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  1. Is Mooch going to play Beria in this farce?
  2. It is frightening to see police cheer for crap like that. Very frightening.
  3. TbW, You may want to look at RBPL's blog and its subject matter before you call him a "conservative simpleton":
  4. I wasn't terribly impressed with the first SGU comic. It seemed more like SGA or SG1 than SGU.
  5. Mexal, It, in the abstract is fairly interesting. In reality, it's disturbing that we have to have this conversation in the first place.
  6. This is Hamilton from Federalist 74 on the power of Pardon:
  7. This is the weird part. The power of Pardon derives not from Judicial tradition, but from monarchical. It is literally a "Monarch's prerogative" enshrined in an elected official. Hence, it is a very broad power. It would be interesting to see a challenge upon a President's power to pardon themself. However, I'm afraid it would be interpreted liberally as the only express limitation on that power is that it doesn't apply to "impeachment".
  8. It is an admission of guilt. What is problematic is that impeachment is a political act. I have to doubt that the House Republicans would be willing to file articles of impeachment and even if filed that Senate Republicans would be unwilling to convict. This is Nixonian politics amped up to 1000.
  9. This is what the staunch police defenders are doing; they are focusing in on the religion and place of origin of the officer who shot the vicitim as though his religion or place of origin is in any way relevant: :facepalm:
  10. Wedge, My first visit to Chicago was right before that law passed. My Dad took my wife and I to a restaurant in town. We asked to be seated in the "non-smoking section". That turned out to be 4 tables wedge between the "Smoking Section", the Bar (which allowed smoking), and a private party where everyone was smoking. We were not happy.
  11. As long as people can't smoke in bars and restaurants, I don't care what they smoke.
  12. I've called myself a "Classical Liberal" for a long time.
  13. Muahahahahahaahahahahahaha. I just got the book yesterday.
  14. Who is manufacturing the ITS? Just found this:
  15. You'd enjoy Seveneves. I'd love to hear your take on how the story should be changed to match current conditions if SpaceX is factored in.