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  1. Sorry to the two of you who have submitted but not been bolded yet. My car died, and I've just been running around sorting a new one, and now I'm off to work. You haven;t been forgotten.
  2. We'll do nine then. In the past we've had to shorten them because of player numbers.
  3. Deadpool 2: The Final Trailer
  4. 'Pump the hate breaks Thanos' 'So dark, are you sure you're not from the DC universe?' Splitting the bullet... now where have I seen that before?
  5. I've only seen this film once a while back so may well give it a rewatch. I liked it a lot. The brutal cuts that came out of nowhere scared the shit out of me every time. The whole film had eerieness I haven't seen for a long time. My reading of it is fairly muddled, I think the witches are real, but are just outcasts from society, they're not magical. And the more hysterical aspects are caused by the ergot. My main problem with reading the end as good is that Thomasin views it as evil, regardless of whether it is, she thinks she's selling her soul.
  6. As per usual: Not really feeling the Jon Hamm segments. Why keep the body? (ok that was explained later) Carey/Kerry exploring living apart is nice. Surely they'd lie them down at least? Wow what a sealed room that is, it has a fucking hatch you can climb down. Lenny hanging herself in the background was nice, the gun was too obvious. Love the mundane cruelty of SK. Speaking of which, I like how assured he is. The little needle about white saviors was a good one. That boat sushi restaurant, to get to the other side of that table: there needs to be a bridge of somekind. Either you climb under or over it. It has to be a closed loop The rose garden got me thinking Alice in Wonderland (although I think the roses were Through the Looking Glass?) Cow (that seems to be spilling ink?) that seems important: better ignore it. Huh Melanie kind of looks Bowie-ish with that hair. That RPG I don't know about you, but I reckon I could take a disabled manataur, especially with two friends. There's that cow again. Yep, just ignore it. HURRY! I got it! With one letter to go so I'm not sure it counts but I feel a small sense of pride. That Monk going crazy thing was quite nice and horrible.
  7. Ok so kids. We can still make this a nine round game if you like. But due to the delays: it is entirely up to you. The only twist is Pebbles/Helena will have to pull double duty in the final description round. If we go for Seven, this is the final drawing round, if Nine it's the second to last. Thoughts? You can message me if you'd prefer it to be anonymous for some reason. @[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Who Must Be [email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] of My Name
  8. AND WE'RE BACK! You should all have sentences, as ever let me know if you believe the sentence is wrong etc. Deadline is 01.00 GMT 22nd April Lets see if we can meet it yeah?
  9. I did like Season 1. (And it got me back in to wrestling.) But I did feel it was a little unfocused, some of the arcs a little wobbly. But it's still a hell of a lot better than most tv I saw in 2017. I plan to enjoy this. Oh and just on a trope standpoint, it's nice to see the woman get cheated on and it be the trigger to her discovering her potential. 99 times out of 100 it's the other way: This is explained well in this video: RIP Cracked YouTube.
  10. You can fairly easily handwave Magneto's powers allowing him to put less strain on his body, giving him a sort of longevity. This would work really well, as Magneto would be getting older and potentially more desperate. We've seen Magneto done on film a lot recently, it might be nice to see the emerging power vacuum in the wake of his death.
  11. Is this the GLOW thread? Because: June the 29th
  12. Bruno Sammartino has died at the age of 82. Well before my time, but in his day he was the wrestler.
  13. 1 It was always stupid to treat Inhumans like Mutants, they aren't the same. Inhumans have inhuman blood in them before Terrigenesis, Mutation can happen to anyone. That's part of why everyone hates them. 2 As it currently is sure, but mutants aren't in the MCU yet. As soon as they are, just chuck in a bunch of people discovering the 'mutant menace,' all the public panic, and how they're scared of it and you're off to the races. Chuck in a couple of violent lethal power manifestations for bonus points.
  14. Being hated and feared, it's at the start of every X-Men story. People are scared of Mutants replacing them, they're increasing in number, and they're clearly more powerful. Homo Sapiens replaced the Neanderthal, and in turn Mutants will replace humans, if they aren't kept in check. This isn't helped by folk like Magneto going around telling people that mutants are superior to humans. Mutants are stranger than most heroes as well, who by and large look primarily human. Then just plain old bigotry, and a fair bit of religious intolerance. There's the gay parallel for instance, suddenly and without warning around puberty the child you raised isn't, just the child you raised. It's something different, and to some people that's scary. The X-Men, are there to protect mutants, and to prove to humans that they aren't a threat, they're fighting for all people. Plus the X lends itself to team names and costumes.
  15. Look, I should have been more proactive. What's done is done. Lilly's image is in, so when ever SWMBO can get online and describe we can get this game rolling again.