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  1. X-ray rocks!
  2. Hmmm... I thought the ecliptic was in line with the galactic plane. Interesting, something to read on. Thanks.
  3. That’s pretty funny. Given that the bogey is coming from off angle to the plane of the ecliptic, is it possible that we have not just an interstellar object but an intergalactic object passing through our solar system?
  4. Arthur C. Clark... prophet. Let’s just hope he was wrong about Childhood’s End.
  5. You didn’t answer my question... if Ms. Tweeden’s allegations are politically motivated, why did she wait to drop them now instead of into the maelstrom of the 2008 campaign where they, given the margin Sen. Franken won by, could have swung the outcome. Why wait?
  6. Theda, It is a better question for WoQ in any event.
  7. WoQ, I ask you if Leann Tweeden was politically motivated why didn’t she reveal the photo and allegations during the Senate race Sen. Franken won by only 200 votes? It seems odd that she would wait until now if she is trying to bring down Franken when she could, potentially, have kept him from getting into office in the first place.
  8. Yes, however, if Leann Tweeden was politically motivated why didn’t she reveal the photograph and the allegations against Sen. Franken during the hotly contested Senate race in 2008?
  9. Are you saying that all the allegations are false?
  10. Dr. Pepper, Good luck on your endeavor. It sounds like a great adventure. I sincerely hope it is one that brings you, your friends, and your family many happy returns.
  11. Not all mysteries can be solved. One solution generally leads to completely different mysteries. That is the nature of knowledge. I'd hate it if every question is answered at the end of the series.
  12. I kind of like the Affleck Batman. It sucks that he's getting so much crap when it isn't his performance that has been the problem.
  13. If it's coming from off the plane of the ecliptic isn't a flyby tough too?