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  1. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Unrealistic long time span   

    What bothers me the most is the Starks. If their line really goes back that far there would be thousands of descendants. In the books there is the main stark family and that seems to be it. Where are all the cousins and distant cousins?
  2. l3ol3o added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Discussing Sansa XII - New direction   

    I never been a huge fan of Sansa but if this is the way they are going with her story line I'm pretty pissed. This is just terrible and most importantly is it makes little sense.

    The only thing I can think of that may actually work is Sansa seduces Ramsey so thoroughly that he become her "attack dog" if you will. This isn't Ramsey Bolton though. If he wants a woman bad enough he will just rape them and kill anyone that has a problem with it. He isn't smitten by women and ready to be submissive to them.

    This whole Sansa storyline is a mess. Hopefully they don't muck up the other storylines also. I've got a really bad feeling about this season. Right now I feel like this is some bad fan fiction.
  3. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Can GRRM finish ASOIAF in 2 books?   

    I don't think he can. He has so much to still cover.

    I think the only way he can finish is if he kills of a bunch of characters, cuts a bunch of plot, and changes his writing style dramatically. I just don't see it happening.
  4. l3ol3o added a post in a topic most dangerous woman in ASOIAF   

    As of right now I'd say it's a close tie between Dany and Mel.

    Dany because she is extremely powerful yet extremely naive. She has a good heart but she is naive and blind to unintended consequences. See slavery which has caused a whole regional war and the death of thousands. She also has 3 dragons and plans on conquering Westeros with an army of slaves, foreigners, sell swords, and dragons. Again the unintended consequences of this are huge and she is completely blind to them.

    Mel is also extremely dangerous because she is the power behind Stannis and extremely zealous. I think she can be held responsible for bringing the Lord of Light to Westeros. Meanwhile the Sparrows are mobilizing and the Northmen don't take to kindly to their Gods being burned. I think a religious war is heating up and Mel is right in the center of it. I also think she is wrong with here Stannis is AAR prediction which is dangerous for everyone involved.
  5. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Jorah: Mildly Disturbing or Tragically Romantic?   

    I don't think it's either creep or Romantic.

    Dany is supposedly the "Most beautiful woman in the world". She is arguably the most powerful women in the world.

    I think it would be strange for a single heterosexual man to NOT desire her.

    If you win her heart you can become a King yourself and your kids Prince and Princesses. It doesn't get much better. She is pretty much the total package.

  6. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Someone please explain the gift   

  7. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Catnapping: a PSA   

    The way I see it is Cat took the Stark/Lannister conflict from a cold war to a hot war. It was bound to happen yet Cat was the one who provided the spark.

    Others have made WW1 analogies with the Franz Ferdinand comparison. That was the moment that brought tensions into war just like Cat taking Tyrion.

    And most people believe WW1 started with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. It's the same with Cat IMO. She provided that spark that made Tywin call his banners and raid the Riverlands. This started a chain reaction that lead to full scale war.

    I don't think it's fair to think Cat is completely responsible for the war yet she is completely responsible for bring the war from a cold war to a hot war. If she didn't do it someone else likely would have yet she DID do it and just as Gavrilo Princips assassination of Franz Ferdinand kicked of WW1, Cats kidnapping kicked off the Stark/Lannister war and eventually the WOT5K


    Cat took a cold war into a hot war.
  8. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Why the hate for Robb Stark?   

    Well I have the same problems with Robb that I have with Dany.

    Both are Kings/Queens and with that comes responsibility. Robb had a responsibility to honor his Oath. He dishonoured it and the results will the ruin if his House and his supporters. His single action cost the deaths of tens of thousands.

    Dany does the same thing. She does selfish things all the time which will come back to bite her.

    The difference between the two though, and the reason I'm much more harsh on Dany, is the fact that Dany crowned herself where as Robb was crowned by his people.
  9. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Why Shireen will be Queen   

  10. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Transfer from Series to Books   

    I agree with the others. Gotta start from Book 1.

    Maybe you could jump right into the books after season 2 but right now they are all over the place. They are using material from books 3, 4, and 5 right now. Also there are 2x more minor characters that you need to know, character names that have been changed, and major plot changes.

    If you try to read the books skipping the first few you are going to be very lost and confused.

    Start from the beginning. You won't regret it. Season 1 is pretty true to the books but you will get so much more back story and detail that the TV shows left out.
  11. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Did Arianne love Arys?   

    She loved he was useful but didn't love him. She played him like a fiddle. I don't think she wanted to see him hurt but even if her plans went perfectly he was pretty much a dead man walking. She was never going to marry him like she said.
  12. l3ol3o added a post in a topic Areo Hotah