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  1. And doesn't really give the plot away. See studios it is possible. MANTIS! How the fuck did Bautista keep that kind of comic ability hidden? (My only concern is it looks like there's a big swarm of mooks to fight at the end again...)
  2. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    There are 7 new videos but I'm having trouble linking them directly so here's the playlist:
  3. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    Oldish (mid November) Legion news (apologies if this is somewhere else, I couldn't see anything for it.) It'll air in February. It isn't in the film continuity: New footage: Non Yanks like me may need to find shady ways around FX's blocking them outside of the states. I'm really looking forward to this.
  4. I thought I'd got a double when I saw the second polar bear description. I clearly drew both as children! There was no lewdness from me.
  5. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    He was more trying to run on Heathrow I thought, but the dems opposed expansion as well so it became a non-issue.
  6. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    My cousin has been in town for one week and already this has happened at karaoke: (I fucking killed it BTW) What the fucking shit 2016, suck a cock you cunt.
  7. I'm going out, I'll miss it
  8. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    I have a new favourite music video. A warning it's fairly NSFW
  10. That is five years old...
  11. It's all gone downhill from there. She was the first Zoe that popped into my mind, I don't actually know who Zoe and Charlie were meant to be.
  12. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot
  13. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    What's that in rest of the world speak? Temperatures here have just started dropping below freezing in the afternoons.
  14. The Collective DCU TVerse -- Lions, Titans, and Supergirls

    MOTHERFUCKING DEATHSTROKE! Is Bennett back for this?