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  1. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Except here's the thing - this persona that you're claiming is a ruse has been both his public and private persona for 30 years. His biographer states that he is almost precisely like what we see - attention deficit, can't sit still, can't think on one thing for more than a bit, stream of consciousness, and massively egotistical and spiteful. We have absurd amounts of eyewitness accounts, interviews, and his own talking that makes him precisely what we see. Other than you thinking it implausible, there is not a single bit of evidence to think that this is an act.
  2. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Yeah...seriously. One of the only policies that Trump has coherently pushed forward is appeasement of Russia. The only plank that they removed from the RNC platform was the knocking of the Ukraine. Seriously - that was the only thing they had any comment on. His comments on NATO not being backed if Russia attacks the Baltics, of allowing the annexation and recognizing it, of praising Putin on multiple occasions - this is literally the only thing that he's been consistent on from a foreign policy perspective, and one that he's actually doubled down on.
  3. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    I'm assuming you're being sarcastic, but personally? Yeah, I am very scared. I don't want my kids to grow up in a nation where we condemn people because of what they believe in without due process, or can deport 10 million people who have been living here peacefully for 5 years and who have American citizens as children. I don't want my daughter to be discriminated against because she's bi. I don't want women's rights to be further eroded. I don't want the possibility that my son, who has cancer, is going to lose his health insurance and be forced to be bankrupt his entire life. These are real, present, scary things that affect me, personally.
  4. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Well, with a Trump presidency chances are good said senate will also be in Republican hands, and it's not like the democrats can block it or refuse to hear it. But yes, I suppose a 'silver lining' is that we could have a massively deadlocked government for the next 4 years and have something like a SC of 5-6 people. Yay?
  5. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    But they're US citizens being sent away. If they're being repatriated, they're being sent to their own country...which is the US. Again, I know of no way for the government to remove US citizenship from a US citizen currently. A citizen can by changing their citizenship (there is no way to get dual citizenship if you are already a US citizen - once you claim another citizenship you volunteer to renounce your US citizenship) but the US can't do it by force. The civil servant thing is the scariest thing to me, as it basically means you can be fired for not believing in the official viewpoint. This in a government system is a very, very big autocratic disaster.
  6. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Maybe. While this is true, they have since made this act specifically illegal, and as a friend of @Mandy's pointed out you can rescind executive orders via laws. But others would test things.
  7. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Well, that I find less likely. There is no reasonable way that I could expect congress to go along with any kind of deportation of any US citizen on any ground, and it's also rife with issues such as...where would they go? Who is taking these people that have been unpatriated? It's some bluster to talk about with Gingrich and Trump that so absurdly, obviously violates the 1st amendment and the rules of citizenship that it would be immediately stopped as an executive order and would never be voted into law. But yeah, it's scary. Another scary thing I had forgotten. Trump and Christie want to make it so that people can be fired for their political views in our government. This destroys a massive cornerstone of the US system. And there is almost nothing that can be done to stop it if he's elected. (yeah, @DanteGabriel, I had forgotten about that)
  8. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Doesn't really matter, to tell the truth. Fictional Kennedy is super popular.
  9. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Wow. Okay, per this guy, Russia has been financing an army of online  trolls to be pro-Trump. This world is amazing and horrible in a Bruce Sterling way.
  10. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Trump ending the US electorate system is a very remote possibility. It is in line with his goals and ideals, but it's unlikely. Here are things that are likely: It is likely that he'd end the EPA. It is likely that he would say that he wouldn't support NATO if the Baltic states were invaded, which would encourage adventurism with Russia. It is likely that he would attempt to destroy ACA, and cost at least 18 million people insurance. It is likely that he would attempt to deport 11 million people. It is likely that he would nominate at least 2 supreme court justices who are strongly anti-abortion rights It is somewhat likely that he would end all campaign finance laws (he would need a filibuster-proof majority) it is somewhat likely that he would significantly lower taxes on the rich (he would need a filibuster-proof majority) Those are all things that he can either do with the power of executive order or do with the help of a friendly congress. And most of those terrify me.
  11. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Yep. I think more and more that we've already been told that the Consult mission is completely fucked, because how many times have they tried it and it has failed? Isn't that the sign of insanity? This is another indication to me that they aren't scientists or doing anything rationally - they're zealots and fundamentalists, who have a way of making others infected with their fundamentalism. The central idea of shutting off the world's gaze by reducing the number of souls is one that I think is my #1 sought after answer in the next book. If that's handwaved, that'll be one of the biggest disappointments.
  12. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    I don't think so. Moe did not appear to be able to have the level of emotion and compassion that Kellhus or Koringhus did. Moe killed all his defective children - Kellhus kept them alive (and Maith notes that as well, which now we realize is an important observation into Kellhus). And Koringhus kept his defective child alive too. Moe was incapable of making that lateral leap, because Moe cannot fathom a world where he is part of everyone else. Everything is fractured, divided, warring, and he is stunted in his emotion. To him, Kellhus is mad - because madness is simply an idea that you cannot understand the fundament of. Koringhus is similarly mad.
  13. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    The Dunyain mission can't possibly succeed, because their mission is to become God - which cannot happen and does not happen. Koringhus says as much - that the Dunyain are a dead end, and it requires lateral thought that they did not possess. You simply cannot be the Absolute. You cannot be a self moving soul, because there is no self. You might as well ask a cell on your body to become a self-moving amoeba.
  14. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    The best case scenario for Trump is that he abdicates prior to January and makes Pence the president, in which case you merely have a horrible but vaguely competent person in office who repeals much of the rights that have been fought for for the last 20 years and nominates massively antichoice justices. The second best case scenario for Trump is that he does basically nothing at all, and the country just kind of sits around with its thumb up its ass. That's his ceiling. That's the hope that @Altherionkeeps holding out for - that Trump simply won't do much damage. Well, sorta kinda. What Altherion apparently wants is to immantenize the eschaton.
  15. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Reagan was fucking evil. Fuck him.