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  1. Except the reporter asked about his feelings on the CBO score. And from the audio it is clear he didn't know who Jacobs was.
  2. Though reading on that, this isn't that at all. That was an actual offically documented meeting between two officials in an official area. It wasn't precisely the same protocol, but it wasn't hidden in any way and was, as it turns out, absurdly well-documented (as was their relationship). This...I don't know what this is. This is a deliberate attempt to circumvent the US intelligence community to establish communications with a group that had literally stolen information from our country. I just...argh. Like, the best I can say is that they were trying to do this for the good of the country and did it without deliberate malice, but it is still an incredibly stupid, insecure (in the security sense) act. And that's at best.
  3. Like, on the one hand this seems incredibly, horribly bad. It violates the Logan act in an incredible way, it goes against every single principle we have about how to deal with foreign affairs and violates something like all of the Espionage Act (or at least is trying to). The biggest problem of all of this is that the US party was trying to actually use Russian communication devices to do this, which is...well, it's super insane. On the other hand, I'm not sure that it's actually that horrible because I don't know what the intent is, and simply having a backchannel to other countries is not by itself necessarily bad; IIRC, Kennedy essentially had one with Kruschev that stopped the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  4. So this seems kind of like a big deal. But honestly, I don't know if it is or not.
  5. I like that we went from this being a socialist utopian battlecry to a very real fear that the machines would rise up and kill us as a general AI took everything over.
  6. Hey now, we know that all violence is wrong unless it's the non-elite killing all the elite, in which case it's totally cool, yo.
  7. More common is a very charitable way of saying it.
  8. One can argue that someone who is willing to punch out reporters for disagreements is not suited to run for office while be entirely believing one should punch nazis. These things really aren't contradictory in any meaningful way unless you think that politicians should punch out Spenser.
  9. Seriously, this is awesome as hell.
  10. Holy crap, did they do a disturbingly good job of capturing rural America.
  11. There are all of two correct predictions now, though one is correct only on a technicality.
  12. You are, however, for believing that it is more important that people hold on to their property than it is to fund social programs on a moral level. Similarly, you are for thinking that it's far worse of a crime to be taxed than it is to let people die for lack of food or clothing.
  13. Well, what I have isn't the retail thing at all - it's the devkit. So the design is going to likely be quite a bit different. The devkit has all sorts of cool bells and whistles - two NICs, a special USB3 transfer system for rapid deployment of bits, two different drives, and even a cool LED panel in front that does things like display the IP address or what's currently being run (which is useful if it's headless). What impresses me the most is that it's really small. Even with it being the devkit it's like smaller than an xbox one classic and close to the size of the xbox one S. I can only think that the actual thing is going to be even smaller. Way, WAY smaller than the PS4 pro or whatever it's called.
  14. Mike Glennon is going to be fantasy GOLD next year
  15. Promoting eugenics views right now is probably a smidgen more disruptive, especially when you're doing it not scientifically any more.