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  1. I always read these lists and wish they would say right off whether or not they are ranked in any way. I can't fathom this one being anything other than random. It can't be random, though, other wise they wouldn't have separated the Jemisin and the Pratchett and the Rothfuss. Would they? This list does have a few of my favorites like the Jemisin books and The Night Circus and Strange and Norrell and the Potter stuff. So that's alright. Overall, though, I have to withhold my endorsement as the following are not included. Michelle West Robert Jackson Bennett Felix Gilman Steven Erikson Daniel Polansky Sebastien de Castell Others I am forgetting right Peter Newman.
  2. I finished Witcher 3 but am holding off on the DLC stuff so I have something to look forward to. I loved Witcher 3. I have pretty much given up on Mass Effect. I hate the guy's voice and I hate the Mako buggy and I hate even the idea of an accuracy rating. I'll probably wait a while and then make a female Shepard and try it again. Maybe. I love Bioshock. Great game. I play slow to make it last. I didn't like Skyrim and was wondering why so many people liked it so much. I took a break and then started again with a new character and it has been a lot better. I'm really getting into it now. A complete reversal of my first impression. I like Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen so far. Not sure what to make of Dragon Age Inquisition. I like my character and just ignore the idea of switching around in my group. I hope that doesn't come back to bite me later on. Yesterday I bought... Ori and the Blind Forest Dark Souls 3 Far Cry 5 LA Noire The Raven Borderlands Handsome Collection We'll see what happens.
  3. I'm going back to Witcher 3 tonight after about a week break. I am at the early stages of the Skellige storylines. From other's responses it sounds like Shepard's voice in Mass Effect will get better or I will get used to it maybe. It's odd because I like all the other voices in the game so far.
  4. I haven't had a console nor have I played pretty much any game, outside of my WoW addiction, since Mario All-Stars on Super NES. I'm still into both of those games but I decided to modernize my gaming options and so I bought an Xbox One X. I also bought the following games based on recommendations. Dragon Age Inquisition...haven't played it yet. Bioshock the Collection...haven't played it yet. Shadow of Mordor...I like this one quite a bit even though I'm dying a lot and those orcs are shooting up through the ranks. This game is better than I thought it would be. Mass Effect Trilogy...pretty great sci-fi game. The main character features the worst voice acting I have ever heard in any format. This guy is obviously just reading an index card. Who greenlit that for the main character? Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen...haven't played it yet. Pillars of Eternity...haven't played it yet. Fallout 4...pretty good so far. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt...this one is great in just about every way. Almost perfect. Skyrim...good game but I need to start over with a different character. Red Dead Redemption...haven't played it yet. Not sure I will like a western game and the quick draw segments I saw in a video worry me because I am like a toddler with the controller.
  5. I would definitely want it to be a series that is finished as a written work. I am a WoT fan so that one could be good but I worry it's just too long and won't last. I haven't really seen any details as to how it would be adapted, though. Malazan could be a great TV show if done right. Which could be said for anything, I guess, but the episodic format is perfect for Malazan. I agree something by Sanderson will get adapted. Hopefully it will be good. I like Mistborn and that would probably be the best to adapt. We'll see what happens. I don't know. A lot of the books I like I don't want to see adapted. Or if they are I likely wouldn't watch.
  6. My favorite horror novel is probably Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House. William Peter Blatty's work is good as well. Legion comes across better as a book than a movie, though The Exorcist is still better. As far as current writers go, I like everything by Christopher Buehlman and the first two (Seed and The Neighbors) Ania Ahlborn books are great. I'll continue to read her work and hopefully the quality keeps up. I'm also a fan of Sarah Langan and Jeff Long.
  7. It's been a while since I've hated a song more than "Rude" by Magic!
  8. Michelle West The Sacred Hunt - 2 books The Sun Sword - 6 books The House War - 6 books, with a seventh on the way There is overlap in the timeline. The first three House War books take place previous to Sun Sword while the remaining books take place after Sun Sword concludes. I recommend publication order anyway.
  9. Kavik the Wolf Dog by Walt Morey.
  10. I read pretty much everything on my Kindle. I was a dedicated paper-book reader who refused to even entertain the idea of an e-reader. Then I got a job working graveyard hours with a decent amount of down time in the wee hours. So I bought a Kindle so I could read books and comics and magazines and newspapers at work. I was hooked almost immediately. Reading in bed with no lights on sealed the deal. That said, my bookshelves are overflowing. I need a new one but am putting it off until I move to a new apartment in September. I still buy paper books but am now more choosy about it and buy books I want to keep.
  11. Well, I love Batman Begins and Dark City. Goyer's not the right guy but...maybe.
  12. I finished Newman's The Vagrant and liked it quite a bit. I have now begun Beaulieu's Twelve Kings in Sharakhai.
  13. There's a director's cut with some added scenes but the theatrical will do the trick. It likely won't be as scary for you as it was for me, though. I am now about half-way through Newman's The Vagrant.
  14. There were a few spooky parts in The Exorcist. I'm probably affected by it a little more as The Exorcist is the scariest movie I have ever seen. Easily. Nothing else even comes close. I was traumatized by that movie until my thirties. I enjoyed the book, though. I was reading Ryan's The Waking Fire as March flipped over to April. I liked it enough to continue with the series. Next I read Kellerman's Heartbreak Hotel. Exactly what I expect from Kellerman. Now I'm reading Sakey's Brilliance. Not too far in but so far it's alright.
  15. Excellent news! I often wonder if William Browning Spencer is even still alive.