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  1. I think, if you get someone who knows what they're doing, it could be fantastic. But yeah, I echo Kay - take a photo so they know what you're talking about. I love rose gold anything. I actually mix my own color. I take two different colors and mix them to come up with the shade I like. I've been doing this for several years now, and am constantly on the lookout for these two colors. When I find them, I wipe out the pharmacy or wherever I am.
  2. Please. I live in the land of deep-fried hoonigans. My personal favorites are the ones that drive the giant-tired pickup trucks with the Confederate flag proudly waving in the back. Nothing says moron like giant tires and confederate flag combos. There is one hoonigan down the road from me that has CRUEL INTENTIONS written in his windshield in huge, gothic lettering. I often ponder it. Is he proud of his own, personal cruel intentions? Or is he perhaps a fan of the Sarah Michelle Geller/Ryan Phillipe movie? I suspect the latter. But every time I see the truck, I scream out, "CRUEL INTENTIONS!!!" and giggle maniacally.
  3. I am very intrigued by this Berry Haute. I will check it out! In other news, I am wearing my hair curly in its natural state. I look like 1985 and I'm not even sorry. A hummingbird swerved too close this morning and nearly got stuck. I am bringing big hair BACK, baby. "Why, Elder Sister?" you plaintively ask. BECAUSE I CAN. BECAUSE I'M LAZY. BECAUSE I'M SICK OF BLOWING OUT MY HAIR FOR AN HOUR. And let's face it; gigantic hair is strangely compelling. And it makes my body look smaller.
  4. It's a Lord Huron kind of day. This is one of my favorite bands of all time. They are so, so, good. This album, Strange Trails, is fantastic.
  5. That was my thought as well...and I'm excited about the Master showing back up...she's pretty intimidating. I loved Sunday night's fight scenes. Every single one was a work of art. Particularly loved the first one with the billowy, transparent sheets and the Butterflies hopping around in their blue tutus. The visual of it is frankly stunning. I haven't seen anything like it before in my life. It's like a Bruce Lee movie had a baby with a Merchant/Ivory film and threw in some 80's MTV for good measure.
  6. Ser Scot, you have always been super nice to me on the board. And you are a super nice guy in person...I didn't see any differences between who you are on the board and in real life.
  7. I know, right? I mean, I have got a strong southern accent and he makes mine sound tame. I love it. It's the only show I'm really committed to watching right now. It's fantastic, and I'm honestly puzzled why people aren't enjoying it.
  8. I am really digging this show. I adore the visuals, and yes, the acting is sort of hammy, but it's fun. I am really enjoying the addition of Nick Frost to the cast, as well.
  9. This is a terrible idea. I'll probably watch, but I will be disgusted.
  10. Hey, you lovely people!!! Am currently listening to some Marty Stuart, as well as some George Jones and Merle. I'm kicking it old school, I guess. Last night it was non-stop War on Drugs. I'm a changeable creature.
  11. "Soften, Isis. SOFTEN."
  12. "You're probably asking yourself, but Donna, I don't have blue eyes. What should I do?" Yes. I ask myself that every day.
  13. I texted you a fabulous present, which you never acknowledged. Obviously, Donna Mills videos should come before work, Xray. I'm going to leave it here for everyone. This video is my new favorite thing.
  14. I don't understand the hate for the oxford comma. I kind of love it. I have tried to leave it off, but I was taught that's what you do when you make a list, and dammit, I'm doing it.
  15. Okay. I just bought the rose gold in this. I couldn't resist it.