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  1. How can we speculate as to what would be needed to power a wormhole?
  2. So what is entanglement? Are you saying it has no implications to locality or regarding the potential for FTL?
  3. Can we officially call it "Brokeback Squadron" this time?
  4. Given Gandalf's limited power in is mortal guise I think the situations are more similar than you think.
  5. Were Ecthelion and Glorfindel "more powerful" than the Balrogs they managed to kill?
  6. From the discussion about the The Istari in Unfinished Tales I believe the Istari were limited by the bodies they were placed in and as such didn't hve the full power of their Maia forms.
  7. Happy to offer prayers and good wishes for your friend. May they heal well and quickly.
  8. Regardless of whether or not entanglement allows us to break the FTL the implications regarding locality is huge.
  9. You know, it depends. I think the point about the Aniur who becomes the sun as being an unfallen fire Maia matters. A Balrog probably does have the power to destroy the ring. Unless you are going to argue that it is something about Sammath Naur that would allow for the unmaking of the One Ring.
  10. Right. But entanglement is really weird because the effect of entangled particles appears to have no light speed time lag... we don't know why.
  11. Why not? The entangled particles are interacting with each other instantaneously across distances that should be affected by light speed delay. If they aren't "left handed and right handed gloves" as Einstein's thought experiment hypothesized how do the particles interact without light speed lag if locality isn't violated?
  12. Doesn't Quantum Entanglement hit at the very idea of "locality" which means distance may be an illusion in the first place thus meaning the speed of light doesn't matter because distance is illusory?
  13. That does have a very "Galaxy Quest" feel to it.
  14. The material you postulate doesn't exist and you have no idea if there could be enough energy to make such material move. You might as well say, "if magic exists we can create FTL communication."
  15. According to this the JWST is a visible and an infrared telescope. FYI: