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  2. RT @alecommy: Do you thin your privacy is safe on social media? Check this out

  3. #lamiapiazza cc/ @La_Lettura piazza piccola, Reggio Emilia. Perché da piccoli abbiamo cavalcato leoni di pietra ed era come volare.

  4. Why didn't Tywin Lannister remarry?

    Not only Tywin deeply loved Joanna; he trusted and esteemed her. Still, he believes Tyrion is a bastard. If even perfect wonderful beloved Joanna cheated on him... He would not suffer being made a fool of again. He would not allow himself anything more than disposable bodies of whores he utterly despises.
  5. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    Cersei and Osney you-can-leave-your-hat-on Kettleback.