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  1. Thank you Mya. Sent
  2. Yep, my closest and dearest friends were met here on the board, and in person at various meet ups
  3. In Gyms, or in the wild? Maybe I'll try and find someone to log into my account and catch them for me
  4. Only if you got the egg from that region (as Bia hatched a Mr. Mime from an egg she got in Europe, after she had returned to the US)
  5. Since I'm not likely to get to Europe (Mr. Mime), Asia or Australia any time soon, I'm not counting them. They might as well be the same as legendary ones.
  6. I now only need 2 more pokemon to complete gen 1 for North America: Dragonite and Machamp. I think I still need 20 for gen 2. Managed to put several guys into gyms this week. I checked to see how long before I could collect, and it was immediately. Guess last time I was kicked out of a gym I had reached the 21 hour mark, but hadn't yet collected. And I got to collect for all the pokemons I had in gyms at that moment (4). That was pretty cool.
  7. We used the ACA one year, and half way though the year I got a decent paying full time job, instead of the part time work I was doing. I didn't realize I had to report my change of income when it happened, so when we did our taxes, we got penalized $750 (max is $1500). Even paying the $750 we still saved money as the ACA saved us $200 a month. (so we paid $450 less than the husband's work offered). It really comes down to how much you think you need the insurance each year. And our Silver plan was pretty good. My quarterly doctor visits, our (3) annual exams, and sick visits are just the co-pay, so I have no idea what you said you had to pay for each visit with a silver plan, but it was $20 for us. My son broke his foot, and then needed months of physical therapy (an avulsion fracture) and I needed gall bladder surgery. Neither are huge things, but the way the deductibles worked out, we didn't pay the deductible all at once. I also take 3 daily medications, and we never hit the full deducible amount. It's possible we won't need that much this year, but who knows with a teenager and two parents old enough to be in AARP. It's not a risk most people can afford to take. Like you said to Kalbear about his situation not being common, the same is even more true for you.
  8. This was my son 2 years ago. His pokemon guide literally fell apart. He has notebooks full of pokemons he created. It was my older son 15 years ago too (only without Netflix) They also play all the various versions of the video games too
  9. The Rhydon has a 4th generation evolution too, so get as many as you can.
  10. It's been years since I read the book (I've reread it at my current house, so less than 13, but more than 5). Some parts I remember very closely from the book, others don't seem familiar. Doesn't matter, I think they've done a very good job creating the environment (mood(?)...can't seen to find the right word...the essence(?)) of the book. I'm really enjoying it (that really does seem like the wrong word...enjoying the production, not the subject matter, maybe) Some of the flash backs seem to come along rather quickly and can feel a little jarring, but I suppose that part of the point. My husband sat down and watched an episode with me (#4 maybe). his response "That's a seriously fucked up show" My reply "Yep" him: "Are there more episodes?"
  11. Mormont, so glad your daughter is safe *hugs* I can't even imagine the sick worry, knowing she was there when it happened.
  12. I wish we could trade them. I have 3 dragon scales and 2 king stones. I need a steel coat, a sun stone and an upgrade (ok, I'm just being hopeful on that one. I have only 10 candies on my polygon)
  13. I'm holding off evolving my Onix until I get a steel coat
  14. The rock event has brought me out of retirement. (or, now that I can catch new things, I'm not bored anymore) Caught enough Slugmas this morning to evolve Magcargo and I've caught 2 each of Kabutops and Omastar. I'm now at 215 pokemon. Only need 4 more gen 1 to have all available to North America. 21 Gen 2's to go. 68. Machamp (50/100) 139. Omastar (9/50) 141. Kabutops (9/50) 149. Dragonite (67/100)
  15. Yep. She had it in the ground, but i's only 18" deep, 4'x6' (very similar to the one linked), so she just pulled it out. My fish pond is slightly bigger: I made a 6'x8' 12" deep hole, then put the solid pond form in the middle of it (so mine will be "mostly" the unmovable type)