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  1. So what about someone like Bridgewater who was already under contract before the draft?
  2. So what is the official rules regarding IR. People who were drafted this season and on IR can't be placed on it? Or only those injured post draft?
  3. Sorry, havent checked in here for a week or so. I thought I was indicated as for an IR slot.
  4. I am for adding 1 IR slot this year Also swap in Garcon for Edelman and Brady for Bortles
  5. Ok thanks.
  6. Are waivers so late because of the draft day? Will they end on Wednesdays the rest of the season?
  7. This is really messed up. I though Waivers ended like on Wednesday... This is going to suck for trying to add a player last minute.
  8. Groz, Cooks should have one year left on his deal at $9 Eli Rogers got dropped during the season last year.
  9. Also waiver claims were reset, and now I can't add a kicker or defense before Sunday :/
  10. Tiki was like the #1 RB in the league at the time and I needed a RB. Brees was a back up and was unproven coming off the torn labrum. I had Carson Palmer in Cinci as my starter locked up back when he was a top 5 QB. and I was challenging for the title. It made a ton of sense for me. You also got Jay Cutler for $1 in the deal as well. Back when he was less of a punchline.
  11. I had Smith and Hill Starting.
  12. I think its a rounding difference. There are $75 in total drops. I got $28 by taking 1/3 of each players salary and rounding up.
  13. Dropping Treadwell This looks to be my current roster and contract situation based on last years draft plus in season Player Contract Years Ezekiel Ellieott $43 2 Brandin Cooks $9 1 Carlos Hyde $9 1 Sammy Watkins $10 1 Odell Beckham Jr. $2 2 Blake Bortles $4 1 Bridgewater $1 3 Drops Treadwell $1 3 Washington $1 1 Rogers $1 1 Parker $9 1 Doug Martin - 58 (2 years) $58 1 Maxx Williams 2 (2 years) $2 1 Tyler Lockett - 3 (3 years) $3 2 Penalty $28
  14. 1) its good as is 2) 2 IR would be great 3) That works for me