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  1. I don't think he and Leigh had any kids. The Wikipedia page doesn't mention any. For all that cash he decided to make recycling Tolkien's journey narrative, he apparently much (all?) of it away: Per Wikipedia:
  2. VAR would have called Kane offside. Dive/Not-A-Dive aside, it was justice that Kane's first take was saved. The second penalty was soft. As someone who has come to follow and root for Spurs in the past few years, having the linesman call it in the 93rd minute of a game was unsatisfying, even if it rescued a point in the table. That Wanyama strike, though... And the juking Salah goal... The best part of that is that Salah did not stop to campaign for a hand ball just inside the box. That call wasn't going to happen. Salah just kept on moving. I dig that in a player.
  3. Trump's lucky he's not governor of Illinois. We may elect the corrupt bastards, but they know what may happen. Prison is part of the retirement package.
  4. But is -366 points off of 26,000+ as rattling as 366 points off a decade ago? As a percentage, 366 points in either direction isn't panic-inducing today. What percentage drop would be cause for pause?
  5. I have not read the book, but is Francis Begbie as much a pyschopathic evil presence there as he is in the movies? Robert Carlyle's performance in both films fills me with the fear and loathing.
  6. The stock market chart comes with its own slide whistle sound! The W administration was its own disaster. Imagine if Cheney was VP now using his nefarious ways to get things done. Heck, Trump talks about shooting someone with impunity, but Cheney actually SHOT A GUY IN THE FACE and the guy apologized to Cheney for it.
  7. Is it "I am the son and the heir" or is it "I am the sun and the air"? Could it be former in one verse and the latter in another? In either case, the show's been canceled.
  8. The Mallorean tedious and feels like Eddings has to fill out five books in similar travelogue formula to the Belgariad. By "Demon Lord of Karanda," I am ready for the traveling to be done, but it just keeps on going and the domestic squabbling is tiring. The Belgariad, though, got through The Quest portion in quick order by the end of book 3, giving books 4 & 5 plenty of room to gear up for The Big Battle and The Final Showdown.
  9. Disagree. The look on Nielsen's face was one of shame. The brutal shaming of Trump's enablers should not let up until they all find their backbone and wipe their noses of the brown stains from their commander's adult diaper.
  10. That double look he gave before passing to Martial for the second goal was funny. It was like, "Wait, is he really that open for a shot from 20 yards out?"
  11. I have lost count of my re-reads of the Belgariad since I was 12. It's like Kraft Mac & Cheese to me. I know there's not a lot nutrition, but it's comfort food that I can always count on. Mallorean re-reads always seem to stall out at book three (Demon Lord of Karanda). I do love dropping into the Belgarath the Sorcerer "autobiography" from time to time. It covers a lot of ground. I hope it's never adapted for any screen, large or small. Not necessary and would honestly disappoint viewers used to crazy twists and turns of a series like Game Of Thrones.
  12. What are the options for VAR when making a call? For instance, for American football's NFL, there are 3 outcomes for a play that is under video review: 1. The call on the field is confirmed - Means the video conclusively supports the call that was made by officials on the field 2. The call on the field stands - Means the video replays could not conclusively confirm nor deny the call made by field officials. In this case, the field officials' call remains. 3. The call on the field is reversed - Video replays conclusively show the call on the field was incorrect, therefore is subject to the video review results. In the NFL, the referee on the field looks at the video to make the call in consultation with officials in the booth (I think this is still the case). There are other ways of that, too. In professional hockey, NHL goal calls that need to be reviewed go to a central team in Toronto to make the call, which leaves the refs on the ice out of controversy. In the NBA, there are reviews by on-court refs to verify if a shot was a 2 or 3 point play, or to see if a shot was taken before time expired. Lots of factors. It's going to be bumpy with VAR for a while.
  13. This is not an isolated case with Locke.
  14. Wouldn't part of the reason be that Locke *really* wants to check out Raven's Reach? It's too exclusive an offer to pass up.
  15. If this is the case, that is wise of Pulisic, or whomever may be advising him. There's little to gain sitting on the bench waiting for his turn in the PL, but much to gain playing a lot for a good Bundesliga side. Heck, maybe he prefers to stay in Germany. Has he stated a preference for his future ambitions? As an American, it's nice to see Pulisic basically ignoring any hype and concentrating on the trajectory that seems to be working out so well. If he's patient and continues that improvement, he'll be able to punch his ticket to a starting spot at a bigger club. And he'll only be 20 or 21 years old.