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  1. Daily Annoyance, The Eternal

    So yesterday, I open an email from an old friend that I've sung with in a musical group for nearly 20 years. He sent the email to me by mistake. In the email, he badmouths me, and it's obvious from the tone and the response he's making that he and whomever the email was supposed to go to have been discussing me and a friend (who is WAY nicer than I am) at length. And not in a nice way. So I lowered the boom on him. And I'm no longer singing with him. But it really hurt my feelings, so much that I cried my eye makeup off. He emailed me today after a very lame apology yesterday, and offered yet another lame apology. Ass.
  2. Am I a coward?

    It is so bizarre to me that I can be so attached to a group of people that I've never met (and some that I have, and I love them even more for it), but there you go. I love you guys. Thanks to everyone. I'm really glad I said no to the interview. I don't want to create any more drama in my life. And Zabzie, I too am horrified by clowns. That's not cowardice. That's just good common sense.
  3. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    Love this song....Them Shoes
  4. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Doing some pork chops, fried okra, black eyed peas, and cornbread for dinner...and of course, some sweet tea. Am craving some comfort food.
  5. Cannabis Oil and Cancer

    I'm so sorry to hear this, and I hope that the cannabis oil gives him some relief.
  6. Am I a coward?

    I love you back! Thanks, everyone, for the feedback. It helps. The guy wasn't an ass, but I could tell he was totally shocked that I didn't want to do it.
  7. Am I a coward?

    My local newspaper asked me if I would be willing to tell my story about breast cancer to the paper for their inevitable "BREAST CANCER AWARENESS" issue in Oct. I said no. I have some very valid reasons for not wanting to do it, including not wanting to get on the radar of a very unstable ex-husband. I live alone; I just don't feel comfortable exposing myself in this way. I know that people will say that I'm missing an opportunity to inspire, educate, etc., but how many people are unaware of breast cancer at this point? I just didn't want to do it. I don't want to talk about it and have everyone able to dissect and comment on one of the most painful events of my life. So I said no. I guess I feel guilty about saying no to this. The guy acted like there was something wrong with me that I didn't want to share my story.
  8. The Strain season 3 (Spoilers)

    This show is so entertaining, particularly when it does something ridiculous like the two items I bolded above. You KNOW they had a copy machine in that big building they were hanging out in. Heck, it has an industrial sized kitchen. How hard would it be to turn on the copier and make one copy of the book before stealing it? Kelly's run with the book was so odd. She looked like a normal human being. There was nothing supernatural about that. I wondered at the time if someone forgot to add special effects to that footage or something.
  9. RIP My Dog Winter

    I am so, so, sorry. It hurts so much losing a beloved friend. I know how you feel and I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way.
  10. JonBenet Ramsey: 20 Years Later, Whodunit?

    Part of what people find fascinating about it is that this happened in suburbia to a wealthy family. And it has never been solved. The Emmys were basically an awards show for a true crime movie about the OJ Simpson case. True crime is interesting to people.
  11. Wearing a suit to a black tie wedding?

    I must have some extremely low-brow friends. I've never been to a black-tie wedding. If you need to borrow my black and white Merle Haggard t-shirt, it's yours. Just let me know.
  12. Fashion thread: updating classics

    I did wear them. I wore them with wedge/platform Fly London pumps, big white over-sized shirt, and lots of silver/turquoise jewelry. I felt very sassy and fun.
  13. Dog or Marriage?

    I have had a totally hellacious week...and all day I've been thinking about going home and hanging out with my dog. So I guess I will definitely be choosing my dog over a man.
  14. Soup or Man?

    I have this happen to me all the time. I go through life only half paying attention to what's going on around me, and as I result, I wind up misunderstanding all sorts of things. I generally just ask, "I beg your pardon?" and save myself all kinds of embarrassment. I thought this guy at Lowe's asked me if I was a virgin last week...he was asking about what version my washing machine was. I am an idiot. My favorite misunderstandings are song lyrics. I have a friend who will always be known as Carla Potato because she thought the lyrics to that Madonna song La Isla Bonita was "Lucky Star Potato". You will never hear that song again and not sing, LUCKY STAR POTATO.
  15. Fashion thread: updating classics

    I think I'm going to go for it. It's so strange, because before breast cancer I was much more uptight about this stuff...I was very much worried about what people would think of me, the impression I made...now I just don't give much of a damn. I'm going to wear them, because I almost always get bored, and black sequin pants will entertain me. I also love brocade. I have a jacket that is embroidered brocade. I feel like the Queen of Sheba when I wear it.