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  1. Most Powerful Lesser Houses

    I think that I remember reading somewhere that the Crownlands as a whole (I don't know if the Narrow Sea houses sworn directly to Dragonstone were among that) could field something like 10,000 soldiers. Consider that Stannis has 5,000 men at Storm's End during his parley with Renly, and a good number of those were probably sellswords and hedge knights, meaning that probably only 3-4,000 of those men were forces from actual lords, that seems like a reasonable number.
  2. Most Powerful Lesser Houses

    I'm honestly befuddled here. Where do you get Rykker as the most powerful house? They were only established (Or at least granted lands) close to thirty years ago when the Darklyns were wiped out. Unless they were granted all of the Darklyn soldiers as well, they would be a fairly strong house but not the strongest.
  3. Most Powerful Lesser Houses

    Interesting theory. The order for the North seems right. Funny how the most powerful houses tend to be in the western section of the North. I'd remove either Blackwood or Bracken from the list, or tie them maybe, and replace them with Mallister. It's mentioned that Jason Mallister has a powerful force, though not one that could stand against the full might of the Westerlands, and Seagard has to be well-garrisoned to deal with any threats from the Iron Isles. The Lannisters seem to have an unusual degree of control over the Westerlands, just as an observation. Anyways, Marbrand would probably be the foremost, followed (in some degree) by Crakehell and either Lefford or Banefort. Lefford holds a strategically vital castle and gold mines at the Golden Tooth, while Banefort (And this is truly just a good guess) was likely created as a barrier for the Iron Islands, sort of a Westerlands Seagard. The Vale lords all seem to have fairly strong, equal forces, so your order there is probably right. Much like the West, the Vale seems to be rather closely united. Aside from the Baratheons themselves, the Marcher lords are the most prominent of the Stormlands, so it should probably be Caron, Swann and Dondarrion in that order. Before Jon Connington's banishment, it was inferred that Griffin's Roost was a powerful house, and would have deserved a mention there. The Reach looks good, though Florent might be tied with Rowan, Oakheart or Tarly. In Dorne, the Yronwoods are undoubtedly the strongest of the bannermen, and the Fowlers would be immediately after them. Since they both possess Warden titles, they probably command the allegiance of the houses in their areas, and of the Dornish houses probably maintain the closest to a regular standing army to deal with threats from the Stormlands. The Daynes are probably third, but they might be a bit overrated due to the visibility from Dawn. And the Iron Islands looks about exactly right.