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  1. I agree with you. They were not aware that you had to bond with a dragon in order to ride one. And the goods and the Dothraki were small change to the masters. Drogon was the prize.
  2. She was willing to join a cult of death crazies to learn the ways of killing. Then she broke away from that cult because their rules may hamper her mission to kill the people on her death list. Arya will do whatever it will take to bump off the people who wronged the Starks.
  3. Remember that the problems in the Bay are due to the masters trying to hold on to slavery. All they need do is give up the practice for good, not try to bring it back and everything will greatly improve.
  4. And you have males who have a bit of the sexists in them. Don't forget those. Here we have a lovely young girl in Dany who grew up under a foster parent, lived on the mean streets of the Free Cities, burdened by Viserys, and married off to an alien culture. Despite all of that, the young girl became khaleesi and rescued millions of people from slavery. That is a hero for you. You win wars by killing your opponents. The masters were the enemies who nailed innocent children in a lame attempt at psychological warfare. This is a war crime and those masters deserved execution.
  5. I suppose Tyrion is solid grey. He's true to the George Martin character type, neither white nor black. He has some solid skills but have equal amount of faults.
  6. Were those girls Bolton smallfolk? Ramsay is sick but is it against the king's laws to do what that sicko did to his girls? Ramsay can be judged immoral but we have to question whether he broke any laws.
  7. This is conceptually a sound plan. However, a lot can happen between KL and the Wall. The boys aren't bound by sacred vows until after they've said their oaths. A lot can happen before then.
  8. I agree but perhaps we should wait and see what happens since that plotline is still in play. Mance Rayder could have died in that battle and that may have been for the betterment of most people.
  9. Tyrion is a neutral character to me. He's a big asshole in a small body but he's not that bad. For the time he lives in. He's a sexists by ours. Samwell gets on my nerves. If you can't kill anyone, you won't save anyone.
  10. Uh, you know that daughter tried to start war with the powerful Lannisters that her family would surely lose.
  11. We will know what it means when GM decides to reveal. Or not. What I know is this, the people who have so far put all their stock into prophecies have truly messed up. Let's review. Mirri Maz Duur murdered an innocent child because she believed she was preventing the birth of a dangerous Dothraki khal. She killed an innocent and got punished for it by getting burned at the stake. Cersei Lannister tried to murder her tiny brother because she believed he will be the cause of her death. That said brother got all bitter and killed their dad. Jon was overwhelmed with emotions when he could't get the vision of the grey girl on the dying horse out of his mind. He broke NW laws and sent a wildling criminal to bring his sister back to him. His own brothers killed him to protect the watch. Egg believed the dragons will return if only he could hatch the remaining dragon eggs and he ends up almost destroying his whole family. Dany up to this point has had the right attitude with regards to propechies. In my opinion. She is keenly aware of all that Qaithe warned her about and yet she didn't throw the Sun's Son into a dungeon and had him tortured because the prophecy says he's dangerous. She will make the right decisions with regards to the prophecies.
  12. I believe Daenerys is Azor Ahai too and her dragons will be instrumental in the war for the dawn.
  13. The glass candles are made of obsidian. The Dayne sword is described to look like milk glass. The two do not look the same. At least not when obsidian is unlit. I'm thinking the Dayne sword is a one of a kind.
  14. They made a choice to commit to Westeros and didn't look east.
  15. In a way, yes. Her bad parenting did it.