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  1. I take back what I said about liking the high def. it's making my screen all glitchy and game slow down.
  2. I updated this morning and it looks like at least one of my questions has been (partially) answered. On the tracking screen, there is now a “Raid” indicator. Not sure how much info will appear there, or the distance of the gyms it will show. I don’t have any gyms that show up on my screen from my house, but there are several within a mile or so. I do like the high def look though J
  3. This depends on where you live. I happen to live in a rural area that went 70% for Trump, and according to my son, at least 70% of the kids in his high school are Trump supporters. Kids often start off with views similar to how they were raised, and it's exposure to the wider world when they start thinking on their own and changing
  4. While it's been many years since I was in school, I was like you, moderate to conservative, and in the army to boot. My first obviously liberal teacher was a lawyer who was teaching Business Law (and this was in Alabama). I had some very hard core views on crime and criminal justice/punishment, the way only an naïve 18 yr old with no real world experience can. The discussion involved the punishment for kidnapping and rape. I was on the more extreme side, treat them the same as murder (I wasn't alone either, and most of the class were older than me). He calmly used logic to show why making the punishment for those crimes the same as murder would likely result in more murders. It was the first time I ever had to rethink one of my positions. (certainly not the last) He didn't spout liberal talking points about the criminal justice system or anything, just plain logic and facts, and then left us to make our own decisions. Over the years (12, actually) I had a lot more liberal professors, and never did one try to push liberal views. (I took night classes when I could while in the army and having kids, and alternating classes with my husband, with 4 different colleges, did 1 full time semester at Clinton Community College in NY to finish my associates, and then 2 years full time at Towson University in MD to finish my BA, so I had a very wide variety of instructors) To me, this is one of the most useful aspects of college/university, the exposure to new views, while allowing you to form your own opinions on them. That puts me firmly in the "no" camp
  5. To defeat the boss? 5 minutes
  6. I have a hard time seeing this. I think a large majority require two incomes to make the top 20% (which is around $100k) something like 5% of individuals and 17% of households fall into that category. Which means mid level jobs, usually requiring college educations (in the 40-75K ranges) and likely people under 50 as well. And let me just say, as a person who will crack that point for the first time this year, it's actually not a lot of money, depending on where you live, the size of your family, and even your age/goals. (location being one of the biggest factors, really) [for me, it's paying off that 30 yr mortgage in under 20, so I can retire debt free] I just can't see people who have been a large part of the liberal demographic going to the Republican side. Maybe the top 10%?, but certainly not the top 20.
  7. I'd like to know how people will know when an ultra boss is in gym and how they co-ordinate the raid. Is there a dedicated Pokémon chat board or something? Or will we have to rely on local FB groups?
  8. I tried catching everything the past couple of days. I keep running out of room in my pokebag (or whatever) and I've now used up all my great balls too. I don't get enough pokestops when I can't hit the park near work (and it's been month's since I did that). I certainly can't get a lot to evolve with a lucky egg. It certainly gets harder the more pokemon you have. I only have duplicates of a couple that are not the backups for evolving (ok, I evolve the highest CP, then keep the second highest, so those don't really affect the count) Anyway, the Cindy's must be on my sleep schedule...every other day. Caught a ton of them today and now I only need two more.
  9. I leveled up to 29 today (but I haven't tried to do it) No Cyndaquils in the neighborhood today I need 11 more still, @ 2 a day, I don't think I'm going to make it
  10. Do you remember my teenaged son you met when you came to my house for a party? HE IS NOW 27! (I remember asking advice about allowing him to go to NYC to see a play, allowing him to stay in a hotel in Baltimore during Octocon(sp?), and then there was the time I outed his bad behavior of breaking in the house when he lost his key, and how he is 27)
  11. As I drove into my neighborhood, it was suddenly filled with fire and ice types, so I came to ask if something was going on. Caught 3 Cyndaquils up at the pond. (I didn't need anything else but there were Sheldors. Ponytas, and even a Charmander, and then a Houndhour in my house)
  12. Just for @Harlot a return to classic Lany postings My counterpart at a company we are working with is named Max Bang (seriously) and because I am such a juvenile, I have giggled about this several times. Talking to my boss about my deal update I said "I talked to him [Max] for over 30 minutes. I never talk to anyone on the phone for 30 minutes" Bossman: "Well, not everyone is named Max Bang"
  13. It could have to do with Americans not having confidence in the voting systems, leading to breakdown in government, civil unrest, stuff like that. Most older Americans don't fully understand any of the electronic voting (I heard lots of comments to this affect). who knows, really?
  14. Thanks guys. It's all very interesting and I'm not sure what they hoped to accomplish, but I'm sure we'll be hearing more about it
  15. I said your name out loud today, and it brought out the strongest accent my 5+ years in the deepest south could manage, without even trying. It is just something that sounds so Louisiana. Now every time I think of you, I just smile (ok, I already did that )
  16. As someone who worked an actual election site, I am curious as to how they were trying to hack the elections. in MD, none of our voting machines are connected to the internet, there are 4 ways the number of votes are tracked, including two paper trails. When you check in, you get a "receipt" with your ballot, and it is initialed but the person. After you complete the ballot, you put it into a machine that reads the ballot and counts the number of ballots, the receipts are put into large envelopes. The number of ballots given out has to match the number of receipts and the number count of the ballots on the machines. If there is any doubts, the paper ballots could be manually counted. With everything under the sun being hacked, I would think that most states have similar double, triple and quadruple checks on the votes. That doesn't mean the Russians didn't try, just that I think the likely hood of their success is rather small.
  17. Marcus is 9 and Logan is 6. My daughter is about to turn 32. Waiting has been tough.
  18. You know the adoration is mutual (from everyone, not just me) Yeah, I don't post much anymore either. A little bit in politics and a little bit in entertainment, but not much total. Mostly I am too busy. I really miss playing mafia though. Those were some good times! So were we all my dear. *sigh* I was still feeling my 30's back then Hell, I wasn't even a grandmother yet
  19. ok, 2009 then. I know we were fully in the "PG13" spam by then As far as old school spam/racing goes, I used to love quoting songs. I'd paste them one line at a time during the race...made it funny to read though. We used to be truly random sometimes
  20. Got my first 7 day streak in nearly 2 months, and what do I get? another king stone. blah
  21. Was 2011 the year of the crack down? No, I think that was earlier. We were mostly clean by 2011. Some days I want to spam like it's 2007 So I leave you a little but of (somewhat) naughty club music
  22. I totally heard this in Foghorn Leghorn's voice. Not sure if that was on purpose or not
  23. I am taking a day off. I deserve it. I work all week, then on weekends, work my butt off in the yard. I just can't today.
  24. And if anyone still has doubts, all they need to do is look at the threads for Bonesy. There is so much caring in this place.
  25. Thank you MisterOJ, that was really touching