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  1. Wise Man's Fear XI

    My apologies then. I confused your posts.
  2. Wise Man's Fear XI

    UnJon, I missed your edit. You originally included warning others away from the series as part of your "catharsis".
  3. Wise Man's Fear XI

    UnJon, So, the new plan is to threaten the writer's livelyhood until they finish the desired work? Nice, not entitled at all.
  4. Wise Man's Fear XI

    It, hopefully, reduces the number of whiney entitled posts demanding the book be finished as people recognize they're being whiney and entitled.
  5. Wise Man's Fear XI

    And getting mad and shouty on social media helps the situation, how?
  6. Wise Man's Fear XI

    Yes, and why do it if it doesn't help the process of getting the book? It seems, to me, fairly juvenile and entitled to stomp around demanding the completion of a work of art.
  7. Wise Man's Fear XI

    As I've said Rothfuss and his claims of completion make him, in my opinion, more open to criticism than others. That said I've enjoyed what he has written and am quite willing to wait patiently for more of it to arrive. He should never have claimed to be finished and able to deliver as quickly as he did. Nevertheless, we are where we are. How is flaying the author for poorly thought out words early in this process going to help this situation?
  8. Wise Man's Fear XI

    Sperry, "Chopped into three parts" impiles the work is completed and then divided, like the Lord of the Rings. You and I both know that isn't how this works today.
  9. Vox article explains why cruising in the passing lane is dangerous

    DG, Yup, if you are passing the person to the right and didn't cut off the person coming up on the left I think you're good. The rule against tailgateing trumps aggressive left lane approach.
  10. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016 - Deadline 31st March!

    Lily, I enjoy Anathem much more than Seveneves. I did get to meet Neil Stephenson at the HLP. It was my geek out moment for the week.
  11. Wise Man's Fear XI

    Chaircat Meow, The Lethani is "the heart of Ademre". That someone could have that heart and still be able to abuse it is deeply disturbing to the Adem. And should disturb them. As they understand the Lethani those who possess it shouldn't be capable of abusing it. That is how important and intrinsically they see the Lethani. This Kvothe's possession of the Lethani and ability to abuse it warrents his death.
  12. Wise Man's Fear XI

    Chairman Meow, Because Kvothe is reckless, dangerous, and careless with the power he weilds. He let's his anger, fear, and frustation rule him. Not all the time but frequently enough. All that remainswith his University training, with his travels, with his training with Tempe and Vashet. Worst of all, from the Adem perspective, it remained with his deep knowledge of the Lethani. Vashet, percieved all of this and was rightly troubled by it. A recurring theme in this series is Kvothe's recklessness. His failure to think things through. His failure to understand long term consequenses of his hot temper. I am not convinced that Kvothe is truely a "hero". I suspect, but am not certain, that Kvothe's story may be that of an antagonist but told from the antagonist's point of view.
  13. Vox article explains why cruising in the passing lane is dangerous

    One point to clarify: my belief that people shouldn't cruise in the passing lane in no way justifies idiots to aggressively tailgate to try to force people out of their way. Tailgateing in that manner is asking for an accident. It cannot reasonably be justified.
  14. Wise Man's Fear XI

    I disagree. The Adem served to illustrate Kvothe's dychotimous nature. How he is a constant roil of darkness and beauty in competion with each other. How he has the potential to walk a peaceful path but chooses recklessness over and over again. It is a further illustration that no matter how powerful he becomes Kvothe is still the terrified boy who found his family slaughtered. That no matter what he learns to guide his life and to protect himself fear and anger will always be there to pull him down from his victories. Vashet probably should have killed him if Kvothe really is the source of the evil that is stalking the "Four Corners".
  15. Vox article explains why cruising in the passing lane is dangerous

    How hard is it to keep to the right if you aren't passing? If not keeping to the right is safer why does Germany, with large stretches of the Autobahn without speed limits, have lower rates of traffic deaths than the US? Pebbles, Or, left for you countries that drive on the left (I'm sorry I missed the joke).