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  1. I hear you, but with all the shit the GOP in office have pulled or have tried to pull, that the voters finally are able to draw a line and say no further is something to build on. Whether we can begin to push back or even stop them from crossing the line another place, another time, remains to be seen. A candidate like Moore losing should have been a given but it being Alabama and in the current political climate, the symbolism of the victory and the possible potential it shows take on more meaning and can be what's worth being heartened over more than the particulars of the race.
  2. Not really a bad way to make a point. No one gets hurt, no real malice, no one being personally attacked, and for those who are trying to change the name, they bring attention back to the issue again. I have been a lifelong fan* of the Washington team, part of a family that a large part of are hardcore fans for this team generation after generation, up to four generations now (I'm in the third). But I don't mind if they change the name, I support it, I think it would be a good idea and as they say, it's "on the right side of history". *I've sort of given up on the NFL entirely this season though. I just can't stand to see the injuries anymore knowing much more now how long term and serious the effects of them are. If I root for any team I'll still root for my Washington team, but I'd be happier knowing my favorite team didn't have a name that so hurtfully slurred a whole culture of people.
  3. Play it again, Don.
  4. It all comes down to the assessment of what you want your life to be. For me: I don't want to travel unless maybe I'm in a nice RV with someone to drive it, then I can take my dogs with me and just drive around North America. I like my life at home. I like the activities and things available for me just at home or nearby, the work I can do at home, all that. I don't like being alone but for about 80% of the time I like being left alone. I like my parents living with me, them doing their thing, me doing mine, and here and there we interact and enjoy one another's company or help one another. I hope I am never alone, but I know if someday I am, I can handle it if I have a dog or dogs. If I had to face that without canine companionship, I wouldn't make it. Life is good and happy enough for me. I like staying at home with the company of my dogs. Having people visit me now and then, not too often but often enough. Going out once in a while to local activities then coming home. Stepping out of my house and socializing with friends and neighbors but then being able to go back in my house and into seclusion. Enjoying some social time overall but then having the vital alone time I need to recharge with just my dogs and their antics for company. I would be less happy with no dogs. Feeling free to move to another state (or country even) if i wanted to, travel, participate in activities that kept me out of my house overnight, for a few days, or more; have a job that kept me out of the house 12 or more hours five days a week, even have a romantic partner or children, that's just not what I want. There are many things I've felt I've compromised in my life and ended up for the most part in harmony with myself because the compromises I made that lead me to where I am were acceptable and/or enabled me to at least partially achieve goals I've had. The one thing I was not/am not willing to compromise on is I've had Keeshond dogs all my life, I need to have one in my life, all my life. I'll try to rescue if I can, but if I can't I'll be very diligent in finding a responsible breeder. I'll try to balance this be being able to handle having two dogs, the other dog I have can be a rescue, as well as I will continue my monthly donations to my local human society animal shelters. That's the assessment I made of myself before I even started to get Dulcinea and kept making the assessment to make sure I felt it was the right one and it always felt easily so. So I knew what to do. Egad! Didn't mean to get so heavy in my Man of La Mancha Dulci puppy thread
  5. Just a little request. If you go to a doctor, dentist, therapist, whatever and you end up in a waiting room that's nearly empty and you have no problem sitting in a chair with arms, don't sit in the one or two chairs that are a little bit wider or have no arms. Fat people need to accept personal responsibility for their situations and consequences thereof and all that, totally agree, but is it too much to ask just not to make us either have to embarrass ourselves by asking for the one seat we can sit in while all the other seats are empty or maybe just stand if we don't think the wait will be too long and don't want to bother even though it still causes great pain in our feet, legs, hips, back to stand even the short time?
  6. Dogsitting my aunt's sweet Corgi all day tomorrow. So the old goat, a middle ager used to being the only dog, and a wild puppy. Wish me luck!
  7. Wow. Hoped for this but was really buttressing myself for a Moore win, because if I let myself feel anything beyond hope and wishful thinking for Jones' chances and he lost it would have been almost as bad but not quite like November 2016 all over again. WTG those who put their blood sweat and tears on the line for this. Those braver than me and many others because they must have stretched their dreams past the point of heartbreak if they lost. Awesome job black voters! THANK YOU! South Park got it wrong. It's not in the hands of the "Whites". I thought that even when I thought Moore was going to win. I thought it's in the hands of those who say "Screw you, we'll do this without you or against you and do it better!" The tipping point may not have been reached yet, defeats will again hang over us, bad days are still ahead of us, it's no sure thing we can pull us out of all the dangers stacked up, but one thing we got, in the future the resistance/minority faction will only get stronger. Tonight proves that pedal to the metal, the right thing can be accomplished. It just still takes a whole hell of a lot of gas right now.
  8. I know! The Keeshond is in the top 20 smartest dog breeds. Also the time put in with them makes a difference. She's just a roly poly fuzz ball but with little needle teeth. But it's all play for her. She's a bundle of love.
  9. New video! Just made it today. Dulcinea is the smartest little girl! Sarge looks like he does because of Cushing's Disease (in two weeks we test again to confirm but we're all pretty sure) it makes his hair not grow in places giving him the cute little goat look. Dulci has a favorite toy now too... ...me
  10. I never knew that "Dark" was German for "Stranger Things" Seriously though, Dark, Stranger Things, IT, as long as the story is done well I hope they keep making these, sci-fi/fantasy/horror with a heavy 80's nostalgic bent, I love this stuff! Three episodes in on this series and enjoying it.
  11. Hope all you can. Just steel yourself for a Moore win. It's not inevitable, but don't let the idea of a Moore win become intolerable as it is still likely something we will need to live with as just another negative outcome there needs to be an accounting for. Be prepared for that reality. If Jones wins, a Democrat becomes Senator in Alabama, a state that it should be close to impossible that happening and only because Moore is such an outstanding POS creep, consider that a bonus positive, like playing with house (or Senate) money in politics.
  12. Whenever we feed her, she will knock her bowl over so the dry food spills out all over around the floor. Then she lies down and eats the food off the floor. So now when we feed her, we put food in her bowl then a little bit on the floor outside the bowl. She eats the food on the floor first but then sue usually doesn't tip the rest out of the bowl.
  13. Pretty sure I know the town you're talking about. The small town I live in, I just keep my mouth shut about politics. Like Dr. Pepper says, sometimes you just have to for your own well being. I believe I would be honest if asked directly and argue my position if a debate was started but it just hasn't come up and I won't bring it up to start things. I don't know if I haven't been out enough or what but I've only noticed one confederate flag in a yard around here (still one too many though) though I saw more than a few Trump/MAGA signs and banners all around during 2016 though fewer than the Romney signs I saw in 2012. But it was rare to see an Obama sign around here and I never saw one Clinton sign in 2016. At least I'm close to the only big city around here, not big enough to turn the county blue except in the largest of wave years, like 2006. But it's good to know liberals still exist which sometimes is something I wonder when the whole country arund me seems red.
  14. she's getting lots and lots of cuddles! fuzzbutt overload!!! And yeah, she did get car sick, lol. About ten minutes after we left. But then we cracked the window open about 2 inches and she was fine the rest of the way home.
  15. Thanks all! She is all I could have wanted.