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  1. Supernatural 3

    Seeing the boys beeing all fatherly like made my ovaries explode...:leer:
  2. Supernatural 3

    Not bad for filler...apart from the worst monster look ever it was pretty ok episode. I start loving new additio s, new huntress is interesting, I hope we see more of her. I am glad they did not go for one of the brothers stuck in the cage and other saving him...this is so much more fun. Luc is out...I mean this is the first time he's out sice forever. Can't wait to see Darkness and Luc to get face to face. Also...Cas saying yes is soooo Castiel thing to do. His story is just one bad decision after another all made out of good intentions.
  3. Supernatural 3

    I loooved it too Bonus...no more Rowena.
  4. Brooklyn Nine Nine [SPOILERS]

    Balthazar . The best name ever for a...what the hell was that???
  5. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    Congratulations Odie,that is great news Enjoy beng an aunt I like my new title. I'll change it as soon as possible
  6. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    I love it it's perfect
  7. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    Nevermind...found it!!! Well it can't change anything but I would vote for Birdsniffer (I gues that's Rocksniffer and FB? ) I'm sure he promised nekkid picks of HP so how can I not vote for him
  8. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    Just a quick fly by to say hello good people os spam. Ohhh the mootison!!!! Who is running...there are 33 pages I haven't got the time to read trough all of it,can someone please summ it up for me pretty please. I want to cast my vote if it's not too late. I just wanted to say Hi, all is good and well in the desert. We have a new Desert princes We are goodand growing and we miss you all very much. Will tune in later today to see who is running so I can vote. Love you all BTW : The other day I was making Nera's playlist and the first song I played for her and sang was this Go figure.... After that I played Life on Mars, Man who sold the world, Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust...I have no idea what came over me...I think I played Starman every time she was eating...two days after that I heard the news
  9. Brooklyn Nine Nine [SPOILERS]

    I love this show Kayak indeed...
  10. Very interesting CCA nominations this year. Not even a mention of Emi darling GoT...and I must say rightfully so...imo it was the weakest of all five seasons and I have no idea why all the love. I only saw Mad Max after seeing how it got a lot of love in this award season and it is deserved. The movie is positively gorgeous. Theron is great, costumes, make up, cinematography all very high level. I hope it does well. Everyone's new favorite commedy - Martian is also pleasant surprise. I find it refreshing when a positive movie gets recognition. It doesn't always have to be drama about rough childhood in eastern Europe during cold war the one that gets all the love.
  11. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    That's true but then he doesn't need Barry to get faster only to show him the steps or the time travel dance. Why make him more difficult to overcome and then try to get him to do exactly what you want. Imho it's only the writers writing themselves in the corner. I wouldbe happy if they prove me wrong and if they had some logical and cool explanation of how this would work. Maybe you're right. But if he with more speed couldn't get the control+time travel and he still needs Barry why does he think it's more speed that get's you control over time travel? Again I believe it will be revealed as " it is so cause we wrote it that way" explanation. I like the idea that Zoom is either Barry of his Father...I think I would actually be a bit underwhelmed if it turns out to be some completely unknown character.
  12. Supernatural 3

    I know and I think they are keeping it for later. There must be a way Sam gets out of there and now he has inside help. Also I don't think that was the actual cage...I think it was kind of a middle of the way between the cage all three of them are (Luc, Michael and Adam ) and hell and it was warded point in space where it would be safe for L to appear so they can have a conversation with him. At least I somehow interpreted it that way... And btw I am all creeped out by the darkness...with her talk of how all the soul will live in her forever in everlasting bliss...I kept seeing the clown from IT, Peniwise and I could hear him saying "we all float here" ...<shudders>
  13. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    We haven't seen him go that fast but they have repeated several times he's faster than Barry. Barry can run fast enough to time travel so if Zoom is faster than Barry I guess it means he too can time travel...why is taht not enough though...I have no idea.
  14. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    The question s also how fast do you need when going back in time is just not fast enough for you.
  15. Arrow Season 4: For the Night is Darhk and Full of Terrors...

    well Diggle at least has the story with his brother and hive...and Laurel and Thea...dear god they are just there for the sake of being there...