASOIAF.

    Since its likely that either Bran, Dany or Jon (or a combination) will be the 'heroes' that fight off the Others, I think it is fair to say that the game of thrones is irrelevant since the characters with power to win ASOIAF have little to nothing to do with GOT. So all the time we spent on GOT was realistic, fun and entertaining but technically it is a waste of time since it would be irrelevant to the final act.

    Now I wouldn't have preferred GOT to be cut out, but you could argue that Martin could've written two separate trilogies.. one which was GOT and another which was ASOIAF. The outcome of GOT seeems like it would make a marginal difference to ASOIAF since Dany/Jon seem like the power players.

    Ofc this is all speculation and so I can be proved wrong, but from the way the series has been setup, I do see where some people are coming from.
  14. sillent added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Garners Emmy Nominations   

    the whitewashing was done mostly in KL.. Dany was fine, maybe not the best actress -- but her performance this season has def been better than S2