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  1. Scaring people sounds like a dream job. Bolded part: they don't have to follow any laws? Or they have to follow less stringent laws?
  2. AHHHHHHHH! Oh I got that one! 'Do you feel disgusted and uneasy with your current butter?'
  3. I will answer weirdness with weirdness Oh hai!
  4. I'll give it a shot. Most of day so far has been procrastinating and listening to Dinsey songs, so here: Billy Joel is the man dog
  5. I know this is a bit of a slow thread but figured I'd post it here: Seemingly half the roster is down with something, suspected to be the mumps. Bo Dallas was said to have meningitis, then Roman Reigns has been replaced by Kurt Angle (at the reunion of the shield,) AJ styles is wrestling Finn Balor instead of Bray Wyatt (but we may be saved from seeing Bray in drag.)
  6. Nice Is this what that CEG show is like?
  7. Saw an interview with Iannucci, and it's worth saying it is apparently quite dark as well as funny. It doesn't paper over all the nastiness that went on.
  8. Ah, where are you like button? How I miss you.
  9. Unfortunately this won't work for you, but here's the easiest solution for us boys:
  10. If the rumours are true they are planning to do Born Again. Hopefully without the whole Karen's a prostitute thing.
  11. After this scene: All I want is Kingpin going after Matt as a lawyer, not realising he's Daredevil.
  12. TL:DR Trump fooled the Scottish government with ludicrous claims of jobs (6000,) causing them to overturn the regional decision. The course destroyed what should have been one of the most highly protected environmental sites in the UK. The local residents (one of whom is probably in her eighties) who refused to sell up were demonised, abused and constantly harassed. Water lines were cut, power lines hit, mounds of earth piled up around houses, access to the beach denied, Trees felled illegally, stopped by security, property removed, charged for boundary fence construction (sounds familiar?). The film-makers were arrested with an unjustifiable use of force. It is worth a watch, it will infuriate you however, especially with the hindsight that he can just fuck off and have an entire country handed to him.
  13. As this thread hasn't been active for almost a week, the story has moved on, as Rajoy's deadline to clarify whether they were declaring independence had passed with no answer, Spain have begun steps to suspend their autonomy.
  14. Just binge watched everything so far. Loose collection of thoughts: Why am I meant to root for the main characters? The royal family are racists. Maximus is the villain because he doesn't accept their caste system (that is basically slavery) and is non-specifically insane. Gorgon has teamed up with a bunch of humans who are following him for nebulous reasons and are surprisingly chill with their buddy getting killed, like moments after it happens they're reassuring Gorgon about it. And what is his job? Head of the guard, the guard who en masse committed treason. Karnak is quite clearly just spinning his wheels until the plot allows him to insert himself again. So sure he's hanging out with a bunch of ridiculously good looking drug dealers, whilst nursing a concussion. And has clearly forgotten any sense of duty, there's been a coup, sure now is the time to hook up. And lets just throw in a jealousy murder plot in there too. Medusa has teamed up with Felicity from Arrow, who is there again because: reasons. And is completely cool with having a gun pulled on her, and then helping that woman, who shot at and destroyed a police car. Medusa does not give a single shit about this woman, until she suddenly does. Well kind of, she's still yet to do anything that doesn't directly help herself. Crystal is like a case study of entitlement. She spent the first 2 and a half episodes being a bratty princess then suddenly remembered her powers, forgot the banishment of her parents, and turned up on earth where she immediately just expected some guy to fix her monster dog. And Lockjaw? He's too useful, so he just becomes shitty at teleportation when he's tired. Gets knocked out, and then almost immediately after gets hit by a quad bike. All simply so he's out of the picture for a while. Black Bolt is by comparison actually doing alright. Sure he only has one facial expression: mild puzzlement. But he was pretty badass when breaking out of prison. And is involved in the only vaguely interesting storyline being tested on. Also for a show about superbeings the only person who used one in episode 4 was Mortis who did so accidentally.