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  1. You have two cows

    Stanek: You have two cows. They're both Stanek's sockpuppets.
  2. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    Even oily skin needs hydration, as far as I know, excess sebum can be caused by skin dehydration, the skin tries to compensate by producing more oil. I have a great baking soda cleanser, it's by a Korean brand, Etude House. I bought it through ebay. It feels really cleansing, if that makes sense, :lol: my skin looks matte and feels a bit dry after using it, so I usually apply some hydrating lotion or jojoba oil (which is right now my favorite) afterwards. I should be more constant when doing my skin care routine, when I've been doing it for some days in a row, my skin looks and feels great, and then I get lazy and it goes back to being dry in some parts and oily in others.
  3. Amazing Book Deals

    Here's a list of 399 sff ebooks for $3.99 or less, each. Many work outside the US, I was able to get a few.
  4. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    Short wavy hair looks cute! That's what I was going for when I went to that hairdresser :( The bottles are lovely, and the polish seems to be very good quality, but no way I'm paying $50 for a regular creme shade, the colours aren't that unique, you could get like four holo or glitter polishes for less than that.
  5. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    I told myself the same thing when I got my hair cut short two years ago. :lol: It was a hideous haircut, it made me look like a cocker spaniel, with their curly ears. I had curly sides, and the rest was kinda wavy (much shorter than the sides for some reason), I don't know what that idiot hairdresser did to my poor hair, I just wanted to get it slightly shorter. But hair grows! Do you like your new haircut?
  6. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    So, Larry, the Spanish translations are better than the English ones?
  7. Upcoming Cover Art VI

    Glad they changed it :lol: this one looks much better!
  8. Amazing Book Deals

    Jeff VanderMeer's The Third Bear is $1.99 for Kindle. Works in Latin America.
  9. Goodkind 53: We Don't Need No Stinking Magic!

    Severed Souls? There's even a book trailer, I haven't watched it. And I still haven't dared to check any of his books, I wanted to see the crazy in its natural state, but it scares me.
  10. Amazing Book Deals

    Gollancz's deals are only for the UK, right?
  11. Amazing Book Deals

    Sand, by Hugh Howey, is 1.99 on Amazon today (at least in Latin America)
  12. Upcoming Cover Art VI

    Transworld Digital's cover for Assail, by Ian Cameron Esslemont:
  13. Amazing Book Deals

    Stephen King's Doctor Sleep is 1.99 on Amazon.
  14. Amazing Book Deals

    Joe Abercrombie's The Heroes is $1.99 on Amazon (US only).
  15. Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves.. SPOILERS

    I think the second series of seven books will be set a generation or two after the first series, with new characters, but in the same world.