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  1. Even oily skin needs hydration, as far as I know, excess sebum can be caused by skin dehydration, the skin tries to compensate by producing more oil. I have a great baking soda cleanser, it's by a Korean brand, Etude House. I bought it through ebay. It feels really cleansing, if that makes sense, :lol: my skin looks matte and feels a bit dry after using it, so I usually apply some hydrating lotion or jojoba oil (which is right now my favorite) afterwards. I should be more constant when doing my skin care routine, when I've been doing it for some days in a row, my skin looks and feels great, and then I get lazy and it goes back to being dry in some parts and oily in others.
  2. Short wavy hair looks cute! That's what I was going for when I went to that hairdresser :( The bottles are lovely, and the polish seems to be very good quality, but no way I'm paying $50 for a regular creme shade, the colours aren't that unique, you could get like four holo or glitter polishes for less than that.
  3. I told myself the same thing when I got my hair cut short two years ago. :lol: It was a hideous haircut, it made me look like a cocker spaniel, with their curly ears. I had curly sides, and the rest was kinda wavy (much shorter than the sides for some reason), I don't know what that idiot hairdresser did to my poor hair, I just wanted to get it slightly shorter. But hair grows! Do you like your new haircut?
  4. So, Larry, the Spanish translations are better than the English ones?