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  1. Wouldn't it depend on what age you became an immortal? I mean if you are under 30 and in the height of your sexuality, would you maintain that forever? Then, maybe wait a month or two.
  2. I just missed being part of a legendary raid (Articuno) by 2 minutes. But I learned a few things talking to the people there. The egg was silver, it took 10 people to defeat it, and they had like 6 seconds left. Only 1 of the 10 actually caught it afterwards. I joined their facebook group so next time I'll know when there's another eta: There was a Lugia raid, and like 50 people showed up. I caught one, then joined with the last group in my son's account and caught another. it was pretty exciting. I've never seen so many people playing at once
  3. Chicken wrapped in bacon and then rolled in dark brown sugar mixed with chili powder and cumin (titled as "Sweet & Spicy" but not spicy at all, but still very good) Spinach and cheese mini-tarts (with jalapenos)
  4. I wish you luck. I think the breakfast before beds is a good idea. That is what we did as well
  5. My son was on Vyvanse for years and barely ate, so we didn't give it to him on weekends. Until he turned 12. Then he started eating more. We took him off it at 13, and since then, he eats like a typical teenager...everything he can get his hands on. He has also grown a lot since going off it. I think he grew like 6" in 18 months (I know part of that is puberty, but I think part was eating more too). Of course his grades suffered, but it's a challenge we are trying to deal with.
  6. When I started on Aderall, it was a low dose and I would fall asleep 30 minutes later. When the doctor upped my dose, I became very functional (and it did curb my appetite)
  7. I would think so. There doesn't need to be any crime committed to lose your clearance. You can lose it over excessive debt, marital affairs, radical ideology, and many other things that aren't illegal. Anything they feel would leave you susceptible to coercion or blackmail. Finances were always a huge factor
  8. (I think this is how it was, but don't flame me if I get anything wrong, it's been a while and things do change) There is a "clearing house" that reviews all the security clearance investigations and makes the determination if a person gets the clearance they have applied for. There are several of these for different major departments. When derogatory information is found, after the fact, or if a person who was denied files to have his file re-evaluated, there is a board, one level up, that does these reviews. For example, the Army has it's clearing house, but if a person wanted a re-evaluation, or after they had derogatory information reported on them, the files would be sent to a Department of Defense board for review. It's different with the White House and staff. I think the Pentagon (DoD) would be responsible for granting the clearances, but I don't know who the review board would be (DHS?). The president had classification authority, but I don't know if he could grant clearances. Now the fact that the forms require you to swear to the truthfulness and completeness of the forms under the penalty of perjury, and clearly state that lying/omitting could be punished by fines or imprisonment should be an entirely separate matter.
  9. I was updating my list, looking to see what size eggs or from whom some pokemon evolve, and learned that there are 4 more than I thought not available from Gen 2. That means I only need 10 more to finish (or 35 depending on how you look at it . there is speculation that Delibird might come out around Christmas and maybe Smeargle this summer. 2 are catch only- don't hatch or evolve from another pokemon: #201 Unown (there are actually 26 different types of it--extremely rare) and #214 Heracross The unavailable list
  10. Two of the three Red team people wrote back that they accept my plan. I assume the 3rd one does too since she didn't kick me out last night (and I think she is the one who lives in that little area) Yesterday I hatched a Chancey! Now I can work on powering up my Fat Walla All of my original pokemon and my top pokemon have GOT names except my Gyarados and my Sakura. Any suggestions? (Gyarados is red, but I've used most of the familiar Targaryen names on the fire types - Dany is my top flarion)
  11. I am using a combination of gyms...some I know turn over daily, and some I think are longer term ones. So far I have maxed out every day. Since a couple of the gyms are in school zones, come September, I won't be able to rely them to last more than a few minutes, so I have to make the deal with red team soon. in good news, I made level 30 and evolved a Tryranasour. He's my highest CP and a wonder (and he's no where near maxed out, but I need more candies and dust) in bad news (stupido news, really) I got over excited this morning when I hatched a Tyrogue and evolved mine without looking up anything. I got another Hitmonchan when I need a Hitmontop. Of course I have now looked up the info, and they evolve based on their highest stat when you appraise them: ATTACK STAT = Hitmonlee STAMINA STAT = Hitmontop DEFENSE STAT = Hitmonchan (Stamina = HP) ETA: I have also written my letter to the Red Team at our contested gym (the one they kept kicking me out of in under 30 minutes, twice a day, so I stopped attacking them for over a week - it didn't earn them much to kick me out once they already had their coins for the day. I proposed a 50/50 split with them. we'll see if they agree if they don't kick me out tonight. I also told them about the berries, those poor pokemon are all at nearly zero CP.) We'll still have to contend with the random blue team players, but they were pretty rare at this gym (weird since they dominate most other areas around here)
  12. Took me just under a year, but I have completed the North American Gen 1! (would have been done sooner if I had continued my son's account instead of starting my own) Now to seriously start working on Gen 2. (I have 79/96 that I believe are available. Just need a Sun Stone for one of them)
  13. I guess it's a case of "If the shoe fits..." Even his supporters KNOW what he is, they just refuse to accept that what he is, is against the principals this country was founded on
  14. I wish, my dear. Maybe if I can get my sleep issues cleared up, I can play next time.
  15. Caught a Dratini at lunch. Just 5 more candies to go and I'll call Gen 1 done. Maybe I can find a Raid on the way home and get a few more rare ones.