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  1. The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Summerhall and it's relation to the Ice is something that's been talked about since I first joined back in 8 (didn't start posting until 11) Don't know if this is the particular theory you're thinking of, but my thoughts on the connection are such: We know that Summerhall occurred in 259; we also know that Rhaegar was born on this exact same day. It is safe to assume, given his description in book and what Martin has stated about Craster in various interviews, that Craster is roughly 55 at the time of Game of Thrones etc. Summerhall's date puts it at 40 years ago; forty years ago puts Craster at around 15 years old at the time of Summerhall, and 15 seems to be the age at which the Westerosi women start having families, and, from what we know of human nature and how the wildlings operate, 13-15 years old is likely when wildling men start thinking about and actually go and steal their wife, meaning first child is 14-16. If we take Craster's age as around 55 at time of novels, it puts him at around 15 at time of Summerhall, meaning that right around Summerhall was probably when he had his first child; if Craster has always sacrificed his boys from the beginning, then him starting his sacrifices occurred at almost the exact time as the incident at Summerhall (also provided it didn't take Craster a significant number of years to have a son instead of a daughter).
  2. The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    A good place to start would be right where we are, H91, since this is the beginning of a multi-part series of recap threads, each iteration is a different topic, trying to get to a consensus for H100. current topic is the Wall, it's origins, and it's purpose(s)
  3. The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    O, gods, it's Heresy everywhere! :commie: :commie: :commie: We need to get this one into multiple iterations so we can have two threads with more numbers that RLJ!
  4. Official Testing Thread

    testing links Golden Ratio
  5. Quentyn possibly alive?

    Quoth the Raven "Quent no more"
  6. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Agreed. And have to add that it's more than 3000 missing. Dany bought 8 legions of Unsullied (each with 1000 members apiece), 600 Unsullied from a ninth unfinished legion, plus all the Unsullied-in-training, likely amounting to another 1-2 thousand, so a safe bet would be that Dany started with 10000 under the command of Grey Worm, and through fighting, the Sons of the Harpy, and the very limited deaths due to plague, that number has likely only dwindled down to 8500-900 total under Grey Worm; So we're closer to "missing" 4000 at this point. But they are probably not "missing", just not on the battle field, for I highly doubt that either Barristan nor Grey Worm would have put all the Unsullied in the field, instead being very prudent battlefield commanders (which they both most definitely are) and choosing to leave almost half the force in reserve (and honestly, what better way to defeat the Yunkai et al than to have a giant offensive using a bunch of different armies along with 5000 Unsullied, retreat, and then come at that again with almost the same number of Unsullied except that these guys are all fresh and rested?)
  7. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    From what I'm aware of, we know that the horn will kill the person who blows it if they blow three blasts, but it is unknown if one blast alone is enough to kill a man--Vic is just being cautious in having chosen three thralls to blow it in his place Agreed. And I think that this is why Martin has been releasing so many chapters from Winds--notice how they are all centered around the events that should have happened in Dance/that were easy to assume would happen? We also need to remember that Marwyn should show his mastiff mug at some point as well :agree: hehehehe The Great One hehehe Well, I for one feel that that one was justified, seeing as it was ultimately Lysa who started this whole mess (poisoning Arryn so that she and The Great One could be together) Exactly--if Quent survived and it was the TP that died, then how did Barry meet with the TP after Quent's death? EDIT: spelling
  8. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Just trying to get an idea of what the relationship between Vic and Barry will be-- During the Greyjoy Rebellion, wasn't Barristan the "head general"? I know that Robert was "in charge" but let's face it, all Robert was ever actually good at on the field was morale and getting his people to fight, whereas Barristan has had on numerous occasions proven himself to be a great battlefield commander. Basically, if I am remembering that correctly (that Barristan was the official battlefield commander of the siege of Pyke and such), it's gonna add an interesting layer to those two attempting to work together--and then once Tyrion gets added into the pot, things will start to go crazy
  9. Leathers in the books to come?

    Yeah, those who do not immediately side with the wildlings are kind of screwed, what with a giant already at castle black and 100(?) more on their way to Eastwatch, not to mention the thousands of wildlings south of the Wall already
  10. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    The plan might have been to have him assassinated. That or they knew Viserys too well to think that he would actually take up the offer, and decided to give the offer as a way of shoving aside thoughts along the lines of "They sent Viserys with the Dothraki just so he'd die and get out of their hair;" by having offered long term hospitality to Viserys, the blame for his death with the Dothraki lies with him alone (well, him and the Dothraki involved, including Dany and Jorah,)
  11. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    There is also the giant white raven present. I think this is significant because I believe that Varys is knowingly entangled in the overall Song and is trying to establish something towards making one side (Ice or Fire) or the middle road victorious. My belief in Varys being involved in the Song is that, when Kevan asks "Why did you just kill me?" Varys responds with "For the children." But what children? I highly doubt he needs the realm in shambles for the sake of his little birds; if it was for making it easier for Aegon to be on the throne, then it would be "For the child." If it was "for the children of the realm," well, creating more and more war is NOT in the average kids best interest. But what if, in saying children, he is referencing the Children of the Forest? This brings me back to the white raven that is also in the room. We know that Bloodraven is a very powerful Greenseer/Warg; we know that he has many connections to ravens; maybe he is warging the raven at that time and Varys knows it? Food for thought
  12. Who are your top four characters?

    Tyrion Jaime The Hound Stannis Also Howland Reed, but sense we don't really know anything about him... Edit: Forgot about one more I need to add: the Blackfish