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  1. Balthazar . The best name ever for a...what the hell was that???
  2. Congratulations Odie,that is great news Enjoy beng an aunt I like my new title. I'll change it as soon as possible
  3. I love it it's perfect
  4. Nevermind...found it!!! Well it can't change anything but I would vote for Birdsniffer (I gues that's Rocksniffer and FB? ) I'm sure he promised nekkid picks of HP so how can I not vote for him
  5. Just a quick fly by to say hello good people os spam. Ohhh the mootison!!!! Who is running...there are 33 pages I haven't got the time to read trough all of it,can someone please summ it up for me pretty please. I want to cast my vote if it's not too late. I just wanted to say Hi, all is good and well in the desert. We have a new Desert princes We are goodand growing and we miss you all very much. Will tune in later today to see who is running so I can vote. Love you all BTW : The other day I was making Nera's playlist and the first song I played for her and sang was this Go figure.... After that I played Life on Mars, Man who sold the world, Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust...I have no idea what came over me...I think I played Starman every time she was eating...two days after that I heard the news
  6. I love this show Kayak indeed...
  7. Very interesting CCA nominations this year. Not even a mention of Emi darling GoT...and I must say rightfully so...imo it was the weakest of all five seasons and I have no idea why all the love. I only saw Mad Max after seeing how it got a lot of love in this award season and it is deserved. The movie is positively gorgeous. Theron is great, costumes, make up, cinematography all very high level. I hope it does well. Everyone's new favorite commedy - Martian is also pleasant surprise. I find it refreshing when a positive movie gets recognition. It doesn't always have to be drama about rough childhood in eastern Europe during cold war the one that gets all the love.
  8. I have a theory....I think no one knew anything about the movie, they went in with no or low expectations and they were pleasantly surprised.
  9. Well my theory makes sense if we assume that zombi-ism is actually result of dead brains being animated to life again with this new drug-power drink cocktail. But so far we are not sure how one becomes zombie...I mean the entire process. I assumed they either take that cocktail or get bitten and/or scratched and it gives them the virus...if it is virus...and they turn...if they turn without dying maybe there is more chance for a cure but if they first die (heart attack due to the drugs or get killed) and then drug/virus kicks in and revives them than there is no chance they can be cured. So are these 28 days later zombies that just change or are these Walking Dead zombies that die and get reanimated? I overthink this and I watch way to many zombie tv shows :lol:
  10. Hmmm so cure is not temporary but ...and this is my version...if you cure zombie factor it just leaves death...if there is no zombie factor in dead body it only becomes dead body...Maybe I'm wrong with this theory and there is more to the rat than we've seen. can't wait for finale. They set everything up,Major is captured, Liv is outed, Peyton is awol....Liv's brother shows up at meat cute...It's going to be great.
  11. Well it's hard to believe zombies are real. Maybe he'll dismiss it.
  12. So it is safe to say that zombification happened because of the weird drug combination. Hmmmm,different angle. I feel so sorry for poor Major,he is very interesting character, he really deserves more credit. I was under the impression Blaine will turn out to be not so evil,or he will end up with a back story but I guess he is just a dick...it's cool,wonder how will that develop in season 2. His client who wants to fell like astronaut is just plain ass...wrong in so many ways. :ack:
  13. Actually the creator of the show himself confirmed he always had idea for the 5 season arc and he knew how he wanted story to develop. He did play lose in first season and so because they weren't sure if the show will be picked up for more seasons and if they will be able to do 5 season arc but he was building the story in the same direction the whole time. And only characters dying were secondary characters which is kind of the most usual thing in Supernatural. :dunno: Re: this show I will definitely give it a chance. I hope it doesn't become Heroes 2.0 though.
  14. Ahhhh good episode last night. I needed a bit more Blaine. We only got glimpses of what he's been up to and it always leaves me with more questions.like since when he's been doing his scheme. How big is his group? Was the brain scheme the only thing going on? How many people are on his payroll besides the chief of police? Does he know how the virus started? Did he star it himself? Like I said more questions than answers...
  15. This was my attitude too. So far I find it very entertaining. I continue tuning in. I think Blaine will turn out to be kind of like Damon from VD or Spike from Buffy. First evil and then they'll soften him a bit. It's CW way ;)