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  1. I've always wondered if the creation of Majority-minority districts prior to the 1994 election is what, in part, led to Gingrich's "Republican Revolution" in the House of Representatives in 1994?
  2. The SCOTUS has refused to review a challenge to California’s law requiring a 10 day wait to purchase a firearm. What is interesting is that they only need 4 Justices to grant Cert. The people challenging the California waiting period couldn’t get four Justices from this court to agree to hear their challenge.
  3. I’m not particularly worked up. I just don’t think there is much to plumb with Edding’s stories.
  4. Did they do something that can be repeated to protect the propellant?
  5. Farscape is wonderful. My wife, who really doesn’t care for SciFi Television enjoyed the romance between John and Aeryn. She found it compelling.
  6. No blu-rays (but for those we had to buy to get the DVDs) in our house.
  7. I thought this was pretty funny. TLJ wasn’t my favorite film ever. The Canto Bight segment really did drag and I don’t quite understand why Rose would prevent Finn from sacrificing himself to to protect the base. But I have seen worse films. I really wish the makers of SW would confirm that space in the SW Universe isn’t a pure vacuum. It would explain so much. Why the fighters maneuver the way they do in space and how Leia could survive to pull herself back into the ship.
  8. My TV was purchased in 1994.
  9. I like grocery shopping. I’d never pay someone to do it for me. I really hope online grocery shoping doesn’t supplant regular grocery stores.
  10. I don’t recall any nudity in Razor.
  11. I rather enjoyed this:
  12. Oh, I forgot, we got "GoBots" instead of Transformers. I was very bitter about that one too.
  13. Not in Columbia. We didn’t get Transformers or GI Joe beyond the “mini-series” they ran when they were first created. We got Masters of the Universe and Thundercats. I’ve been mildly bitter about that for some time.
  14. Hyperbole makes for better fun poking.
  15. I find voice activation to be cumbersome. Typing, for me, it allows me to streamline what I'm attempting to search for. I can look back at my prior search attempts and see what I might be able to change to get better results. I don't have a way to look back at my prior attempts. I'm being a fair bit tongue in Cheek when I damn voice recognition tech, but, it isn't what I prefer to use. I don't find that it makes my life easier, and as such, I'm not going to use it. YMMV.