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  1. Wasn't he the one claiming that anyone asking for immunity is guilty as hell? And he was the one leading the RNC nitwits in the Lock Her Up! chants, right? Irony is a stone cold b*tch.
  2. I almost quit watching when Varga filled the World's Greatest Dad! mug and made Sy drink it. Unnecessary to tell this story. And just vile. The key to Malvo was that he was crazy, but in a sort of charming way. He played cat-and-mouse with his victims in a way that I wanted to see how it unfolded. Varga is just malevolent and cruel. I have no interest in his plot. He's sick.
  3. They need a new rule: No getting up from your seat during Tribal Council. Keep this wandering and whispering to camp only. It's no good at Tribal. That said, Sarah is totally getting the winner's edit, isn't she?
  4. I remember walking to record shop across from campus in the fall my freshman year to dig through the used CD bins. They had a Sony Discman taped down to the front counter. The guy at the counter told me to put on the attached headphones and listen. They had a copy of the just released Badmotorfinger playing. "Rusty Cage" began pounding its way into my brain. Whoa. The guy said they had already sold a bunch of copies just by putting the CD player and headphones on the counter. I totally understood. I didn't have enough cash to buy a new CD that day, but I did pick up the album at some point. It's loud, it's dark, it's fast, it's sludgy. It's the sound of college wrapped up in one killer album. I'm fortunate I was able to see them that next summer when they were part of the killer 1992 Lollapalooza lineup. It was loud and great. Chris Cornell had a singular voice and it's a shame he is gone too soon.
  5. We're off the TBBT topic here, but The Middle is so far above any Tim Allen grunt-fest on TV. The characters have grown literally and figuratively. The writers have not tried to keep them in a state of suspended adolescence. They swerved away from early season focus on Frankie working at a car dealer (and jettisoned side character Chris Kattan in the process... thankfully) and set about the relatable challenges of the kids getting through awkward times in their lives. All without turning it into some crap Dan Schneider created NickTeen show. Plus, I feel like Mike Heck all the time. I just want to provide for my family and have a couple of beers, while acting like the broken down appliances and holes in the wall can wait a few days or weeks or months to be fixed. /defense of The Middle as a quality sit-com.
  6. The comedy that has best dealt with growth in the past decade is "The Middle." The kids have grown up, moved through the normal school ranks (Axel just graduated college), and I dare say the show is a good or better than ever. Instead of maintaining its focus on Frankie's insecurities or the family's financial duress as in the early years as a kind of watered-down Roseanne, it shifted to show how Axel and Sue handled college and Brick handled high school. It's poignant and provides several great laughs every episode without devolving into absurdity or pure slapstick. TBBT finds poignancy once in a great while (Howard's mom passing away), but mostly veers into selfish and mean-spirited laughs. A lot of opportunity to become an iconic show is lost in the low-brow antics of man child Sheldon.
  7. I finally got through the episode and continue to feel disappointed. The Peter and the Wolf narration / explanation felt lazy, Billy Bob's voice notwithstanding. It was straight out of the LP our music teacher would put on that explained Peter and the Wolf to thick-headed fourth graders. A Fargo audience doesn't need to be led by the nose as to which characters are which. I'm not sure I've ever seen the words bulimia and whimsical in the same sentence. There's not a whole lot whimsical about bulimia. The Gloria not triggering automatic doors, faucets, hand dryers running bit is baffling to me. Also, The Simpsons did it better when Bart sold his soul to Milhouse. Hmmm... maybe Gloria has no soul!
  8. Never trust a man who swears he is a teetotaler, yet has his name on a bottle of vodka. That should have clued everyone in right there.
  9. Jim Parson's Sheldon has become to the show what Jimmy Walker's J.J. became to Good Times or any other character whose over-the-top portrayal cast a shadow over the other lead characters. Could the show survive and be enjoyable without Sheldon's schtick? I think it could. Amy could use real attention and affection like the Brian Pohsen's (sp) geologist character was delivering her way earlier this season. Nope, it all comes back to Sheldon's selfish man-child. No wonder Penny and Leonard just stand in the kitchen and make lame comments. They seem to want out, too, but they get Friends-like weekly paychecks to stick around.
  10. Why any of them put up with Sheldon's condescension, verbal abuse, and infantilism remains a mystery. It would be a much more interesting show if they all moved out and didn't tell Sheldon where they were going. Especially if it was Amy. She should realize that her life is so much more valuable than the pittance of zero that he provides her. Otherwise, they are all just enablers of his abuse.
  11. Wait... what? That's hilarious.
  12. Well, Jesse Ventura was a governor. He's a bit 'round the bend these days, but he did show a 'rassler could make waves on a fairly big political stage. Recall, he was in Predator during Arnold's 80's hey-day. And Linda McMahon is somewhere in Trump's list of appointees, right? Dwayne Johnson is a hell of a lot more popular than either of those two. And he's a hugely successful actor. I wouldn't underestimate him if he wanted to make a run for an office at any level.
  13. Why is that silly? Sports figures have made for competent politicians on either side of the ideological divide. Bill Bradley, Steve Largent, J.C. Watts, Jim Bunning, Jack Kemp, Heath Shuler. Why not LeBron? I don't know much of his political views, but he does seem to be a thoughtful and compassionate person. That's a step up from the current resident at 1600 Penn. Ave.
  14. Good point. My earlier statement of fuzzy-memoried, coked-out 70's starlet (now 20 some odd years sober) is not correct. All those Santas depressed me.
  15. Remember that Gloria is getting this story from someone who barely remembers the 70's. Thaddeus could look like pretty much anyone in a sketchy flashback.