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  1. That was not my argument - my argument was that based on the standard you were using, the US would be described as "losing its democracy" more so if it imposed restrictions on free speech. Our score is a 90, which, while not up to par with other nations is not too far off. I don't necessarily have a problem with more free speech restrictions, but I also think free speech as an issue in general is very low on the list of priorities for improving this country as a democracy - and, obviously, Freedom House agrees.
  2. If I can envision Trump soliciting assassins on twitter I can also envision Trump being removed from office almost immediately.
  3. Why? No matter how many times people emphasize genocide or Nazis in their argument, there is no reasonable rationale for responding to rhetoric with unprovoked violence.
  4. If Tyrion becomes a dragonrider in the books, what is the reasoning for leaving it out in the show? If there's one thing the showrunners love, it's big moments - and the downtrodden imp (who's been rightly criticized as a saintly version of book-Tyrion) mounting a dragon is one of the biggest TV moments one can conjure. Cutting out Aegon, on its face, was not a bad idea. Especially considering their ridiculous race to the finish. But equating that with Tyrion's lineage is a faulty premise. Tyrion is one of the main characters of the show. Despite their rush, they found time to include scenes last season of him playing drinking games with Missandei and Grey Worm just to remind you he was still around. If he's going to end up at "exactly the same point," why would they leave out such a salient aspect of that process. Too many Targs? They've already shot their load with Jon this season - in deplorable fashion. What big reveal or twist does anyone anticipate for the final season? In other words, if AJT was available to them, why wouldn't they exploit it? To be clear as I can (at my current state), here is the logic laid out: AJT will only happen if it serves a purpose to the plot. The most likely purpose is to ride a dragon.* The showrunners know the endgame for the main characters. Tyrion is both a main character in the books and the show. Therefore, if Tyrion rides a dragon in the books, the showrunners have a vested interest in depicting the same in their abomination. Where in this logic have I gone wrong? *If the purpose of AJT is for Tyrion to eventually take the throne - which I find incredibly unlikely - I suppose you could argue he'll just take it in the show. Then again, you could argue the same could be true in the books since everyone else could be dead. I don't find this to be a fruitful discussion.
  5. Please share your weed!
  6. The nicest way to put it is he does not look well. Still remember the day after Obama beat McCain. There was footage of Graham actually driving him to the airport. All jokes aside, that's quite a bond those guys got. Then again, look at Fudd's socks.
  7. I'm glad McCain completed his first round of chemo, but am I the only creeped out by this picture? Lieberman is totally going to give me nightmares.
  8. From the Mayor of Boston: From the Massachusetts Governor: What Nazi apologists! If it wasn't clear already, @DanteGabriel, I was just giving you shit. Answered an honest question about Boston, but still complimented the city because I do love it (although the traffic and layout really does suck). No reason to impugn Seattle and Portland though - and you still have to answer for Scott Brown!
  9. Wait....why is Trump's dick flaccid? I'm offended.
  10. 3-1 versus Sale now. If the Yanks make the playoffs, wish they could play the Sawks rather than Cleveland or Houston in the ALDS.
  11. Nevermind indeed. Anyway, loved seeing that article from the mothership that fucking Serpico is backing Kaepernick. Had no idea he was still alive.
  12. Awesome tweet. Reminds me of the end of Harry Potter cuz I'm a dork.
  13. Ha, the Boston guy got all butthurt, and lashed out at another place in the process. Shocker. In all seriousness, it'd be very hard to argue Massachusetts isn't one of the best states to be in politically, and I'd be more than happy to end up living there. You're just misunderstanding. What he meant was protests are a good way in order to bring the country to heel.
  14. Nah, not sure how to arrange that - and/or wouldn't want to.
  15. Great article, thanks.