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  1. Warcraft movie: There might be spoilers from books and the games.

    Okay defenders, care to address this?
  2. So about this Cincinnati Zoo gorilla they killed..

    I thought infanticide was a Chimpanzee behavior not a Gorilla behavior.
  3. Warcraft movie: There might be spoilers from books and the games.

    "Complians"? Do you mean "complaints"?
  4. Nestor, Sure, but we have the express right to freely exercise religious faith. If the choice to die is no longer presumed irrational why couldn't an irrational choice to be a sacrifice be protected by the right to freely exercise your faith? Suppose someone is dieing of a terminal illness could they then choose to be used as a human sacrifice? Could they choose to end their life as a sacrifice?
  5. Sort of. If we have the right to freely exercise our religious beliefs and choosing to end your life is no longer presumed to be an irrational act does that right to choose to end your life then mean making a choice to be a religious sacrifice is one that must be respected?
  6. RBPL, Precisely. But if we can consent to suicide what are the broader implications?
  7. Yes... that fruit was murdered.
  8. Those types of faiths have died out because their practices are generally illegal. If there were a way for them to practice their blood magic legally would they re-emerge?
  9. So about this Cincinnati Zoo gorilla they killed..

    Rocksniffer, Next winter season I'm doing "zip the zoo". They cut the prices in half and more during the week.
  10. So about this Cincinnati Zoo gorilla they killed..

    Rocksniffer, I believe I... may, have been to the zoo you mention. I keep a fair grip on my young ones when we're there.
  11. HEM, Very good point. That said I believe there was a relatively recent discussion on this board where some were arguing that ending your own life should be a fundamental individual liberty. If that is the case wouldn't that mean choosing to be sacrified would also be a right? Does the method employed by the person who wants to die impead such a fundamental liberty interest?
  12. A Wilding, But a "Fetish" is not an expressly protected liberty interest in US Constitutionz
  13. Dr. Pepper, I believe suicide is illegal in a number of locals. Whether anyone has been charged with such a crime is a sperate issue. My question focuses upon why people do not have a right, under the Free Exercise clause of the US Constitution, to choose to be a willing sacrifice as part of a religious ritual. If I am correct and it is because the presumption is that no one would rationally and willingly consent to be sacrified then wouldn't making suicide a protected liberty interest allowing people to rationaly choose to die necessarily imply that others could rationally and willingly choose to be sacrified? Wouldn't that necessarily mean sacrifice of the willing would be legal?
  14. Okay, a question on facebook just prompted a question. I presume (I do not know for certian) that things like human sacrifice are not currently protected as "free exercise of religion" in the US because it is presumed that no one would ever rationally consent to be sacrified. Please, if someone knows otherwise correct me if I'm wrong. If my prior statement is true and if suicide were to become legal and a protected individual right would it not then follow that the sacrifice of a willing human participant would become a protected religious liberty as well?
  15. So about this Cincinnati Zoo gorilla they killed..

    Because they didn't have a hand on their child when they got into the enclosure. Altherion, I'm more inclinded to blame the parents than the Zoo. They know their child and should have control of their child. Demanding the Zoo successfully anticipate any and all possible methods in ingress is a much larger task than simply holding your child's hand.