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  1. I see that as an inevitable course for Chuck as well, the only other possible course is after losing Chuck cuts all ties to Jimmy, retires, and buys a ranch or something in a remote area of a state like Alaska or Montana (it would be funny if it was Wisconsin) where he's free (at least in his mind) from electricity and electric signals. Jimmy granting a final request to Chuck changes his name so he no longer practices under the McGill name, or after all this he figures "Jimmy McGill" has too much association with bad history attached to it, so for himself and for Kim who was associated with him changes his name to practice law with a fresh start.
  2. So maybe Mike with his crusade is going to stress Hector so much that will cause him to have a Stroke. Some retro foreshadowing with the camera holding on the wheelchair in the doctor's office for a moment. Anyone catch in episode 1 of this season when the lady was naming off flowers, "buttercups, babies' breath, lilies of the valley". When the doctor asked the nurse what the gringo was there for and she said "The revenge". I first thought Mike had given her the reason he was there was diarrhea as in Montezuma's Revenge, he drank the water. But the doctor knew he was there for drugs, was "revenge" a code word complaint that just meant someone wanted to buy drugs/do something under the table or was the doctor solely Gus' man and knew Mike was on a revenge mission against Salamanca? Back on page one a poster said he's going to hold off until the entire season is up and binge watch it. I get that, some series I feel the same and hold off until an entire season or at least more than one episode is available so I can binge, like Humans, Fargo, or The Leftovers. However, I am really enjoying watching BCS one episode a week, this pace feels just right for me. I feel very entertained by each new episode as it airs, but I also feel content with that and not chomping at the bit to get to the next episode, waiting a week is just fine here, where other series it's not. If season 3 follows as seasons 1 and 2 have though, after I watch the season finale I am going to feel quite frustrated for having to wait an entire year for more episodes.
  3. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    Ok, so I'm playing Family Feud on my NES Classic, I've never played it before. This game was made in the 80's. I'm playing against the computer, the computer provides names for the families I'm playing against. So I start to notice a pattern, Jackson, Kennedy, Reagan... and then...Trump. Creepy.
  4. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    Learn something new everyday.
  5. Dreams Redux...Redux?

    Had to post this dream. Yeah I've watched many comic book movies and TV shows, but lately I haven't watched much at all, maybe my subconscious got starved so made its own comic book movie. So it was a Spider-Man movie. Toby Maguire was back in the role of Peter Parker, he was playing the character as an older, early to mid-thirties Spider-Man. The villain was an evil sadistic Jigsaw-type character, except he looked like the DC character Tobias White or kind of like Marlon Brando in the Island of Dr. Moreau. He was a crime boss with a strong gang under his control. He liked to abduct people, keep them prisoner in his home and play games with them, each unique for each captive. Like this one captive, he kept in a room and forced him to continually keep throwing a clay pigeon against a padded wall. If the pigeon broke, either accidentally or on purpose, the captive could have an hour to rest and be offered food and drink. However, he was only supplied with 5 pigeons in the room with him, once he broke his last pigeon, he would be killed. The villain informed his prisoners that when only one of them was left alive, their reward would be their freedom. Bruce Willis was in the movie, he played a cop that had a sister that was killed by this villain and he was out for revenge. With some effort he was able to track him down and confronted him. The guy had a house by a river and when Willis found him and confronted him, the villain had some traps and devices and also some of his gang there that slowed and injured Willis but didn't stop him, in the end the villian fled. Willis cornered him down by the river and threw him in. There were alligators in the river and attacked him. Both his legs were chewed off. Willis was worn out by then but also considered this a fate worse than death and left him like that. However, the river was full of toxic waste and the alligators were mutated radioactive gators. The villain, with no legs, managed to crawl out of the river and collapsed on the bank. Then the mutation happened. I know alligators can't regrow limbs, but they can regrow teeth, and like I said these were mutated gators, and my mind was associating with The Lizard, plus dream logic. So he was able to regrow his limbs, but they were scaly reptilian limbs. He also gained the ability to transform his entire body into a powerful man-alligator creature, and he could turn back more or less to his human form, except his legs always stayed reptilian. So now Spider-Man confronts him and is over whelmed, almost killed by him. He's rescued by two other Spider-men that show up. They are all wearing the red and blue costumes but each one slightly different, like the differences in the costumes between the three different Spider-men in the movies. And it turns out that these Spider-men were played by Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. They weren't clones (thank goodness) they weren't Peter Parkers or related to Peter, but they were brothers. It turns out that the brothers both had a hereditary disease that was killing them. Garfield's character was a genius and at some point he found out about this experimental serum that Oscorp had. He had no idea that the serum was derived from radioactive spiders. After sneaking away some serum and doing some test on it with samples of his and his brother's blood, he tinkered with it and eventually dosed himself with it. When it seemed that the serum was eliminating his disease, he gave the final dose to his brother. Not too long after, both brothers began to develop much of Spider-Man's abilities. Garfield's character was more concerned about this than Holland's who thought it was "amazing" and he was a big fan of Spider-Man in the first place. Eventually both brothers made their own costumes and decided to become crime fighters. So the three Spider-Men fight and defeat Gatorman and he's put in maximum security supervillain jail. Maguire reveals his Peter Parker identity and Garfield and Holland reveal theirs. Garfield's Spider-man asks Parker how he thought up and developed his web shooters and shows him his that he invented for him and his brother after being able to find a sample of Peter's webbing left behind by his web-slinging in the city and analyzing it. Parker smiles as he sees they are not all exactly alike in powers and shows his organic web shooting ability. The three decide to become a team. But that's not the end of the story. Throughout this, there was another character, a mad scientist type who was obsessed with building a machine to communicate with God. He eventually builds his machine, activates it, and contacts...Galactus. Through the machine Galactus sends a stream of his power and the scientist turns into a King Kong sized creature and begins to wreak havoc on New York. The Spider-man team go into action but they need more help. Iron Man and Thor enter the picture. They are the only original Avengers available at the time, but they've also got some new recruits. Two females, basically Ice and Fire (heh) of DC comics, plus this guy who looks and talks like Vincenzo Santorini from the Disney movie Atlantis, his ability is pretty much a super tracker with heightened smell and athletic abilities. Together they all defeat Mad Scientist Kaiju, but the end of the movie Tony Stark discovers something chilling, the mad scientist machine has brought the attention of Galactus on Earth and he's coming. There was even a post credit scene. Maguire/Parker takes Stark aside and says he has not stopped changing since being bitten by the radioactive spider. His internal organs have changed to a point where he can no longer eat solid food, in fact the only way he can supply sustenance to his body is from drinking blood, human blood. There's been a rash of decapitations in the city. Parker confesses to Stark it was him, but everyone he's ever killed he was sure were all "bad guys". Stark looks very worried. There's even more. There was a teaser trailer for a new 20th Century Fox Fantastic Four reboot movie . It shows four escape/stasis pods that were ejected from a space craft after being hit by cosmic rays. The pods landed in China (Fox going after the lucrative China market, the whole movie is set there). The camera pans over the four pods but you're only able to see through the window in one of them. It's Johnny Storm, but the actors for the film haven't even been cast yet so it's just a drawing. Storm is wearing the familiar blue and white costume with the 4 on the chest. He looks like Johnny Quest though, blond hair, blue eyes, about 12 years old. The trailer's main message it seemed it was trying to get across being "We're doing it right this time, please watch this, please!!!" I even dreamed of discussing the trailer on this board. Most of cynical and disgusted with Fox believing that Fox thought the reason Fant4stic failed was because Johnny Storm was cast as a black character not because the movie just plain sucked. So, uh, dreams are fun.
