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  1. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Stupid question. is the $30.00 round trip cheaper than a 3 way cab split?
  2. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    Clearing quote.
  3. Things you'd like to ask Tad Williams

    Did the Sithi travel to Osten Ard from an entirely seperate planet? That has always been my impression. That "the Garden" is not on the same planet as Osten Ard.
  4. U.S. Politics: The Bipartisan Dismemberment of the VA

    Kalbear, No clue. Is the ruling based on the State or Federal Constitution? I don't have time to look at the article right this second.
  5. Alton Sterling shooting.

    I suspect Nestor disagrees with my legal assessment as well.
  6. Alton Sterling shooting.

    Nestor, I take it you disagree with my assessment. Please share your opinion.
  7. Alton Sterling shooting.

    If an officer undertakes the rescue of an idividual, as this officer has claimed, the officer has a duty to undertake that rescue with "due care". Not listening to the people around him tell him there is no firearm to be worried about is a violation of that duty. The fact that it is being screamed to the officer raises the failure to listen to the man sitting right next to the guy they were called about to the level of gross negligence. All the officer had to do was stop for 10 seconds and grab a pair of binoculars to see what the heck the autistic man actually had in his hands. It wasn't dark, there wasn't anything blocking his veiew. This was in broad daylight in the middle of the street. Yet the intreped officer decided that the best and safest course of action was to ignore all the evidence around him and take a shot at the unarmed man in the street and actually shoot the other unarmed man in the street. Gross negligence. If this officer is not fired I will be shocked.
  8. Alton Sterling shooting.

    I'm rejecting it as a defense to acting in a Grossly negligent manner, yes. There is no exuse for shooting in this circumstance when you had people screaming at them that there was not firearm to be worried about. You would have us accept that police can and should shoot people when they are expressly being told there is no reason to shoot. That's nuts. Their duty is to protect and defend the public. That involves... situational awarenesss. If they are incapable of being aware of somone saying "There is no gun it is a toy truck" then they have no business being armed and having license to use firearms as they did.
  9. Alton Sterling shooting.

    They have a duty to listen. Failure to listen in these sorts of circumstances is gross negligence. It means they took actions that were entirely inapprotriate to the existing circumstance because they couldn't be bothered to figure out what was really happening before they used potentially deadly force... on the wrong unarmed man.
  10. Alton Sterling shooting.

    "Gross Negligence" is an accident. However it is an accident for which the person who screwed up damn well should have known better. When the person they shot is out there screaming directly pertinant information that explicitely told the officers that firearms were not needed, yes, that rises to "gross negligence". The officers do have duty of care in the performance of their jobs and ignoring directly pertinant information is grossly negligence in my earnest opinion.
  11. Shooting in Munich

    Tijgy, You and everyone else in Munchen please stay safe.
  12. Alton Sterling shooting.

    BBW, So, it wasn't gross negligence to dismiss Mr. Kinsey's shouted warnings that the man they were approaching was unarmed and then shoot the man who was lying on the ground offering absolutely no threat at all?
  13. Alton Sterling shooting.

    BBW, As to the last paragraph... that's just pathetic. Nauseatingly, pathetic
  14. Alton Sterling shooting.

    BBW, Let me get this straight. The police shoot the wrong guy because they are crappy shots. the cuff the wrong guy because... no explaination offered for cuffing the guy they weren't aiming at but shot. And as they man they injuried "unintentionally" is lying on the ground cuffed and bleeding they have have no obligation to do what any decent human being who happened upon a bleeding stranger would do and try to staunch the bleeding?
  15. Alton Sterling shooting.

    BBW, Have you watched the video? Kinsey was shouting to the officers at the top of his lungs that the "mentally unstable person" was holding a firetruck. Then the officers shot the guy lying on the ground with his arms raised with rifles from 150 feet away. The guy doing the shooting has SWAT training.