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  1. Nap Rooms for University Students - Good Idea?

    We have "comfort" rooms at work for everything from nursing moms, to migraine sufferers to people who need 10 minute power naps (me before my sleep apnea was diagnosed) But they are private, one person rooms with locks. The idea of sleeping in public kind of creeps me out a bit. I also worry about the safety of it from theft and worse.
  2. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    My brother and most of my cousins. It's quite sad really. Not too surprised at most, but my one cousin and her husband are both better educated than most of our family, so I was surprised by her Trump support
  3. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    I'm not too worried about it really. Each party is allowed one person at each polling station, but there is a limit to the amount of challenging they can do. They can't challenge 100% of the voters, or so many as to cause major delays and if they start creating a disturbance, local law enforcement will be asked to remove them.
  4. Secret Santa XI - Signups Open until Oct 31

    Squeeee! Very happy to have you with us!
  5. U.S. Elections: The Narcissist and the Nineteenth Amendment

    In MD, voting machines that collect the ballots and count them are not connected to the internet. They also have logs for that day and a cumulative # of ballots count, and the cumulative count must match the current count, plus the "before" cumulative count. (I also don't think the machines count the votes, just the number of ballots, but I'm not sure. The machines do notice if you have not voted in any race, and the also note if you have "over voted" and reject "over voted" ballots.
  6. Hamilton v Jefferson: A Game of Madison In The Middle

    This is certainly one of those areas where my libertarian leanings still hold sway. I think the SC was wrong in the decision. I do understand why the decision was made, and the economic difficulties at the time, but that to me is not justification for it. As long as the property is for private use only (no commerce) and nothing about it is a health hazard or nuisance, and doesn't violate local ordinances, I don't think the federal government should be able to step in. I saw your comment about property owners being able to use the political process, and I am not sure what you meant by that. I took it to mean they'd have the means to fight the system. I know more than a few property owners who would lack the means to mount a substantial objection (myself included) I do think they could fight local ordinances though (like the no front yard gardens).
  7. U.S. Elections: The Narcissist and the Nineteenth Amendment

    oh, don't hold your tongue! I find this very fascinating. And I learned something new. I'd certainly be interested in continuing the conversation
  8. U.S. Elections: The Narcissist and the Nineteenth Amendment

    This discussion should probably be in the politics thread, but I am very interested in seeing the original opinion. Instinctively, I am with Ser Scott on this.
  9. Secret Santa XI - Signups Open until Oct 31

    Happy to have you all joining in. LT, yes I do. Sorry guys, on my phone as the internet is out.
  10. U.S. Elections: The Narcissist and the Nineteenth Amendment

    I was nearly in tears listening to her speech.
  11. How much money do you reserve for emergency expenses?

    We used to have 3 months worth of expenses saved, maybe a bit more, but when the hard times hit, we went through all of it, and the majority of our retirement savings too. The husband currently has about 2 years of his current salary left in his retirement account, and I just re-established one, so it is nearly empty. But yesterday I got notified that I have a pension plan with a former employer. I was pretty shocked as I had cashed out my 401k when I left them in 2004. I am going to roll over 75% of it and put the other 25% into savings for emergencies, since we still haven't replenished that. (it wasn't "much" in the grand scheme of things, about 2 months of my current pay, but it is a start to rebuilding)
  12. Clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right of us

    Every time I see this thread title, I think it is the political thread
  13. US Elections 2016: Why we can't have nice things

    As a former Republican, a veteran, a woman, who was a typically ignorant voter, I couldn't stand the Clintons. While a part of me admired Hilary, a much bigger part thought she was a horrible person. And in truth, it was all based on media perception, nothing of any real substance. (I think a lot of people my age were like this, but then changed as they got older/smarter. - - my age being the people who fall in gap between baby-boomers and Gen X) People would rail against her, say she was the real power behind the throne, and that was one of the things that made me think more critically towards her (not negatively, but actually start analyzing her) and in the end found her "acceptable" even if she wasn't my first choice. Now, my biggest problem with her now is that she is too hawkish, and not far enough left in some ways. But that is certainly a hell of a lot better than her opponent.
  14. Secret Santa XI - Signups Open until Oct 31

    Bumping until I can get this pinned
  15. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    We did my father's DNA test. Good news is he really is my father (hey, my mom dated his brother at one point, so there could have been some doubt) Turns out there is no Native American, in fact nothing outside of Europe. He was all Western Europe and Irish. Some of my family will be freaking out over this, including my father. I am finding it greatly amusing.