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  1. Gotham TV (Vol. 2)

    Did people really like him? I gradually warmed to him, and he was fine, but that was about it. But he can't be worse than the Catwomans mum plot.
  2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    I generally just try to forget the last season of BSG, the last episode in particular, I don't think there has ever been a more disappointing finale.
  3. Football: Reds Rising!!

    What is the national Chinese sport? What is football looking to dethrone?
  4. Trailer Thread III

    So here's something I didn't know was happening.
  5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    Arrow has, Legends has as well (but that has more to do with how terrible the first season was.)
  6. I have just seen a (only semi serious) theory thrown out that he could be MODOK. I can dream.
  7. I do suspect he is at Fox. But if Guardians and Thor are bringing in the bigger older cosmic entities, he could easily be something like that.
  8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    HUZZAH! Got to say I see where you all are coming with the criticism, but I still really enjoy this show, for me it's personally above all the CWfare.
  9. Enver Gjokaj also has played a character in the Avengers and in Agent Carter. Steve Rodgers is planning to watch Star Wars, three films of which Nick Fury appears in. None of this stuff matters. On X-Men crossing over. I actually don't want it, and I say that with X-Men being one of my favourite cast of characters. They are a quite nicely self contained set of characters, they have a number of solid villains and storylines. I quite enjoy them being their own thing, their adaptations have been hit or miss, but they strike a different tone to Marvel that's as good in it's own way (incidentally this is what I'm hoping DC will eventually manage, they just need to make a decent film first.) Deadpool would never have been made at Disney, neither would this Logan film (which I am seriously hoping will be good. As for Fantastic Four, I will not be bothered if I never see them again, but please let their villains and aliens go back to Marvel.
  10. Luke Cage: Tired of Buying New Clothes (Spoiler Thread)

    You want this one:
  11. F1 2016

    Yeah I'm not quite sure how this'll not impact overtaking pretty drastically. Wider cars are obviously harder to pass, and with more downforce they'll be slower on the straights and quick in the corners, which reduces braking zones.
  12. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Maybe they were worried people would start thinking they were sane, they've been out of the spotlight a bit recently. It does potentially make it easier for Scotland to qualify though.
  13. F1 2016

    Sorry if already posted, but some of the rule change stuff. I'm hoping it does shake things up as I've definitely fallen out of love quite a bit with F1.
  14. Trailer Thread III

    International Baywatch trailer, god help me I love it.
  15. TTTNE v.467 - Lets do the Spamsmoot again! [Spamsmoot 2017]

    A very quick google says you're wrong.