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  1. I recognize the he is the president, he is my president, but at the same time I have the feeling of being on a rudderless ship. I wonder if when Obama was president those who hated him felt the same, but then I think back to W. and remember that I detested him while in office I didn't feel like I do now that there's no one there really running things.
  2. You should not have been expected to attend. However, did you send flowers, card, or something to your step mother or to the funeral home? That would have been the proper etiquette in your situation I believe. If you didn't, maybe a nice sympathy card to your step mother now with some honest sympathy, expressing that whatever the relationship between the two of you are you feel saddened for her by her loss, and maybe flowers, it might help.
  3. They are relentless so, yeah it's going to pass. It's gonna hurt, and hurt bad. Hopefully voters will remember (those left alive that is) in 2018.
  4. Tortoise and the Hairscare?
  5. Did you coin "Wealthcare" or did you see it somewhere else, from someone else? Because I think it's brilliant. Forget about Trumpcare it won't sink into most voters brains beyond being a copycat of Obamacare while Wealthcare is the perfect thing to call it and like the GOP pushing the ACA as "Obamacare, it may be the best chance to deride it and have it stick as a bad thing in the mind of any voter who could be susceptible to being against it and make those somewhat against it strongly against it.
  6. I completely agree with all points here. I still immensely enjoyed S3 but the last episode was kind of a downer and I missed Mike. Felt not unsatisfied by the last episode, just not as satisfied as previous seasons. I don't mind the parallel stories between Jimmy's world and Mike's world. I actually like it and I know I've seen TV shows before that were like this, I mean GOT has many characters doing their own things that at times seem only peripherally related until it all comes together in the end. It's also done in Sops a lot, Dallas, Dynasty, etc. One of the many things I love about BCS is (I think) it's a prequel that's just as good for someone who's never seen BCS or BB if you watch it first or after BB. I don't think anyone would get lost plot wise by watching BCS first , just miss some references or significance of some things, but then maybe get it when watching BB. I can easily imagine all the BB cameos, characters, easter eggs, etc. can be just as fun connecting to BB as it is in reverse. Someone who didn't know about Don Hector could be surprised by the stroke maybe thinking Nacho's plan would end up killing him or Nacho's machinations would be found out and Nacho would be in trouble or whatever. Then I could imagine that person watching BB and the first episode where Tuco takes them to Zio's house and "Ding, Ding! Hector" shows up, it'd be awesome. First time Gus is seen, then Mike, Huell, (and hopefully Kuby) all fun in reverse, then when Saul is pulled out of the trunk..."Yayyy!!!" I don't think many prequels, be it for movies, television shows, books, etc. are like that. Oh and after watching the last episode, I can't get this out of my head... Blockbuster Video! Wow! What a Difference!
  7. It's been my impression that liberal/progressives have had a "too cool for school" attitude overall. The liberal/progressive viewpoint may be the majority, but there is also a split or several splits when it comes to those who see the GOP as the ultimate crazy that must be stopped, the GOP must be voted against because they're the far worse evil, and the more cynical "pox on both houses" attitude or a "nothing I do could help anyway" belief. While the GOP voters are not short of cynics but they also focus their righteousness on the vote, they come out in strength and unity, "nothing worse than a libtard" collective view. Liberals can be righteous but still unfocused and probably overthink/out think ourselves too much in regard to voting. Again, that's just how I see it though.
  8. Thanks. I really love my dentist though, the entire office too. They make it so comfortable, so painless. I have no anxiety whatsoever once I'm there in the chair, often I even start dozing. The pain comes when I see the bill though, they're high end and I really can't afford them, but I don't want or trust anyone else to do the work. Sorry about your laptop, it does sound like it's on its last legs. Make sure you at least have everything backed up.
  9. Thank you. I'm so weak. I'm pretty sure the dentist won't be able to do anything other than put me on antibiotics and hopefully some strong painkillers. I just hope he doesn't send me to the er, I just want to get back home, get started on antibiotics, put my ice pack back on my face, dose myself with painkillers and conk out for a while, hopefully I'll be better by next week so I can keep my appointment for the root canal and all that. ETA: Back now. I got antibiotics and painkillers And yogurt! If I don't eat probiotics while I'm on antibiotics I end up getting thrush. Thrush in the same mouth as an abscess is something I definitely do not want!!! I have to go back to the dentist tomorrow when he will puncture the abscess and drain it. Then for the next two or three days I have to go back each day to get checked. Hopefully by next Wednesday I'll be able to keep my appointment to have the root canal.
  10. I've got a tooth abscess. I knew I had it since last time I was at dentist. It wasn't bothering me in the slightest but I wanted to nip it in the bud before it did so I scheduled a 2 hours appointment on June 28 to take care of it (root canal, build up, etc.). The abscess decided it couldn't wait. On Saturday it was like a switch was flipped and my mouth went from being fine to serious pain quite quickly. Now the right side of my face is visibly swollen, I don't look like me, I've got a fat lip, my sinus cavities in my face feel very hard to the touch, especially on the right side, I can't sleep, and I'm in agony. I've got an emergency appointment for the dentist today. If on the very slight chance anyone is feeling Deja vu, this very same thing happened to me in summer of 2011.
  11. Not as long as JMS has a say in it. He does want to reboot B5, or at least he has at one point, but he wants it to be his way and JMS and Warner Bros. haven't really got around to working out how to get started on it.
  12. I assume you mean Tim Choate (Zathras) as the major recurring actor. However, we also lost Efrem Zimbalist Jr. a few years ago, at least he had a full life, something that sadly does not seem true for the rest. But he is another (somewhat) major recurring character of the series that has passed. I requested it on Netflix just a few days ago. I've got the entire series on DVD, also on VHS that I recorded, every episode, every movie, and Crusade as well. I even recorded the episode "Chrysalis" on its first run so it has the error when they forgot to add the CGI background in one scene, where Londo is talking to Morden in the garden, in the background instead of the station's garden vista it's all sound stage and an "Exit" door. Exit to where? Out into space? I've been thinking of digging out my DVD's and doing a rewatch. Except any fan of X-Files should watch the Crusade episode "Visitors From Down The Street" it is so worth it. Also, if you really enjoyed B5 and really wanted more of that universe, I'd say go ahead and watch Crusade, especially if you went ahead and watched the movie "A Call To Arms". The first half of the series which had most of TNT's meddling is tedious, but the second half is not bad, the B5 centered episodes have much the same feel as watching the lesser B5 TV movies. Just prepare for it to end without resolutions and even then you could pick up the "Legions of Fire" book trilogy by Peter David that is canon for a modicum of closure.
  13. Whoa! Mind bending shit there! Never realized before how much the president has in common with a duck!
  14. Who's got the sweetest disposition? Proof Donald IS a puppet!!! Also, "Dumb Donald" is all ready a coined nick name. He was one of Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids, the one with the hat that covered most his face, no, not Mushmouth, he was the one with the poof ball hat that was not pulled down over his face, yellow shirt, scarf, and buck teeth.
  15. NASA's Wallops Island launch for this evening scrubbed once again, apparently due to high winds. Looking forward to when they finally are able to launch it, I can see any launch from Wallops Island from my front yard.