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  1. Yes, it makes sense to me too. And it's not just the 50's but early 50's, divorce laws were complicated. It wasn't until 1969 that a person could even get a no-fault divorce. While the divorce rate may have been raising, and around 25%, divorce laws were fairly strict and greatly favored the man, especially in terms of support. From Clare's POV, she was new to America, not a citizen, not employed, and with no means of support. She has no living family. Any spousal support would have been minimum, and she could have lost custody of the baby too. Why Frank stayed with her is a different issue. She was a status symbol (like the other woman had mentioned in the previous episode), but Frank also wanted a family*. He cares about how his reputation too. His wife returns to him after several years of being missing and he would have been viewed a total cad to have abandoned her. I think he really did love her when they married, and maybe even so after the war. They had such a short time together though and then several more years of separation, he tried very hard to still love her when she first came back (I always felt he was in love with the idea of her). *it's been a while since I read the books, but I think it is hinted that he may have had some sort of fertility issue
  2. I play with strangers all the time. I've become friends with a couple of them
  3. We always do big groups too. Like Kalbear, we use facebook messenger and discord to co-ordinate them (ok, I don't use discord, but some of our group do, and they then post in the messenger group) What's an EX raid pass? I know a lot of people in my area bought a ton of raid passes when they had the special deals last month.
  4. I've been playing in the early mornings or an occasional raid in the late evenings since my skin cancer surgery. I had to put basically oil on the scar line for a few weeks, and can't really have any sun/heat exposure. Now that school has started again, I can't do my early mornings any more (I have to get my son up for school and make sure he gets on the bus, and that gives just enough time to get to work) Never did catch a Moltres I hope they come back again (they would have to at some point, for new players who join) Made my first attempt at a Raikou last night and failed.
  5. I plan to be there!
  6. I miss the game, but between work and other issues, I don't think I have the energy.
  7. MORE EVENTS! I really want to do the one in Philadelphia. Since it's on a Saturday, that really shouldn't be too much of a problem. (it's a 2 1/2 hr drive for me)
  8. Funny you say that, the medical/surgical assistant my doctor used the other day shares your name, and she was barely 22. I admit I was kind of surprised (would be the same reaction if she shared my name as it also falls in that group )
  9. no, they are new - caught/hatched within the past 24 hours
  10. I really don't like that "exclusive raid" thing. I'm going to be pretty limited in my ability to hit gyms the next 2 weeks. ok, but at least 1 weeks, which means I won't likely get many invites
  11. I think they would have to, otherwise no one new would ever sign up knowing they won't get a chance at them
  12. Glad you got an offer *hugs* good luck with your hunting!
  13. I hear ya. today some drama broke out on my local pokemon facebook group. It seemed really silly and stupid over a misunderstanding about someone being someone's son or something (seriously). (it was an older woman who hasn't yet figured out to not post drama on fb) and the funniest part, she said she'd be proud to be his then why all the drama? (by older, I mean she's likely in my age group, maybe just a bit older) eta: I am not as old as most people my age
  14. I now have 230 pokemon. I hope I get another shot at Articuno eventually. Haven't tried for a Zapdos yet, but I'm hoping for a raid in town tonight or lunch time tomorrow (I follow the fb pages for the different areas) I really hope they do a similar event un the US. I saw a Kanga-thing yesterday was really shocked. Not a lot of world travelers in my red-neck rural neighborhood (I bet 80% have never left the tri-state area -that would be the parts of MD & PA that resemble West Virginia, and West Virginia)
  15. But they have to see that by setting that precedent they are setting their own party up. I disagree. No matter how much they hate her, they have to protect the party first