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  1. Tax Cuts are the Republican brand and failure is not an option. There is still the Conference with the House that will need to be done.
  2. I think that and "Men in Tights" from Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
  3. I used Sad mockingly a few times. Making something up and adding silly rules really is.
  4. My interest is this is Stannis playing Tywin.
  5. Thanks
  6. When people hear Mary being pregnant they think of Jesus. So it definitely sounds like he was contradicted a core Chrisitian tenant and it was hilarious. Not being deeply familiar with the Gospels is the mention of brother and sister one those that is not consistent throughout the Gospels?
  7. Maine's Paul LePage is saying "Hold my Beer". Measure approved 59% to 41%
  9. Did you really not read the article or are you really comfortable with things like "Jewish Lobby" and "Israel Lobby" being interchangable?
  10. I will seriously like a reading of the Crittenden Compromise which reads a further accomadation to the South than the Fugitive Slave Law and Dred Scott were and than ask what further compromise was needed. Also the general comfort that allowing Slavery to continue for another generation or two. The sad truth is the "Lost Cause" is quite accepted in the nation in various forms for a very long time.
  11. D&D and Alex Graves State that Jaime and Cersei scene at Baelor was not a rape scene yet it is discussed as such. The creator statement of intention is does not always have final word. Martin has stated on occasions that he does understand why some will view it though it is not his intentions. Dany felt pain and she was thinking of death as relief at. I really doubt in today that "I did not know" or "if she only said something" is viewed as an acceptable excuse from a man today. Though I am someone who thinks that people ideas and expectation in regards to love are more changing at times. I do not find it strange a person thinks he can conquer someone in love and then think they do what they please with their conquest.
  12. A few weeks ago, news came out that Screen Junkies Andy Signore, one of the creators of Honest Trailers who also host Movie Fights and a major presence, sexually assaulted and harassed several Female Fans and at Female employees. One who came forward stated it was due to the Weinstein revealation. In addition these allegations were brought to SJ parent company, Defy Media, H.R department and it appears they worked to initially cover it up. Below is an article from Hollywood Reporter on the incident: The channel went totally dark and there were occasional updates from some of the major staffers of the channel that they were focus on addressing the issue. Today the main staff release an update of the issue and discussion of the channels future which I will place below. The video also a link to Defy Media on action and changes they are making: I do not know all actions have been taken to make this "right" and it appears there is some question still with H.R initial actions, including threats of a staffer who is one of accusers B.F. I have been please by several of personalities reaction which took this manner extremely seriously. I do not know the future but I hope the actions taken by several of the SJ staff can be a shown as a positive example though it is still very early to make that an definitive statement. Small aside:
  13. I am currently listening on audio books Shelby Foote's Civil War: A Narrative. It is very engrossing and it brings what I enjoy of studying that period. I really like the books does not try to stay linear on a timeline. Depending what is discuss it will mention battles or campaigns not covered and later on will return to them in more detail. I am currently on Book 2 about a quarter through. For ancient history I found Historyden on YouTube and are now current on both Ancient Greece and Rome, and pleased to see it is still ongoing. Greece is at the background of Macedonia and Rome was at the 2nd Punic Wars though the last few touched on other subjects like Religion.
  14. What does that matter? He decided to just end things before. Will like some expert on the agreement to be interview for I think there still be some "National Security" clause in the agreement though multiple agencies needed to sign off. I know the speculation on my part of this. However will think something this important will have some back out clause.
  15. Just a random thought that popped in the head with the Uranium One brouhaha Republicans are doing. Why doesn't Trump just cancelled the real? He could not wait to pull out of the Paris Deal and doing what he can to do the same with Iran. So why does he just not cancel it if it is so damaging? I know it is mostly rhetorical but seems like a very fair question to ask.