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  1. Recently rewatched Sopranos. Inclined to give a pass, lest I end up like Gandolfini all drugged out or even worse Tony eating cold cuts after dipping them in a jar of mayo. Don't mean to be bigoted, but that's not the life for me.
  2. I think Tester (MT) and Brown (OH) will be fine, and Manchin (WV) seems to have figured his state as well. Wouldn't bet against Heitkamp (ND) either, she's incredibly resilient. Do worry about Donnelly (IN) though - as well as McCaskill in Mizzou. And if Scott runs for Nelson's seat in Florida that's gonna be a dog fight.
  3. Considering his recluse style, I think this is quite notable:
  4. I don't think that's why the RNC followed in this case, but the the NC following its president is pretty much SOP. Yes. This not only speaks to a fundamental argument in the lit, but my position IRT that argument. Agreed times infinity. I think the election results showed this isn't the case; if Trump's support was all Moore needed, he would have won handily. The fact he lost (and yeah, we're talking a few thousand of votes, so you could equally say the fact he only won 50-49 if that was the case) in Alabama directly contradicts Trump's influence. On your three point typology of GOP members, I think you're missing quite a bit of the variance within the conference. But identifying all the different factions isn't something I want to do right now, so I guess I'm just being a dick, sorry. The reason there is and will be more open GOP seats is because recruiting quality candidates in a shit environment is very hard - which is why there are so many open seats in the first place. Getting primaried certainly doesn't help, but the extent to which that affects GOP candidates remains to be seen. Yup. Sounds like you're getting on board to what I've been saying for awhile.
  5. I think you're underestimating the influence of the congressional campaign committees (NRCC) that will be directly against what you're referring to (as will the RNC). This was a blow to Bannon and his ilk, not an encouragement. Doesn't mean Bannon still isn't going to be locked and loaded. Hope he is - would love to see it. But the results tonight will give state parties significantly more pause. I can't follow this. Seriously - wanted to argue with it, but I'm not sure what exactly you're arguing here. Don't mean that as an insult - I equivocate all the time - just for some reason I feel like I should apologize for not bringing it.
  6. Seems like you're describing safe seats being replaced by safe newcomers. No one's really interested in that - thing is there are more GOP members that have retired in competitive seats at this point than is usually the case. We'll see how that plays out in the next few months, but I can't imagine losing Alabama talked any potential retiree off the ledge. Hey, no one would love it more than me if Fenno's Home Style made a comeback, but I really don't think that's what tonight showed. To an extent? Sure. Dude was a pedophile, or at least an ephebophile. However, this race was nationalized, as you yourself noted. That indicates that yes, "Trumpist ideals," or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, do have a significant effect on the race. In which case, GOP in trouble.
  7. One does not need a vox article to know Arizona and Nevada are ripe for the picking. After that, yeah, it gets much harder.
  8. Not that I can tell. Was complaining about this earlier.
  9. Shit. How'd I forget Dwight? Right? Yeah he's arguably the most interesting character whenever Kirkman decides to move Rick's narrative forward.
  10. I distinctly remember being told as a youth that Charles Barkley was not a role model. Can't imagine he's now a moral chaplain. Now, if he wants to try to run for statewide office in Alabama - godspeed.
  11. Eugene is pretty damn integral - he's leading a small group that is trying to connect with a group in Ohio that is apparently very well situated. Michonne is with him, as is comic Siddiq. Their travels allowed Kirkman to pay homage to Pittsburgh, but it was ultimately underwhelming. Andrea died terms of who's still alive I suppose it's Jesus and Aaron, Rick and Carl, Maggie and Sophia...and that's about it in terms of TV characters. Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but the show will never kill off Daryl or Carol - the latter for damn good reason - so they always have reserves.
  12. That's entirely conditional. If you're talking Mercer or Adelson? Yeah they're straight up Batman villains - like, the one who gets killed in the first act. The Kochs are probably what you're thinking of.
  13. Speaking of god, here's the one who really saved us from all our injecting a lot of heroin. Anyway, it's Alabama Getaway with Bob Weir looking all dorkish and fish out of water:
  14. No matter who is willing to pay for it, a recount is not happening.