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  1. I have one problem with this episode, and that is that they tried to fit too much into it. When I read the book, Queenscrown, The Red Wedding and The Purple Wedding with aftermath was the three big things for me. And they put two of these in the same episode. The Red Wedding scenes are great, but it is unfair to Queenscrown and Yunkai, no one will remember those scenes. We have had slow episodes like episode 7 when almost nothing happens. Why put all action in episode 9 every season?
  2. I read the first trilogy of Stephen Donaldson a long time ago and really liked it, the second one wasn't as good though imo. Didn't know he continued the series after that. I would recommend Alastair Reynolds "Revelation Space" series: Revelation Space Redemption Arc Absolution Gap Chasm City The Prefect Diamond Dogs/Turquoise Days Galactic North They are all part of the same SF universe, the first three listed books should be read in that order, but the other ones are stand alones, and Galactic North is a collection of short stories from the universe. Scientifically believable, with no FTL travel, but with a very gothic feel to them.