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  1. Purists should be happy with the ending. Its still in line with the books. I myself probably would have had Stannis coming in and smashing it plus Mance etc. In this ep. But I will reserve judgment until next week. I thought the ep as a whole was great
  2. If there was proof it wouldn't be a theory would it? All theories are based on circumstantial evidence
  3. Just on that quote, the city around Sunspear is known as the Shadow City.
  4. Yes they have the same dornish features, but they shouldn't. The Daynes are stony dornishmen, who look much more like the rest of westeros. But yes it is circumstantial
  5. Oh I agree it's circumstantial. Doran is estranged from his wife because he gave Quentyn away to the Yronwoods, and then wanted to give one of his other kids away and she threatened to kill herself. At least at this stage that seems the most likely reason.
  6. Well maybe, but there isnt anything to suggest that in the books. There is some evidence however that he could be Oberyn's.
  7. Oh I certainly agree that he has a more important role than just his eye colour. I just think it could also be a clue that Young Griff is fake for the readers.
  8. Another thought on how, if true, this theory influences the story. In the world of GRRM genetics, it would show that when a purple eyed person has a child with a Martell, the dark eyed Martell gene causes the eyes to be a dark shade of purple. IIRC, Rhaegar is described as having dark purple eyes. Young Griff however, has light purple eyes. If he truly was the son of Rhaegar and Elia Martell, his eyes should not be a lighter shade of Rhaegars, but darker, adding weight to him being fake.
  9. Found another quote that could be connected to the theory: From AFfC, The Queenmaker: "Princess". Ser Gerold Dayne stood behind her, half in Starlight half in shadow. If this is an insight into Darkstar, the half in starlight would refer to the Dayne side of his parents. The half in shadow would refer to the other parent. Could this mean one of his parents is hidden, or hidden from him, or from the world. Could it mean the parent is dead? They talk of Oberyn a few sentences later. I like the idea that its hidden, and fits well with the theory.
  10. Yeah myself personally it actually adds weight to the theory, but of course I would think that.
  11. No he hasn't, but his hairline has not been decribed at all. If the theory is correct, and GRRM has obviously wanted it be a secret, that would be way too obvious. Basically, we don't know for sure he hasn't got one, or that he does have one.
  12. Another quote I read the other day which could be interesting, is in ASOS and Tywin tells Jaime about the possibilty of Oberyn marrying Cersei. Jaime protests and says Oberyn has more bastards than Robert. We know Robert has more bastards than Oberyn that we know about, so perhaps this is GRRM hinting that there are more than the sand snakes. It also of course, could be absolutely nothing
  13. I agree, its been discussed in the thread. But having him conceived at Starfall adds to the theory, considering we know Oberyn was there close enough to the time of Darkstars conception to be possible.
  14. Well my theory involves Oberyn conceiving Darkstar on the way to CAsterly Rock, whilst stopping at Starfall, as he tells to Tyrion
  15. His eyes are described by Arianne. They appear black at first glance (like Oberyn's) but on closer inspection are a very dark purple.