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  1. Yep...there's no possible way you can warn this girl. I would be nice to her and remove yourself as much as possible other than professionally.
  2. I've been on a Bon Iver kick and I can't stop. They're very soothing.
  3. Had to come back to say that I love this - TP's description of his marriage is a great example of supportive, respectful, functional, all while allowing for needed space and independence. I don't ever want to feel smothered. I also don't want to feel disrespected or used.
  4. Kelli is batting 1000 in this thread. Dang. Min, I love you and am so glad you're back. I'm seldom on here either, but do drop in sporadically. This guy...he's a bad guy. He's a user and a taker. You deserve better than this. And I absolutely adore everything Kelli said, but the last post...spot on. You can have functional and not feel smothered. It's awesome when you find it and until you do, you shouldn't be settling for some crappy user who is charming but totally sketchy.
  5. Truly, the only good thing that came of a double mastectomy was being able to ditch the ##$#@!#@$# bra. It's been 7 years and I still revel in the freedom of going braless. It's AWESOME. Having said that, I'm extremely picky about undergarments and socks. I'm also a fan of bamboo silk, and I recently gave the Bombas socks a try. If you listen to podcasts, you've heard them advertise, most likely. They are truly worth every penny. My dog has a thing for socks, and I keep a few cheap, matchless socks in the laundry at all times and conveniently drop them so he thinks he's getting away with something. I caught him stealing some of my Bombas socks out of the laundry basket when I was folding clothes, and I could tell he was so confused by why he couldn't have them. But he can't. They're mine and I'm not sharing them.
  6. I love you. That is all.
  7. Yeah...there have been times when I've avoided getting some help just because I don't want to have to deal with finding someone. I have a decent person who can help if and when I need it, but when she retires, I'm going to be in trouble. Helena...yeah. It's time for you to do something. And you know this or you wouldn't have posted what you did. I'm so sorry; I wish I could give you a big ol' hug. Take care of you. <3
  8. My favorite is when I buy something for the body I had 10 years ago. I have 'almost' stopped doing that.
  9. Am waiting for the right time, but I'm definitely going to get chickens. And I love the Buff Orpingtons. They're so chubby and cute! I've been hatching (heh) my chicken plans and pondering coops for about a year now.
  10. I love the approach you've outlined. It is very similar to how I use my daily planner, but I do tend to journal in there some. I love the idea of a habit tracker. There are things that I do (or need to do ) on a daily basis that are extremely important to me. I may try to add that to my own planner in some capacity.
  11. Oh, my gosh - me too. I cannot stop watching their ads on Facebook. Never mind that the models are all of 17, and have perfect skin and cheekbones. I have forced myself not to buy anything. FB has figured out that I have a beauty aid problem. I'm trying to show them that I am disciplined and their stupid ads aren't going to work on me anymore.
  12. How is it working for you? Do you find it cumbersome? Please give details. Am also curious about the diary/journaling...have you found a way to combine the two? Are you considering this? Sorry for all the questions...I take my planners/journals very seriously.
  13. Thank you, my friend. I have been talking to my AA sponsor and am having to do some serious work on it, which is a good thing. I've been putting it off, but it's time. But I am totally going to hug the dog. He hates it when I do that, but he will get over it.
  14. Am I the only one getting sucked in by the ads on Facebook? So far, I have bought the Wander on the glow stick - in two colors. I love this thing. I also picked up the selfie powder by Wonder. I have no idea why these two companies are so closely named, but they're both very good. The selfie powder does away with shine and looks awesome.
  15. Thank you so much, XRay. I'll be honest; and this is the only place and you are the only people I've said this to - I'm struggling. I'm happy, love my life, love my relationship, but I'm having problems shaking the ghost of my ex-husband. Some of you know - I divorced him after 20+ years of marriage. He was mentally ill, unstable, abusive. I have some guilt. Still. It's actually a good bit of guilt. Because I'm happy, have moved on, and he's still struggling. I think he's better - on medication, and taking better care of himself now. Even our daughter says I had no choice and did what I had to do. I have never asked her; she volunteered this. I don't understand why I feel this way. I didn't do anything wrong but try to survive. I dream about him, and in my dreams I'm afraid of him, I feel sorry for him, and ultimately am so glad I'm out of it. I guess it's because I'm coming up on two years since he moved out. I don't ever ask about him or hear much about him...but I still think about him, and pray for him. I may go back to Al-Anon. That really helped me see how egotistical it is to think I can control or cure someone...I dunno. It's just annoying as hell.