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  1. We had a rifle range in the basement of our school, a safe with the rifles JROTC used to qualify and we made up the school rifle team. And this was the early 80's. (but hey, it was Idaho ) Our range got closed down my senior year due to poor ventilation, so we were forced to join the NRA (memberships paid for by the army) so we could shoot at a private range.
  2. I meant I had the qualifications Trump listed, and then was describing the realities of 7th grade, for a regular teacher. Trust me, I totally know what you mean though. Even being a permanent sub, it was insane. I was the 4th teacher that year for 7th grade Art class, and on day 1 I had a student say they ran off the first 3 teachers and they would run me off too (this was the class of mostly AP kids, they were my worse behaved kids). I told them they were a bunch of punks and I wasn't going anywhere. that held off total chaos for 3 days. I would have been happy with a strong yard stick eta: I never feel totally comfortable saying was a "teacher" since the school system never counted me as one, but yeah, I was one.
  3. This was my reaction too. I worked as a full time sub (like being a teacher, but sucky pay and no beni's) at a middle school, 7th grade to be specific. I am an army veteran, an expert shot, not small, (was) fairly strong, just the type of person Trump was referring to. Let me say there is no way in hell I would ever want a gun at school, especially not one on me. First off, even though I was 5'8" 180lbs, there were kids in 7th grade that were bigger than me. Second, at any given time, I was out numbered by a minimum of 25 to 1 Third, even though my purse was kept in my desk drawer, and I did my best to always be aware of all the students all the time, I still had something stolen. You just can't see everything all the time. It is a recipe for disaster!
  4. yeah, now I'm seeing it at other sites too. Insane, it really is
  5. Are we sure it is real?
  6. When Shuri is healing the CIA agent she mentions that he is the second white guy she has had to put back together. I assume this was an opening for the introduction of Bucky in the second movie. eta: I loved this movie. Might end up being my favorite
  7. Yeah, they had published the criteria for getting the ex-raid raids and spending time in the gyms in the parks. I made sure I did at least 1 raid every weekend, and often 1 during the evenings during the week (but these were not always at the park) and I tried at least once a week to take over the park gyms, but if when I got there, the people in the gym had held it only a short time, I then didn't take it, and that was likely my only chance that week. (80% of the players in my town make an effort at respectful gym taking, and try to do it only after the majority had been in the gym 10 hours - that other 20% who don't seem to be on our fb group seem to always target yellow and generally piss me off) So yeah, I managed some time in the target gyms, but I guess not enough (if I start playing again, I will track how much time I'm in them. The one gym I hit a lot does not get ex-raids because it is at a place of business)
  8. We have one park with 2 gyms. I made sure I spent time in both gyms, I did raids at both gyms, all the things they said you needed to do to get the ex-raid pass. I'm ready to quit (again) but I'm a bit of an obsessive collector...this time it just happens to be pokemon if I had all the Gen 3's, I would be out until the Gen 4 release.
  9. Read or play endless games of solitaire or wordamount (or whatever it is called)
  10. Yes, it is not getting invites/raid passes to either of the Mewtwo raids. I'm quite pissed off. (by either, I mean the ones that were done back in the fall and the ones that happened last weekend)
  11. I am so sorry guys! I've been sick and not on-line much at all. I am doing better, just have this horrible lingering cough going on now (but I can speak again! YAY!)
  12. Thanks! Yes, it was great, having them here. Thank you BB! Thanks Rhae! Thank you Lord Sidious
  13. Thank you Buckywheat! And a lovely holiday season to one and all My daughter and her family came for a visit. It was WONDERFUL! (even though the littlest one got me pretty sick) About those knitted helmets: I had a couple of child sizes left over, so I gave them to the grandsons. Right after the thanks yous, came "What about the swords and shields" "And armor" Of course, being the awesome Grammy that I am, I was able to improvise all of that. Their mom had to take the helmets and "armor" off them at bed time. They wanted to sleep in them (and they wore them all the next day too). I even set up the pop-up shade, added sheets for walls and made them a castle. *the armor was just a piece of fleece, same color as the hat (one red, one green) that I cut a hole in for the head to go through. And Alex was the best Uncle ever. Since the rules prohibited hitting each other with their swords, Alex dressed up in his wolfman costume and played the monster for them to destroy. (once upon a time, his older brother Phillip did the same for Alex on his 4th birthday...he was the Dread Pirate Phillip and all the kids ganged up on him)
  14. I got a couple of books, a lovely owl necklace and a d20 christmas ornament.
  15. Those sound like awesome gifts!