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  1. The galling thing is that this is seen as a feature, not a bug, and people who are frustrated without having any access to help are told that they are experiencing things in a new way. Also, when you try and use the help command you are told contradictory things and then are blamed for not understanding both at the same time. Oh, right, and for those people who have some vague idea that they have figured it out, they're told that they didn't figure out anything, all they saw was random number generation, and the reality is that there isn't anything special there, it's just randomness.
  2. Thank goodness I can finally talk about it.
  3. It's another reason that a parliamentary monarchy is good - having a family that is there to appear royal, elegant, mannered, important but isn't actually the ruling factor is a GREAT way to diffuse the idea that the rulers have to not only be good rulers, but have to be really hot and nice and whatnot.
  4. Or how in Daredevil, Hand flunkies didn't fear death and apparently got resurrected. Not just Nobu, but random dude who had autopsy cuts and then came back. The idea that Alexandra gave up ALL of their substance for the Black Sky should make everyone pissed off - not just the 5 fingers of the Hand.
  5. I don't see why they need to figure out why Kellhus failed in order to defeat the No-God; beating the No-God isn't the same as stopping the Consult from starting it up. For instance, the easiest way to stop the Consult is to simply kill all the Anasurimbors, and that isn't going to work as a good strategy. I don't think that TAE was about validating Akka's worldview. If it were, we would have seen Mimara Judge him. It does, and I loved it. It wasn't always great, and there were some filler bits - and I really didn't like S5 all that much. But the story arc was handled about as perfectly as any story arc of any medium anywhere has been, it's very rewatchable, it's obviously internally consistent with a clear plan and satisfying answers. Yeah, I don't think it's about the smaller inconsistencies that matter, it's the larger ones that are meant to not have clear answers while simultaneously promising clear answers. Like, I can reasonably enjoy Kelmomas getting to the golden room, though I think it doesn't work as well from a narrative perspective to have him just show up (and it apparently confused a whole lot of readers, so there's more evidence that it didn't work well), but it doesn't make me dislike the series. Finding out that Kellhus never planned on Ajokli taking him over robs the series of massive narrative heft, by comparison. Mimara's story just stopping and her simply giving birth at the battle robs the story of a good narrative arc for her and Akka. Though the cunny-sniffing dragon remains incredibly stupid.
  6. I am not remotely convinced of that. I suspect whatever graveyard takes him will have to be dedicated as a superfund site. On Bloomberg - to be clear, I don't care at all about the 'government as business' bullshit, though it's clear that there are a whole lot of very gullible people who do. I don't like his fiscal conservatism all that much either. However, he is a sane person who believes in government to get things done, especially socially, and he is someone who I think could plausibly piss off Trump and take out some of Trump's conservative voters as they could reasonably state they're voting for someone palatable. In a perfect world he'd try to primary Trump, but barring that (and I really don't think that's likely) him running Dem wouldn't be too bad. Him running independent would be horrifying unless miraculously congress becomes Democratic, and I don't see that happening.
  7. He chose not to run against Trump because his data showed that this would likely cause Trump to win, if he went independent. If he went Democrat, however, that's another story entirely.
  8. I'm pretty sure Madame Gao said something like "New York will fall, just like it should".
  9. And going back to the violence inherent in the system, this person makes a very good argument about why not to use violence - or at least certain *kinds* of violence. Namely, the 'many sides' argument is precisely what was used in the past, and anything that looks like disorderly brawling favors authoritarians and people's instincts to support whatever group supports lawful behavior. To me, this signals that violence is perfectly acceptable - as a tool, when shown to be very organized and capable, professional, and defensive. Note that the militias down there didn't get a lot of flak from either side. Perhaps that is more of what is needed. https://twitter.com/zeynep/status/899262738240851969
  10. Honestly, I think I'd like Bloomberg to go Democrat.
  11. That plus the AMA definitely does so. What I think people were hoping for is a revelation of what the sides were and what they were going for, and maybe their plan. And the next series would be less revelation, and more resolution. This would be the B5 pattern, where most everything was revealed in S3 and then took about a season and a half of resolving it. Instead, I think we got the answer that there is simply not going to be any kind of actual revelation, and the resolutions are not remotely determined yet. I don't see why, but okay. To me, it's far more interesting to deal with the survivors having to fight and possibly defeat the No-God than it is to look back at all the ways Kellhus fucked up.
  12. I agree. What I think people will want in 2020 is someone who has gravitas and takes the oath seriously, and is talkikng about policy and the like. It isn't about them being able to articulate the policy - it's about someone who shows they care about it. A charismatic, serious person would be really good as a counterweight to Trump.
  13. I think that the accuracy of some parts is really overblown, but for certain populations (especially, say, Ashkenazi Jews), the genetic markers are well-studied and apparent enough that it's not that hard to figure it out. What was really cool in my case is that it linked me up with someone else who took the test and turned out to be a long-lost cousin, who confirmed that entire side of my family was Jewish and had fled Lithuania during the Pogroms in the turn of the century.
  14. I think that you have to simply block the predisposition stuff at the legal level, regardless. There are going to be so many ways to block people based on information - genetic, social media, fitbit stats - that you should simply take the base argument that affordable healthcare is a right for all, period, and bake that into law.
  15. For the reason that Democrats were all "I don't know, Clinton is not perfect, so I think I'll stay home". Just like they did with Gore. Because Democrats have to really love someone to come out, apparently. I think a younger POTUS is a good idea in general (both Bill Clinton and Obama brought energy to the office). I don't think that making Trump look nonsensical matters in the least. My gut suspicion is that you need to get someone who is serious, who is mature, and who can make good arguments based on policy and is no-drama.