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  1. RIP EHK

    Hello All, I want to start by thanking you for the outpouring of condolences and sympathies. Many of you were good friends of my brothers and had met him in places abroad, others only knew him as EHK or EHK for Darwin. I was really touching how all of you came together for him during this terrible time for all of us. For those of you interested and I hope this helps and gives some semblance of closure to you. He passed away on 4-July 2009. His cause of death was determined to be a heart attack. He had no prior symptoms and no health concerns before this. They found advanced blockages on the left side of his heart. This is not supposed to happen to a 29 year old. We did have some family history of heart disease, but this was wholly unexpected. At 29 you are still at the beginning of your life. He had already done so much and we really looked forward to so much more from him. Mostly we all looked forward to more time with him. I looked forward to more debates and beer and cigars with him. Many of you, I am sure, looked forward to many more witty posts or visits to Chicago or abroad. When it is your time I guess it is your time. If anyone has any comments or questions I will be checking his account every so often. Thanks again to all of you who knew him as a friend or acquaintance. Sincerely, Chris Wilcox
  2. RIP EHK

    Hello All, My name is Chris Wilcox. My brother Tom was EHK for Darwin. I know many of you chatted with him on this site and may have been friends with him. Sadly he died suddenly on Saturday 4-July. The browser on his computer was left open to this site, however, I do not have his password and will never be able to log back into this. I wanted to share this with those of you who knew him. If anyone is interested in details about the wake and funeral you can email me at [email protected] I am sorry to have to share this sad news with all of you. He will be missed. Sincerely, Chris Wilcox
  3. Babylon 5

    [quote name='Shryke' post='1743950' date='Apr 3 2009, 14.57']Cult Leaders come in many shapes and sizes, but all are annoying.[/quote] SHRYKE HATES JESUS!
  4. Babylon 5

    [quote name='Shryke' post='1743908' date='Apr 3 2009, 14.34']Byron is SUPPOSED to be annoying. He's a self-righteous dick of a cult leader. He talks high and mighty, but really is much less of a good person then he likes to pretend. A good character for the story, but even Ghandi, if he met him in real life, would punch him in the nutsack.[/quote] I don't see how that forgives the character or the writers for putting him in there. Wesley Crusher could have been intended to be the ultimate irritating brat, but you still want to skip every scene he's in and lynch the actor/writers/producers responsible for him.
  5. Babylon 5

    [quote name='Shryke' post='1743873' date='Apr 3 2009, 14.12']Seriously, WTF is with the urge to skip over stuff?[/quote] Normally I'd agree with you. But we're talking about a telepathic, pacifist, hippy cult leader Fabio as the main focus of the first part of the season. I wouldn't wish that pain upon anyone.
  6. Quit smoking, EHK, if you haven't already. Don't be like Darling. Just in case you didn't see my thread.

  7. You have more profile views than I do. Jeez! :)

  8. Doin' my bit to bump your profile views count.

  9. 10/10. ass to ass, baby.