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  1. So it's McCullers tomorrow. Totally thought it'd be Keuchel. Always been a fan of the former. Hope he's still rusty.
  2. Not saying you're wrong in your description, but this quote was not me. Glad someone else brought this up. Fucker is younger than me and just about to lead a major European country. Perhaps this is not just a US/Trump thing, no? You're all over the place, and wrong in all of them. The Dems "buried" Sanders? No, the DNC did what it always did and prepared for the frontrunner to win. They helped Trump in the primary? How? Limbaugh had "Operation Chaos" in 2008. Please cite anything resembling such in 2016. The idea was to do what the French did with Macron? What? How does that make any sense whatsoever? You're talking about two entirely different electoral systems and deriving conclusions that could only be described as laughable. This is a bastardized description of the differences between open, closed, and blanket primaries (let alone the nuances in between). Further, the bolded is terribly cynical, even for me. Have you ever been to a caucus? It's contentious, sure, but the vast majority are not like Shirley Jackson's Lottery, which is what you seem to be depicting. I can say with some authority many individuals affiliated with UF have tried their utmost to prevent Spencer's rally.
  3. Why, why use Kahnle there. You have Jaime Garcia up, let alone Montgomery. Why use your most effective reliever of the postseason? It's getting very hard to defend Joe at this point.
  4. That's nice to hear, thanks.
  5. It's both fun and professionally useful for me to reaquaint myself with landmark cases.
  6. Not only all of that, but then what do you win exactly? Really, we all lose. MALA. Yup. As a fellow Niners fan I figured this would be most intuitive to you.
  7. Couldn't helped be reminded of the expression "It's turtles all the way down." Which, when you think about it, is very appropriate for Trump's appeal as well as a certain legislative "ally."
  8. A lot of it has to do with incorporation. Here's something for that. But you're right, I'm not going to walk you through a banal stroll of American history. Because it's really not worth the time.
  9. No. If you don't understand how all of the above cases changed the interpretation of the respective amendments, that's on you.
  10. 1st: Lee v. Weisman (1992); Schenk v. US (1919); Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969); NYT v. Sullivan (1964); NYT v. US (1971) 4th: Weeks v. US (1915); Mapp v. Ohio (1961); Safford v. Redding (2009) 5th: Chambers v. Florida (1940); Ashcraft v. Tennessee (1944); Miranda v. Arizona (1966) 6th: Powell v. Alabama (1932); Gideon v. Wainwright (1963); Maryland v. Craig (1990) 7th: Galloway v. US (1943); Chauffeaurs et al. v. Terry (1990) 8th: Furman v. Georgia (1972); Gregg v. Georgia (1976); Helling v. McKinney (1993) The above is in no way comprehensive, and intentionally omits the 2nd amendment.
  11. No matter your normative arguments on whether they should be or not, it is decidedly false to claim the Bill of Rights are immutable. Other than the 3rd (due to irrelevance) and the 9th (because it's open-ended), each amendment therein has inarguably been changed in interpretation and implication over the past two centuries.
  12. Mentioned this exact thing to my brother a few days ago. His response was well what about the Red Sox, and while Boston isn't up there in terms of city population nor market size, one would have to assume they are in terms of ratings. So, couldn't argue with that.
  13. My burden? What exactly is my burden? And why isn't it your burden too? I guess I'll relink here, but you need to work on provoking if you want to keep people engaged. Only reason you kept me around so long is I'm drunk and it's like when a cat bats around yarn.
  14. Right, there it is. The effort to curb violence isn't truly of interest - the burden is on those that actually, ya know, want to see less people dead. Thanks for clarifying.
  15. This works on so many levels: