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  1. Today my father and I both went to get haircuts, I hadn't had one since last September, he hadn't had one in a bout a year. His beard was getting into duck dynasty territory. We both feel better now. As I was getting ready when got out of the shower the TV was on with breaking news about the attack in London. Just before I left home the phone rang, caller ID said "Joneboro, GA". It was a recording, it said to put pressure on my congressman to repeal the ACA and to press "1" if I wanted to be connected to his office. I said "Eff You! Eff You! Eff You! Eff You!" into the phone and hung up. (if my mom wasn't in the room when I answered the phone I wouldn't have said "Eff") On the way home we passed a car with a confederate flag sticking out its back. Then we passed a field and I saw three deer grazing. I love it when I catch glimpses of deer, rabbits, owls, herons, and other animals out in thw wild. There's so much bullshit in the world but at least I can take advantage of small moments of beauty, serenity, and contentment and appreciate them all the more.
  2. Dogs

    They are adorable! So it's recently come to my attention of the rescue of many Keeshonden from a New York puppy mill. The Keeshond is my most beloved breed and not only that, but these dogs are now in Maryland, the state where I live. I'm sending both an application for fostering and adoption with a detailed letter of who I am and the lifestyle a dog can expect living with me. Getting a health screened puppy from the reputable puppy breeder that's not a puppy mill is still on the table for me, but we'll see, right now this seems something I just can not ignore.
  3. The dark underbelly of Facebook groups

    You know that show Game of Thrones? Well there's this forum that... Just kidding, this forum means the world to me and I'm a better person for having been a part of it. I don't belong to facebook or any other groups really, though I watch a lot of YouTube videos. The flat-earthers really annoy me and there seems to be more of them all the time. I don't even go looking for flat earth conspiracy videos but I watch videos from Nasa or about astronomy and space exploration or something about a scientist like Galileo, studies involving Antarctica, weather phenomenons, or something seemingly innocuous as animal migration or time zones, I tell myself I shouldn't look in the comments but it's like I can feel them down there and I have to see. Sure enough there's always a few there. The silly trolls are easy to spot, but with the serious ones, Poe's Law has the right of it, sometimes I feel I just have to assume they are all trolls, if not and they really believed the things they said they should be too stupid to function. Other times I feel some of them can't be faking their sincerity with such commitment. I don't think what bothers me the most is that they actually believe the earth is flat. I think it's their insistence that they believe so because they have their eyes open and question everything. The stupid sheeple thing. It annoys me that people think that denying established truths and nothing else denotes wisdom. I'm all for questioning everything, but that's only the first step, the next steps include weighing empirical evidence and listening to explanations and trying to understand as much as you can. It is folly, not wisdom, to defy the establishment simply because they are the establishment, as much as it is to follow the establishment blindly. Established knowledge is like Wikipedia, it's a good place to get a starting off point, a general idea of something you want to know about, you just can't take for absolute truths the specifics without expanding your own understanding from numerous other sources. Being contrary, it can be a good thing for a thought experiment or argumentative practice, or to continually challenge commonly held beliefs to prove why they should remain commonly held. But being contrary for contrary's sake, so much so that you refuse overwhelming evidence, so much that you lose objectivity beyond reason, it just irks me.
  4. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Hello darkness my old friend...
  5. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Last night the Stallone movie Bullet To The Head came on and I watched it for the second time. I remember the movie came out around the same time as a post governator Schwarzenegger movie and A Good Day To Die Hard, all during movie studios usual January-February put out the trash months. I remember thinking of the three, none of them very good, Bullet was the best. On rewatching the movie I confirmed that opinion, but not only is it not that bad, it's actually barely a smidgeon on the side of good. It's got an 80's sub par Lethal Weapon feel or an 80's Schwarzenegger cop or revenge movie feel (you know, any of the movies he did in the 80's that wasn't sci-fi/fantasy or Commando). I'd actually recommend it. I felt pretty similar to you did after watching the first episode. I was unenthusiastic about to keep going with it and dragged my feet. However, after, or maybe during, the third episode it got really good and I whole heartedly binged the rest. I won't say that the plot holes or clich├ęs completely get explained or disappear, I think it does tighten up though, but it's the acting and the directing that's excellent and it becomes compelling and most of all just really damn fun to watch whether you can guess what's coming or not.
  6. The Ethics of Halloween Costumes

    My mom dressed me up as Poncho Villa one year for Halloween when I was a kid. Had the Disneyworld sombrero, a poncho, and mascara created facial hair. Won 3rd place in the school costume contest. It was ~30 years ago of course.
  7. What happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons

