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  1. I love this song, it's so heartbreaking.
  2. I'm not sure Warcraft is going to be a test of his acting skills. However, he was just cast in a remake of "All Quiet on the Western Front". Screen Daily Article Not that you can really tell how good something is going to be until you see it on screen. At least you know it has the potential to be a good story and the role should show off his acting skills if he has any. etc spelling
  3. I watched Jessica Jones on Netflix and enjoyed it quite a lot. Enough that I am looking forward to another season.
  4. This was the greatest movie of all time. Now before everybody gets their panties in a twist let me explain what I mean by that. Did this movie have plot holes? Yes. Was there some shaking acting? Yes. Were there some scenes that weren't as smooth as they could be? Yes. But you have to understand, I was sitting in a dark theater with my 5 year old granddaughter and the utter and complete joy that was on her face when the Lucas Films logo came up on the screen and the music started to play brought back all those wonderful memories of when I was a small child and Star Wars was the greatest thing that ever was. She hid her face in her mother's shoulder during the scary parts. She clapped her hands and yelled when Rey got the light saber. She cried when Han died. When we left the theatre tonight her eyes were shining. She was jumping around making lightsaber noises and declared that Rey was the best ever. Because with all of its flaws, the Star Wars saga has managed to do one thing and that is create wonder in the heart of a small child. So yeah, this was the greatest movie ever.
  5. I'm enjoying it. It's entertaining. I think it has the potential to become good if they smooth some things out.
  6. I think they are compared not only because of Timothy Oliphant, but because both of them have excellent dialogue. Almost poetry like in some instances. ETA Maybe should read the whole thread before I reply
  7. Like someone else said, Justified isn't at the level of Deadwood but Raylan and Boyd have one of the best relationships on TV. It ranks as one of my all time favorites simply because of that. Give POI at least two seasons before giving up on it. Season one is very case-of-the-week, but pay attention anyway because a lot of stuff that happens becomes important later on.
  8. I'm wondering if this isn't some weird mash up of possible radicalization with the choice of the target being a more traditional work place shooting spree. It would account for the somewhat strange circumstances surrounding the whole thing.
  9. Controllig hair isn't as hard as it sounds. One good ten minute brush outside once a day will go a long way to helping with the shedding inside. Do it right before or after his walk. It will quickly become a habit on your part and won't seem like a chore. And I'm also going to emphasize how important early socializing, training and daily exercise is with a corgi. Don't stop at puppy classes, commit to basic and preferably, advanced training classes also. Maybe consider something like agility or flyball. Corgi's love to have a job. They will find one if you don't give them one. Lovely family pets when you put the work in. Good luck!
  10. You should finish The Wire. Truely. However, if you don't opt for that, I would start Justified. It may not technically be the "best" show ever, but it is one of my all time favorites. Imho, the only show that had better dialogue was Deadwood.
  11. That could be possible. The head FBI guy at the scene just said that they just don't have a motive. He's not willing to speculate yet.
  12. It seems way too planned for that. Three shooters in military type gear with a bomb and it was supposed spur of the moment? Possible I suppose but unlikely. It's also possible that we have a lot of misinformation about the shooters themselves and so the "facts" we are speculating on are wrong. There is going to be a press conference soon so hopefully we will have more information.
  13. I thought I was the only one who hated him. It's nice to know I'm not alone. When in first started watching BB, it was because someone told me I had to watch this really cool show about how this guy was taking control of his life and how much I would love this character. I didn't like him from the first episode. I mean I understood why he was frustrated with his life and I felt bad about his cancer diagnosis but he just didn't seem like a very nice guy that I would want to root for. I only watched a few episodes before I stopped. I ended up finishing the series and absolutely loving it, but I always hated Walt.
  14. Oh, I'm so trying not to get my hopes up.
  15. Wow. That was intense. This show was such a pleasant surprise. It's about damn time SyFy put out a quality show. Now they have to keep it up next year. ETA I love how Cole is such the total wild card.