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  1. Which TWOW storyline are you most excited about

    The character that I'm most hoping to hear from is Benjen. I feel like his absence is something other than just being dead, and I think that we'll finally get to see what that is in tWoW. Other than that, I think that Bran should be interesting with developing more powers, and the same with seeing where Arya ends up. I really wanted Dany to do something interesting in aDwD, but that never really happened. Connington should be really fun to read as they battle through the stormlands, and I'm curious to see what happens in Oldtown. Finally, the thing (other than Benjen) that I really want to see is a "She Bear" POV, because Howland Reed has so many answers and I think that it's time for GRRM to pull him out of hiding in the Neck. (also Syrio. He will be back.)