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  1. Who did Preston say he thought it was in the books?
  2. But why? They didn't need to create a conspiracy to get Littlefinger, they could have just killed him at any time. Linda said in her review that the only people they could have been playing a game on is the viewer if that's what they were doing.
  3. Correct, it's cute that so many are going back and trying to pretend the prior scenes made sense. Of course they were really arguing. They were in private. It wasn't for Littlefinger's benefit.
  4. You said this. "But the crucial point is that Arya believes that Sansa tried to hide the evidence. Why would she do that?" This is what I'm responding to with "You're still asking why would she hide it and I already told you." I already told you why she might do that and it's a totally innocent reason (the letter isn't her words and she's calling her dad a traitor in it, duh, it's not a letter she's proud of however Arya should know why she had to write it), and no you didn't address it, and still didn't in this post. No. We were both discussing why Arya would think Sansa might have hid the letter. There must be a language barrier here or an age barrier or you're simply too upset to follow which would be something. She is suspicious but she has zero reason to be. For reasons already explained. I don't care if you're frustrated or why you're frustrated. Stop telling me this. Keep your embarrassing neurosis to yourself. If you're frustrated, then stop replying.
  5. You wrote all of these insulting condescending words that just made me smile and yet you didn't even address my little short post. You're still asking why would she hide it and I already told you. I don't care if you're frustrated talking about TV shows on the internet. Tell it to a therapist, not me. You're not having any effect on me at all.
  6. I would say it should be a clean slate for minor things that children do. Like Arya brought up that she always wanted nice things. It's like throwing it back in a woman's face that she wanted to grow up to be a princess when serious things are happening. Nothing was bad enough in Season 1 that they hated each other. She admitted to Ned that she didn't hate Sansa. It shouldn't be a clean slate in that they have a bond of growing up in the same family. In the same way that Sansa wanted badly to leave Winterfell, then thinks fondly of it later on, Arya's childhood Winterfell memories as a family should represent good memories now. She has a bond of having both families and siblings getting murdered. That should draw them closer together. Thinking that Sansa is conspiring against one her siblings and her family is something that should be mind blowing, not easily accepted without a tremendous amount of proof. Testing her would still be fine, but she could do that without interrogating her and threatening her and saying she helped her father get murdered.
  7. First, you say something childish that sounds like you belong in a youtube comment section rather than here, and then you ask me a question I already answered showing that you didn't read my post all the way. I'll quote it again. "So why would Sansa want the letter to be hidden if she indeed wanted it to be hidden? Well, it's not a good letter, it's one she was forced to write by the Lannisters, she would probably be happy if it disappeared forever. That's a more sensible believable conclusion for Arya to reach that the stupidity of "Sansa betrayed her family and helped them kill Ned." Littlefinger has not been smart since they passed the book material.
  8. If they were 19 now and the last time I saw them was when they were 13, I wouldn't assume any childish thing they did when they were a child (Such as tattling about Arya having a sword as you brought up earlier) would be remotely applicable to how they are an adult. Especially x 100 if their parents and siblings were murdered since I last talked to them. I can't imagine distrusting someone as an adult just because I distrusted them as a child.
  9. Nope, won't do it. She had zero cause. Being suspicious of Littlefinger doesn't equate to being suspicious of Sansa. All she has to go on is the letter. And... The letter is meaningless, for all the reasons we've been talking about. She knows Sansa was a prisoner at the time. (The Starks in Season 1 knew it and it would be pretty mind boggling if Arya thought Sansa would be ok with them killing all the Stark people in the castle and imprisoning Ned) She knows that Sansa was not siding with the Lannisters against Ned since she was there when Joffrey announced that Sansa had begged for her father's life and she was there watching when Sansa was screaming and crying. Sansa told Arya that she was forced to write the letter. Arya could only respond to that with that she would have let them kill her instead, which is insane. The implication is that it would be preferable if Sansa had let herself be killed than if she wrote the letter. So why would Sansa want the letter to be hidden if she indeed wanted it to be hidden? Well, it's not a good letter, it's one she was forced to write by the Lannisters, she would probably be happy if it disappeared forever. That's a more sensible believable conclusion for Arya to reach that the stupidity of "Sansa betrayed her family and helped them kill Ned." You're wrong and I wish you weren't because Arya used to be my favorite character on the show.
