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  1. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic Can anyone recommend fiction set in the Greek mythos?   

    Wow. Loads of excellent suggestions. Thanks people! I will look into some of these
  2. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic Detective/crime books   

    The novels by Lee Child might appeal to you. It is not necessarily about homicides but all the novels are based on a retired Military Police man drifting round USA solving crimes and dealing with "situations". The author portrays him as a very good investigator.

    There was recently a film based on one of those books called Jack Reacher (the name of the main character) which was based on the novel One Shot. If you have seen the film, don't judge the book on it, as that particular one is one of the best in the series.
  3. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic Can anyone recommend fiction set in the Greek mythos?   

    Thank you for the suggestion but I am after something that is basically the complete history of Greek Mythology in story form (for adults). That is probably a better explanation than my OP
  4. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic LotR VS. ASoIaF V2   

    I think LotR is a harder read but a bigger accomplishment as it paved the way for epic fantasies. I do Prefer ASoIaF though because IMO it is more entertaining and compelling.
  5. Ser Lewis added a topic in Literature   

    Can anyone recommend fiction set in the Greek mythos?
    ... a good novel that is set in story mode (not a textbook or encyclopedia) that is based on Greek Mythology? I would like to start reading about it because it has always interested me. I would like to be able to start at the time of the Titans and going forward from there.

    I don't really want anything like Percy Jackson or a modern day reboot but rather a book with the original characters/figures from Greek Mythology. Once I finish my 4th re-read of ASoIaF I'd like to get into this.

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  6. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic Answer Questions with Questions V.10   

    What's wrong with their av?
  7. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic Anyone else upset about this?   

    I think you are right, however the show cannot commit the screen time to the development of those characters. Like it or not, they are non essential therefore expendable to the main plot.
  8. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic Unknown Character in Season 2   

    No, that is Balon Greyjoy. Theon's father.
  9. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic which was the most game changing event of the series so far?   

    The tourney at Lannisport. Tywin's offer to Aerys to wed Cersei to Rhaegar.

    If Aerys had consented to Cersei and Rhaegar's betrothal then none of this would be happening (probably). They would have married which might have stopped Cersei and Jaime getting it on. Robert would have married the she wolf and wouldn't have had to rebel. I think these events are what pushed Cersei and Jaime together and that caused a spiral effect which kicked off everything else. Think about it, any even that has happened has been a direct or indirect result of this.

    Although if these events did come to pass then I think there would have been a civil war between Aerys and Rhaegar due to Aerys madness taking hold and I think Rhaegar would have tried to over throw him.
  10. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic Robert Strong   

    I don't believe in all this talk of magic and reanimated corpses. If Qyburn were able to reanimate a corpse then I doubt he would have been knocking round with the Bloody Mummers.

    I think it is much more simple. Through Qyburn's research of the living that lost him his maesters chain, he was able to purge the poison from Gregor's body and heal him. In the process, he also removed Gregor's tongue to stop him from dropping them in it. The head that was sent to Dorne was never confirmed to be Gregor's head.
  11. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic Sansa Stark   

    This is going to get messy.
  12. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic What happened/will happen to Dawn?   

  13. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic Did Tywin know about Joffery/Tommen/Myrcella?   

    I think he had to know. He was a smart man and could easily draw the same conclusion that Ned did. In fact, I think he knew before he shipped Cersei off to KL to marry Robert.
  14. Ser Lewis added a post in a topic What happened/will happen to Dawn?   

    I think it will have something to do with the AA prophecy. Mel is always going on about the dawn that comes after the long night bla bla bla. Maybe its describing the sword and not what follows night?
  15. Ser Lewis added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    What happened/will happen to Dawn?
    I have been pondering this for a while and wonder if it will play any sort of role in the story to come.

    There have been plenty of Valaryan Steel weapons mentioned in the books, most of which are just looked over as just being impressive weapons with a deadly edge. Then you have the more notable ones which tend to be mentioned the most (Ice, Longclaw, Oathkeeper etc etc).

    The thing that puzzles me is that you don't seem to hear much of the greatsword, Dawn. Now I know that the title "Sword of the Morning" is only bestowed upon Daynes worthy enough to wield the sword (Arthur Dayne was not a first son but said to be one of the most deadly knights in the Seven Kingdoms) and the current Lord of Starfall is a squire for Berric Dondarrion. Every other family Valaryan Steel sword tends to be passed down from generation to generation (he who inherits the name and title, inherits the weapon) but the Daynes do things differently.

    Dawn is unique. It is not Valaryan Steel, although it is said to have similar properties. It is said to be "pale as milkglass" where Valaryan Steel is so dark it is almost black and "forged from the heart of a fallen star". All this strikes me as far too unique to be forgotten about and not play some sort of part in the story to come.
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