    Dick Clark hosted ABC's specials for a few years. They always got me ready for the new season in the fall. How about Cartoon All Stars to the rescue? All the Saturday morning cartoons crossover to tell kids not to smoke dope. It was on every channel one Saturday morning and then you could rent it at the video store for free.
  8. What happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons

    You speak sacrilege!
  9. What happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons

    Scot, I didn't think I could hold you in anymore esteem than I did and then you go and raise my respect of you through the roof! Mighty Orbots was my absolute favorite Saturday morning cartoon. You know the reason it only got one season? It's ratings were solid. However, Tonka sued because they had Gobots, and advertised them as "Mighty Robots, Mighty Vehicles" and felt "Mighty Orbots" was too similar. The Producers didn't think fighting it was worth the hassle and just stopped making the show. Stupid Tonka Another show that I loved and I don't hear hardly anyone talking about it was Space Stars. An hour long show with 4 or 5 segments, it had new episodes of Space Ghost and Herculoids, also a new team called Teen Force and Astro (from The Jetsons) and the Space Mutts. Characters from the different segments would crossover and team up all the time. Also loved Superfriends. That was the first TV show that I got excited over. But, wow most of it is so unwatchable now. The only episodes I can actually watch now are from the Challenge of The Superfriends season and the final seasons when it became The Legendary Super Powers Show. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and the incredible Hulk Hour also great. The Real Ghostbusters, so good. Other Saturday morning cartoons I watched: Smurfs, Pac-Man, Turbo Teen, Plastic Man, Riche Rich, Little Rascals, Puppy Adventures, Garfield and Friends, Muppet Babies, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Pink Panther, Gary Coleman Show, Aniamted Punky Brewster, Animated Happy Days, Animated Laverne and Shirley, Animated Mork & Mindy, Galaxy High School, Alf, Thundar the Barbarian, Blackstar, Hong Kong Phooey, Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, Saturday Supercade, Captain N: The Game Master, Weekend Special and various Popeye The Sailor incarnations. Where I lived the first season of Transformers was a Saturday morning cartoon then by season 2 it became a weekday show. Repackaged Looney Tunes were always a part of Saturday mornings, I always liked them as a kid, but it wasn't until I got older that I really appreciated how great they were. Also, how are kids supposed to learn anything without School House Rock, Time For Timer, In The News, Metric Marvels, and One To Grow On? I thought I was done with Saturday morning but then Fox had X-Men and new episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. Then I was an adult and still I came back when KidsWB! brought The New Batman/Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond, Freakazoid, The Zeta Project, Static Shock, and Pinky and the Brain to Saturday morning. Definitely brings a tear to my eye to think the tradition is no more. The Theme of Saturday Mornings.
  10. Humans (Channel 4/AMC)

    Just got around to watching season 2 on AMC On Demand this week. I forgot how much I loved this show. I'm on S2E4 and thoroughly enjoying myself!
  11. Dogs

    Lily Valley, Thinking of you and Augie and sending positive vibes. Don't know how much advice I can offer. Maybe a large crate or pen to confine him and his mess for a few hours? I dealt with Winter being a very anxious puppy that would have diarrhea all night so bad she'd bleed, when I got her a large crate it was like magic for her, at bedtime I'd open the door and she'd happily go in on her own, be content all night and at around 5 or 6am I'd start to stir and she'd hear me and begin to whine. I'd take her outside to do her business, but she was always a good girl in her crate all night. It'd be different for a senior dog with incontinence issues of course, but maybe keeping the mess localized to one area would help. Best of luck.
  12. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Rental service. It's the original service Netflix did before they added streaming. They send you DVD's in the mail, you send them back, they get them and send more out.
  13. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I got Netflix DVD's (yes there are people still doing this, but I'm pretty sure my days with that part of the service are numbered). I've got: Justice League Dark, Denial, and Bad Moms. That's the order I'm thinking of watching them in too, unless there's a reason I shouldn't?
  14. Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    Can't be that poor if everyone else gets what they mean. If you are asleep in a darkened room during an hour of sunlight versus being awake, up, and about, then yes, you are getting an extra hour of sunlight. But, hey, I also think Ben Kenobi's "certain point of view" explanation was a clever write around for telling Luke Vader killed his father, so that scene never bothers me in "A New Hope". So I can be lenient with phrasings.
  15. Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    If we didn't have the DST switch then we wouldn't get these threads, so yeah, it needs to stay!