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  1. An article from Slate with some caution on the Niger ambush and Chad Do not agree with everything here and there maybe some hair-splitting but it gives some point for consideration.
  2. Something overlooked with Trump statement of Obama not always calling fallen soldiers relatives is that Trump takes so many explicit shots at Obama that it should not be surprising people view the comments as the same.
  3. We may have some answer with Alex Jones behavior:
  4. Yeah but how fun will that call be. "Mr. President, can you verify that S.O.S Tillerson called you a Moron of a [email protected]#king Moron?".
  5. In the Gun debate I come down more on a cutural end and it is as horrible as our current Federal Gun Laws. A person is able to purchase nearly 3 dozen firearms and there is zero reporting of it which means it should be viewed as normal and mundane. We need to look at our laws that will assist in changing this cultural. I hear this a lot. This is really ghoulish. We should give a concern of people who are suicidal and that how impulsive it is. Having access to a weapon makes the attempt to be successful and should be a concern.
  6. "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber I found a few parts catchy, and for that I want to repeatly stab myself in the eye with a needle.
  7. RIP I am going to Free Fall out into nothing. I am going to leave this world for awhile.
  8. Dr. Pepper, Deepest condolences for your loss.
  9. The '80s was the era of fantastically cheesy action movies. I feel terrible for those who do not find joy in Schwarzenegger films... and Robocop.
  10. I still see Trump happily at a Moore Rally within six weeks.
  11. The above is from an interview before season 3. It is fairly clear that we have are in the intended end cycle of the series. It is a TV show and will end as a TV show. I do not understand how going to a movie will "make things right". I do not find the show ruined. Even with flaws I still found the season overall very good and falls within the middle of my personal season rankings.
  12. The return of Bush era absolute language is getting big cheer on the Right. Trump restarted "The Axis of Evil". Though the absolute bankruptcy of threatening to totally destroy a nation and than accusing another nation of the same does not register but that is nothing new.
  13. It looks Bannon is out:
  14. The episode title is Beyond The Wall.