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  1. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    OGE, Are companies raising individual premiums because they know the government will subsidize and thereby using this as a way to maximize profits the way "for Profit" colleges have? If so how does that not make the subsidies problematic incentives for these health insurance companies?
  2. It has been a long time since I read MS&T. I need to re-read before TWC comes out.
  3. It's cool. I think MS&T is fantasy, but that doesn't, in my opinion, preclude the Keida'ya from having traveled to Osten Ard from another world. After all, Prince of Nothing/Aspect Emperor is "fantasy" with creepy rape aliens and lasers.
  4. DR, Ever since I first read MS&T in the early 90's I thought Williams hinted that the Keida'ya were from a planet other than Osten Ard. We will see.
  5. Neither were full sized continents and neither had years completely different from the people around them.
  6. Again, what catastrophe could destroy a continent and leaves other continents capable of habitation but would prevent a return to the original continent after 3000 years? How big is the planet on which OA exists to facilitate this?
  7. I disagree. A year is, normally, a full cycle if seasons. The same seasons hold in OA as here. Why would the Sithi/Norn year be 400 cycles of seasons? Why would the Garden, if on the same planet, have such a dramatically different seasonal cycle?
  8. DC, Why do the Sithi and Norns have a year at a different length from the Osten Ard year?
  9. I'm think the time is another clue of interstellar distance. Why, after so much time has no one tried to go back to the Garden?
  10. Sherlock

    An H H Holmes analog.
  11. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    FB, LBJ is not the person I would hold up for avoiding conflicts. He was a horses ass and meglomanicial in his own right.
  12. Crisis in Chicago

    The standard of "adding societial value" is necessarily subjective.
  13. Exactly, this is a first time we get a Sithi/Norn POV or anything more than an outsider's view of their culture. I found myself looking at the Norns with a lot of sympathy. I really want to know what it was that destroyed the Garden. If it was natural and the Garden is on the same Planet as Osten Ard... why have the Norns and Sithi never tried to go back to the Garden? Doesn't that also suggest they can't. If something was so bad it destroyed a continent, and it was on the same planet as Osten Ard, how was Osten Ard not affected by that disaster? As such, I think this is more evidence that the Sithi and Norns are literally "otherworldly".
  14. :Insert Ser Scot A Ellison's snarky comment about ebooks here: