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  1. Thinking of you with sincere hope you get well LOB. You are greatly missed.
  2. The Great Brain
  3. Chris Pine: 2 - 1 Channing Tatum: 3 - 1 Liam Hemsworth: 5 - 1 (Chris Hemsworth as "new young "Ice Man" : 2 -1) Chris Pratt: 7 - 1 Zac Efron: 10 - 1 Shia Labeouf: 50 - 1 Shia Labeouf in 2009: 1 - 1
  4. I knew of anybody on this board, you would be most appreciative of that.
  5. Trailer is up here For those who hate laugh tracks and like single cam sitcoms it may be a temptation to check out. Doesn't look great, does look harmless and cute. I'll give it a try. And I loved The Middle for the first 5 or 6 seasons, I'll still watch those episodes in reruns years from now, I'm just tired of it atm, even the new episodes. Please just before it ends, let there be a brief cameo of Zach Braff playing a janitor that gives Mike a real hard time. I still watch Everybody Loves Raymond on TV Land, for me that show is endlessly rewatchable. Maybe because I'm a second generation Italian American I identify with it more. No matter how many times I've seen the braciole episode I'll watch it again whenever it is on. Also, even though I know she's overbearing I side with Marie 99% of the time over Debra. And Frank IS my dad, just replace "Holy Crap" with "God Bless America". MASH, All in the Family, Taxi, Barney Miller, Good Times, Soap, Mork & Mindy, Three's Company (this one more than other show on this list - though all to some degree - because I find it more nostalgic-comforting than smart-funny-entertaining) Night Court (early seasons) WKRP, Cheers (mostly Shelly Long era), Frasier, The Simpsons, (seasons 1-10), King of the Hill, The Wonder Years, The Critic, The Cosby Show (if you can separate Cosby the actor from the character and series), Mad About You, NewsRadio, Raymond, King of Queens, Scrubs, Arrested Development, The Office (both series) Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, Louie, and some others I know I'm forgetting (eta: Community!!!), I will always enjoy watching over and over. Maybe with some of these shows there was some downgrade in how much I enjoyed them between their current runs to rerun era or between my childhood and adulthood, but I think there's just an initial downgrade and then they find a still significant and unchanging level of interest for me. Sorry for thread drift.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsiAfgzvfbM
  7. My dog Sarge does this kind of low gravelly howl. He only does it when his beloved grandpa goes out somewhere, which is rarer and rarer these days. Sarge will look out the window, knocking aside the levolor blinds to see out and see he's gone. Then he'll sit in the middle of the floor, point his head up and let out this mournful "Ahhhhhoooooooh!!!" Like a wolf or coyote baying at the moon, if said wolf or coyote was hoarse in the throat. Only when his grandpa is gone will he do this.
  8. My favorite James Bond as a kid, first one I ever watched (Octopussy), first Bond I saw in the theater (A View To A Kill). Loved him in Alias as well. In the Jean Claude Van Damme movie, The Quest Moore played a great villain. Also loved him when he spoofed himself in Cannonball Run and The Muppet Show. He could be a ham, but he also had a screen presence that radiated charm which I think was why he was still a good movie Bond. I'm glad he had a long life, thought I would have liked to seen him in something again before he passed. Also it makes me sadly mindful that he is the same age as my dad. RIP Roger Moore, someone who entertained me, brought me enjoyment, and who I have only ever had warm thoughts toward.
  9. I've read and reread First Fifteen Lives of Harry August three times now, I love that book. I've not read anything else by North or any of her other AKA's. Thinking of trying Hope.
  10. I think it's worth the risk. A hostile intelligent species is a probability, but for reasons given by posters above I don't think it's a likely one. I think it more likely it would be a positive step in our progression as a species. It would answer questions we have, settle age old arguments, create new arguments - but they could allow for philosophical growth and enlightenment, instigate new technological discoveries, and change our culture (chances are this may be where the most strife and negative consequences occur from the discovery intelligent alien life). Sure there's risk, but I think the possible benefits outweigh it. Of course I think the behavior of boyajians is much more likely to be explained by a natural but possibly atypical cause rather than due to intelligent alien life, but it's nice to think "what if...?"
  11. Thoughts and well wishes to Mormont and his daughter in particular and to everyone in Manchester and the UK in general. I'm so sorry assholes decided in was your city's turn to be a target.
  12. You could make accusation against accusation against Trump using only file records of what Trump's said and him and his supporters will still cry "Fake News!" and "Nothing There!" and "Witch Hunt!"
  13. So he'll divorce her this year?
  14. I would not put it past the writers of either Fargo or The Leftovers to be in collusion together and the point of it all is that Carrie Coon the actress is spreading herself too thin between the shows. I'm finally caught up on Fargo, still got 3 episodes of The Leftovers before I'm caught up on that. Fargo is such a fantastic show, each season I think there is no way they can have a villain match up to the one from the previous season, but each time they manage it. Varga is one scary evil and enigmatic man.
  15. Roseanne says she has a workaround for that: