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  1. Some Yays and Nays: Nay- Horrible makeup for Emma to show her "turning dark". Nay- What world is Cruella from? Weird... Yay- Dev il Playing Angry Birds! Yay- Evil Queen standing up to Rumple's machinations! Nay- They have nothing to do with Henry but make him hostage of the week. Like, every other week. Nay- Cruella's stupid, silly plan. You are working with Rumple. You have the author. Just make him unwrite what he wrote about you! Yay- Cruella is Not Not Not from the Forest Kingdom. And we now know why she hates Dalmatians... Nay- Never ever let the dangerous magical ink spill- for it will change the color of your hair!
  2. Never would have pegged Rumple for a big Who Wants to be a Millionaire fan...
  3. 1) If your character is a walking lie-detecor, so much so, that the genius evil antagonist has to twist every word that comes out his mouth to fool her, you don't then have two separate characters lie bluntly and stupidly to her face and she can't tell. 2) If your character was pure and white as snow and then started darkening during the course of many episodes, you don't then show that she was actually dark all along, it's only this horrible thing that gives her nightmares all the time, just never before this episode of the fourth(!) season 3) If your CGI sucks, use less CGI. 4) If you establish quite thoroughly that no one ever comes back from the dead on your show, then don't bring somebody back with two drops of blood just cause it's convenient to the plot. 5) If your evil character on a redemption arc is portrayed by a brilliant actress, then you certainly don't thrust said character into an emotionally volatile situation, that might bring out even greater acting displays out of said actress than ever before. (wait... what?)
  4. The show has consistently been making the point (since season 2) that while the complexities of reality have allowed the Evil Queen to develop many shades of gray, they have also gradually tarnished the speckless Snow White.
  5. Some thoughts: 1) At least they acknowledged the Alien rip-off in the episode... 2) The Santa-Doctor sniping was fun. 3) Why was the Doctor's physical form on some lava planet?
  6. Some thoughts: 1) My hat off to Rumple, for managing to deftly manipulate Emma, without even once uttering an outright lie. 2) Great episode. Most threads neatly tied. 3) Screen time for Regina!
  7. I'd be happy if turned out not to be a youngish female human this time. Any chance?
  8. That would explain everything. Having something important to tell the Doctor, not being able to travel with him anymore and the future descendants. Too bad they didn't at least foreshadow it more on the episode.
  9. Because the first part is always about the cool villains, their great plans and how through sheer skill and determination they have managed to put the Doctor in a bind. By contrast, the second part is usually about the Doctor beating them through some strange, unset-up Deux Ex Machina. Don't you mean Thirteen's? Some more thoughts: 1) So... Tardis keys are the One Ring? 2) Even if he lost all his keys, couldn't the Doctor just snap his fingers and the Tardis doors would open? 3) Given who Missy turned out to be, wasn't her initial greeting of the Doctor a bit... :ack: 4)
  10. More on mirrors in the original Snow Queen fable:
  11. Yes, but since we know how Varys was cut, we know he has good reason for a negative bias against magic and magic practitioners.
  12. Awsome!!! But...Why didn't Varys tell his story? What are they waiting for? :frown5:
  13. But which king did he squire for? Was it a Blackfyre?
  14. I don't think it was ever confirmed it was her, even from her POV. I think it could have been Littlefinger that set Mandon Moore after him.