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  2. HI.
  3. You could draw an electrocardiogram above all of them, to indicate non-un-deadness?
  4. I think probably if you want to get more WoC onto the big screen X-Men is the best way to go. X-Men volume 4, had an all female X-Men team, the only white one was Rachel Grey (well and sort of Psylocke, but you could just make her British Japanese.) This isn't solving the issue of leading a film, but getting audiences familiar with them as big players would help towards that end.
  5. OI DICKHEADS -respected peers- ! There's a Pictionary thread, so sign up now.
  6. Black Widow is getting her film, it's going to be written by, get this, a woman. On Foxy stuff, it looks like 2020 is when things start moving, so everything before then is 100% Fox.
  7. I'm in, I had been thinking about hosting this one myself, so if you'd rather play Pebbles? I would prefer no theme.
  8. I do wonder if Velveteen is genuinely injured, as he's disappeared on NXT. The match with Aleister Black was great. I thought the WAR GAMES! match was fantastic for it's lunacy. I think WWE's main roster best bout this year was Uso's/New Day hell in a cell. I think going forward I'm just going to skip through WWE main stuff until people I'm interested in show up. If the rumours about Vince trying to get the XFL off the ground again are true, hopefully he takes more of a backseat here, and we can get a bit better creative. Wrestle Kingdom, that was literally the first NJPW I've seen outside of the Omega/Okada Trilogy, so didn't know too much of the history going in. I did really like the whole thing. I'd suggest trying to catch most of it, definitely the Cody match (that fucking Cross Rhodes) and the Bucks/Roppingi, KES/Evil Sanada had a great beat down brawl, the Four Way was frenetic and fast (everything you'd want it to be.) Jericho had his best match in years, Okada and Naito was the best match to finish on. I think you can skip the 6 man Gauntlet, Jay White didn't impress as he should have done, and I didn't feel the Sazuki match all that much. All these guys did good stuff at New Years Dash too, so it's a shame.
  9. New thread so I'm going BACK TO THE FRONT old avatar. Still a bit of music within. Are we strong enough in number to consider a Pictionary game? I don't mind hosting. Hope you get better Buck, there's been a really nasty strain going around here the last couple of weeks. I'm coming down with something myself, but I think (and hope) it's just a cold.
  10. I did enjoy it, but it's not particularly incisive. Have you read about Hopper's bracelet? I'm not sure if they mention it on Beyond, but it's the loveliest detail.
  11. Yarp.
  12. It's German,and it really doesn't break all that often, just expensive when it does. Only if you want her to end up sleeping with abusive alcoholic librarians.
  13. Given that I'm a delivery driver, work may take a dim view of me taking the bus
  14. Happy birthday Lany! Buck, do you have us all on your calendar? Urghghg, just had to have my starter motor replaced, why are cars expensive?
  15. I had problems with tLJ but when Binary Sunset got it's reprise, I loved it. On games, Crypt of the Necrodancer is entirely about the Soundtrack.