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  1. Those sound like awesome gifts!
  2. It is that time of the year again, to sign up for the ASOIAF world-wide Secret Santa. As a way of getting to know each other better and bringing us closer together, every year for the past 11 years we have had a Secret Santa "game" here at Westeros. It has been a great deal of fun, and I am proud to once again host it. You do not need to celebrate Christmas to participate. We do have a $50 US gift amount. Please be mindful that this doesn't include shipping. I highly recommend using a site such as Amazon to ship the gifts, as postage can be very expensive. I say this every year, but it needs to be said again: PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU ARE SURE YOU CAN PARTICIPATE! You have about a month to decide. You can see how previous years worked here and here and here It works like this: 1) Sign up between Oct 1 and Nov 1; Answer at least one of the questionnaires either in the thread or send to me privately; PM me your address, even if you have played before. Unless I have permission*, I do not keep your addresses from year to year. (*if I send you Holiday Cards, I have your address) 2) Nov 1: I will use to assign you a giftee; secretly find out everything you can about your giftee (questionnaire, reading their posts, etc); Buy gift(s); Ship before Dec 1 (I will post shipping deadlines provided by the US Postal Service and others); PM me when you ship (I'm pretty anal about keeping track of things 3) Receive your gift--try to guess who it is from; Post in the thread about, even if you don't open it until Christmas, so your Santa doesn't worry that the gift was lost (this has happened, gifts have even been stolen, but Amazon replaced the stolen ones, another reason to use their service) or just PM me that your gift has arrived The Santas: Lany Cassandra Zar Lannister Helena KiDisaster Rocksniffer Lily Valley Anubiel expecto patronum TC Tellus Exploror Fragile Bird Dream Song Q the Cat Mlle. Zabzy
  3. your secret santa says "oh, ummm, I think that's ok, yes, ok" and "oh, there's another one coming too"
  4. I will! I'll send myself a reminder
  5. I read a book recently, where I liked the story a lot, but the writer left me totally annoyed. There are 2 main complaints: 1) the main character is said to have two PHDs (in Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology) yet she talks like someone who hasn't has Psych 101 (at the author's level). While I don't expect the main character to use lots of "$3 words"* in normal conversations, I really don't think "crazy" and "disturbed" are proper terms for discussing a mental diagnosis. What it comes down to, the author does not have the knowledge to write a main character with this level of education. Which truly, would have been fine. As far as I can tell, the main character doesn't need these degrees. (they had very little to the story, or even the back story) [overall, her speech comes across as barely college educated, based on word usage, and my opinion] 2) [and the bigger issue for me...I cringe every time I read these parts] The story features a "Drag Queen" as a secondary character. The author seems to conflate several ideas that are completely separate: Drag Queen, Transvestite, Transgender, Gay. While it's clear in the book not all gay men are drag queens, she has every drag queen, and anyone interested in seeing them perform, as being gay. I didn't realize at first that she had thrown in transgender women into this as well until a conversation about a woman (the main character) thinking about getting waxed at the salon that specializes/caters to Drag Queens and the nail tech says she might want to go somewhere else as they mainly do drag queens prior to surgery. It makes it hard to read the books, but I like the main character (mostly) and I really like the story. I just cringe when these types of things come up, and that takes away a lot of the enjoyment. ("A Mansion, a Drag Queen and a New Job" (Deanna Oscar paranormal mystery #1) by CC Dragon) I'm going to read #2, and then see if I'm willing to read any more. (I have a thing for paranormal mysteries) *$3 word is an NCIS reference So what types of issues/faults an author injected into stories has taken away from what otherwise would have been an enjoyable book? Do you keep reading? Do you read other things by the author? Do you post reviews about the things that bothered you? Please share examples
  6. By that logic, what kind of bad life was he living? Another self hater? (sorry, I couldn't resist.)
  7. .7% but by 12,000 votes, with 20,500 write ins
  8. NYT now has Moore @ 49.5% and Jones @49% with about 4,600 votes separating them now it is tied at 49.2% with Moore up by about 130
  9. that's why PM were invented
  10. ok, I admit to having only shipped half of mine, but the other half will be out on Friday. How about you? Have you PMed me yet saying you've shipped yours?
