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  1. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    It's a water festival! Maybe I'll finally get enough candies for a Gyarados (only need 100 more candies! (17 Magicarps if I use pineapples on them)) ETA: and even bigger news: Special Items are now guaranteed on your day 7 streak!
  2. I lost my cat....inside the apartment

    You should start trying to bond with the kitten. Hold him, pet him a little, then let him go (I did it until he started purring). Do it several times a day, but only for a minute or two each time. Let him know you are safe, that he doesn't need to be afraid of you. My kitten was 6 months old and had never been socialized so I had some similar problems. It wasn't that long before he started coming to me.
  3. An I-CON of Thrones (NYC area convention)

    It would have been so cool to have known about this in advance. Any excuse to get to NYC But I have to plan everything at least a month in advance
  4. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I just keep who ever has the highest CP And since I'm team yellow, I have gotten a lot of #1's. It's just everyone else I talk to is Blue and kept talking about their "wonders" and I never got one, so I just quit checking. I rarely battle anymore anyway. I'm just a collector, so all I care about really is having one of everything. I like collecting...I am just one tragedy away from becoming a hoarder
  5. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I've ignored it too. Every once in a while when I get bored, I check the opinion and they always said the same thing (or a variation of it) so I stopped after about 100 or so. Hit exactly 2 pokestops this weekend and got a sun stone. Also hatched a weird Giraffe/hybrid/head-on-his-tail(or at least a mouth) thing. kinda creepy really. Need to read back to see how many stops it was between items, but I don't think it was that many. I have also gotten them from all different places, including places that spawn pokemon (eta: it was 106 pokestops. #3293 for record keeping)
  6. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    @Jaxom 1794 Pretty sure I said something similar about the Gen2 Rats and Pidgeys. Hatched an Elekid and caught a Houndour yesterday bringing me up to 200! Not too bad since I've only managed 2k so far this week. Between the storm and work, there just isn't any time. I hadn't really checked it out, so I kept calling the Houndour a "houndhour" (hound whore) last night. My son was like "What the hellck are you talking about?" he nearly said hell, he was so confused by my getting the name wrong I could almost hear his thoughts "why is my mom calling it a whore?" Gotta love teenagers
  7. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I finally hatched another Grimer and evolved a Muk! . I have nothing left of the first Gen that is easy to evolve. Still need 21 candies for a Golem, 50 for a Machamp, 62 for Dragonite and 100 for Gyarados. The others I don't even have the hatchlings/1st evolution of yet (looks like that is just Omanyte & Kabuto into Omastar & Kabutops). Other than the region specific, I just need those 8 to finish off Gen 1. Total count is at 198 (135/63), but with a winter storm about to hit, I doubt I'll get any more this week. (been trying to get a special item for my son. been over 250 pokestops and nothing yet. He's never had one)
  8. Pictionary 35: What about a themed one?

    Sorry, work is too busy right now, and next month, I'll be on vacation at Universal Studios/Epcot center for a week. Right now it looks like a very busy year, especially over the summer
  9. Riverdale -- Archie, only with more murder

    I missed the pilot, but then watched all the other episodes at once. I really like it. Enjoying the "Twin Peaks" feel of it. The parents are all so bad, except maybe Archie's and Kevin's but they both seem to have faults in other areas, especially Kevin's dad. You can't really expect kids to grow up normal with parents like that. And from the first episode I watched, I Jughead
  10. The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS - Seasons 1 and 2]

    There's a season 2? I binged watched all of season 1 over a weekend last month. Hopefully I can find it on demand. I thought it was so-so in the beginning, but really got into it as the season progressed.
  11. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    After all my bitching about not getting a special item in a while, I got a dragon scale this morning. for the record, it was at pokestop #3187. I evolved my Seadra into a Kingdra. Also evolved Teddy into a Russian Fighter. He went from cute to brute ETA: I was reading about the trading yesterday, and it seem you'll have to be close to the person to trade with them That was a little disappointing
  12. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    $10 gets me 1200 gold coins, and each incubator is 150 gc, so I get 8 for $10. Just over $1.25 each. Looks like we are not the only ones having problems with the special Items:
  13. I lost my cat....inside the apartment

    I'm glad he's coming out regularly. Does his bed have a cover, or is it open? a box or something enclosed might make him feel safer (with a blanket or something on the bottom to sleep on) We have a hobbit home with a castle above it for our cat, and re rarely uses either. I should find someone to give them to (but really, I'm saving them for the next cat. I really want another) [it is pretty big and takes up a lot of space]
  14. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I almost always have 7-9 incubators going at a time. Once I hit level 25 I stopped catching everything in sight, so I didn't need to buy balls, so now I spend my $10 monthly allowance on incubators. They've lasted a bit longer as I've had a rash of 10k eggs lately (maybe 8 the past month, including the one working now...I had 4 at once, that's never happened before)
  15. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Hatched 8 eggs the past 2 days. 7 were crap, 1 was an Aerodactyl! Finally! I had never even seen one in a gym around here. I also evolved a Lanturn. Total count 192- 133/59 pokestops are @ 3145 which means it's been about 380 since I last got a special item (it's taken 5 days to get 80 pokestops. work is really interfering with my game )
  16. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I have figured I'm at less than .5% chance of getting a special item (3 items, approx. 530 pokestops) that sucks. I'm at my busy time now, so I'll be lucky to get 15-20 stops a day while traveling to/from work. The only one I'm no where near ready to evolve is Polygon. I have lots of everyone else: Caught Total to Evolve # have # needed Egg Size Item needed 182. Bellossom 100 206 -106 na Oddish sun stone 230. Kingdra 100 110 -10 na Horsea dragon scale 208. Steelix 50 54 -4 na Onix steel coat 192. Sunflora 50 58 -8 na Sunkern sun stone
  17. Careerchat II

