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  1. I'm reading the title of his last post as "The Wildcards of Werewolves"
  2. Wow!
  3. Hey! I am Sandra Melis! Explaination: Sandra (from Alessandra) is a common name in Italy, and Melis is a very common surname in my region
  4. This could justify why GRRM included in ASOIAF Asha as a woman capable of commanding men and ships: the ironborn would accept a woman as their captain if she showed strength and competence! Daenerys would be ferociuos and powerful enough... with her dragons!
  5. "the Gods are not done with me"

  6. the fucking legend of Gin Alley!

  7. I loved when Rast foreshadowed Hodor being King of the World :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  8. My 2 cents about that is the very very unlikely circumstance of the Crossing being the only feasible way to reach the North (if Westeros were in the real world): I've always felt this quite unconvincing and forced!
  9. a King who cared!

  10. It's in the first page:
  11. Re-reading A Dance with Dragons!

  12. Re-reading A Feast for Crows :-)

  13. Re-reading A Storm of Swords :-)

  14. Re-reading A Clash of Kings :-)

  15. re-reading Game of Thrones... :-)