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  1. There are serious laws broken using campaign funds for a payoff and hiding the funds. The Porn Star is just the appropriate tawdry sizzle. Those interested in the salacious elements I found Michael Che gave the appropiate warning.
  2. It is whether the payment Cohen made was a violation of campagin finance laws and is actually quite boring except it dealt with a Porn Star. I do not know if it will end Trump Presidency. I just see it as the most appropriate end.
  3. I see Trump end in Stormy weather. Though I am bias in that it is the end the country most deserve. Pink hair Canadian will be tolerable.
  4. As in an accurate reading of the Political enviorment? As in I am a oak?
  5. Republicans control the House of Representative and the Senate.
  6. Some words of kindness for Rex Tillerson
  7. Good News:
  8. I see it more as changes involving social media. You can communicate your campaign, and ask for donations for anyone is willing in any part of the world at very little cost. I am trouble by what can be an internationalization of extremely simplistic political caricatures devoid of any connection to anything in the end.
  9. It is somewhat weird how intense special elections have become. Regardless of circumstance a special election will not elicit much of a response 15-20 years ago. Now you have people gnashing teeth, follow results second and second, and determine to find some variable in counties people had no idea existed only hours before. All this and in the end the winner will be facing another election in less than 8 months.
  10. I am blaming the Political Institution as representative by President Obama for not pursuing the matter based on a myriad of reasons that vary from Noble to sweeping it under the rug. This is a long settle issue and is one I strongly dislike.
  11. Yeah bad actions can lead to bad consequences and some could be a massive firing within the Intelligence services. The articles of Ms. Haspel state destroying evidence. Well if this is well documented then why no prosecution? Yeah I get bothered by it and was one of my main reason I did not vote for Obama's re-election.
  12. Without prosecution or significant removals made what occured as simply policy and not a very serious act against what we proclaim to be important.
  13. Well it is clear Obama did not fire her. I think Obama should of done more to clean out the Intelligence Service of the torturers. That he did not was gave what was done some legitimacy. Guantanamo I see more of a failure of the Democratic Party for the Republicans went NIMBY and no Democrat stood up to state to take the prisoners to show they are not afraid. I do not recall any doing so and so they gave legitimacy to the warnings the Republicans stated.
  14. Since we do not have access to a multi-deminsonal we cannot be really certain of any outcome. Hitler could be deposed or we have a war where the UK is way behind air power that it could be signing a treaty by 1940. Backing down will add additional humiliation for Germany and aspect of Nazism have real legitmacy. Someone we do not know of who is far more competent than Hitler and ignite a war by the 1950s that could course hundred of millions of lives on the way to domination. Deposing North Korea may cost hundred of thousands, if not millions, of South Koreans lives. A willing China can cost them tens of thousands as a minimum. The U.S has currently over 20,000 forces in South Korea. Even to account for Guam and other areas you are advocating for actions that other will bear most of the cost in lives, property, infrastructure, and several other areas. You have to convince those who will bear the most of the cost that it is worth it.