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  1. About 2/3rds though some of the three plots were a bit behind. In particular:
  2. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    The entire story does revolve around Kellhus - his plans, his goals, his family and the people that he has betrayed. But he, himself, is not a central point of view or protagonist.
  3. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    This is amazing.
  4. I thought it was a really strong finale, and yeah - I remarked during it how Holden being sad and hurt and beaten up is way better than angsty Holden. In particular, this ep had a lot more good, crisp character interactions in a single bit. Avasarala and Cotyar's awesomeness, Bobbie talking with the electrician and the Oops scene, everyone hitting Holden in the leg and pretty much every scene with Amos. The dialog and acting was really fluid and fun, and reminded me of some of my favorite Joss Whedon eps. Really pretty to look at, too. I could watch shots of Jupiter all day. The Arboghast's disassembly was perfect, too. And they even kept in the EM pulse when the Caliban died! It ended pretty much where I thought it would as well, and we'll get the 2nd half of Caliban's War next season as well as hopefully some of Abbadon's gate.
  5. You had responded last; I thought you were talking about what Aemon said. I hadn't realized you were talking to what Terra said.
  6. I was talking more to what Aemon said, not what Terra said. That all said, modern medicine also doesn't standardize all practices to everyone and has a lot of fairly custom things it does from time to time, so the comparison isn't entirely fair in that way either. Cancer is a good example, where there are an absurd amount of different types and treatment plans depending on the location, type, stage, candidate, progression, etc. Another study recently indicated that there are different types of depression based on certain types of brain, and (more interestingly) certain medicines work better with certain brain types.
  7. He never said TCM defied empiricism; he said that anecdotes about how people were helped by X is not a substitute for efficacy studies. That said, there's not been a lot of good news about success stories as far as testing TCM goes.
  8. O'Reilly goes in at Breitbart.
  9. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Been talking about this more, and here's my hope. At the end of RotJ, Luke isn't a Jedi. He doesn't win by being a Jedi. He doesn't embrace what Yoda or Obi-Wan taught him. He defeats Darth Vader but does not kill him (despite what Yoda says), ignores the advice that Obi-Wan gives him that his father is gone, and stops fighting entirely. He chooses not to just go with selflessness and self-sacrifice, but bets everything - the entire galaxy - that his father's love will conquer all. And begs him for that love and mercy. This is in stark contrast to Anakin being told not to love anyone, abandoning Anakin's mom to slavery, forcing him to hide his love, forcing him to not trust his feelings. It is most decidedly not the Jedi way. It also works in a way that Yoda failed at (confronting the emperor directly) and Obi-Wan failed at (confronting - and almost killing - Vader). The whole thing works because of Luke's reliance on his friends and his reliance on his family and reliance on love. At the same time, it's not very Sith-like either. Caring about others, depending on others to succeed, community and family and trust. Luke tries to be a Jedi, but he utterly fails. He fails his family, he fails his friends, he fails his pupil - and (my hope is that) he fails Kylo Ren because he tries to make Ren repress his love of his family and his anger at his parents instead of working it out. Luke realizes this, but too late. The other possibility I see is that the Force requires balance - but the Force assumes actual balanced individuals, not balanced sides. And having more Jedi going further and further to the light simply means the Force will respond with an equal and opposite...uh...force...to balance that out. It's not a coincidence that Luke's attempt to create more Jedi (and not more people like him) resulted in Snoke and then Ren rising up, and it's not a coincidence that their rise of power coincided with Rey's awakening and being brought into the universe. Luke realizes that in order to break the cycle of violence he needs to end the actual good side as well, and seek actual balance in everyone.
  10. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    It was interesting to read that Mark Hamill fundamentally disagreed with everything that they were doing with Luke's character.
  11. The rumor was that Thomas will be stepping down.
  12. You actually don't. You simply need the VP and some cabinet members to state that he is unfit - for no specific reason, as it turns out.
  13. Sorry, what do the commenters on internet message boards say?
  14. We don't know. That's a theory - and a reasonable one - but we simply have no idea.
  15. Seriously, the procedures are outlined in the 25th amendment, and have about as little a chance of actually passing as humanly possible.