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  1. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Lyanna Stark   

    Wow this thread is old! But I have updated the first post to include all the suggestions. My favourite is: Kaya Scodelario. She is 23 and has the wild Stark look (I think!). Also it is realistic casting, if they ever did a pre-ASOIAF mini-series of course.
  2. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic The return of Gerion Lannister?   

    I've entertained the crackpot theory that Gerion Lannister is actually Tregar Ormollen the Merchant Prince from Lys who Lynesse Hightower - Jorah Mormonts wife - is concubine to. The books did say that Tyrion liked his uncle and taking concubines is certainly behaviour Tyrion would smile upon.
  3. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Arya: Lady of Harrenhal   

  4. Arya of Winterfell added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Arya: Lady of Harrenhal

    I think Arya is destined to rule Harrenhal and not end up as a fully fledged Faceless Man. It may sound ridiculous but there is some logic behind it.

    1.) Visenya, Nymeria and Leadership. Both warriors queens and leaders who Arya admires and emulates. I think this is a clear hint towards the notion of Arya one day ruling somewhere. Also, she demonstrates leadership by leading Hotpie and Gendry and fomulating plans.

    2.) Nymeria (the direwolf). Although Bonnifer Hasty currently holds the castle, Nymeria and her wolf pack are roaming the Riverlands. If Arya unites with them she could take Harrenhal. (After the Frey's are dealt with, of course.)

    3.) Riverlands. Being in the Riverlands it would not be unusual to have Arya there. House Tully were the previous Lord Paramounts of the Riverlands and Arya is half Tully, so she does have a place there. Besides, she has spent quite a bit of time in the Riverlands and Harrenhal.

    4.) Sucession and familial right. Before Littlefinger, Harrenhal was offcially held by House Whent. Catelyns mother was Minisa Whent. Lady Shella Whent - the previous Lady of Harrenhal is dead, so Minisa's children and grandchildren can inherit. Through Catelyn, all her children can inherit. Even if a different sibling inherits they could easily give it to Arya.

    Note: Not sure if Catelyn's children would come before Edmure and his future children in inheritance succession. Males usually come before females, despite age.

    5.) Loyal Vassal. I'm hoping by the end of the series that House Tully will hold Riverrun again and are Lord Paramount again. With Edmure in charge, he could rely on Arya to be a loyal vassal as she is his neice. Therefore, even if Edmure were to inherit Harrenhal (as firstborn son) he could give to to one of Cat's children knowing they'd be loyal. And Arya is loyal to family (she's nothing like Lysa). BUT, she has never met Edmure.

    7.) Death. Arya has been linked to death many times and so has Harrenhal. There is a link between the two. Every family to hold Harrenhal has become extinct, but if Arya were to hold it in her own right, not marrying or having children then there is no problem there.

    8.) Curse and Magic. We know the Stark children are wargs and have some magical qualities. This, combined with her FM training may be able to break the 'curse' of Harrenhal. Also, Arya started saying her kill list prayer while at Harrenhal. I have a crackpot theory that her 'prayer' is actually a spell and all of the people on the list will die as a result. My second crackpot theory is that when she started saying the 'prayer' at Harrenhal it activated some magic and to break the curse of Harrenhal the blood of everyone of the list must be spilt.

    9.) FM training. Her training will help her as a leader. Also, if the curse kills off everyone to hold Harrenhal, Arya has learnt to be "no one" before so her training can possibly help her trick the curse. If that makes sense. Arya Stark is "dead."


    Sansa hopefully will kill LF soon, so Harrenhal will be needing a new Lord/Lady.
    It is not too far from Kings Landing so Arya could serve as a Mistress of Whispers. (As many people like to predict.)
    It would make her a powerful Lady in her own right.
    There is plenty of room for her wolves!

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  5. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Lyanna Stark   

    I've always thought Eva Green would've made a good Melisandre. But as Lyanna? No way.
  6. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Lyanna Stark   

    Hayley Atwell is very beautiful and a good actress. She could pass off as Lyanna, however, I think her facial features are too delicate. Lyanna is a wolf and I'd expect her to have a fiercer look.

    I also love Sarah Bolger, but I don't think she looks like a Stark. The current Stark's in the series get away with not looking totally Northern due to being half Tully, but Lyanna's parents are both of the North.

    IMO, the best and somewhat realistic contenders are:

    Jessica Brown Findlay aged 23, an English Actress.

    Lucy Griffiths aged 26, an English Actress.

    Katie Mcgrath aged 29, an Irish Actress.
  7. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic A Compendium of Theories   

    An excellent compendium. Kudos!
  8. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Season 3 Tagline(Spoilers)   

    The tagline is "A Gathering Storm."

    S3 video of GoT right near the end it that tagline.
  9. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Best new character yet to come in the show?   

    I forgot to add, I may not be the biggest fan of the Kracken's but I am interested to see who the show runners cast as Euron.
  10. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Best new character yet to come in the show?   

    Blackfish, Queen of Thorns, Garlan Tyrell and Howland Reed.
  11. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Edmure Tully casting - all wrong   

    I think they cast a great Edmure. Toby Menzies is a great actor. In full costume I can see him as a Tully BUT he doesn't really look like the brother of Cat and Lysa.
  12. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Casting Harry,The Heir   

    I vote Bradley James!

    Bradley played King Arthur in Merlin and I'd love to see him cast in GoT. There are actually quite a few Arthur/Sansa videos floating around Youtube and they seem to make a good couple.
  13. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Sansa will be too good to pass up for Aegon   

    After Manderley and Stannis decimate the Boltons and re-claim Winterfell, Sansa will rule as Queen of the North, as reagent, until Rickon is of age to rule in his own right. It is know.
  14. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic rate the 5 ASOIAF books (no comments, just a score from 1 to 10)   

    A Game of Thrones: 9
    A Clash of Kings: 9
    A Storm of Swords: 10
    A Feast for Crows: 6
    A Dance with Dragons: 9
  15. Arya of Winterfell added a post in a topic Who is your favourite character from each of the principal houses?   

    Stark - Robb
    Tully - Blackfish
    Arryn - Jon
    Baratheon - Robert
    Lannister - Jaime
    Greyjoy - Asha
    Martell - Oberyn
    Tyrell - Queen of Thorns/ Garlan
    Targaryen - Rhaegar