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  1. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    "Soften, Isis. SOFTEN."
  2. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    "You're probably asking yourself, but Donna, I don't have blue eyes. What should I do?" Yes. I ask myself that every day.
  3. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I texted you a fabulous present, which you never acknowledged. Obviously, Donna Mills videos should come before work, Xray. I'm going to leave it here for everyone. This video is my new favorite thing.
  4. I don't understand the hate for the oxford comma. I kind of love it. I have tried to leave it off, but I was taught that's what you do when you make a list, and dammit, I'm doing it.
  5. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Okay. I just bought the rose gold in this. I couldn't resist it.
  6. Fashion thread: updating classics

    If I remember correctly, Ignatius J. Reilly wore a flannel coat prior to its theft from a bathroom stall at Loyola University. I would suggest a flannel coat.
  7. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    This is all excellent info - thank you!
  8. Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    We are all doing really well but I am overfeeding the kittehs, and they are now ginormous felines. They're out of control. The boyfriend is amazing. I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall and me find out that he has a secret family or is a serial killer. I'll keep you updated.
  9. Whoah. I had no idea this thread was going to be so exciting. Chill, people! I wouldn't say anything to the lady, Rhom. You don't know for sure that it's her. I understand what you're dealing with, though. Running a small business is rough. I watched my parents do it for years. There's so much (literal and figurative!!!) crap that you have to deal with that people just don't think about until they're working for themselves. I admire people that do it. I know how much dedication and work it takes just to make a living as a small business owner.
  10. Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    Larry, I didn't know you weren't with the girlfriend anymore; I am so out of touch. I'm sorry. This woman sounds great. I personally don't think the age thing is a big deal at all. And you deserve someone fun and smart. Kay, good luck navigating the YBD situation. I don't know what to tell you. I love living with my man (Sunny Ray. He's small, he's furry, and stinky at times, and very demanding at all times.) but when my boyfriend comes over, he either sits on him or plops down right in between us. He's very proprietary.
  11. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    So, I bought the UD Naked Smoky and Naked I palettes and am now rocking a lot of eye makeup. I'm also wearing Loreal Sandstone lipstick nonstop. I cannot tell you how sparkly and glittery my face is these days. I am like a combo David Bowie/magic unicorn/birthday cake. It's kind of amazing. Don't screw with me; I am sparkly. I am finding though, that I'm not totally happy with my base. I'm using a Dior compact and while I like the finish, I think it may need to be a little lighter? I dunno. What do you pale, redheaded, oily skinned peeps use? (Xray...cough, cough)
  12. Double Parking

    People double-park sometimes at the manufacturing plant where I work, and while I 'know' it's because they're running late for their shift, I 'get pissed' that they do it. It hugely pisses me off. Hugely and Bigly. Of course, I 'might' just be misrepresenting this, and there are actually two cars in the space, but I have chosen to only pick on one car because I'm a weenie. Or not. Don't double-park, people. Sad.
  13. Daily Annoyance, The Eternal

    So yesterday, I open an email from an old friend that I've sung with in a musical group for nearly 20 years. He sent the email to me by mistake. In the email, he badmouths me, and it's obvious from the tone and the response he's making that he and whomever the email was supposed to go to have been discussing me and a friend (who is WAY nicer than I am) at length. And not in a nice way. So I lowered the boom on him. And I'm no longer singing with him. But it really hurt my feelings, so much that I cried my eye makeup off. He emailed me today after a very lame apology yesterday, and offered yet another lame apology. Ass.
  14. Am I a coward?

    It is so bizarre to me that I can be so attached to a group of people that I've never met (and some that I have, and I love them even more for it), but there you go. I love you guys. Thanks to everyone. I'm really glad I said no to the interview. I don't want to create any more drama in my life. And Zabzie, I too am horrified by clowns. That's not cowardice. That's just good common sense.
  15. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    Love this song....Them Shoes