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  1. Hey! Don't say that, we are all a lot stupider than we thought.
  2. less than 2 min after reading this news, thunderstorms began in my area.
  3. Cue the violins.
  4. I'm not going to get on-board the hype train. His travels will delay any potential announcement of a completion for at least a month. We will need clarification before he departs on August 9th, and I'm not hopeful of receiving it. P.S. Sorry for being sour.
  5. Thank you, thank you. It's just one of my many talents that does not earn me any money or attraction from women.
  6. I want to go out and stay out! This excessive heat warning makes your travel plans predicated on going from one well air conditioned room to another. Ugh, atleast I'll get to see Dunkirk this weekend.
  7. Well if he doesn't make an announcement before August 9, we will have to wait to wait till September at the earliest. He'll be traveling for the majority of August and will arrive home on the 22nd, and he usually needs about a week to become situated after a long trip.
  8. What have I done. My Croatian of pun monsters!
  9. I had to take a break. I got Hungary and ate Turkey for dinner. That is actually true.
  10. Oh no, now we're Dublin down on the puns.
  11. Fine. The lady should have the honors of finishing. FYI, this is what happens when you wait 6 years for a novel!!!
  12. Iran straight to my keyboard when I heard your reply!
  13. I can tell, you seem super Syria.
  14. If, that's what you Belize.
  15. He Can-a-da anything he wants.