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  1. I asked you a simple, honest question. I understand why you responded like you did, though.
  2. Do you think GRRM wrote a bunch of background information—e.g., bastard naming conventions, Ned's relationship with Jon Arryn, etc.—and used that to name a tier one main character?
  3. The Case for Aegon Targaryen
  4. I'm more interested in Twin Peaks than Gormon Peake. Gotta Light? I don't know how much of what I proposed will happen either. But I do see some possible roads opening. Jon as Aegon VII definitely seems possible, but I don't know if it's GRRM's style.
  5. Sorry, but this is nonsense. I don't think we're supposed to talk about the show here. Again, this topic is about Jon Snow's true name. Earlier I said that in these type of discussions we should assume RLJ, and I explained why I think that is. I think that argument made sense, but it does exclude some people from the discussion. Let's try something a little different. Let's still refrain from arguing about Jon's parentage, but let's keep all options on the table. You think it's RB+L=J, so rather than try to argue why you think that is, stick to arguing what you think Jon's real name is. That's more inclusive, however, the problem is that he probably doesn't have a real name unless he's a Targaryen.
  6. Are we only considering that one quote? Even if that is the case, I would point out that the original Dance had two Aegons. Further, it was contested between an even-numbered Aegon and a female claimant. One of the most popular fan theories is that YG will be crowned as Aegon VI. So the promised DotD sequel actually lines up well with the idea that Jon's true name is Aegon. And it might even suggest that his eventual destiny is to be crowned Aegon VII. I know Jon being crowned the eventual king isn't the most popular idea, but if GRRM gives us a sixth Aegon, well... "Six have been found. We are all waiting on the seventh."
  7. I don't think it's necessary to extrapolate to that degree. Secret Targaryen. Bastard element. "Jo(h)n."
  8. Sure, we don't know if Lyanna gave Jon a different name. But by that standard, we don't really know much of anything. Let's not suppress discussion, am I right? How does this make sense? RB+L=J would see Robert and Lyanna sneaking off for hours or minutes at a time, whereas RLJ would have Rhaegar and Lyanna spending months together without the supervision of her brothers or father. I'm not trying to suppress discussion, Lynn. But this thread isn't a thread about who Jon's parents are, it's about what his real name is. From my point of view, it seems like the people stifling discussion are the ones insisting Jon's only name is the one Ned gave him. Especially since the OP is making the assumption that that isn't the case.
  9. I'm having trouble breaking up the quote into different sections, so I've modified your post a bit so you could understand what I was responding to. You sure about that Lynn? Ned naming one of his children after his BFF seemed so fitting that Cat went ahead and did it for him with their first born son, Robb. So yeah, the baby being named Robert would certainly not have given it away. And as I've pointed out elsewhere, we don't really get "juniors" in the series, with only a couple of exceptions. The funny thing about the RB+L=J theory is that Robert would have known he had sex with her, that Ned came back from the south with Lyanna and a baby, and was never the least bit suspicious about that baby. GRRM is answering who gave Jon Snow that name. GRRM did, however, point out that dying mothers could name their children. As far as your dismissals, come on. Pointing out the literal reading of a passage does not prove that it lacks subtext. All due respect, but that's a poor argument because anyone can make it about any clue that is based on subtext, metaphor, etc.
  10. Thank you. Those are some good ones. Especially from Jon IX. This is the quote that inspired me to consider Aegon as a possibility back in 2014.
  11. Oh boy... A character with a mysterious secret identity whose name sounds like the in-universe equivalent of John Doe. GRRM said Ned named him Jon. Okay, what did Lyanna name him?
  12. Aemon would also be acceptable. But getting back to the point I made in my previous post, What are the Baratheon or Dayne names which give away Jon's identity? The names which absolutely require Ned to create the "Jon Snow" alias. There aren't any. Because there aren't any distinctive Baratheon or Dayne names that we know of. Targaryens, on the other hand, are a collection of distinctive names. So, at the risk of repeating myself, Jon having a real name is a pretty strong clue that he's a Targaryen.
  13. You're entitled to your opinions about Jon's parentage, but there's no point in assuming anything other than R+L=J in topics about Jon's real name because we can do no better than guess his true name if he's Robert or Arthur's bastard. Actually, that Jon even has a real name is another hint that favors RLJ over other options. It's only really necessary for Ned to create an alias if his real name gives away his true identity. Something that absolutely would be the case with a Targaryen name, but almost surely wouldn't with a much more common First Men or Andal name.
  14. Okay. Wasn't sure since we were both referencing the "Kill the boy..." quote. The key idea here is that Rhaegar didn't name Lyanna's child, she did. And she did so after Rhaegar and his family were dead. I think Rhaegar died believing his son with Elia was the PtwP, and that Lyanna was going to give birth to a girl who would be his third child and the third head of the dragon. Thus Rhaegar never picked out a boy's name for his child with Lyanna.