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  1. Lily, You need this as Chicken/Watchbird:
  2. A Memory of Light plodded along so slowly. It was amazingly boring. Given that it was the culmination of a 13 book series I was surprised at how very boring it was.
  3. It certainly shows where the priorities are placed. We need people in police departments who can defuse dangerous situations. We don't need sharpshooters most of the time.
  4. As well they should. If the federal government is exceeding it authority in attempting to punish sanctuary cities retained state powers should operate as a sheild to push back against that overreach by the Feds.
  5. I get very tired of talking about sports and TV shows. I really enjoy talking science and philosophy. Small talk just isn't as interesting.
  6. A) I read the summaries and they didn't seem to particularly move the central story forward. Just new renditions of stories already told. B ) Winter's Heart is a bit different. Very significant events in that book.
  7. Do police have no training in dealing with situations with anything other than firearms? This woman should not have died.
  8. Absolutely. There need to be independent boards who investigate police shootings. Keeping those investigations internal to departments just begs for cover ups.
  9. Gavorkin, It feels like they are trying to do too much in each episode. I am curious about the close of the is most recent one though.
  10. It really slows down at book 5. The best of the later books, in my opinion is The Gathering Storm. I skipped Books 7, 8, and 10. I don't feel like I missed a thing.
  11. Tywin, That case is what prompted my comment.
  12. Cas, I'd like to see higher standards for who is allowed to serve as a Police officer.
  13. No argument. I'd like to see qualified immunity curtailed.
  14. Law firm.
  15. He reminds me of photos of John Brown.