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  1. It's one of the most beloved and successful shows in the history of television, so a lot, and I mean a lot.
  2. In terms of re-unions, I think the last Stark re-union will be Bran meeting up with his sisters and brother. I think Arya/Sansa/Jon happens much sooner.
  3. Now that a lot of characters are in close proximity to each other, and are on an eventual collision course. which characters meeting again excites you the most? Tyrion/Cersie/Jamie Tyrion/Bronn Varys/Littlefinger Arya/Jon/Sansa Arya/Hound etc For me I think Tyrion/Cersei is the re-union I am most looking forward to, especially if Tyrion is the one that kills her. Tyrion/Bronn is a close second.
  4. It's not complicated guys, it's actually hilariously telegraphed, even more so than R+L=J The name of the freaking series is "a song of ice & fire" ffs; Jon Snow and Daenerys the un-burnt. I mean hello?
  5. Euron can build a million ships, they will all get roasted by her Dragons. It's a non-issue.
  6. Dany probably has the most powerful military in the history of Westeros. She has the nuclear triad down, air, land and water. Land - Dothraki: the most feared cavalry in the world - Unsullied: the best trained infantry in the world Navy - Iron Fleet: the most seasoned navy in the world Air - 3 Dragons, enuff said.
  7. Dragonstone , just like Aegon the Conqueror.
  8. Her Air Superiority alone makes her unbeatable. Couple with that the fiercest cavalry in the world, the best trained infantry in the world, and the most seasoned navy in the world means that she has the nuclear triad down. Land, Sea and most importantly Air Superiority.
  9. This might have taken Hardhome's place as my all time favorite episode. And RIP Dany will become a villain theory, D&D smashed it in the inside the episode.
  10. The Grand Northern Conspiracy basically got debunked.
  11. She's gonna conquer the six kingdoms and then march North to team up with Jon against the Walkers. Then one of three things happen: 1) Dany is Queen, Jon dies in the battle 2) Dany dies in the battle, someone else takes the throne (Sansa/Jon/Margery) 3) Dany is Queen, Jon and her get married.
  12. Also Ned killed Aruthur Dayne with Dawn. Kinda poetic, sword of the morning killed by the sword of the morning.
  13. Jon is more Ice than fire besides, Dany is cleary Fire in the show, Dragons and surviving being burned alive and all.
  14. Dual-Wielding takes an immense amount of skill, Dayne doing that just enhances his legendary swordsman aura.
  15. Jon and Arya is way to eww worthy and creepy on the show. It will never happen, D&D are not gonna make Jon into a pedafile. Jon and Sansa could be possible, but I doubt it. Dany and Jon is the most likely to happen. Ice and Fire after all.