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  1. Behind the scenes promo stuff: For Americans: The rest of the world: And a short teaser from the 15th I didn't see posted anywhere:
  2. Do they have access to SWORD and Brand? I always saw her as more of an X-Men auxiliary.
  3. Eh I liked it, her transition from a metaphorical zombie to a literal one worked narratively. I liked the greater depth added to her, even if I still can't completely sympathise. My only problem was that it isn't as interesting to me as the main story and little vignettes are, so I was slightly miffed to get none of them. But this was an episode I wouldn't have wanted cut up or spread out either.
  4. Apparently this is an original song. Singer from Garbage is the singer.
  5. Pollsters should take that into consideration though and skew their results accordingly. They've clearly not done the best job in recent years, but should hopefully have improved their methods.
  6. Why are we getting this film? What exactly is the point of Venom without Spidey?
  7. Heard a report from an elderly safe Tory seat (Christchurch Dorset,) they were being questioned about the manifesto particularly as pertains to older voter issues, the general response was 'I don't care, still voting Tory,' or 'I do care, still voting Tory.'
  8. Retrospective diving reviews expected to be approved:
  9. Another leading light of Grunge gone. Completely unexpected, real shame.
  10. Fascinating.
  11. The forum is having a problem at the moment quoting spoiler tags.
  12. I think the coming to America sections are meant to take up a lot of space, and similar, the Anubis scene didn't further the plot, but was clearly an important part of the world. Not reading the book I don't know where things are overall going, but I like the way things are allowed to breathe, I don't need everything to be happening all the time. I read an interview with the makers that the Coming to America segment of 4 is going to be very long. Vague book spoilers:
  13. I think the theory is quoted spoiler tags don't work.
  14. I think it's a step up from the last few seasons, to be sure, but it's still not back to when the show was first around. But then when a show has been around this long that'll always be difficult.
  15. That sex scene was beautiful. As KP said the Djinn was wearing the suit in episode 2. How it fit him I guess is the magic. It wasn't literally granting a wish, but it was giving him what he wanted. Presumably as well the Djinn has done it before, as the guy in the license is definitely not either of them. Anubis was perfect.