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  1. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    Robin, You suggest instituting "IQ Test" or "knowledge tests" before allowing people the franchise and simultaneously bemoan the "death of democracy". You do understand what "cognative disonance" is, don't you? Seeking to rig a system to guarantee your desired result is the opposite of "Democratic"
  2. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    But will the CFBP consider "AI" review of pleading "meaningful attorney involvement" under UDAAP standards? If not, you can't replace human review.
  3. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    That does present a problem. I suppose you could create political tests to prevent people "of the wrong pursuasion" from voting after the "revolution".
  4. So, why make beer with the whole hop? Shouldn't it be the same if all you use is the essential oil?
  5. Aemon, What if it is the wholistic effect of the herb with all the different parts? If we reduce food to the "effective ingredients" will it be just as good as what we normally eat? If not, why not? Perhaps some things don't lend themselves to easy study via reductive empricism?
  6. Another issue with smoking...

    Robin, The problem is that once you exclude a group of people for "Behavior X" what happens when that group of people is denied healthcare?
  7. If the point is that the plants themselves cannot deliver uniform levels of the active ingredients I believe Aemon's point is that the diverse levels of active ingredients make's herbal remedies difficult to test emperically. Yes, aspirin comes from willow bark... but it is now standardized and uniform.
  8. TM, He said because the herbs themselves are non-uniform, there will be varying levels of "active ingredients" from herbal remedy to herbal remedy (heck from plant to plant), you're not going to be able to perform normal "clinical trials" of such remedies.
  9. WS, That's why I was surprised by Aemon's suggestion that herbal remedies are untestable. It certainly puts drug companies in the "cat bird seat".
  10. Another issue with smoking...

    litchick, We have no evidence that vaping is bad for us. I don't particularly like it but I don't object to it as I don't come away from it smelling like an ashtray.
  11. Another issue with smoking...

    I'm very glad I've never started smoking.
  12. Another issue with smoking...

    I don't want to ban smoking. That would just create a black market. I do wish people would stop doing it though.
  13. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    Hence... the "civil war" in Labour?
  14. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    I thought Corbyn was ousted as the leader of Labour?
  15. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    Very interesting.