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  1. The shoebill bird is my new favorite thing.

    Offer him a selection of baby crocodile, lungfish, catfish...maybe some sort of aquatic rat. I can't remember the name of those things nutria!!! in Louisiana that James Burke always writes about.
  2. The shoebill bird is my new favorite thing.

    That parrot is totally obnoxious. Ugh. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1225223/Dont-forget-duck-Giant-Shoebill-picks-feathered-friend-blocks-path.html
  3. The shoebill bird is my new favorite thing.

    I need an intervention.
  4. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I have one of those round, pink egg things too, and when I wear foundation I use it. It does a great job.
  5. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    Me, too! I love them. They blend so well together.
  6. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

  7. The shoebill bird is my new favorite thing.

    Yeah...he's not happy about it, either.
  8. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I am grossed out to admit that I clean mine maybe once a month. But most days I don't use them...I'm more of a finger paint person, which is probably even more gross. I am loving Maybelline's Gone Greige lipstick color. It's got this 90's vibe that I'm into right now. It's not matte, and it's almost a little punk looking. It's super cool.
  9. I cannot stop watching videos of it. It is now my boyfriend's photo in my contacts list. I love you, shoebill bird. I don't care if you poop on yourself and kind of scare me.
  10. Dogs

    I'm so sorry, drawk. I'm sending you tons of good thoughts and well wishes.
  11. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    I've been sort of blue these days. And the best soundtrack for that state is Neko Case.
  12. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Can't do it. I'm doing my makeup like it's 1986. I have no idea why. Lots of frost...lots of eye makeup...lots of big hair. I haven't started spraying my bangs at a 90 degree angle yet, but it's coming.
  13. economics & ethics of praise

    I think you're great, Solo (I know - you know.) but I don't understand most of what you say. I am just thrilled that I could follow this OP. Next time, try this.
  14. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    I cannot stop listening to the Record Company...I adore them. They're right up there with Nathaniel Rateliff in my book. And I'm gonna throw in some Amy Winehouse just for fun.
  15. Password Manager

    Zabzie, this article from PC Mag (which you've probably already perused) has some good info. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2461280,00.asp#disqus_thread What stuck out to me, though, was this comment from the comments section of the article.