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  1. Pictionary game 32 Sign up thread.

    Count me in. I promise to do better this time oh, Pebble, did you see the picture of me and Peadar?
  2. Exercise and Fitness - Olympic spirit!

    I have returned. Been over a year since I seriously did any workouts, and I completely blew up after my surgery, so I am exactly where I was 3 years ago *sigh* I've actually been ready for a few weeks, but decided to wait until after my vacation, and my once a year drinking of alcohol and general over-indulgence. Since I know sugar is a major addiction for me, I am going to ease into the cut backs. This week, no grains or added sugars after lunch, next week, none after breakfast. I’ll have to start drinking some tea to ease the caffeine withdraw too. Like before, it will be kind of a paleo lite diet plan. Only time I am really good enough to workout is early mornings, so as soon as I am able to get up on time, I’ll start (likely Thursday. Still trying to recover from the 3 & 4 hours of sleep a night I got on vacation) I’m really looking forward to doing this again, and fingers crossed I stay healthy.
  3. Pokemon Go

    ok, thanks for the info. I have tried seeing how low I can drive and see if it counts it...sometimes it does (like at 10mph, in my neighborhood) Almost to level 20. I have all 3 of Eevie's evelutions, and now have 2 mons over 1000cp, Weezing, which I caught, and Jolteon. Total of 68 different ones (but over 500 caught) I may finally be up to trying a battle
  4. Pokemon Go

    A question for American players: Have you noticed your eggs actually taking miles to hatch, instead of km's? Walking around my office building, I get .3km I was sure this was too little, so I tracked it in my car, and it was .3 mile. (just a car distance from the sidewalk) So I checked around our block, which is 1/2 mile, and yep, it tracked .5km eta: it has been too hot to walk more than that
  5. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    He has 2 more weeks off. He really hasn't been doing anything other than playing on the computer. We got him a new bike, but the pst month has been too hot to even ride it (over 100f with heat index) Nope, not just you Hi Bucky! I feel like I am so far behind on everyone's current status.
  6. WorldCon Party FRIDAY -- SETUP AT 8PM PARTY AT 9PM

    Set up, furniture procurement, door, security, clean up, (anything other than sound equipment) where ever you need me
  7. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    So glad you are coming!
  8. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    *waves back* I actually don't know what you mean When we first met on the board? Can't be our first kiss, that was the month of April, and the Cherry Blossoms were blooming
  9. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    I don't know about Bex, but Maid will be there. I really can't wait. How much longer is your break? You back at uni yet?
  10. Pokemon Go

    The new update cracks me up. "You're going too fast. Don't play Pokemon Go while driving. Are you a passenger?" It kills me the number of people I hear blaming the game for stupid things the players do. (a slightly political rant) it's funny but in other news, I'm now up to level 17 and have captured 65 different Pokémon. (Also got the medal for capturing over 500 last night. too bad I didn't know sooner about leveling up all those rats and pidgies with a lucky egg to level up quicker. I was just sending them all off to the professor *sigh*) No gym successes to report. (ok, we haven't really tried except once in the beginning) as all the ones near us now have mons that are over 1000 cp, and we just aren't there yet (we were also avoiding the pidgies, weedles and rats for a bit, before we realized we need the star dust)
  11. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    So very sorry to hear this But glad about Lil O. Both are pretty awesome. I took Alex to adult swim class, and he did ok. his biggest issue is he's too tense. He needs to play in the water, but we've only gone once. I think I will take him again when I get back from WC, and make sure he brings a friend to encourage him more.
  12. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    BOO! Just popping in to hello my lovelies Work is amazing. I work hard and am challenged and on a regular basis am told that I am appreciated and they are so happy to have me, and all that good stuff. But it leaves me exhausted, and at the end of the day, I am little more than a zombie. I eat dinner, then sit on the couch and veg until it is time for bed. I haven't really even been on fb these past few weeks. Just too tired at the end of the day. But next Wednesday I will get a break...I'm going to World Con. *so happy*
  13. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    This made me laugh out loud, mainly because I have had a similar urge. (I also live in a very Red section of the same state as you). There is a marquee I pass every day on the way to work that says “Vote Trump Make America Great Again” and I want so bad to stop and change it to “Racist” instead of “Great” (I even looked to see how much the letters would cost) As for all the signs, blue duct tape with white paint marker, and “Great” becomes “Racist” making them now truthful as well. But I know I’d never do anything like that, but it sure is a nice fantasy
  14. Pokemon Go

    I downloaded the game last week for two reasons: 1) to get my son out of the house and 2) I thought it would be something we could share, bond with. (we have to use my phone, I only get him data cards when we travel) When I get home from work, I give him my phone and let him go find stuff. I think I like it more than he does, but then, I’m not much into video games, and this is just my speed. We unfortunately live in a small town, so pickings have been rather slim, but I drove us out to two larger towns over the weekend, and it was a lot more fun when there were a lot of pokestops and pokemon to catch. Today, I actually went into “historic downtown” near where I work, and the park area has to have 30 or more pokestops around it (I couldn’t even fit them all into one screenshot). Also made it to level 12 and now have 24 great balls, so hopefully will be able to catch larger beasties. We have 48 /145 so far, and I have only failed to catch one, a Tauros. I have caught a 745 Slowbro and my Eevee evolved into a 538 Flareon. Also have a 570 Venomoth, but those are the biggest ones I have so far. I also got a Dratini today…my first dragon type.
  15. Customer Complaints: Do you make them?

    The last two months I have been going through a refinance of my mortgage. It has been a comedy of errors that ended with a closing/settlement that ended at 11:40 pm last night (It was supposed to start at 7:30, but didn't until 10:30). Long story short, there have been unnecessary delays, a lack of communication and multiple errors in the fee schedules (including the ones we signed at closing). I have written a rather long letter to the loan officer I was working with, and his manager, detailing why I chose their company (good stuff) and then the continuous problems we've had since making that choice. I don't really want to make an official complaint, I just want them to know what went wrong, and how I feel, hoping it will improve the process for other down the line. So have you ever made such complaints to a company? Did you complain to the person you dealt with (either officially, or unofficially), or did you file an official complaint with the company headquarters? What were the results? Did it help? Did anything change? What was your experience like? (Obviously, I don't file complaints much, not sure if I ever had before, and even this one is not really an "official" complaint)