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  1. Meh, good enough for me -
  2. I actually LOL'd. But let's not encourage him. Right? It's like if that Nigerian prince got really high. Well, you sir have been missing out on a tonnage of bullshit.
  3. My little sister got engaged tonight. Mazel tov!!!
  4. Dark have been my dreams of late...
  5. Ha! Agreed, that's much more impressive. Yup. This is purely anecdotal, but it's always hard making friends in a new city. (Not looking forward to doing it again, which I will have to soon.) Done it twice without the benefit of forced living like dorms. And the way I do it is just hanging out bars. Not always, but often alone. When I was in Orlando I met some really interesting people this way - as in people that work for NASA or are developing new age stuff I only half understand. It's kinda funny here at Pitt. My brother and I hang out with a few bartenders more than my phd cohort. I get the looks that clearly should be interpreted as "this person is beneath us." I look right back with "go fuck yourself." I don't give a shit about age, occupation, race, gender, whatever the fuck. Only thing I care about is if you can carry on a conversation without me getting bored. That's actually a pretty high bar in my experience, and anyone that meets it is totally in in my book.
  6. In my second hand experience it really doesn't matter if it's strangers or friends. If you're involved enough, the strangers will become friends. Also, FIFA is fun as hell. I really miss playing it. But with people I know. Oh, sure. I'm not arguing that. In fact, I think it's past time to consider gaming an art. It's obviously different than film or television, but it requires just as much creativity..perhaps even more so. Hell, Grandma's Boy proved video games are at least better than Sandler (I know, low bar).
  7. I have no idea where you're getting these numbers from. Seriously, I have no reason not to think you're simply making things up. Agreed, that was kinda my point. I've hated facebook since it's popularization. I'm literally a year and a day younger than Zuckerberg, so I heard about it very early on when it was just for certain schools. Almost every party I went to there'd be some douchebag saying they knew somebody that knew him. And my first FB account was created by my roommate/best friend around 2004. Dude just kept on asking me questions til he finished the profile. Got rid of that one, but I have one now, ironically, because it was/is how my cohort organizes events in which we all meet in person. But, that's just me. There's tons of people on social media that are also actually sociable. Fuck if I know the difference. Do I think all that bullshit is stupid, petty, and ultimately pointless? Yep. Do I care if whomever I'm interacting with IRL (!) is all over that? Nope.
  8. Yeah, I'd have no idea about that. Even if I did, the writing of the email is structured in such a way it expects you to know all this outlandish shit. That's what I thought was so ludicrous about it.
  9. The fact you can make sense out of it just furthers my belief it is jobbled bullshit.
  10. That's fair. Video games can certainly be a great socialization tool in theory. However, I think in practice it tends to lead to more atomistic behavior. At least that'd be my prior, and I think it's well-founded. To be clear, this isn't me judging the "younger" generation in the least. I'm not a gamer, but the closest people I know who are happen to be older than me.
  11. Yep, exactly. I don't know what changed, but something definitely changed. I'm not a big fan of Putnam nor his Bowling Alone - primarily because it derives conclusions without any type of quantitative analysis - but there's something to the idea of social capital and how we've lost it. And no, social media is not a valid substitute. If anything it both brings out the worst in people (whereas actual community functions bring out the best), let alone how information can be manipulated in multitudes of ways to society's detriment.
  12. I'm not inclined to start these threads but I want to share something and I don't want it to get locked soon thereafter. There was considerable discussion in the last thread about sustainability and population in the future. Now, with an academic email address I get a lot of ridiculous stuff, but they usually at least solicit something and make some tangible sense. Alternatively, I just got the below and I don't even know where to start. It doesn't solicit nor really advocate. It confounds me, and it's stream of consciousness is ultimately what makes it art. It's from Forelaws on Board, which is apparently a thing. Exactly what that thing is, it's up to you, but I can't help but think this is all some type of 4/20 prank.