    Congrats Isk! Congrats baxus! While I got a decent pay raise, the high end of what was given out, I didn't get what my boss put me in for (or what I thought I should get ) and my bonus was a little less than I thought I would get (my rating was 110% but only counts for 1/2 of the's the division & my company that failed to meet their goals) I'm also starting to train our admin. She works for the top guy in our area, so there isn't any room for her to move up without changing locations, or moving out of admin and into another department, so if it goes well for her, and our work load continues to be high enough to justify a new hire, she could join our team. I like the idea of training her. I've helped to train the other members of the team who don't have my experience (they were with a different group, but got put onto the team over a year ago), but it was all through my boss, not me doing it directly, so I didn't really get the full credit for doing it. (partly because I am the newest team member, and some might not like the idea of me training them, maybe not even boss's boss)
  18. Graduation: did you go to yours

    Congrats! I went to my Bachelors,, but I had spent 12 years working towards it and I was one of the few in my family and extended family to get a college degree. (in the army and raising kids and moving 4 times) But now, I'm more likely to skip any further ones, because it is the years of work/degree that matters, not the walk in the funky robe. Take the time to reward yourself for the accomplishment, and forget the downsides, at least for a bit.
  19. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Yes, even though I've only gotten 3 total: 1 Steel Coat and 2 king Stones. 70 pokestops in the last 24 hrs, still nothing. Been approx. 300 stops since my last item
  20. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    That's awesome. My son is always telling me I should either play the "real" games or read his books, then I wouldn't have to keep asking him stupid questions (my questions are not stupid, btw, I was just interrupting him or something) Caught a Gligar this morning (no clue what that is...apparently a missed a few seasons of Pokémon between when my older kids stopped watching and Alex started watching ) also hatched a Phanpy and finally evolved my Seel, so I'm at 132 &56 now. I'm really surprised at how many of the new ones have been available so quickly. Took me forever to get more than 50% of Gen1
  21. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    well, I might be closer to 4500 pokestops, if I include my son's account, and since I did 98% (or more) of it, that's probably fair. (We started off sharing it, before I got him a phone that would play it, but kept fighting over what our character looked like ) (if I don't get to the park, I get only 10-15 pokestops a day, when I go to it at lunch, it's more like 40 a day -a few more if I don't mind getting back to work late )
  22. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I would gladly trade a Tauros for a Mr. Mime I have caught 16, according to my pokedex. Now I just ignore them. pokestops visited: 2,965 I want to keep track of the pokestops I visit so I can see how long it takes to get the items. I think I'm around 200 since my last one, but I got 2 that same day, so I figure it should be nearly time for another. I only play about an hour a day (less when work is very busy). I have 3 stops I make on my way to work, the pokepark during lunch (when I can get away), and the 3 stops on the way home, plus sometimes, if I have time, a lap around our local park. I don't do much on weekends cause I live in the middle of no where. We have a few stops that I hit, but rarely have anything other than the very common ones Work seriously interferes with my play time, but if I didn't come to work, I wouldn't drive this far just to play
  23. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Hatched 6 eggs during lunch, and 4 were actually useful. That's the best ratio I've gotten in a long time. Larvitar and Voltorb both gave me enough to evolve them and Stantler and Pineco were both new. This morning I also caught a Flaffy (evolved form of Mareep) and a Misdreavus. Totals are now at 184 (131/53)
  24. US Politics: Everyone's Manipulating Everyone

    The things he mentioned: HSA's and tax credits only work if you have the money upfront, for those without the ability to put the money into an HSA and pay upfront won't get a tax credit. Not sure how that will help those in the most need. How can you have coverage for pre-existing conditions without mandating everyone have coverage? Younger people won't get coverage until they get seriously ill. There us nothing to stop people from gaming the system and that would drive up cost
  25. US Politics: Everyone's Manipulating Everyone

    My first question is: who wrote that speech? I was confused by him saying that the court of appeals unanimously approved his supreme court choice, but then I realized he meant that he was approved to the appeals court by unanimous vote. The stories were nice, but they are likely the exceptions, rather than the rule. Also note that he said the girl on the voucher program also got scholarships to attend that private school. Will everyone get those extra scholarships too? How can you cut taxes on everyone and every business and expand spending on infrastructure? How can you promise better health care for all, to keep the rule that you can't exclude people with pre-existing conditions without the mandate? Where will people get the money to put into their Health Savings Account? How does a tax credit help if you can't afford the initial payment? How can you say at the end that you will protect clean health and air when 30 minutes earlier you promised to do away with regulations that do just that? There are just too many things to mention, but I have one more: VOICE! WTF? Is that the justification they are using for the neighborhood searches, for demanding ID/papers from anyone they think "looks" like they might be an immigrant?