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  1. Trust the Process, baby! I love the new thread. Hell yea the Sixers are making the playoffs. But too many Sixers fans are talking 5th/6th seed. There is no way in hell they can do better than the 7th. I've said it all year, they will lead the league in turnovers, and they will make the playoffs with 40 wins.
  2. I haven't checked out the videos yet. But I never label Curry a poor defender based off of attitude like other players--Carmello!--just off of his physique. It's egregious when a player possesses so much skill on one end, and has no interest on the other half of the game. Like...Carmello! And your Knicks have no right to be playing on Christmas Day. I anxiously awaited the release of the schedule because I wanted to hear the Christmas games. And I wanted two things to come out of it: 1. Sixers are one of the 10 teams playing 2. The Knicks stay home! I even had my own list of the games I wanted: Cavs vs. Celtics--this was before the Kyrie trade. figured this was a better matchup, and now it's looking like the marquee game. Bucks vs. T-Wolves--perhaps my favorite game on this list. ton of great young talent in this one. two teams on the rise. Hou vs. S.A.--battle of Texas. Best offensive team vs. Best defensive team. GS vs OKC--another reason i didn't want GS to play Cleveland, the Westbrook vs. Durant matchup is a better storyline. Sixers vs. LAL- a nightcap w/ two young teams w/ a ton of lottery selections facing off. And the Embiid/Lavar Ball storyline.
  3. lol, i'll watch them later I promise. Lets keep the sensitivity at a minimum. And besides, I'm the Sixers fan here. Why is a Steph Curry fan upset? You people have it all.
  4. Lol whatever helps you sleep at night. Curry makes Gary Payton look like a Thursday night YMCA superstar.
  5. Back in January, Sixers fans were all debating who would be the best selection out of the one-and-dones. Monk was the early front-runner. I tuned in to UK games and I was left unimpressed. A solid shooter who can definitely find his own shot in the NBA. But he's very streaky--as most shooters are--and he does not look 6'3. He is going to be a liability when attached to the premiere shooting guards in this league. I immediately noticed Bam and saw that the Wildcats had another amazingly athletic big. And later on in the year I told everyone that Fox was my favorite PG in the draft. I hardly saw any of Fultz's games so I couldn't fairly judge. And Lonzo is a good player but that shot is awful. Fox looks like a leader. His defense is miles above most freshman guards. Ridiculously fast first step. Is able to absorb the contact at the rim and finish. And his shot needs work, but it's not broken.
  6. I do, and it's likely going to be the Wizards out of the top 4. I think Whiteside will continue to make strides offensively and get to 20 PPG this season. If Adebayo is able to establish a solid rapport with Hassan...whewww, guys are going to need to ice-up after playing that front court. Lol, I'm not surprised that a professional athlete works on his biggest weakness constantly in training and practice. It's his job. And I already said how the majority of his defense is based upon his ability to steal. That's a trait that most offensive minded players can bring defensively. Teams will always look to exploit Curry's diminutive frame in a mismatch. I'm not knocking him, I'm just pointing out the blatant disadvantage he's at when a bigger guard posts up on him. Curry makes up for that in several other ways. And that's why he's a champion.
  7. Curry and Durant aren't similar when it comes to any aspect of defense. Doesn't really matter though, that team is filled with great perimeter defenders who make up for Curry's slight frame. And now they've added Jordan Bell who will eventually be able to defend 1-5 in todays NBA. Nothing against Curry, they're the champs and they will win again this year. But if you take away those 20 point leads, Draymond, Iggy, and Thompson, you wouldn't see an emboldened defender in Curry who finishes in the top 10 in steals.
  8. That lineup is the most practical and gives them the best shot at winning, yes. But you do not have the number 1 pick come of the bench. Simmons and Fultz are the backcourt, there will be a ton of turnovers, and miscommunication. Rookies make mistakes, it's part of the learning process. And Saric is a ridiculous competitor who deserved ROTY. Truly a jack of all trades master of none. But in no way is that a slight on his playing. The kid looks like a veteran talent out there, a true European talent that uses old school basketball skills to dominate players who rely only on their God given athleticism and size.
  9. Miami could be a top 4 seed in the East. A bunch of the lottery teams will be kicking themselves for passing on Bam Adebayo. And I've been calling it for months now, Lebron WILL return to Miami. And once again I will be fueled with hatred towards the Miami "fans" who text during the entire game while sitting court-side.
  10. Hell no, lol. As much as I'd love to agree with you. They are still extremely young. And even if Embiid is healthy for the majority of the year, they have a backcourt comprised of Simmons and Fultz. As historical and exciting as that sounds, to have the two most recent #1 picks operating as the guards, they are both rookies. The Sixers will likely lead the league in turnovers.
  11. Lol, well hopefully he saves 4-7 of those games for the 1st round of the playoffs. I believe the Sixers have a great shot to get the 8th seed, while only winning 38 games in an abysmal Eastern Conference.
  12. Well the true MVP is Kawhi Leonard. If I had to pick one player in the NBA to build my franchise around, I wouldn't even hesitate in choosing the best two-way player in the league. But, the MVP race is mostly predicated on PPG, so he will likely be behind guys like Harden, Westbrook, and Davis. The Sixer fan in me dreams that Embiid will put up 28 minutes all season and average 28 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 blocks.
  13. It's a rookie scale maximum, and there have been injury clauses mentioned in the deal. I don't expect him to come close to earning 100 million out of that deal if he were to miss two seasons or more worth of games. Note* Just listened to Woj. He explained that this could be the most unique contract in the history of the NBA. It is not allowed for the NBA to have clauses with games played. However, if Embiid were to suffer a catastrophic injury to his knees or his surgically repaired foot, the Sixers would waive him. And Joel would earn around half of his $148 million contract.
  14. Yeah, we're pretty tired of hearing that comparison, here in Philadelphia. Most of the fan base has been divided concerning everything related to Sam Hinkie. Embiid represents "The Process" and the knee injury from last season wasn't severe. But he can't continue to make those leaping dunks where he increases the chances of hyperextension. The back issues from Kansas worry me, and obviously anything involving the foot--primarily the navicular bone--would send us all in a panic. All NBA fans should hope he stays healthy. He's a great kid, and he is a generational talent that could provide us with entertainment for several years.
  15. I've said it as soon as I saw him dominate for Kansas. Joel Embiid will be a HoF, if he can stay healthy. It's a rather big "if". An amazing talent like that, doesn't come around too often. Such unbelievable athleticism, quickness, ball handling, shooting range, to go along with a 7'2 giant frame. And his personality is infectious.