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  1. I think it'd be quite funny if he showed up in a DC film, just in the background looking totally confused.
  2. I will reserve judgement until I see the final article. I was certainly disappointed with Apocalypse, but hopefully with a decent script and having taken some of the criticism on board she may be more invested? I'm so furious with Apocalypse, I loved Days of Future Past so much, it was Like Last Stand following X2 all over again.
  3. So the DUP want to remove allowances from parties that refuse to take their seats, AKA Sinn Fein, this'll end well:
  4. I only just managed to get a copy of Fool's Quest, everytime I went to the shop they were out of stock, so I eventually reserved a copy. I read the first of the new trilogy, enjoyed it even if it was a little slow, and then totally forgot about the second until the third was out.
  5. I liked them tying the Essie Tregowan/McGowan to Laura and Sweeney in the show. She's from Cornwall in the book and it's piskies not Leprechauns. Sweeney's expanded role is working for me. Book Spoilers: They tied a coming to America vignette that was ultimately a sideshow, and made it about two of our main cast, a job well done.
  6. I think Media feeling overwrought and ultimately shallow is the point though? One of the main criticism of popular culture is how superficial and ultimately unconvincing it is. So Shadow is choosing to go with the flaky, unpleasant, but ultimately more genuine seeming guy.
  7. Yeah I need to go to bed. What a night.
  8. I believe he is a Father's for Justice campaigner.
  9. Poor bugger. He fucked up royally, but seems to really be taking this hard.
  10. Are the DUP likely to press for a special N Ireland Brexit Deal?
  11. NM
  12. Seriously can Farage not just fuck off to America?
  13. As the UK is currently showing we have the best elction results nights.
  14. I love all of Jeremy's stupid graphics.
  15. Putney majority slashed from 10000 to 1500