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  1. TTTNE CDLXVI - Return to Castle Spam-a-lot

    Just popping in to announce that signups for "you know what" will start in just a bit over a week Hugs and kisses for all
  2. Careerchat II

    Like other said, I'd let them know you are no longer interested as soon as possible. So I am totally over-reacting to something that happened today. I'm really upset, and it's an over-reaction because it won't really affect things (I think) (and I am over-tired, over worked, and over stressed) I am still working on my first deal (they take months to prepare/close). I've had to deal with over 2400 "items" for this deal, and I've done a great job of keeping it all organized. I have worked a lot of extra hours to prove myself, to show that I was the right person for this job, that the transaction manager (TM) can have complete faith in me, especially since I will be working on her next deal too. We're almost done with my part, and today during the on-line/phone weekly update meeting that is all department heads, the transaction manager, my boss, and me, I gave my update that I had finished my part, with the exception of 8 items that were waiting for items that had been ordered for them. The guy who is the lead for the department that owes me these items butts in and says he shows only 4 outstanding items. I was floored! First off, this TM is very brisk, just the facts, move on quickly, no discussions of them during this meeting -- conversations are to be at other times (she's very busy and so are the department heads). Secondly, he basically said I was wrong to everyone, something that I feel is very bad work manners. He should have e-mailed me afterwards, asking if we could compare lists, to see where the difference was (which is exactly what I did, copying my boss, and btw, I was right--but I knew that, I have spent many hours just tracking the status of all my items, and double and triple checking everything) What has me so upset is that he totally undermined me. (I am the low man on the totem pole, so it isn't about advancement or anything, and everyone else involved on the deal has treated me like an equal). I know it is a small thing, and my boss knows I was correct, but still, it just seems like it was not an appropriate time/place for it. (and as a new person, I feel it is so important to make that good first impression) Maybe I am too nice or naive, but this just seems like bad professional behavior. Am I right, or is it ok to do this?
  3. Am I a coward?

    No, certainly not a coward. It would make anyone feel exposed and vulnerable, add in your other reasons, and doing it would be the questionable action
  4. Pokemon Go

    Driving to work yesterday, I saw the gym I have been occupying for most of the past two weeks was now Blue. I pulled into the parking lot, logged out of my account, and into my son's, and left his #2 pokemon to defend the gym . great mom, bad team mate move (I didn't have time to battle and win it back anyway ) Also been working through most of my lunches, so no time to visit the park with all the pokemon stops and lots of 'mons. I even ran out of balls over the weekend, so I have been avoiding all the rats, pidgeys and weedles that pop up. I've been collecting balls at every stop I see since then, but I swear, whenever I need balls, I get mostly potions; when I need potions I get all balls.
  5. Pictionary game 32 Round 5 Describing You have until 21:00 18th Sept

    I am done, and I am sorry I was late. Also sorry my picture sucks. Also sorry for being a bum this game--always late, always sucky pictures And I actually like the points. they amuse me...when I remember to be on time, that is
  6. Pictionary game 32 Round 5 Describing You have until 21:00 18th Sept

    My apologies. I didn't remember getting the PM and was waiting for a notification. About the silly points, you might want to check your maths. If I got the PM at 1600 Thursday (local time), that would be a deadline of 1600 Sunday. Meaning the first twelve hours just passed 2 hours ago, so it is only -5 points. Of course I will still be at work at 1600 today, so then it will be -10
  7. Pokemon Go

    Thanks It depends on the type, but I think every 5 or 10km? I was reading something about it earlier, but I really just wanted to know how to get my buddy, so I didn't pay attention
  8. Pokemon Go

    I have updated, but I'm not seeing any new features (but the graphics seem sharper, or maybe I have few fingerprint smudges) I'm an idiot. The buddy option is under your player, not under the pokemons I am level 22, almost 23, have caught 87 pokemon (most my high CP's are named after ASoIaF characters :lol: My faborite is my eggsecutor Ilyn Payne (ok, I enjoy puns) and I have been supporting or leading a local gym for almost a week. I've been paid 6 times (4 different 'mons). It is a small gym that keeps changing hands. Looks like just me and one other Yellow Team member are hitting it, so we're not likely to get above level 3
  9. Millions of fake accounts at Wells Fargo

    I work at Wells Fargo, but in a very different department. For an inside perspective, people in my office are completely shocked over this, and my manager is outraged. (I can't even express how upset he was by this! I was genuinely surprised by his reaction) (we don't deal with individual customers, but rather with other investment banks) Performance quotas and incentives are almost always a bad thing, and can lead to this type of behavior (no matter the type of business--even police and tickets have had problems when on the quota system)
  10. Pictionary game 32 Round 5 Describing You have until 21:00 18th Sept

    I ended up taking a picture of a really crappy drawing and putting it on imgur that way...then I had to type in the link cause I couldn't copy and paste it from my phone. *sigh* And I was very afraid I was the one holding things up
  11. Exercise and Fitness - Olympic spirit!

    I over-slept the past two days and didn't work out. Still walking several times a day at work, but not enough to sweat. *sigh* But I will make up for a lot of it this weekend. We have 3 days and about a week's worth of yard work, maintenance and fencing to do.

    We are so grateful we have to travel at least 25 minutes to the nearest Mexican food, or we'd be eating it everyday and weigh a ton. (we make it home at least twice a week, but it's not the same, nor as easy) But man, I would love a taco truck in my neighborhood.
  13. Careerchat II

    Thanks everyone. I know I couldn't have gotten through all the stress of rejecting one offer and gambling on getting this job without the support of everyone. Love you guys!
  14. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    I love autumn and Halloween in particular, but then I am a bit witchy It is winter and cold I dislike so much Trying to remember all the spammers...Elgernon (and his lovely wife), Mountain Goat, SalomeSandWitch, Maid, Biata, Fragile Bird, Zabzy, and a blast from the distant past: Ghost's Companion and Idol Worship. There may have been more, but that is what I recall off the top of my head. ETA: Zar has had a death in the family, so that could be why he's not around