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  1. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    If you're talking about us, well, we've kind of talked that out to death. That, and there's very little to Trump to actually get into. The wall is stupid and useless, his tax plans are idiotic and regressive, his foreign policy is both inarticulate and wildly self-contradictory. He desires to use unconstitutional tactics on ethnic minorities and admires the most authoritarian rulers on the planet. However, we also recognize that while we think this, a whole lot of people don't. A whole lot of people are willing to make the equivalence that because Clinton is bad with email it means that Trump fucking over every single person he works with is the same thing. Or because Bill Clinton had affairs, it's totally fine that Trump raped his wife.
  2. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Wait - you think it's perfectly fine ethically to cheat on your spouse and the mother of your children, but it's not ethically fine to represent legally someone who you are duty-bound to legally represent? Cheating on his wives is not 'his business' by itself. It's also his wives' business. And his children's business. Perhaps over Bill Clinton - but certainly not Hillary Clinton.
  3. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    I think it's less being undecided on whether or not to vote for Trump or Clinton and being undecided on whether or not a person NEEDS to vote against Trump and for Clinton to stop...well, that Trumpiness. And in that, the debate was pretty successful.
  4. I don't think it's particularly confusing. It might be less meaningful, but there's really not that much plot-level depth there and the 'what comes before' does a very good job of summing up the books before it - often with far more clarity than the actual narratives.
  5. Not quite. It can affect if you are damned or not - because per Bakker if you believe in lies and spread lies you can harm other people, and that specifically can cause damnation. As far as I can tell any action that you take that could cause others to take actions that would damn them will also damn you. But it doesn't affect the flavor of your damnation. If you think that you're going to roast in hell and your friend thinks they're going to be frozen to death - those things don't matter in the least. As to Koringhus - my theory is that between being completely forgiven and absolved of all sins by Mimara and then consuming the qirri, he was as close to being sinless as any human could possibly be and knew that he could transcend the damnation cycle and the pool of souls. It wasn't his belief in this - it was his actual knowledge of this, and him leaping to his death and joining the absolute was as deterministic as the gravity that pulled him to the earth and killed him. (an aside: it would have been really funny if Koringhus jumped off and was just really, really hurt). In that way it is perfectly like Kierkegaard's leap of faith into God's open arms. My bet on Saubon seeing the plains again was that he was heavily connected to that place in the Outside via his actions and behaviors, and so it's natural for him to see it again. It exists on Earwa and the Outside after all. It is a place, too.
  6. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    If he cheated on Melania (or is cheating on her right now) that would be a fairly big deal. It would also almost entirely mute any attacks on Hillary from Bill's infidelity.
  7. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Well, first one was his connections to foreign governments and how he cannot be unlinked with government policies. I'd imagine that the next one would be another connection to foreign groups, possibly to do with his loans or his commitments.
  8. Grammar and Terminology Question

    I"m guessing 'matriarchal breeding unit' isn't gonna fly here
  9. SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars II

    Typically when a child is born in a non-national place (such as on an intercontinental flight, or in Antarctica) they are subject to the citizenship rights and rules of the parent's citizenship. I would imagine the same rules would apply.
  10. SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars II

    Maybe. My suspicion is that early on it'll act like the laws around Antarctica outposts do - as a multigovernmental shared organization overseen by something like the UN. It's going to be a long time before it matters who gets to 'own' it.
  11. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    If you would like to add your voice to what Trump will debate next time, you can do so! https://www.gop.com/debate-prep-survey/
  12. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    For those of you thinking that Trump attacking Bill on his infidelity makes no sense, keep in mind that it does make perfect sense and is, in fact, a devastating attack - as far as Trump is concerned. Because to Trump and Giuliani and many, many others, having an affair is the fault of the wife. Trump is not at fault for cheating on Ivana and Marla. If they were better, more attractive, more satisfying women then he would not feel the need to have an affair. If they had been more loving or kind or better in bed or had better breasts they he wouldn't need to have an affair. But they weren't as good as the next one - weren't as young, as attractive, as good at sex, whatever - so it is their fault and by that token they are bad. For him, bringing up Bill Clinton's infidelity isn't to point out how bad infidelity is because obviously he's fine with infidelity. To Trump, infidelity isn't a problem. Obviously - because he has to live with it himself, he's justified it in his mind in many different ways. And the likely way he's justified it is that simply the women before him didn't deserve him and weren't good enough for him. So, naturally, criticizing Hillary for Bill makes sense. For a whole lot of cheaters this will resonate. For a whole lot of people cheated on, this is alien butthole void crab logic.
  13. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Minding their own business is an interesting way of putting it when you literally are given the power to make a choice and you squander it. But yes, completely hiding your head in the sand and ignoring anyone else's problems is certainly something to do, and the problem definitely identifies those people better than many others.
  14. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Yes, both of those things are true. She is angry at Clinton, and does think that Clinton lied (though I'm not sure about what, precisely). That is certainly her view, and I'm very sympathetic towards it. It does not, however, indicate a moral failing. Here's the problem I have with your viewpoint: what was Clinton to do otherwise? If she refuses to represent this rapist, her clinic idea is gone and the notion of representing the poor is out the window. Or worse, she gets put in contempt and someone else represents him anyway. If she fails to do a good job in representation, the judge and the whole system looks at her as either incompetent or in contempt. And if she attempts to aid the complainant in any way after she is the representative of the defendant she is unable to practice law in any capacity for the rest of her life.
  15. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Also, Chuck Tingle's twitter feed about the debate was one of the most amazing things in this election.