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  1. Funny you say that, the medical/surgical assistant my doctor used the other day shares your name, and she was barely 22. I admit I was kind of surprised (would be the same reaction if she shared my name as it also falls in that group )
  2. no, they are new - caught/hatched within the past 24 hours
  3. I really don't like that "exclusive raid" thing. I'm going to be pretty limited in my ability to hit gyms the next 2 weeks. ok, but at least 1 weeks, which means I won't likely get many invites
  4. I think they would have to, otherwise no one new would ever sign up knowing they won't get a chance at them
  5. Glad you got an offer *hugs* good luck with your hunting!
  6. I hear ya. today some drama broke out on my local pokemon facebook group. It seemed really silly and stupid over a misunderstanding about someone being someone's son or something (seriously). (it was an older woman who hasn't yet figured out to not post drama on fb) and the funniest part, she said she'd be proud to be his then why all the drama? (by older, I mean she's likely in my age group, maybe just a bit older) eta: I am not as old as most people my age
  7. I now have 230 pokemon. I hope I get another shot at Articuno eventually. Haven't tried for a Zapdos yet, but I'm hoping for a raid in town tonight or lunch time tomorrow (I follow the fb pages for the different areas) I really hope they do a similar event un the US. I saw a Kanga-thing yesterday was really shocked. Not a lot of world travelers in my red-neck rural neighborhood (I bet 80% have never left the tri-state area -that would be the parts of MD & PA that resemble West Virginia, and West Virginia)
  8. But they have to see that by setting that precedent they are setting their own party up. I disagree. No matter how much they hate her, they have to protect the party first
  9. Funny, I found Moltres easier. I am 2/3 Lugia I am 2/2 and that damn Articuno I am 1/7 (and that one was on my son's account. I don't have one myself yet) I evolved my Porygon. His damage numbers are impressive. I'm going to have to use all my rare candies to power him up.
  10. "You lucky dog"
  11. Caught my son a Moltres at lunch...mine got away. But I joined my hometown group as I came home and got one for myself. Now I don't have to go out in public for a full week
  12. we can breed our pokemon?
  13. They're his family...I've never seen the kids, just him and his wife, so I don't know how old they are. I could understand this under the old system of gold coin rewards. I assumed he had already gotten his gold for the day, so didn't want to get kicked out until the next day. I never would have gotten one if I hadn't accidentally found the people and joined the facebook group. The park near where I work is pretty good, being in a downtown area. I just went to a raid yesterday and within 15 minutes people were showing up. eta: you must live in a smaller place than I do. My town is about 4 sq miles, and we have 8 gyms now (got 2 more with the gym update they did). One of the new ones is right next to a playground, which is awesome if you need to bring little ones along.
  14. I hate having to play with other people. I drove over 15 minutes to get to the last Articuno raid. There was 35 minutes left when I got there. a couple showed up, then a few more, then a few more. by 15 min remaining, we had enough to go (8 people - have won several times with 8). but someone else was coming. ok. and someone else. and next thing you know it is 5 minutes remaining before we start. half the people got kicked out and couldn't get back in because the raid timer was out (even though the battle was still on-going). 15 people, and we LOST! So pissed off! It is rude to keep waiting once the raid hits 10 minutes remaining. Thought I'd beat up a red gym to make myself feel better. All the pokemon have been in the gym over 10 hours, so no big deal. I get almost finished, am getting ready to finish them off, when a car pulls up, and feeds them all up to max again. I got pissed off again and drove off. So friggen rude. (one guy had 4 of the 5 accounts)
  15. Both my son and I caught Lugia, and he caught Articuno, but I didn't.
  16. I hatched 2 porygons, but have never seen one in the wild. I'm walking him now. Still no Articuno Taking my son hunting tomorrow, hopefully between the 2 groups I joined, we'll get one. Caught my son a Tyranator in the pouring rain this afternoon (with the in-town group). Of the "regular" raids, he still needs Muk and Machamp, which need 2-3 people depending. Hopefully we'll get those tomorrow too
  17. Looks like we only have until Sunday to catch and Articuno. So far I haven't had any luck Legendary Pokémon Available from Available until Catch Method Articuno Sat July 22nd Sun July 30th Raid Moltres Mon July 31st Sun August 6th Raid Zapdos Mon August 7th Sun August 13th Raid Mew - - N/A Mewtwo - - N/A Raiku - - N/A Entei - - N/A Suicune - - N/A Lugia Sat July 22nd Unknown Raid Ho-oh - - N/A Celebi - - N/A
  18. After looking up stuff, I used my 3 TMs (2 Fast, 1 Charged). I'm very pleased with the results. I used the Charged on Gyardos and went from crunch which did 70 damage to outrage which does 110; I don't remember what my tyranatar had, but now his fast move is Iron Tail which does 15 damage (pretty sure doubled) and Rhydon got Mud Slap -15 damage. almost forgot...I thought I was getting new "additional" moves, but the moves replace the ones you already have, as far as I can tell, unless there is a way to revert back. (I mean, it's not like your pokemon should forget the ones they already know, right)
  19. Wouldn't it depend on what age you became an immortal? I mean if you are under 30 and in the height of your sexuality, would you maintain that forever? Then, maybe wait a month or two.
  20. I just missed being part of a legendary raid (Articuno) by 2 minutes. But I learned a few things talking to the people there. The egg was silver, it took 10 people to defeat it, and they had like 6 seconds left. Only 1 of the 10 actually caught it afterwards. I joined their facebook group so next time I'll know when there's another eta: There was a Lugia raid, and like 50 people showed up. I caught one, then joined with the last group in my son's account and caught another. it was pretty exciting. I've never seen so many people playing at once
  21. Chicken wrapped in bacon and then rolled in dark brown sugar mixed with chili powder and cumin (titled as "Sweet & Spicy" but not spicy at all, but still very good) Spinach and cheese mini-tarts (with jalapenos)
  22. I wish you luck. I think the breakfast before beds is a good idea. That is what we did as well
  23. My son was on Vyvanse for years and barely ate, so we didn't give it to him on weekends. Until he turned 12. Then he started eating more. We took him off it at 13, and since then, he eats like a typical teenager...everything he can get his hands on. He has also grown a lot since going off it. I think he grew like 6" in 18 months (I know part of that is puberty, but I think part was eating more too). Of course his grades suffered, but it's a challenge we are trying to deal with.
  24. When I started on Aderall, it was a low dose and I would fall asleep 30 minutes later. When the doctor upped my dose, I became very functional (and it did curb my appetite)
  25. I would think so. There doesn't need to be any crime committed to lose your clearance. You can lose it over excessive debt, marital affairs, radical ideology, and many other things that aren't illegal. Anything they feel would leave you susceptible to coercion or blackmail. Finances were always a huge factor