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  1. @melnick88 Hey. A Game of Thrones the card game is rebooting with a fresh start. Time to make a comeback? /ingemar /ingsve

  2. High Valyrian

    David Peterson who created the language had this response to a similar question: Go read and especially the discussion in the comments and then also the mad latinists blog about the language.
  3. Dotrakhi is Turkish

    This is how David Peterson who created the language describes it:
  4. Dotrakhi is Turkish

    "I" in Dothraki is "anha" which is clearly inspired by arabic. David Peterson who created the language is a big fan of arabic. The other example is not related to arabic however. What Drogo says is "Kifinosi yer nesi?" "Kifinosi" is the Dothraki word for "how" and it breaks down as ki-fin-osi which literally means "by-what-path". So the fact that the word starts with kif- is just a coincidence based on the words that form the compound rather than being related to keef.
  5. High Valyrian

    David has posted a first post about Valyrian on the Dothraki blog: http://www.dothraki....valar-dohaeris/ Be warned there are a few spoilers from episode 1. We get to see the difference between high and low valyrian as well: Slavers Bay Valyrian: J’azanty ivetras ji vali nedhinki sizi zughilis vi murgho. English: “The knight says that even the brave men fear death.” High Valyrian: Morghot nēdyssy sesīr zūguksy azantys vestras. Edit: Seems like the forum has trouble with the macrons on hte High Valyrian vowels
  6. High Valyrian

    In a blog post tied to the reairing of an episode of CNNs The Next List featuring David Peterson he talks about creating the Valyrian languages. Specifically he has worked on High Valyrian and Slavers Bay Valyrian for this season. When translating he first translates into High Valyrian and then takes the text through a series of changes to turn it into the Slavers Bay creole of the language.
  7. High Valyrian

    In the latest Dothraki blog post David gives us the first official newly created word from High Valyrian: "kirimvose" which means "thank you".
  8. Dotrakhi is Turkish

    The Dothraki are a mix of a lot of steppe and prairie people which include asian people like the Mongols but there are also for example native american influences so it's not correct to say that the Dothraki are based on any specific people. Same goes for the few words that Martin has originally created. Khal is obviously based on Khan but most words have no obvious counterpart in any natural language.
  9. Requests

    There has since been a confirmation that David is creating Valyrian. Of course David would be their first choice. The uncertainty was more in regard to whether they would create another language or not rather than who would do it.
  10. High Valyrian

    At around 2:05 :
  11. Requests

    There isn't any official confirmation. In the profile on David on CNN's The Next List (Seen at the bottom of this page David and Dan mentioned that there are other languages in GRRMs world and that they are hoping David would create those as well. David later repeated that information in an interview on Stupid For Game of Thrones ( ) but that was before they agreed about any details or signed any contracts or whatever. What has happened since then is not known since they are keeping a close lid on things for season 3. What we do know is that David has work on 5 episodes in the coming season and that in total the word count is greater than it was in season 2. So the question is whether we believe that is just Dothraki work or whether it's more likely that it also means work on some other language.
  12. High Valyrian

    The secrecy has to do with not revealing things about season 3 which is a general rule they have for each season. As for dictionaries, they are already shopping the idea (of a Dothraki dictionary) around to various publishers but so far no publisher has been interested in the idea so it seems it won't happen. This desire has not stopped David from releaving lots of info on the language or stopped us from creating a wiki for the langauge.
  13. High Valyrian

    I would say that people learning the languages has no impact on whether they choose to create Valyrian or not. It's purely a stylistic choice by Dan and Dave. Valyrian will be created if they feel that it would add something to the story either plotwise (which it might) or stylewise.