  10. So Arya wanted Sansa to be murdered. Well that's a lot better! That doesn't completely ruin her as a character at all! Yes, those are the only two options. Sansa writes the letter or Sansa gets murdered. Unless you expect her to pick up a sword and beat the Kingsguard in sword fights. Saying she wanted her to do suicide is actually the considerably nicer way to put she wanted Sansa murdered.
  11. That is exactly what she said. "I would have let them kill me before I betrayed my family." She is saying it would have been better if Sansa let them kill her than what she did. There's no other way to take it. How do you take it? Sansa doing anything other than what she was told would have been suicide. Arya is upset that Sansa did what was told. That leaves the only other suicide option. "They wouldn't think much of Lady Sansa if they knew how she did Cersei's bidding. What would little Lyanna Mormont say? She's younger than you were when you wrote this." Can anyone defending Arya say what she meant by this? What would Lyanna have done?
  12. She should have read the letter and thought the same thing as when the Starks got the letter in Season 1 "Oh hey, this is from when Sansa was a prisoner. She must have been doing what they told her so father and her wouldn't get murdered." If not and Arya thought it seemed weird, then she should have simply asked Sansa about it. Not insinuate that she wanted Ned dead or say she betrayed her family or threaten her. There's just no defending her. These are terrible things to claim and do without thinking or asking. Then it gets even worse when she compares her to Lyanna Mormont. What the hell does Arya think Lyanna would have done in the same situation? Get herself killed? Is Arya saying that Sansa should have committed suicide? I don't know what else she could be saying but that. How could any viewer still have the tiniest respect for Arya if that's the case?
  13. She does not. There's a big problem with the writers writing Sansa and Arya like they're still children. Especially after everything they've been through. If anything, they should be even more grown up now. Arya is an idiot for assuming that Sansa would be the same way Sansa was 6 years ago when she was a child. That anyone defending the scene this episode has to go back and look at Sansa's behavior when she was a child is funny.
  14. I couldn't help but notice that you didn't address what Arya had to hear and see when Ned got executed. That's makes the whole thing make no sense. I didn't enjoy watching the past episode but I enjoy talking about it with other fans. I wish the show would never end for that reason. The episode was just one hour, the discussion and debate has been entertaining me all week. I hated the episode but I like this thread. I like Preston Jacob's videos of poking fun at it's flaws. I can't look past characters I like suddenly almost wanting to kill other characters I like for no reason. How can I not be critical of that? Arya's been my favorite character. This season has been making me annoyed by her. Now I really dislike her and that sucks. It's cathartic to talk about how much it sucks here though.
  15. Arya's accusations of Sansa are preposterous for a lot of different reasons. The main one, and I believe it's one that's not possible to defend, is that Arya was there when her father was executed. She saw Sansa crying and screaming. Arya was also there before that when Joffrey was informing the crowd that Sansa had begged him for her father's life. Was Arya not paying attention? Did the writers forget? It's insane for her to act like Sansa was on the side of the Lannisters and betrayed her family when she was there for that. It's also dumb for Sansa to be concerned about the Northern Lords discovering the letter. Everyone knows she was a prisoner. Maester Luwin and Catelyn knew instantly. It's all so stupid. The writers clearly did not spend much time thinking about this. This nailed it. The writers are always wanting a particular thing to happen so they go back and try to force everything to fit when it doesn't. They did this in Season 5 when they wanted Sansa to be raped. They have a jigsaw puzzle and they're just taking a hammer and smashing pieces that don't fit into wrong places. The result is ugly. The letter wasn't even in Winterfell, as Preston Jacobs pointed out. Robb took it south with him. (Everyone watch his latest review by the way)