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  1. Not the best result for the American trio.
  2. He also claims on his CV to be a FIDE chess master, which he isn't.
  3. This is so much fun. Long may it continue. edit: Jinxed it.
  4. If the DUP don't get something in exchange for their support, will they ever get anything from the Tories in the future?
  5. Apparently the goat skin won't be dry in time. Modern Britain....
  6. It's time for many of us to admit we were wrong. I've been critical of the PLP in the past. It felt like they weren't giving their democratically elected leader a chance, and they didn't care at all about the views of their members, or how a divided Labour party would look to the public. But I have to hold my hands up and say to them - well done. Not only did their constant negativity set Corbyn up as the anti-establishment candidate, but they managed to set the bar so low that coming 2nd can be sold as a win. Chapeau.
  7. Goodnight all.
  8. Lord Buckethead got 249 votes. MRL only got 119, so a victory for the looney over the loonies.
  9. Yep.
  10. Lib Dems gain Bath! Yes!
  11. Ipswich goes for Labour. The writer of the Tory manifesto loses his seat (probably appropriate).
  12. Labour take Glasgow NE by a few hundred votes.
  13. Clegg may be out but Cable's back.
  14. To be honest i'm probably going to bed soon, but I don't want to... This is actually riveting.