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  1. Thanks. I celebrated it by leaving my computer turned off for the day.
  2. Yesterday was my fifth forum birthday. Let's hope Winds is out before my sixth.
  3. Not really. Viserys was eight. It would probably be another eights years or so before he had any heirs. And once he started fathering children, there would be no guarantee he had sons. So Aegon is one accident from being the crown prince or king for about a decade, maybe more. Plus, there is a decent case to be made for marrying Viserys to Rhaenys. Re-securing the alliance with Dorne would be important to solidifying Viserys's eventual rule. Otherwise they might turn against Viserys in favor of Aegon and/or Rhaenys. Rhaegar's children backed by a great house would be very dangerous for Viserys. But with Viserys and Rhaenys holding the Dornish alliance together, as well as preventing internal strife, Aegon could be used to secure another alliance.
  4. Hardly. Aerys needn't disinherit Aegon and Rhaenys in order to name Viserys as his heir.
  5. Lol at JNR for throwing shade at someone who hasn't posted here in over a year. Brave, as always.
  6. Hence the fulfilling Rhaegar's wishes part. Rhaegar thought his son and heir was destined to be the PtwP, and he chose the name Aegon for him. Naturally Rhaegar believed this applied to his first-born son, who was his heir. After the Sack of KL/Lyanna giving birth, that boy was now Rhaegar's heir. In the vision, Rhaegar asks, "What better name for a king?" after naming his son with Elia. Well, that kid's chances at being king decreased markedly when he was murdered. But Rhaegar had another son (on the way). And that's Rhaegar's only living child, thus the only one with a shot at becoming king. "What better name for a king?" Honestly, I think that whole scene is set up to show us that Rhaegar was pinning his hopes on the wrong son. Evidenced by Rhaegar name dropping the Song of Ice and Fire. So, Aegon, Rhaegar's son and heir, and the PtwP, has a song—the Song of Ice and Fire. Leaving aside your issues with the name, does that sound like anyone you've heard of?
  7. Rhaegar and Lyanna wouldn't have. Lyanna would have, in order to fulfill Rhaegar's wishes once she learned that Rhaegar's family had been murdered.
  8. We're pretty much in agreement here. Tywin has an inferiority complex when it comes to the Targaryens. I think Rhaegar believed his son and heir was supposed to be the PtwP, and he wanted that child to be named Aegon—"What better name for a king?" It turned out he was right, but it took Lyanna to fulfill his wishes. Assuming that Jon's real name is Aegon.
  9. GRRM tells us that Rhaegar's rubies are like fire and blood. “rubies that flashed like fire in the sunlight.” "Rubies flew like drops of blood from the chest of a dying prince." And Rhaegar's rubies were pieced together in the shape of the Targaryen sigil. Those rubies represent House Targaryen. Garnets are used to symbolize blood on multiple occasions. And, as a symbol of blood they are like rubies, except that rubies also symbolize fire— Fire and Blood. Aemon is the favorite, but I think there is a pretty strong case to be made for Aegon. Especially if fAegon manages to get himself crowned as Aegon VI. Then Jon could/would be Aegon VII.
  10. I think GRRM's plan is a Dance of the Dragons which doubles as a Blackfyre Rebellion.
  11. At the very least, it provides a strong motive for keeping Jon's true identity secret.
  12. Dude, seriously. Not to be rude, but this argument is nothing.
  13. I thought GRRM made it as clear as could have short of outright confirmation. Laenor didn't father any of Rhaenyra's children. Here are a couple of paragraphs from TRP which might help. Ser Vaemond Velaryon, protested that the inheritance by rights should pass to him … on the grounds that Rhaenyra’s sons were bastards sired by Harwin Strong. The princess was not slow in answering this charge. She dispatched Prince Daemon to seize Ser Vaemond, had his head removed, and fed his carcass to her dragon. Even this did not end the matter, however. Ser Vaemond’s younger brothers fled to King’s Landing with his wife and sons, there to cry for justice and place their claims before the king and queen. King Viserys had grown extremely fat and red of face, and scarce had the strength to mount the steps to the Iron Throne. His Grace heard them out in a stony silence, then ordered their tongues removed, every one. “You were warned,” he declared, as they were being dragged away. “I will hear no more of these lies.” Yet as he was descending, His Grace stumbled and reached out to right himself, and sliced his left hand open to the bone on a jagged blade protruding from the throne. Though Grand Maester Mellos washed the cut out with boiled wine and bound up the hand with strips of linen soaked in healing ointments, fever soon followed, and many feared the king might die. Only the arrival of Princess Rhaenyra from Dragonstone turned the tide, for with her came her own healer, Maester Gerardys, who acted swiftly to remove two fingers from His Grace’s hand to save his life. Remember the saying about what it means when you rip a man's tongue out? You're not proving him a liar... Then, in case that hint was too subtle, GRRM almost descends into slapstick humor. "I will hear no more of these lies." ::cuts hand on throne:: ::almost dies:: ::loses two fingers from cut:: C'mon people.
  14. Ha. I actually kicked this around way back when. I think the general idea was that Perhaps day is to Dayne, as star is to Stark.
  15. Thanks. Right. And I'm not sure it matters. I'm certainly not claiming that Jaime knows about Jon and all the details of the ToJ. I'm simply pointing out Jaime may not be the only KG Rhaegar trusted to defend his wife and family. The difference being the outcome. A comparable situation with contrasting results. I think this interpretation adds a little something to the text. Not only did Jaime dishonor himself by killing Aerys, while failing to defend Rhaegar's family, but he lived. He still lives. He paid no price for failure and treachery. In contrast, the ToJ trio swallowed bitter pill after bitter pill. They sat out the entire war, and eventually Rhaegar died, and Aerys was murdered, along with Rhaegar's family. All while the KG were far away, doing their duty. Their reward? An unnecessary fight to the death after the war was already lost. A high price to pay for duty and honor. But they paid it because they swore they would. So did Jaime.