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  1. Stannis and the Battle of Winterfell

    WOTW post of some dialogue that was not aired from Stannis's final scene:
  2. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Not a single Democrat should vote to confirm Gorsuch. That is fully validating what the Republicans did. They should not filibuster the nomination in the end. That is showing respect for an election process where this was an issue. The Filibuster battle should be saved for the next nominee especially if it replacing a more Liberal Justice.
  3. Kong: Skull Island

    Leap: So Kong is going to kill Godzilla until he hears Mothra?
  4. Riverdale -- Archie, only with more murder

    I go with the Coopers The best so far right now will be Kevin's dad. Archie's Dad is on the better side but there is a few things I think will come up with him.
  5. I lost my cat....inside the apartment

    Great news to hear and that he is ok.
  6. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    That is why the consequence will need to be important. I will admit the strongest measure at this time I can think of is a censure unless there is something of the President being derelict in not using the proper authorities granted to him when he makes an allegation of this level.
  7. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    Trump is making a claim as fact yet it is still an accusation. That will be handled as part of the overall investigation into the issue related to Russia. Worrying about it is at this point is giving some validation to the accusation. I understand where people think everything will be Politicized but the fact is if we are at that point then nothing is legitimate and our current form of government should no longer exist.
  8. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    Does anyone think these accusations would not of warranted an investigations? These are serious allegations made by the POTUS and regardless of circumstance is something that The Hill article had this will be part of the overall investigation that the House was going to conduct. It is not something separate and new. The matter I want to see will be something of real consequence for it is a very serious charge.
  9. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    Did not hurt the Republican did it? Trump though is working to guarantee an Independent Investigation.
  10. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    The only person with no prior direct Political Experience the Democratic Party should run is Michelle Obama. This is an issue where the Democratic Party lose an oppritunity:
  11. Deadpool v SkullpoopL: Dawn of Spoilers

  12. US Politics: Lock Him Up!

    Well at least this Morning Twits did not need to be redone twice.
  13. Game of Thrones Live Music Experience

    Saw it last Sunday and had a great time. The Rains of Castamere was fantastic. The way The Bear and The Maiden Faire was used was a nice humorous and clever.
  14. A slogan of Imperial Canada will "We are you Buddy Guy." or "We want to be your Guy, Buddy."
  15. US Politics: Everyone's Manipulating Everyone

    With Trump as President nothing sounds too absurd. The infinite ironies that it would produce could rip a hole in the time/space continuum.