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  1. Pretty cool to have a sequel, although I read the original after it was completed, so waiting for updates is gonna be tough. I'm not convinced that Victoria still has her powers. I guess we'll find out pretty quickly. An unpowered protagonist might be more fun.
  2. Yes, yes and read "state of the art".
  3. The Sun reveals all.... In other news, Labour have suspended Kelvin Hopkins MP from the party.
  4. Wouldn't being chief whip make him the most likely person to have gathered all this dirt in the first place?
  5. I didn't see that coming. Is it the hand-on-knee thing, or is there worse coming out?
  6. I'd be surprised if there was anything about Boris that hadn't already come out to be honest.
  7. More to come, apparently....
  8. Liverpool's defence......
  9. He's a real guy who got into the game through the make-a-wish charity. Which is pretty cool.
  10. As a Brit I don't understand any of our policy either.
  11. Great race, Ferrari.
  12. He was nuts, yes. Unfortunately the film messed up the chess. :/
  13. Not the best result for the American trio.
  14. He also claims on his CV to be a FIDE chess master, which he isn't.