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  1. It looks Bannon is out:
  2. The episode title is Beyond The Wall.
  3. If the deal is not to have Statues for those who commited active treason than some people will listen. I do think that there a White Supremacy ideology has dominated until F.D.R election when changes started. I do no like many of the Platitudes of how these are against the Nation for they are, and should not be now. The Robert E. Lee statue was erected during the time of Jim Crow and "The Birth of A Nation" was a Popular view of the Civil War and Reconstruction in Virginia. It is very reasonable to see the Statue celebratory.
  4. A quick war is a very common fallacy throughout history. It is not only technology that get misjudged. It is also the Political Landscape and the psychology once people start to die.
  5. China is placing itself as N.K protector so failing that means their word does not have meaning. Those who act irrational cannot expect rationality from others in the long term.
  6. Well will not to be the first time pride leads to folly.
  7. Yet Nucelar weapons and "Fire and Fury" is. Sometimes it appears are priorities are really messed up. I am not discounting the difficulty but a nation with a huge bulking military acting terrified over a nation as stunted as North Korea that we are need to freely talk of hundred of thousands dead just looks insane.
  8. Is there any possibility China will takeover security of the peninsula with the withdrawal of U.S forces and start what will be a slow and gradual 20-30 year process that will end with reunification. It does have it perils and Korea does not have a favorable view of China. I am just not sure the U.S willingness to have many others die so we do not face the problems that other face dealing with Nuclear attacks is going to hold allies over the long term.
  9. No he does not final say. D&D are the ones in charge of the T.V show.
  10. Since we saw the dagger in the book Bran could of reference the original owner and ask if LF understand it's real significence. Bran stated he does not have full control. He is getting everything and it is coming garbled with flashes he and there. Dragonglass was told to Sam from Stannis. It was hidden and Sam may not of understood how massive the amount of Dragonglass was. Stannis reminded Sam of his father in some ways and his nerves got in the way of him fully understanding. Stannis encourging words were not stated till the end of their conversation.
  11. Rickon was placed in the Crypt at the end of Season 6 so she could of seen it when she went down. The silence Sansa gave after mentioning Bran home could signify that Rickon did not make it home. Yes it would of been nice for some mention.
  12. There is such a need to state everything is bad writing. Whom is going to believe LittleFinger? Jon? Sansa? He is going to incriminate himself by stating it is Tyrion. We have nothing on Rodrick telling Bran about what Littlefinger said. Littlefinger call Bran Lord Stark so he is viewing him in terms of political use and look to ingratiate himself. The dagger was in the book Sam was looking so it could have use against the Walkers. There are several ways LF will be find it. In the end does not really for it is always going to be called bad and lazy writing.
  13. There is no contradiction of the scene. LF had reason to tell it was Tyrion was to fuels his plan for the Starks to go to war with the Lannisters. None of the Starks really knew Tyrion at the time as well. His statement of Tyrion and the dagger was a lie itself. Telling Bran the samething serves no purpose now.
  14. Sen. Ron Johnston is saying that a Republican needs to have brain cancer to have empathy: