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  1. What new thing did you learn today?

    I like learning new things, as do I think most people. I admit that I don't actually "learn something new everyday" but I do several times a week. Friday I learned about "Anti-Terrorism Liens"   In spite of the name, it is not exactly about terrorism, but a lien placed against a person's property when they are convicted of any number of crimes (like fraud) and ordered to pay restitution.  Today I learned the origins of "he's seen the writing on the wall" -Biblical. (although I wonder if I once actually knew this and simply forgot. Does it still count? It should since it had been forgotten)   So what knew thing have you learned today?
  2. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    1) this probably belongs in the politics thread instead of election, since it is a general comment 2) I didn't take his comment to be about income, but rather physical labor which tends to be much harder on a body then office work.
  3. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    My apologies. I apparently don't know what the date is But I am now in.  Only took me 11 minutes to draw that picture.  When you see it, you will likely find this very hard to believe. "No way" you will say. "Yes, it is true" I will say. "Are you sure it wasn't just 3 minutes?" you will then say   Now I must find some caffeine before my head splits open 
  4. US Election Thread - Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa

    Just my guess, but probably because so many people don't fully understand how the cacaus works.  It was posted up thread that the number of counties won matters as opposed to just the raw votes.  People see raw vote numbers and get upset when their canidate doesn't win. It was speculated that with Sanders doing well with the younger voters which tend to be consentrated in college towns, but leave lots of rural areas open to Clinton, giving her more counties and more delegates despite the raw numbers
  5. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    We did live action mafia at a world con and it was a lot of fun.  No reason Pictionary couldn't be done as well.  It is actually a board game (at least here in the US). I could certainly bring supplies to Balticon since I am local, and I might be able to bring some things to KC.  I might even have a few ideas for a modified game similar to what we do here. I will try to remember to draw my picture tonight.
  6. US Election Thread - Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa

    Wow, for people who should be educated (based on jobs) they are surprisingly prone to fear mongering and rather uninformed on many issues (or one sidedly informed (Fox news style)
  7. Cra-Cra-Craaaaaaazy Weather!

    It is now 60 and raining hard, may even get thunderstorms. And with all of last week's snow melting, we now have flood warnings.   but no worries, the snow might return again this weekend The weather is just one more thing I don't like about Maryland
  8. US Election Thread - Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa

    The news just mentioned that there have already been superdelegates pledged and the actual count is Clinton: 385; Sanders 29 That accounts for about half of the available superdelegates. I find this very interesting. (something I don't think I had thought about it before)  
  9. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    I'm more in favor of any of the technical degrees...and nearly all degrees require a minimum of English/Speech/History classes
  10. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    I wanted to bring the discussion here about free community (2yr--state) college. I think there is a bit of a misconception about them.  While I agree 4 yr degrees are not always about job training, per se, I think 2 yr degrees more often are.  A lot of our local community colleges have programs similar to advanced vo-tech classes, with the added English/Math/Science classes. They also offer a lot of certificate programs in various areas of computer science, medical technician/EMT, book keeping, ect. These programs are very job focused, and would help a lot of people who simply could not afford even the rates they currently charge. An advantage to the community college over just strait up technical training is that in the future when the person is established in their career, they can transfer their credits to a 4 yr school and continue to advance. (like in health care/nursing, computer sciences, book keeping to accounting, early childhood education to teaching, and so on) And no one has advocated for a change in admission requirements! This is not a "everyone MUST have" thing, but an "everyone has the OPPERTUNITY" thing. I see a net benefit to the population as whole.  There are a lot of the techincian/medium skill level jobs out there, and I think it is where job growth is most likely to be in the near future (sorry, read someting on this a while back but don't have the links at work)
  11. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    Done!  Quite proud of this one
  12. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    Memory is a very weird thing. This week I remembered two unusual things from who knows when (neither were part of my major studies) 1) That Charlemane was about 100 years before Alfred the Great (we're watching The Last Kingdom---yes, I read the books) 2) The process of a solid turning directly into a gas is sublimation (thought inspired by fog raising off the snow) AND YET, I can't remember why I just walked into the other room   Happy Friday my lovelies   I am wearing my "Winter is Coming" t-shirt today.  I really should have worn it last Friday (but am doing it as a joke today...I normally don't wear t-shirts at work, not even on Fridays when we have dress down/jeans day) Hope everyone is well!  No time for catching up unfortunately, lots of work to do
  13. Cra-Cra-Craaaaaaazy Weather!

    We officially had 27" of snow (about .6m I think) but it was in weird drifts.  While the majority of our area was up to my knees, we had a few nearly bare places in the yard and back deck, and then 5ft high drifts in the driveways   (Why couldn't the driveway be nearly bare and the drifts end up on the lawn?) The plows also added about 5ft of crap to the end of our drive.  For the first time ever, our neighbor helped to shovel the shared drive. He kind of had to since even his jeep wasn't going over a 5ft drift. Even with a snow blower it took the 3 of us 5 hours to clear it all Monday morning the neighborhood had about 2" of packed snow on the roads and wasn't too bad for driving on.  Monday night and Tuesday morning is was slippery, slushy, nasty mess (a lot more slipping than on the packed snow).  But by Tuesday night they had cleared all the that crap away too.  We are pretty lucky to live in an area that gets cleared rather quickly.
  14. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    She lives about 1600 miles (2575 km) away  and neither of us have a lot of money for visiting, but I am going to try and see her and the grandkids in August before the con. (I don't think it would be that much more to fly to Austin, then to KC as there aren't any direct flights from Baltimore anyway)
  15. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    I can post from work again Had to make it not remember my places or something (couldn't find anything that said "cookies" to delete, but this worked)  to you all! Hope you all are well!  Driving is an experience right now, you are going along in your lane when suddenly a giant wall of ice and snow appear before you. more than a few 2 way streets have only one lane clear. But my favorite is when I turn off the main road to the one I work on: there are 2 left turning lanes, but only one lane available after the turn :lol: you must be extra-extra careful out there.  Alex has his second snow day today (our neighborhood is a bit dangerous right now. some should melt today, but will likely freeze over night making lots of icy patches.) If Alex has school tomorrow, it will likely be a 2 hr delay to give the ice time to melt (or at least it will be light and the drivers can see the icy spots) Also mailed off my old jewelry box to my daughter today.  My mom bought it for me over 30 years ago. I think it cost more to ship than it is worth, but she really, really wanted it (I posted pics on fb asking if anyone local wanted it for a little girl, as I felt that was all it was worth--something for a child to "play" with, since it is so old and a little scratched and well, OLD--but no so old as to be antique--1980's mass produced somewhat cheap).  The things we do for our kids