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  1. Wow. The mental gymnastics you performed there in the last paragraph are impressive. Thank you for letting me know you haven’t a fucking clue what you’re talking about.
  2. What does a school shooting have to do with an extended torture scene?
  3. As far as I know, Long hasn’t knelt due to his personal beliefs. But he has place his arm around Malcolm Jenkins shoulders since the preseason to show his support for the protest and for racial equality. I highly recommend that everyone read the things Long has had to say on the subject. He’s pretty fucking awesome. I believe that the check donations were in response to Charlottesville, since he attended the University of Virginia. He’s a pretty righteous dude.
  4. Or not. Fuckin Bears.
  5. That’s only a glitch if those are Chargers fans. If they’re fans of the visiting team, then it’s just an example of the level of realism the game has achieved.
  6. You'd be missing him for seven weeks. The Cowboys have their bye sometime during that period.
  7. He's pretty much done now, right? White says Jones tested positive for some sort of steroid at 214.
  8. The Coen brothers wrote the movie.
  9. I think the explanation for Kim is pretty simple. She's used to living frugally, and to doing everything on her own. While some who suddenly come into money might suddenly start spending extravagantly (Jimmy), she's gone the opposite route and continues to scrimp and save. It's simply how she's accustomed to living and working.
  10. For me, Nacho's best part in this episode was the look he gave his father when he came in to work. There looked to be genuine love in his eyes. Fine acting.
  11. If it's any consolation, I think Shevchenko is going to beat Nunes. So there's that.
  12. Considering how well Rose's striking looked against Waterson, not much better. IMO, Joanna Champion is the best striker in the UFC. There may be some who are faster, and some who hit harder, but her technique is just sublime and clean. I'd say there's almost no doubt that she wins the 125 belt too. eta: Thug Rose is one of my favorite fighters, and she has plenty of time to develop her skills further. I see a championship in her future, but not now. Jedrzejczyk is just too good.
  13. These last couple of years his weekly interviews had apparently become a highlight. It seems he'd made an effort to improve in that regard.
  14. Not only that, but he uses Jordan's name right there! It's like he's rubbing his nose in it!
  15. Not only did he back him, Kelly gave him some sort of year end award. I'll see if I can find a story on it. Edit: Scratch that, his teammates voted him the award. I think he gets more respect from teammates and around the league than he gets from most. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18379314/colin-kaepernick-san-francisco-49ers-voted-teammates-winner-len-eshmont-award