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  1. Lyanna Stark

    Wow this thread is old! But I have updated the first post to include all the suggestions. My favourite is: Kaya Scodelario. She is 23 and has the wild Stark look (I think!). Also it is realistic casting, if they ever did a pre-ASOIAF mini-series of course.
  2. Lyanna Stark

    I've always thought Eva Green would've made a good Melisandre. But as Lyanna? No way.
  3. Lyanna Stark

    Hayley Atwell is very beautiful and a good actress. She could pass off as Lyanna, however, I think her facial features are too delicate. Lyanna is a wolf and I'd expect her to have a fiercer look. I also love Sarah Bolger, but I don't think she looks like a Stark. The current Stark's in the series get away with not looking totally Northern due to being half Tully, but Lyanna's parents are both of the North. IMO, the best and somewhat realistic contenders are: Jessica Brown Findlay aged 23, an English Actress. Lucy Griffiths aged 26, an English Actress. Katie Mcgrath aged 29, an Irish Actress.
  4. Lyanna Stark

    Ah, sorry. I'll add her in now. :D
  5. Lyanna Stark

    So here are the actresses who has been suggested so far: My personal favourite: Katie Mcgrath - (Merlin) Katie looks just like Maisie Williams in this picture. Forum Favourites: Bridget Regan - (Legend of the Seeker) Sarah Bolger - (The Tudors, Once Upon a Time) Jessica Brown Findlay - (Downton Abbey) Other Suggestions: India Eisley - Underworld: Awakening Alicia Vikander - Anna Karenina (2012) Alexandra Daddario - Percy Jackson & the Olympians Claire Foy - Season of the Witch Claire Garvey Astrid Berges- Frisbey - Pirates of the Carribean 4 Julie Fournier Stana Katic - Castle Suffron Burrows - Deep Blue Sea Michelle Dockery Keira Knightly Kristen Stewart Liv Tyler Eva Green Emma Watson Ellen Page
  6. Lyanna Stark

    I agree. Bridget Regan would make a pretty decent Lyanna. With Keira Knightly, however, I see your point but I just don't think she has the "Stark look." She could in my mind be Margeary Tyrell. But she has already been cast in the show. Besides, it wouldn't ever be realistic to assume Keira would join the GoT cast.
  7. Lyanna Stark

    I think there are many people out there who would love to see a pre-ASOIAF HBO miniseries on Robert's rebellion and the events leading up to it. Including the Harrenhal tourney. So who do you think would be a good Lyanna? So here are the actresses who has been suggested so far: My personal favourites: Katie Mcgrath - (Merlin) Katie looks just like Maisie Williams in this picture. Kaya ScodelarioForum Favourites: Bridget Regan - (Legend of the Seeker)Sarah Bolger - (The Tudors, Once Upon a Time)Jessica Brown Findlay - (Downton Abbey)Other Suggestions: Adelaide KaneHolliday GraingerSkye BennettJordan HayesMhairi CalveyJanet MontgomeryOdette YustmanAshely LilleyRebecca DoyleCaitriona BalfeJorja LinsayJessica de GouwErin CummingsEmma Eliza ReganIndia EisleyAlicia VikanderAlexandra Daddario Claire FoyClaire GarveyAstrid Berges- FrisbeyJulie FournierStana KaticSuffron BurrowsMichelle DockeryJennifer LawrenceNora von WaldstaettenOlga KurylenkoGwendoline TaylorJenna LindKate BrackenHayley AtwellRooney MaraJaimie AlexanderGemma ArtertonAnna PopplewellZooey DeschanelTabrett BethellCharlotte GainsbourgKeira KnightlyKristen StewartLiv TylerEva GreenEmma WatsonEllen PageJennifer ConnellyAnna Kendrick