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  1. To be fair, we don't actually know if Nau-Cayuti could be seen by the gods. It would make sense that he couldn't, but it's also reasonable to believe that because that iteration of the No-God failed and ended, only the part where he was in the tomb would matter as his invisibility - everything else was fine. Whereas Kelmomas being invisible implies heavily that he ends outside of the view of the gods, and therefore the eschaton is actually occurring.
  2. Not sure if srs, but... https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/north-korean-leader-suspends-nuclear-and-missile-tests-shuts-down-test-site/2018/04/20/71ff2eea-44e7-11e8-baaf-8b3c5a3da888_story.html?utm_term=.2e06bd4d6da7
  3. But what if....Ben IS Glory?
  4. Citation needed. Point of fact, the research done shows that this is entirely inaccurate and the converse is true - the more stationary a QB is, the more likely they are to be hurt. Here's the first article I found, which indicates no statistical link.
  5. The indy one is spot on imo
  6. The only NFL draft prediction you need, and I guarantee you will be more accurate than Mel Kiper. https://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/2018/4/19/17257116/the-definitive-edsbs-nfl-mock-draft
  7. Here's one: make Magneto a survivor of the Rwandan genocide of the Tutsis.
  8. I'm really glad Anna is making it to the screen. She's one of the most unique sci-fi characters out there, and her pov is a good one even if her storyline wasn't incredible in the books. Apparently SyFy isn't the ones responsible for distribution, it's the parent company. SyFy is responsible for US distribution. And yes, it's frustrating as hell how weird it's spread out. Per the creators the best thing you can do is watch it live; the next best is to record it and watch it within 3 days. That's for SyFy to keep it going. For the overall show, the best thing is to simply buy it outright.
  9. I'm super pumped for charmander - it'll become the best fire type DPS in the game and the shiny Charizard is one of the best shinies in the game. Triple stardust too!
  10. It is still Moltres - even the third one is Moltres. They've not announced any rotation. Much of us think that after this month is over (which apparently is "fire" month or something - they'll switch to another one of the birds.
  11. Democrats can't by themselves do much to fight this; they'd need a 60-senate majority, a POTUS and a friendly house to pass a law to curtail this specific thing. Good luck with that. And no, they're not going to use this against Republicans because Republicans don't have anything to lose. What, Democrats are going to repeal other regulations? Fat chance of that.
  12. How can they do Doctor Doom? He's still tied up with the Fantastic Four and that weird collection, no?
  13. Flygon isn't particularly good. Salamence is slightly worse than Dragonite. Machops will go back to normal spawn rates tomorrow at about 1PM PST. Sadly. That's also when double candy ends, so make sure to dump your guys before then.
  14. Sean Hannity revealed as Cohen's third unknown client. The plot lines for this month stretch incredulity; recycling plots and characters for convenience doesn't make sense here. https://twitter.com/eorden/status/985953454668570630
  15. Don't bother walking it - it takes 20km for a single candy for legendaries. If you want to power it up use rare candies instead. That said, I wouldn't bother powering up Moltres; there are better fire types that are easier to get and it's not particularly relevant as an attacker or defender any time soon. The best it's going to do is up against the Regi legendaries, but they're so easy and have so many counters that it hardly matters.