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  1. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    ... Honestly, I got nothing. I think you are 100% right.
  2. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Ya know, intellectually I understand how bad he is, but then I read an article like this and get outraged all over again at how completely unsuitable Trump actually is.
  3. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    It's not a bad analysis, it's just potentially incomplete. The important point to consider is that him signing no major laws so far does not mean that things aren't working well or that he isn't going to work well with congress, and implying such is almost certainly going to be wrong. Relying on congress and Trump not getting along despite the record so far - where there have been zero vetos and only one failure of a cabinet pick despite the sheer incompetence and brazen corruption of said picks - is going to lead to a bad time.
  4. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Everyone does not, actually, know that. Point in fact, much of the rural areas with almost no immigration or refugees believe these are all criminals who must leave right now, and that the country will be better off - and these are who Trump listens to and supports. And yet the actual order calls for this. You keep doing this - you keep saying that you don't believe something will happen, and then it happens. That's really not remotely what the case is. Half of undocumented immigrants in the US haven't been 'home' in more than 10 years. They don't have a marginal life - they have good jobs, go to school, are part of the community, own houses, own cars, own businesses. The notion that undocumented immigrants are just living in near-poverty no matter what is one of the least educated, most prejudiced views that continue to exist - it is the 2010 version of the welfare queen talk of Reagan. And yes, there are absolutely some who are exploited and are as you describe - but it certainly isn't most.
  5. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    For some aspects, sure. For others - like having deportation camps, or allowing for expedited deportation to countries that they don't even know you come from, or using local law enforcement to enforce deportation orders, or sending people over to Mexico before their court hearing - none of these cost anything new and are well within the DHS boundaries. And we know this because the DHS is already doing them. Trump has signed as many bills into effect as Obama has in his first few days. Per 538, Trump is right on pace with basically everyone else. And given that congress simply has to fund these things and that does not require anything more than a simple majority, there's no good indication that he won't get these DHS fundings if he wants them (as they require no new laws, merely budget).
  6. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Holy fuck, clean room 16 steps things up. It went from a slow burn to mother fuckers getting some serious ass kicking.
  7. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Oh hey, look, here's Trump's plans on immigration. Basically anyone other than DACA is a target, local police can be deputized and used, anyone put into any police database can be held indefinitely, there will be random camps near the border to hold people indefinitely, and it's pretty much precisely what I said it would be under Trump when asked 'how can he do this without more money'.
  8. Bakker XLVI: Make Eärwa Great Again

    I don't believe for a second that he loved Serwe. He might have loved Esme - though citation fucking needed for that one - but Serwe was always a tool and a goad against others, specifically Cnaiur.
  9. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Ooh, good article. Ooh, exceptionally bad interpretation of said good article.
  10. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Well, he doesn't really run a corporation - he runs a family business. And like a lot of family businesses his personal prejudices and animosities are very, VERY prevalent and influential.
  11. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    I don't actually think that Roosevelt was particularly contradictory; he had a very clear ethos and was exceptionally good at articulating both it and the reasons for it. He was contradictory perhaps in his party affiliation, but he was one of the presidents that really went far beyond party affiliations towards what he felt was right. One of the things that's really interesting to me about Roosevelt is how much his views basically never changed from year to year, and certainly didn't because of political expediency. As to what Obama could have done - he was fine with DWS being the DNC chair, and under her watch Dems basically gave up major contests without any kind of strategy. State and local races were not organized well and were definitely not supported at the federal level. Obama also gave every 2010 race MASSIVE turnout because of the ACA - ramming that down everyone's throats hurt a lot of his capital, politically, and 2010 was a big counterattack to that. The losses in the house and senate hurt a lot, don't get me wrong, but losing massive states and local levels has potentially crippled the Democratic party for a generation. There just aren't nearly as many people coming up. Obama needed to be a lot more active in the party encouraging what kinds of people he wanted, encouraging more participation and sponsoring races. He needed to be more hands-on and far more active, and as I said above his style was to let others do a lot of this. That worked for him exceptionally well but in this it failed.
  12. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    I'll give some baselines first. I'd rate FDR and Lincoln as 10. Teddy Roosevelt as 9. (he's my personally favorite president, but he didn't deal with as much as FDR and Lincoln did) Obama is a 7. He dealt with one of the biggest crises in modern presidential history and dealt with it decisively and well. He brought in the first medical reform in 50 years. He was entirely scandal-free, ethically very strong, very intelligent and had one of the best first families ever. And he was historic in his race. However, his foreign relations ranged from being adequate to hideous, he continued the expansion of presidential power at the expense of congress, he was never able to get congress to work with him and probably most importantly on his watch the entire Democratic party fell into the sea at local, state and federal levels.
  13. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Doing unpopular things has ramifications beyond your term, as the Democrats found out this year. And he did, kind of, shove the states rights things into the Republican's faces. By...doing nothing. That was kind of Obama's style, which was to simply let things go if he wanted to make a stand but not get too much flak for it. He did the same thing with legalization of gay marriage. It was effective if not particularly brave.
  14. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    For starters it'd be massively unpopular to do so. Most people believe illegal drugs are not good, that criminals bringing drugs into the country are not good, etc. There's certainly no national outcry to do so. However, he also did not encourage prosecution of states that legalized pot, and that was something that if he had a desire to he could have easily pushed for. This is something that Sessions et al will almost certainly do here soon. Also note that quite a lot of drug prosecution (much like quite a lot of private jails) have nothing to do with the federal government. They are states issues first and foremost. There's only so much he could do.
  15. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Yeah, you can't do that without massive allocation of more resources, at least not in a timely fashion. Current immigration law requires that every one of them has a hearing, every one of them has representation allowed, every one of them will be negotiated with their country of origin. That's kind of the big problem with US immigration policy right now that everyone wants to solve, which is that the US simply does not have the resources to enforce the law on everyone that is here without documentation, and as a result the US must prioritize in some way. For Obama, his goal was to crackdown hard on any actual criminals while protecting those who had never committed a crime and going even further and legitimizing some of those who had been here at an early age without any choice in the matter. Trump appears to be wanting to just get the easiest ones he can.