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  1. Also also, note that you can get a Pichu and presumably a Raichu with a halloween hat.
  2. There's an even better chance than either that your gun will be used to kill or hurt someone in your household. It depends a lot on the tradeoff. Are you okay with the deaths of people who died because they were trapped by their seatbelt? For the same reason they can't carry around nuclear weapons.
  3. The Death of Stalin looks rad.
  4. This is the gun control topic. Don't feed the troll. Yep, pretty much. Since you started talking about regulating kinds of things and how any regulation is equally fine, you've already conceded either you're opposed or okay with any and all regulation based on mechanical behavior.
  5. Per the AMA, Kellhus didn't intend for this to occur. What he DID intend is still unclear, but he did not expect to give Ajokli power over the granary.
  6. I really do have to say that this was an incredibly big lift in making a sequel actually work and enrich the first one. It didn't just riff off the first - it explained and enhanced the first, making it more compelling for both movies. And the twists were, as @James Arryn says, really well done and excellent for making a rewatchable movie without making it feel cheesy or unearned. K's desire to be that one child, the special one, made him ignore all the plot points - and because we've been conditioned by so many bad cheesy movies we went along with him. Really great stuff.
  7. Second episode - despite not having any of Irving or Angela - was even better. The montage of Elliot hacking and destroying his managers was satisfying in a season 1 way, his crying afterwards was haunting, the conversation with the psychologist and Mr. Robot was great. Whiterose and Price's talk was incredible, and the cheesy line 'don't mistake my generosity for generosity' somehow worked. Mrs. Wellick dying was pretty abrupt, but I'm okay with that ending and stopping that storyline, one of the least good parts of season 2.
  8. My take on this was that Kelmomas was being held just in case, and had already had a conversation prior to this ("I told you the gods can't see me"). The Dunyain, after Kellhus was killed and they saw what Kelmomas could do, immediately came to the conclusion that he was the promised Anasurimbor. Prior to that, they had assumed wrongly that Kellhus was the destined one. But simply given the new information - that the gods really couldn't see Kelmomas and he was an Anasurimbor - they realized the truth. As to this book feeling unsatisfying even though the bad guys 'win' - I think it's largely because the bad guys won by doing basically fuck all to oppose the heroes. They weren't very successful at any point in the game, there was never any real feel about how Kellhus was going to pull this off, and even the attack on Golgotterath felt like it was going to be a win. Their plot to recreate the No-God didn't have any major steps going for it or any real keys save 'let Kellhus come here'. And even that turned out to be unnecessary. Combine that with Mimara and Akka's aborted, weak conclusion and the relative lack of inertia that the Momemn storyline had, and the result was an unsatisfying arc with a reasonable conclusion that to me felt a bit unearned. Heck, the only times that Kellhus did anything stupid or bad happened to be around Ajokli and his darkness; if he simply doesn't go back to Momemn he wins (or at least Ajokli does). The failures aren't because the enemy was awesome, but because the good guys were dumb. That works a lot better with Martin when he uses the good guys' failings as an opportunity by smart people; in this case, the good guys failed and the bad guys barely even knew. This goes with the comments made about how for a book called The Unholy Consult, there wasn't a whole lot of Consult in it.
  9. I don't understand this supposedly cutting point at all. Care to explain? Such as...moving to Wisconsin? I'm externally a megalomaniac as well.
  10. The megalomaniac in me wants to reach out to billionaire Democrat donors with a proposition to pay for the resettlement and give a stipend and support to, say, 100k Puerto Ricans - provided that they go to Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania and stay until January 2021.
  11. No, we are not. What would sufficient evidence look like to you? No. As with everything else in life, moderation is good, extremism is not. Or are you proposing that everyone should be allowed to have nuclear weapons?
  12. Also, per that article above and the internet - Rachael's eye color was brown, not green. Deckard straight up lied.
  13. That said, interpreting the specific sentence of the 2nd amendment isn't particularly productive, as there were a whole lot of writings done contemporaneously about what they were doing and why, and history of the last 100 years indicated their reasoning pretty soundly. Namely: They didn't want ANY national standing armies ever They wanted a force that could mobilize quickly in the case of foreign or domestic tyranny They wanted to ensure states could defend themselves The 2nd amendment arose entirely from arguments from Federalists and Anti-Federalists worried about the Federal government having the right to regulate the defense of the nation, and the only argument about the 2nd amendment at the time was whether or not it would be enough to dissuade tyrants from taking over nationally. It was a given that people as a rule would have firearms in their home (though as a matter of fact, most firearms at the time were registered locally and with states, and were heavily regulated by the states). For the founders, arms and liberty were inexorably linked.
  14. Literally the article I linked states precisely that.