  6. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    The local hospital here has a revolving door, I don't get it. Yeah it's extra big so people in wheelchairs can use it, more than one person can come in in one section. But...why? It is electric so it continually revolves, no need to push it to go through and there's a button on either side that someone can push to slow it down, someone not the person going through obviously because they're on the outside of the door. More than once when I've gone there I've had to hold the button for people coming in, once I've had to hold onto the door to manually stop it as a woman very timid of it was going through. Of course there are sliding doors too, but they aren't that obvious where the revolving door is which is at a main entrance, many people come to the hospital having little to no stamina, searching for a different door causes wasting time, and more stress physically and mentally. A lousy design, maybe nice esthetically but form doesn't follow function there. Nope.
  7. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    I agree, never thought about it before though but it's why I always get mixed up at Walmart. At least all the Walmarts I'm familiar with, the sliding doors on the left open for people coming in and the ones on the right are for people coming out. I'm always trying to come in on the right, usually able to because there's always someone coming out, but then I'm going against the flow of people. I think it's set up this way because all the shopping carts are stored in the left side of the big foyer area, but it still messes me up most times. Once I'm inside the Walmart though it seems natural to walk down the aisles and lanes on the right and come back up on the left, and most people do the same and it has been a mild irritant to me whenever encountering people going against that flow. At my parents' restaurant we had swinging doors into the kitchen but they were made so the right door only swung in and the left door only swung out. However, the office was right next to the "out" door, when people stood right outside the office, accidents happened.
  8. Press Secretary. O'Reilly in for Spicer, a whole new level of surreal. SNL will have field day.
  9. New Easter Tradition: Watership Down

    I've said all this before but I was a very timid kid, got frightened of movies, and TV easily. The Blob came on TV, the Steve McQueen one, on a Sunday afternoon and seriously freaked me out. Forget about me ever watching the Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk series when I was very young. I got scared in The Muppet Movie at the theater when Animal took growth pills and became huge, Ghostbusters scared me, I walked out the first time I saw it at the "We're going to have put in some overtime!" part. Airplane warped my fragile little mind and I couldn't sleep for days without thinking about the crazy plane with the blow up doll pilot still up there. I was well into my 30's the first time I ever watched Jaws. So, weird, when it comes to Watership Down, it didn't scare me like that when I watched it as a kid. I first saw it on TV not the theatre, but other things on TV had scared me. Watership Down's story engaged me. The intense parts thrilled me more than anything, more like the feeling of riding a roller coaster. Maybe it caught me at the point where I was just starting to grow out of being scared of things like that, I had rewatched Airplane on TV and discovered it wasn't so bad, Incredible Hulk was a Friday night staple for me, and in the next year or so I'd be braving through movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Poltergeist when they came on cable. Anyway, I loved the movie as a kid and still do today.
  10. Joyous Pascha, Happy Easter!

    Buona Pasqua!
  11. RIP Charlie Murphy

    That was a great tribute, felt like I wanted to give Bill a hug at the end.
  12. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Holy moly! I just bought mine a week ago today! Now they're selling on Amazon for over $300.00 On Ebay Buy it nows over $450.00 and no auctions currently under $200.00. So is this gonna be remembered with Virtual Boy and backing out of a partnership with Sony as some of Nintendo's dumbest decisions?
  13. Ser Scot, Dr. Pepper, help me out... Which one of you is the irresistible force, and which one is the immovable object?
  14. Have had a toothache all week, started as a mild ache and now is near unbearable, even on painkillers. I went to the dentist on Tuesday for x-rays. Needed a root canal. Scheduled to go In tomorrow (it's Friday morning now so I guess it's today) for root canal. Have had quite a few in the past so I don't get anxious about dental procedures or root canals in particular. Looking forward to having this aching root killed. But what does make me anxious is the $$$ I got to put out. I considered just telling them to pull the tooth and be done with it, but it's kind of a tooth I need if I want to keep being able to eat food I have to chew.
  15. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Watching Stand and Deliver for the umpteenth time. I always loved this movie. How do I reach these keedz?!!