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  1. Wise Man's Fear XI

    Who is Felurian's equal whoKvothe says he met only once? What does he mean by "equal"?
  2. Wise Man's Fear XI

    How do you peel a potato with a sword without leaving the majority of the potato on the ground?
  3. Wise Man's Fear XI

    The Maer has to die before Ambrose is heir. I suspect the Maer is the Penitent King. Rusvelt, I hate the term "friendzoned". It implies there is something wrong with people prefering to be Platonic friends.
  4. Wise Man's Fear XI

    The implication in the story Kvothe is telling is that Ambrose's popularity comes purely from being very wealthy. But isn't it interesting that Kvothe never developes a large group of friends while at the University? As the saying goes "we're all the hero of our own story". This is Kvothe telling this story. We've seen that he has, at a minimum, blinders about his own people and his actions in relation to those people. Perhaps he can't see how he was viewed by other properly either?
  5. Wise Man's Fear XI

    I still wonder if Kvothe will catch hell for using sympathy to kill bandits when the stories make it to the University.
  6. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    Kalbear, I've written in my wife for a number of offices particularly when the person running is unopposed. She has never run for public office. Is that juvenile?
  7. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

  8. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    BR, I didn't "call you a kindergartner". And name calling, as I implied above, is quite juvenile.
  9. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    Name calling. Wow, kindergarten must have made quite an impression on you to resort to this no.
  10. Wise Man's Fear XI

    I'm re-reading TWMF. Does anyone think Rothfuss is writting Denna in a deliberate attempt to make us dislike her? I know of no one who likes that character.
  11. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016 - Deadline 31st March!

    I agree with GRRM. Refusing to vote for a "posion pill" work because VD put it on his list or advocating all authors on VD list decline or withdraw their nominations is ceding the field to VD and exactly what VD wants.
  12. SpaceX -- Rockets, Spacecraft, and Mars

    Go Spacex! Real space exploration will not ramp up until it goes private in my opinion.
  13. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016 - Deadline 31st March!

    Felice, But if everyone withdraws. If no one but VD's supporters vote haven't we just ceded the Hugos to VD?
  14. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016 - Deadline 31st March!

    Maia, Apologies, I'm not saying you're dinging people. I'm asking if we should and it seems the concensus is we should just go about our business and ignore VD and his antics (thank you Mormont). The more we react to VD the more power we grant him. Perhaps that is something I should point out at the Business Meeting during discussions of EPH and 4/6?
  15. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016 - Deadline 31st March!

    VD is trolling with his choices. He wants good books to lose because he picked them.