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  1. This thread reminds me of a calculation that can be used to figure out the point for what age disparities are less alarming than others. It's the Half Plus Seven Rule. Take the older person's age, halve it, and add seven. Is the younger person that old? Then it may not raise as many eyebrows. The calculation really only works starting at 22 for the older person: [ (22 / 2) + 7 = 18]. Or [ (30 / 2) + 7 = 22. Or [(50/2 + 7 = 32)]. In reality, it's up to consenting adults, but for me I couldn't really fathom dating someone so much younger without a generation gap or simple years-on-the-planet gap creeping in. By the way: This is TOTALLY for entertainment/conversation and is outside of the ethical conversation of professor/student relationships.
  2. This is why I will be going door-to-door or whatever I can do as a volunteer to convince undecided or unmotivated voters to turn out next November on behalf of whoever is running against my current US Rep. Ours is a district that voted HRC 50% to Trump's 43% last year, yet reelected the donor-beholden tax reform zealot Peter Roskam to the House. I realize convincing folks who fall in line behind a candidate with an (R) behind their name is a fool's errand. But perhaps I can help shine a light for others that a better option for our district is available, especially since the district seems ripe to flip. I can't do a whole lot, but maybe just maybe...
  3. That's shades of the end brawl scene of "Slap Shot." Approve! I always thought I'd invite my favorite colleagues out for a surf and turf lunch, cover the bill, then say "Adios. Don't call me, I'll call you."
  4. These are the only two Iron Maiden songs I know. "Run to the Hills" is the only song regular rock radio in the U.S. will ever play. It basically kicks ass. "The Trooper" is one of the greatest songs of all time. Full stop. I only know it because they used it as the theme to that History of Metal documentary series VH1 Classic shows every once in a while. Why in the hell don't I know any other songs by Maiden? I feel ashamed. Where do I start after those two songs?
  5. I thought about this, too, putting the onus on the victim, that's why I mentioned maybe an intermediary could approach the other side. If that other side rebuffs the accuser, then take it to the media or a lawyer if appropriate. Are there mechanisms for victims to do such a thing without it involving a lawsuit or a story on the news?
  6. I have a question: Did Tweeden (or an intermediary on her behalf) ever approach Franken in the ensuing years to let him know that this USO trip deeply upset her? Is there a reason that this had to be done via a story to the press if Franken never had a chance to realize his actions caused such suffering on Tweeden's part? I ask because Franken seems to me like a man who would have made his apology and amends as much as possible to Tweeden without having to have learned it through the media. This would have provided Tweeden a way to come forth in the media, but at the same time to indicate that Franken had a chance to react. If his apologies and amends were okay, then she could say so. If he attempted to dodge and deny, then she could say so. How should this work so that anyone aggrieved can feel confident that they are telling their vital stories, yet allowing for the story to be advanced farther before the entire world knows? I really don't know.
  7. I agree. I vote DST. Follow up to my last post: My brother is in Indiana, where some counties did EDT, some stayed on EST all year. It was confounding. They standardized it to all go EST and EDT (except for a few counties near Chicago and the southwestern corner that are on Central Time). Griping about their place in the space timezone continuum for Hoosiers is just like griping about the weather for the rest of the world.
  8. Perspective: Living on the eastern edge of my time zone, I despise Standard time. I much prefer driving to work in the dark and getting an extra hour of daylight later in the day to this whole dark at 4 pm b.s. that happens in December. My brother lives nearby on the western edge of his time zone. He despises Daylight time. His newspaper publishes articles every year decrying it. I love that Daylight savings duration was extended on the calendar. He hates it.
  9. In what context did Beck wear bread bags as shoes? Bread bags were improvised winter shoe covers to keep some of the snow/wet out of sneakers. It wasn't very effective, but it was done if a kid couldn't find or fit into whatever boots they should have been wearing.
  10. How did she abandon NY voters "quickly?" She won her seat in 2000 and again in 2006, only leaving to become Secretary of State in 2009. That's 8 years of service as a US Senator. It's not like she jumped ship to become a paid TV pundit or resigned in some scandal. Sheesh.
  11. Did anyone have them guaranteed in the round of 16 after 4 games ( with two of those against RM?). I'd venture to guess not. Spurs are fun to watch when they hit on all cylinders.
  12. I almost brought this up yesterday when someone was talking about the trauma of seeing Jaws as a little kid. When I was either 5 or 6 my family went to see Watership Down in a theater. It's about rabbits! And it's a cartoon! Holy crap, I was scared out of my mind at the violence. The book is one of my favorite novels, though I did not read it until in my 20's. My kids ask about reading it and I tell them they are more than welcome to tackle it, but it's densely packed and filled with trauma. Another less than light-hearted romp for Gen X kids: The Dark Crystal. Hey, it's Jim Henson! It blew my mind and I had no idea what was going on.
  13. I can guarantee you my Rep from Illinois 6 is all in for debilitating tax reform. It's all his mealy-mouth can talk about (when anyone can get him to talk at all in a safe-space open-only-to-his-donors event). Same for the district next to ours, IL-14. It's the ONLY thing they care about, besides destroying the ACA.
  14. I'd agree that Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry are both easy to argue, but I always include Little Richard, too. He was a force of nature, both on record and on stage. Nobody mistakes those three. They each had their signature sound.