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  1. The Japanese Thor Ragnarok Trailer has a bit of Dr Strange at the beginning.I doubt he'll be in the film outside of that one scene though.
  2. Also had this tune in my head for ages, finally heard it on the radio and got it's name: Album wise: Father John Misty and Alt J's newest one's get stuck on repeat a lot.
  3. Captain Marvel suit concept art: Apparently he can't release the high res version.
  4. So Evangeline Lilly looks in pretty great shape for the Wasp:
  5. Seriously, the fucking director has to ask people to avoid it's own marketing? Why do they feel they need to spoil stuff to sell tickets? In what world would this not be a massive box office success?
  6. The Death of Stalin Looks great, I'm a huge fan of the Thick of it, so very excited.
  7. Isn't Scott a fugitive? How much 'home life' can he have? And when this says 'their past,' I'm assuming that mostly means Hope and Hanks. What secrets would Lang have in his past?
  8. I hope (unintended) they don't. All the Messiah stuff was pretty overblown, and to make it really work you need M day, and then a resolution. It just seems like too much for a film that should really be trying to stay away from the convoluted stuff that held Apocalypse down, the relatively few characters in Deadpool, really worked in it's favour. Just set it in an X-men world and don't worry about continuity too much, like the first Deadpool, and Logen did. Unless this film is determined to time travel back to the 80's we're already a good 30 years out of sync. Also just wanted to say I hated that style they used for most (if not all) of Cable's jaunt through the future. That more 'realistic' style just doesn't work for comics, these characters are impossible, so when you try to draw them as if they are, it's just weird. Speaking of bad art Liefeld created some truly monstrous art, a hell of a lot of it featuring Cable, pouches and guns the size of people.
  9. Didn't get the chance to post it whilst the forum was having it's post episode wobble: To promote the DVD release of Guardians 2, they've released a music video for the credits song. It has most of the main cast in it.
  10. Cable image: Editand another:
  11. I dunno maybe something to do with Jesus' being a man, it's kind of his whole thing that he was the mortal son of god. Odin is a God, no mucking around. Book spoilers: As for Odin's power, he's the American Odin, not just Odin. So presumably can't draw power from foreign conflicts.
  12. Fucking hell. I overheat anything above 20. I genuinely think I'd die on the continent right now.
  13. What the hell are you driving? A tank? Please don't say Midichlorians were involved.
  14. Do we know who has the rights to Tombstone? You could almost paint him as an anti-Luke Cage. Given the last few series I'd be surprised if any of the police aren't corrupt.
  15. It's different, but I don't dislike it. I do wonder how they'll show her powers. How explicit with the luck they'll go.