  11. Nearly all the places mentioned have military near by, and OK is big in Natural gas and oil production. I assumed that would affect their political leanings
  12. Yeah, every time I start getting tired of the game, ready to quit (or stop for a bit) they do something new. Guess they got the timing right I've only caught like 5 new guys, one from a gym raid
  13. I once had a college professor describe PA as "you have Philly in the east, Pittsburgh in the west and Alabama in the middle and this was 20+ years ago guess it's an old joke, although until today, he's the only person I ever heard say it. I'm just 5 miles south of the Mason-Dixon and the husband works in PA. I'm in a small town too...that 71% of voted for Trump
  14. New Pokémon should be out today (about 50 gen 3), as well as real time local weather reflecting in the game and affecting what pokemon may be available. Of course I forgot my phone at home, so I haven't seen anything at all
  15. I know it's too much to ask for, but damn, I hope they don't elect him. I just don't see how anyone who claims to have any moral values can support him. Don't like the choices, stay home.
  16. Definitely. The children are our future, without them, there wouldn't be any hope.
  17. Yes, abusive is the right word. Abuse is more than just physical violence. Isolation, belittling controlling are all abusive. The dominate/abusive person daily erodes the self confidence of the partner. There's often gaslighting going on at this stage as well. It's all designed to take away the agency of the partner, to make them feel as if they could never leave, because they are not good enough for anything else. It's manipulation to keep them with you (not you, the abuser). The thing is, many physically abusive relationships start out with controlling, isolation and belittling. Once these have taken their toll, who can the victim call, will they have the courage to do so? Emotional abuse is just as damaging long term as physical abuse, it's harder to document/prove and harder to get people to believe you without any physical evidence.
  18. Thanks Lily. Just a quicky...My internet at home is out and likely won't be fixed until the weekend. I am still keeping track by popping in during my lunch break at work (or whenever the boss isn't looking)
  19. I was a lot less mature at 30 than I was at 20, and even less mature at 40.
  20. This is what I was trying to say.
  21. I did say "some people" I also said I see people in college as kids because they aren't liveiving as adults, meaning on their own, with a full time job, responsible for paying all the bills, all the living expenses, and so many other things. This applies to a lot college kids. Granted, some work part time jobs to help pay for either school or living expenses, but when you're still living in a dorm and going to school, it is not the same thing. That's what I meant. Hell, I got married at 19, bought a house at 20, had a child at 21, so I would never say people in their early 20's aren't adults.
  22. I can answer this: Someone in their early 20's might be legally an adult, but most have never lived as an adult. I once had a little crush on someone nearly 20 yrs younger than me. I felt horrible for even THINKING it, even though it was nothing I'd ever act on. I felt I was a creepy creeper. She was only slightly older than my daughter. I just can't help thinking of someone that age as a child, as could have been my child. Now that she's in her 30's, I wouldn't think twice about it, so it's not just the difference in years, it was that early 20's age as well, barely an adult.
  23. This adds a lot more to the story and it does concern me that it is an unhealthy relationship (becoming, if not already emotionally abusive*). And since they are in the same field, and there was the offer of help with grad school, I think the power dynamic remains, even though she graduated, that changes my opinion of the situation. As far as abusive relationships go, they often start with the emotional abuse, making the person feel worthless and often dependent, and when they eventually escalate, the person is already trained to accept the abuse, after all, they have become convinced that they are dumb, worthless, no one would treat them better, he doesn't mean it, he really loves them. I don't think this was a paranoid reaction on your part.)
  24. That's so disturbing and I'm not sure of the legality of it, since it is being pushed by the CIA. It would all depend on the scope of the spies. Anything that comes under the CIA would be limited on US soil the areas of foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence, and terrorism. eta: yeah, I'm aware of the full nastiness this could be. I was just thinking that the CIA charter specifies a limited scope on US soil
  25. This was probably the best episode of the season. I'll just agree with what Dr. Pepper and Risto have already said. I do like how they have tightened up the story some, moving things along at a faster pace. Next week should be real exciting.