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  1. Supernatural 3

    Seeing  the boys beeing all fatherly like made my ovaries explode...:leer:
  2. Supernatural 3

    Not bad for filler...apart from the worst monster look ever it was pretty ok episode. I start loving new additio s, new huntress is interesting, I hope we see more of her. I am glad they did not go for one of the brothers stuck in the cage and other saving him...this is so much more fun. Luc is out...I mean this is the first time he's out sice forever. Can't wait to see Darkness and Luc to get face to face. Also...Cas saying yes is soooo Castiel thing to do. His story is just one bad decision after another all made out of good intentions.
  3. Supernatural 3

    I loooved it too   Bonus...no more Rowena. 
  4. Brooklyn Nine Nine [SPOILERS]

    Balthazar . The best name ever for a...what the hell was that???
  5. Secret Santa X...Gift are arriving from all over the World!

    One day     So just  like last yer I missed all the guesses   Thank you MZ, I really love love love all my presents. Thank you for putting the package together so carefully. You sent a little bit of joy and positive energy half way across the planet. You made me smile and laugh and I thank you from all my heart. SS you're the best!!!    
  6. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    Congratulations Odie,that is great news  Enjoy beng an aunt   I like my new title. I'll change it as soon as possible  
  7. Secret Santa X...Gift are arriving from all over the World!

    You do ??  It can't be you  right...I mean two years in a row??? It would be so cool ifitwas though      I'm bad at guessing this,last year I was literally the last one to guess ( actually i think people told me who my SS was or Ss confessed....)
  8. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

     I love it it's perfect    
  9. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    Nevermind...found it!!! Well it can't change anything but I would vote for Birdsniffer (I gues that's Rocksniffer and FB? ) I'm sure he promised nekkid picks of HP so how can I not vote for him  
  10. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    Just a quick fly by to say hello good people os spam. Ohhh the mootison!!!! Who is running...there are 33 pages I haven't got the time to read trough all of it,can someone please summ it up for me  pretty please. I want to cast my vote if it's not too late.   I just wanted to say Hi, all is good and well in the desert. We have a new Desert princes  We are goodand growing and we miss you all very much. Will tune in later today to see who is running so I can vote.  Love you all   BTW : The other day I was making Nera's playlist and the first song I played for her and sang was this Go figure.... After that I played Life on Mars, Man who sold the world, Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust...I have no idea what came over me...I think I played Starman every time she was eating...two days after that I heard the news  
  11. Secret Santa X...Gift are arriving from all over the World!

    Ok so I'm soooo late to this that probably my SS was aready revealed in some point so I'm not cheating or anything I'm writing this post without looking at previous posts. I'm not cheating      So I got my Ss gift and it was AMAZING!!!!! but it was very eventful end of the year for me so I didn't have time to post before. Many of you know it, I had a baby girl on DEc27th and yes...I'm right now shamelessly using it as excuse for not posting   Wow It took me only 15 days but I've sunk that low...:lol: So I got full box of presents wrapped in blue paper  my favorite colour I thought...great start... Inside there was a lot of clues to who my Ss might be  A deck of cards with pictures of New York, a scented soap ( in use now  ) wrapped in paper with little blue bird on it, a note book with another Metropolis like NY cover...hihihihi Also inside I found a coloring book with beautiful mandalas and box of coloring pencils...great to pass the time while I wait for bottles and pacifiers to sanitize...or while baby is sleeping and I have free half an hour. It's great to satisfy my artistic streak since it takes way too much time to set the painting easel up and I can't just leave it up forever...so this is perfect solution (thanks )  And last but not least there was a card game Man Bites Dog which both me and hubby really liked...and played...many times already...and took to our friend's place and made them play with us... and yes...there were many surprises about who can and who can not speak English I loved it. It's so much fun and it's just perfect.  The pictures are coming soon So after all this clues and all I thought based on USA located santa and a little bird on the soap wrap that my SS is....drums ....FRAGILE BIRD!!!! Am I right??? AmI right??? Or did I completely missed it?    Well whoever you are you made my day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All the presents were great and put together with such care that all I can say is YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I loved the gifts and I really enjoyed playing. I hope everyone participating had at least half as much fun with their gifts.  Thank you one more time SS  all the best in the New Year !!!  
  12. Secret Santa X...Gift are arriving from all over the World!

    My gift is here !!!!! Well...not here...here...it's in hubby's office. We get our mail on his office po box so he has it right now...and I'll have to wait for him to get back from work...in 4 and a half hours...aaaaaaa. He already reminded me , very gracefully,that he gets the sweets   Can't wait !!!!  
  13. Secret Santa X...Gift are arriving from all over the World!

    I am sure everyone will be understanding this year because we had so much trouble with the thread and we've lost a lot of content. Whenever the presents get the people they were meant for they will make them happy and that is the most important part.  Also, whoever is my SS, don't worry I tell you, I'm ortodox cristian and some of us follow different calendar so my christmas day is actually Jan 7th. Plenty of time   
  14. TTTNE 460: Because we lost everything since TTTNE 457

    Thank you Cat, I will for sure, do my best to remember her as she was when she was at her best.    Thank you one more time,good people of spam, you never disappoint. You all reminded me why this place is so special. A kind word, understanding ear and a shoulder to cry on are offered every time when someone is in need. That means so much to a person, you wouldn't believe it. Be always as awesome as you are now. My D-day is scheduled. they will admit me to the hospital during the night between Dec 26 and 27 and they'll induce the labor. It is my due day anyway, Dr. said she thinks it's the best idea to do it on time since my sugar levels have been a bit high during the pregnancy so if I go over the due date baby might be a bit too big. It's sooooo close now,I feel light...evry light...panic in the air but hubby will be there and so far all was good so...fingers crossed.   
  15. TTTNE 460: Because we lost everything since TTTNE 457

    Hello you all, I am feeling pretty sad right now. this summer my 88 year old grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. She was struggling ever since with it and for the past months she has been basically in the bed on very strong medications. Because of her age all the doctors said there is no point in chemo or the surgery and we should just let her pass peacefully. Last couple of weeks she's been on morphene and she was in constant pain. Last night she passed away and my mom just called me to say the funeral is tomorrow. The worst part is I can't be there,I can't help I can't do anything because I am due in week or so. I couldn't say goodbye, couldn't say I loved her. Even if I was there and I had the chance she wouldn't know because ever since the war in Bosnia her mind has started deteriorating because of dementia and for years she couldn't remember anything or anyone,even her own daughter my mother. She only seemed to remember me, she knew I was her grand daughter but even that only on occasion. This woman was my second mother,she took care of me while my mom was working, she practically raised me,I love her to bits. She was so nice and kind and she had such a hard life. she lost two out of three children, she survived two wars...but she was amazing. She was my grand mother and I can't believe she's gone.