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  1. Woman rules #1 – When a man repeats what you just said, stating, “I just said that,” will earn you a hurt look of confusion and a reputation as a difficult personality. Smiling and nodding is the only acceptable response. #2 – Be prepared to have limited to no ability to speak in meetings where you are one of (or the only) a few females, unless you speak above everyone, which labels you as difficult. Also, yelling is unacceptable. A man may get surly/argumentative/disgruntled. This is acceptable. A woman who does this is labeled difficult. Also, see rule #1 for how to react when you do get to speak. #3 – Welcome mansplaining. Women are traditionally seen as ‘slow on the uptake’. Don’t take it personally when a man explains something you already know, and try not to be insulted when they get it wrong, even though you have more experience and knowledge about the topic. Also, don’t correct them when their mansplaining is woefully incorrect. See rule #1. #4 – The fact that you are physically smaller and have less upper body strength than men doesn’t matter. You should never feel threatened, afraid, or nervous when a man is screaming and hollering. See rule #1. #5 – Being nice to men is flirting, which equates to being available for whatever. #6 – Not being nice to men means you are difficult (bitchy), frigid, gay, or all three. #7 - Your job is to be the facilitator. The men are the leaders. Accept this and don’t rock the boat. Boat rockers are perceived as difficult. #8- When passed over, discounted, forgotten; accept it. This is your lot as a woman. You are not going to be treated equally to men. Get over it. #9- If you complain about sexual harassment, or offensive language, or anything similar, you are a prude and possibly a liar. You might also lose your job. Get over it. #10 – You get to become old and unattractive, and not sexy. Men get to become Hugh Hefner. Get over it and refer to Rule #1. #11 – Your looks are extremely important. They’re how you are judged, graded, chosen. And when you begin to age, you’d better be prepared to become invisible.
  2. I had heard that one, but since she's not a world leader, and I don't know anything she sings, I don't really care.
  3. They swarmed last year - I haven't had bees this year at all. I've been thinking about getting a couple of hives and giving it a go again - my old hive is still out there somewhere...they visit my yard and I swear at them for being ungrateful.
  4. I have so many conspiracy theories that I enjoy - Knights of the Golden Circle Putin is dead and has been replaced by a body double Aliens are real and our govt. has been in communication with them for years Amelia Earhart was taken prisoner by the Japanese and was actually a spy I could go on for days. I'm not sure I actually believe any of them, but I don't totally rule them out, either. I'm very cynical and distrusting of the world in general, and don't normally share my pet theories. But I like you people.
  5. I'm totally not surprised. I do appreciate though, that you and mankytoes have sort of proved out what I was saying about the denial aspect of what's happening. I saw the same thing with the '#metoo' movement. You have thousands of women who are all saying the same thing, and one guy mentions the 2 or 3 women he's heard of, talked to, or seen interviewed on Fox News, so none of it is true, or it's highly fabricated.
  6. This whole thread is interesting to me, but this post above did sort of pique my interest. I don't find stoicism, strength, protection, competitiveness, or even aggression as uniquely male traits. Maybe it's because I've grown up in a place where all of the above (excepting aggression) are female traits. I was raised by a group of women who didn't cry at funerals, protected their families at all costs, and are amazingly strong. Maybe I'm an exception, but I don't find those as uniquely 'male' traits. I do think that Darth Richard's take on traditional western masculinity sort of encapsulates the bigger problems we're seeing in society today. There seems to be a sense of entitlement with some men, that does seem to be aggressive in nature when it comes to women. What I find most interesting about what's happening is not that men have been preying on women who work for them/report to them/ are minors, but that women are actually speaking out about this, and that so many men who are observing these things, are insistent that it's just a small problem - a few bad apples, just a blip - not the norm. I and other women know from our own experiences that this is not a 'blip' on the societal radar, but it's an actual fact of life. You deal with the predators, because they're everywhere. It's one of the first things we're taught as girls. Who to watch out for, avoid these places/situations, stay safe. So it's interesting to me; this assumption by some men that this is unusual. Has this problem really been so invisible to most men? Do they really not see what the women in their lives have been dealing with on a regular basis for like, forever? I'm actually happy that there is a whole generation of women who now feel comfortable speaking out, and are actually believed. I was taught to keep my mouth shut and deal with it; predatory men were a fact of life, just like venomous snakes and mosquitoes. I'm thrilled that these conversations are taking place, that men and women are discussing these things and being honest about what it means to them.
  7. I adore her, her cats, her husband, and her fashion sense. I sometimes channel her (without all the swearing) in work situations. And despite her fierceness ,she's one of the nicest people I've met. Thanks, Kelli, for doing a thread extolling her virtues. She deserves it. <3
  8. OMG, GINGER. How could I forget? Wonder what he's doing now? Did he ever make it out of that ditch?
  9. I'm sorry, but I cry fowl. This thread should be tarred and feathered.
  10. It's obvs. a condor. Duh.
  11. You guys have me prostate with laughter. Farro and away the best pun thread ever.
  12. There's no Squidbillies or Three's Company. It sucks.
  13. I like birds quite a lot, and am a passable amateur birder. I wish I could shape-shift into a shoebill stork and bite the heads off my enemies. I also really love owls. I think I would make an awesome great horned owl. I would just rip the scalps off all the people who annoy me in meetings. (Can you tell the kind of day I'm having??)
  14. Also, just be-couscous you can use grains in corny puns, doesn't mean you should. I can't believe I have to reappear from outer space to remind you people of this. You oat to be ashamed of yourselves.
  15. This whole thread just made me snort water all over my keyboard. Thanks, Obama.