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  1. For years I didn’t know that Feist had borrowed a friends RPG campaign world to write his novels in.
  2. Yeah, I missed that blatent double entendre when I read the book.
  3. That would be fascinating to listen to. I should have interviewed my Grandfather about his WW 2 experiences before he died but he really hated talking about it...
  4. My mother was 23 when I was born my Dad 24. I recently freaked my mother out when I point out that when I turned 46 last year I was as old as she was when I graduated from college. All of her children have waited until their thirties to marry and have kids. That means my kids were 14 and 10 when I was as old as my Mother was when I graduated college. Ten years is a long time when talking about generational differences. What is even stranger to me is that I have a first cousin three times removed who is ten years younger than me but who’s grand parents are my 71 year old father’s great grand parents. The cousin’s father is the youngest sibling of my Father’s grandfather. Big families can have weird generational dynamics.
  5. I’m certainly not a religious Iconoclast. I venerate Icons every time I enter my parish. As to the gold-standard. Sure. It’s as abstract as fiat currency.
  6. Yes. But continued existence on this mortal coil does require, food, shelter, and fuel. Those things allow people to continue staying alive. Gold, unto itself provides none of these things. It is a rare, shiny, soft metal. That’s it.
  7. Most “gold-bugs” don’t understand that the gold standard is simply a more restrictive and less flexible version of fiat currency. Gold has no intrinsic value beyond being a rare, soft, shiny metal.
  8. What do you mean by “abandon”? Each individual on the planet who is currently religious individually stops being religious, all States mandate that no religious worship will be tolerated, or, something else? Your OP is very nonspecific.
  9. Some friends of mine who graduated high school with me have recently become grandparents. They’re 47.
  10. Why is NOAA regulating video broadcast from orbit?
  11. Agreed. But then film directors want drama and what makes sense in battle isn’t always dramatic.
  12. PJ has no idea why actions work in battle, does he?
  13. We get an abbreviated Saurman trapped in Orthanc in the extended edition of Return of the King.
  14. They're both poor choices. Heck why not send the Dead on to Mordor and have them take out the forces there as well. Either they're a one shot deal of they are an unstoppable force that no sane leader would let go of until all threats are dealt with.
  15. I'm right there with you. Peter Jackson's handling of Denethor has been one of my biggest issues with his LOTR trilogy for years.