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  1. Theory: Darkstar's father (TWoW Spoilers)

    And that effort is exactly why I find this theory easy to latch onto. It's GRRM! He likes to try and trick. Really makes it fun :)
  2. Theory: Darkstar's father (TWoW Spoilers)

    Huge fan of Gerold Dayne so I'm always thrilled to see his character being discussed beyond "how lame he is!" Lol ya right. Awesome OP and the whole thread has been interesting... I daresay, the Rhaella - Hightower theory even caught my attention. Darkstar is so mysterious! Can't wait to see where his story goes!
  3. The Hooded Man new (?) theory...(possible spoilers)

    Hallis Mollen - HM Look at the initials! Lol now isn't that a subtle clue, if it were to be.
  4. Jamie's reaction to Aegon

    Completely agree.