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  1. The whole thing does bring into focus the UK's (and Europe's) over-reliance on gas, and the fragility of the gas supply network. If we want to hurt Putin then let's wean ourselves off it the sooner the better.
  2. Apparently Trump's lawyer writes emails in comic sans.......
  3. And if Putin responds by cutting off the gas supply? Or annexing chunks of eastern europe?
  4. A predictable response from the EU, it's 2002 all over again: Harley and Bourbon tariffs are aimed directly at Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, i'm guessing.
  5. What makes you think we haven't lost our sanity?
  6. He says, but KFC have already run out of chicken.
  7. Anyone with half a brain cell knew that already.
  8. Build that bridge! Build that bridge! And...and... make the French pay for it!
  9. At least May hasn't bragged about the size of her nuclear button. It could be worse.
  10. Pretty cool to have a sequel, although I read the original after it was completed, so waiting for updates is gonna be tough. I'm not convinced that Victoria still has her powers. I guess we'll find out pretty quickly. An unpowered protagonist might be more fun.
  11. Yes, yes and read "state of the art".
  12. The Sun reveals all.... In other news, Labour have suspended Kelvin Hopkins MP from the party.
  13. Wouldn't being chief whip make him the most likely person to have gathered all this dirt in the first place?
  14. I didn't see that coming. Is it the hand-on-knee thing, or is there worse coming out?
  15. I'd be surprised if there was anything about Boris that hadn't already come out to be honest.