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  1. Our President is complaining of the former President using a term for a bill he threw a Rose Garden party for. or
  2. The biggest reason Trump will not veto the Health Care Bill is that Impeachment procedings will start the next day.
  3. Sending Theon alone to Pyke will be his biggest mistake. Losing Winterfall was his downfall. Marrying Jeyne is more an excuse than a cause.
  4. I think there is a lot more of a thought on the Left end that voting is validating the system or voting does not really matter. "If voting changed anything it will be illegal"- Emma Goldman
  5. They can cast shade on Mueller without it. There is greater difficulty in looking to the past with Trump. Trump may of been convinced to do a a trial balloon does not mean he will do it anyway because he is being told it is not a good idea.
  6. I saw a couple articles on this throughout the night: How will this be in any way be considered a good idea? This article has Ruddy saying no but we have Hannity tonight urging it and I know Gingrich is pushing along these lines. I know they are upset that Comey release of his memos was the tipping point for the Consul but surprise they do not understand it happened like that due to how mammothly incompentently it was done and in such a manner humiliate Comey. To do it again and think it will be a better quite amazing.
  8. He is the end of the Camp TV of the '60s. It is great he was able to do some work on Batman the last few years. His Simpson's is for the ages. Farwell Mayor of Quahog.
  9. The critical part of the Senate bill is in trouble pf meeting reconciliation (Byrd) Rules.
  10. Hillary was in great shape in 2008 until Obama won Iowa and showed a black candidate can win in a White State. That dramatically shifted the upcoming Southern Primaries. Can you give a specific example of what the DNC did that hurt Sander's with the South? Why is there a definite yes that DNC interference was a overwhelming effect and a No on impact of possible actions from Russia.
  11. Benghazi you had people stating Obama and Clinton saw it in real time and pleased on Fox News in short order. There were problem with Bengazi but came so politicized in very short time that it gave appearance that was the real concern.
  12. Is to some how to make Ivanka feel better? Pull out of Paris but make his wall double as a massive green project. The man can present amazing irony and contradiction all at the same time.
  13. I disliked Obama policy toward Saudi Arabia, and Yemen is most troubling. Still, several Right Wingers will be on secret Muslim crap with it. Then of course the Saudi's not liking Obama show how weak it is. Saudi's treated Trump wonderful and gave great photo ops and made him look so good after the terrible weeks Trump had. What is important is how Trumps feels.
  14. Trump was to be different though, right. He was to cut the B.S. That he is not different on this makes me disgusted. I probably still have issue with the ban but including Saudi Arabia would of been a real signal. Why give him a pass on it?