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  1. Lots of love and hugs to all of you. <3 Datepalm, your post resonated with me. This sounds exactly like what my mother has done and does. I love her dearly, but I'm still slightly pissed about the Nancy Drew books she tossed without even asking me if I wanted them. I mean, all of them. My daughter has a bunch that she didn't want, so I have those, but it's not the same. And I feel like a whiner even mentioning this, but I immediately thought of it when I read your post. The woman is awesome in so many ways, so I just let this one go. I'm in a very good place these days. But what's odd and strange to me is how a song, a smell, or a situation can take me back to a few years ago when I was in a terrible place. I had a situation come up recently where a person reminded me of some really bad times I went through during my divorce and all of the fear, anxiety, depression jumped right back on me. It took a few weeks for me to shake it off. I am avoiding that person actively now.
  2. Why does this not surprise me? Of course, you do. <3 Kair, my volt journal has sticky notes all in it. And random scribblings, lists, etc. Like Dr. P., I'm also big on bullet-pointing. All of my emails invariably wind up with bullet points unless they're super short. I just think better with things organized in bullet points. It works for me. I haven't tried a grocery list like that, but I'm going to. I feel like this has been missing from my life.
  3. I've looked into the bullet journaling, but it seems like way too much work for very little payback. I use a volt planner and I really like it. It's a combination of goal setting/long range planning that works for me. ETA - I'm obsessed with paper and pens. And I'm not a snob. Some of my favorites are cheapos like the Papermate Ink Joy gel pens. They're fantastic.
  4. I didn't even know this was a thing. I really enjoyed the books...thanks for posting this. I'll be looking for it!
  5. I watched an episode of Space Ghost recently where he was terrorizing Donnie Osmond and I nearly wet myself. Space Ghost was THE BEST, right after Zorak. And you know that whoever came up with that idea was high as a kite. One of my other faves is Squidbillies which is about as twisted a show as I've seen other than Children's Hospital. I'm a big fan of Adult Swim.
  6. I listen to podcasts constantly. My faves are - The Black Tapes - it's coming back in Sept. and I cannot wait. Really good stuff. Creepy and awesome. Am listening to Tanis in the meantime and it's just okay. Jim Harold's Campfire - people call in and tell their ghost stories/ufo encounters, etc. Very entertaining, although there are times when I have to fast forward through it because the person calling in is a moron. You Must Remember This - all about old Hollywood. Lots of history and little known facts as well as juicy gossip. If you're a fan of the golden age of Hollywood and old movies, it's the cat's meow. TED Radio Hour - inspirational, science, technology, engineering, design stuff. (obviously) Hello From the Magic Tavern - one of my favorites. Comedy by an improv group from Chicago that's a riff on Lord of the Rings - it's hysterically funny at times and just goofy others, but always fun. Lore - I think everyone knows about this one. It's creepy history. I dig it. Unexplained - A lesser version of Lore but still good. Up and Vanished - it was sooooo good. Followed this disappearance in Ocilla, GA and it was fantastic. S-town - another small town southern gothic type based on real people. This one is disturbing, and heart-breaking. I tried Welcome to Night Vale but couldn't get into it.
  7. Is anyone watching this? I looked for a thread and couldn't find one...it's my new favorite thing. I laugh aloud watching it. The dynamic of the group absolutely kills me.
  8. Every time I read about this goofball idea by the Davids I think about the musical, "Springtime for Hitler" that was supposed to lose all the money for The Producers. In a perfect world, Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder are laughing their tails off over the scam they're running on HBO and the Davids.
  9. Yes - that's the one. I love that one and use it constantly.
  10. I love the Urban Decay Rose palette - it's gorgeous. I use it nearly every day. Has anyone tried the Trestique makeup? I am intrigued by this. The stupid name is not so intriguing. It's pricey and I am not willing to commit to $175 to try this stuff out. But I watched a video, and the idea of being able to draw on my makeup is compelling, for some reason. I have no idea what that's about, but those chubby pencils with the sponges on the ends of them are appealing.
  11. Sorry - I missed this one! I haven't. And I won't. But I have let her know that I am on to her, and she won't be able to do it again. I don't generally freeze people out, but in this case, she's getting it...in a very civil, polite way. But she feels it and knows she's burned a bridge. I was a source of info. and help, as well as an ally. She's blown all of that. So she's aware that she won't be able to pull this crap again. And there are consequences for throwing me under the bus.
  12. Yeah - I already started doing the extra networking thing. The opportunity is gone, but in future, I've made sure I won't be left out. And I'm definitely walking away and not trusting her again. She's shown me exactly who she is. Right. And once she'd realized she'd made a misstep, or mistake, she would have corrected it. It was all done in a very deliberate way so that I wouldn't take any of the limelight away from her...just my opinion. Thank you. I do try to always help out and be a team player. And I work hard at seeing the good in people. Sometimes that's not a good thing...but ultimately I feel like I'm a lot happier when I concentrate on how I can help vs. 'getting mine.' I'm going to continue to do that, but I'm going to be very wary and careful with this person.
  13. I don't know how I missed this thread. I just haven't been on here much. But I am glad I finally did see it. He was a total hoot, always straight up, and I'm glad I got to know him. The older I get, the more I realize how fast it goes by. I hope you are all taking care of yourself. You matter to a lot of people, including me.
  14. It's been awhile since I posted in here, but I am a little flummoxed and wanted the opinions of the smartest folks I know. And I didn't want this all over FB, which is where a lot of you are. I've been actively and repeatedly involved with a big project where I work, and a good friend is sort of the spokesperson for it, as well as a go-between for my location with our corporate offices. As a roll-out for this project, she organized presentations for all of our employees but left me out. I feel like it was very deliberate, because I had just gotten done presenting on this topic last week for a management meeting at my location. The presentations she excluded me from included some senior management, and it would have been very good for me career-wise to be involved. She was the only woman involved since she cut me out. She announced in a meeting about this, and then told me afterwards that she had left me out because 'she knew how busy I was with XYZ (which everyone else was also busy with) and that's why she hadn't asked me." This is the first time in 15 years that I have been actively and deliberately sabotaged by another woman, and a good friend (I thought), at that. I knew she was a selfish, immature person, but I never expected this. And then I wonder if I'm overreacting. But personally, I would never climb over someone to get ahead, and especially a friend. I was just disappointed. I try hard to motivate and help the women I work with. In my field, women in leadership positions are very rare. My attitude is that we need to help each other. The whole thing just upset me. Obviously, the friendship is over. She burned a bridge with me and I'm pretty much done. I haven't addressed it with her, as I feel like she did all this in a very deliberate way. What's the point? It wasn't an oversight or a screw up.
  15. This guy is not a good guy. You probably already know that but he may have a really good disguise and just seems like a good guy.