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  1. KAH added a post in a topic RIP Terry Pratchett   

    Rest in peace, Terry Pratchett...
  2. KAH added a post in a topic Charlie Hebdo under terrorist attack   

    Why would a fireman fight fires?

    He might not be happy about it if the equipment his employer provides is sub-optimal (or even sub-standard), but that does not take away the firemans raison d'etre.

    And if that is giving the average journalist too much credit, one might consider that this is one of the few ways media institutions actually can do something to protect themselves while not bowing to pressure; showing the terrorists that what they do does not work - trying to silence us only gave you a hundred more speaking the same. There is a measure of protection in solidarity.

    Uncovering shit that the powers that be (in all it's various incarnations) wants to keep unspoken - that will always carry a certain danger, and sometimes the state itself (or parts of it) will be the source from where the danger comes...for those who would suggest relying on state power to "address threats".
  3. KAH added a topic in General Chatter   

    Charlie Hebdo under terrorist attack

    To be updated, no doubt...

    ETA: A bit more on Charlie Hebdo, for those unfamiliar.

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  4. KAH added a post in a topic Screw Mars, let's go ballooning on Venus!   

    Power lines is only the secondary priority on Venus, so there will be a grace period before you get blown into one.

    As for shit, methinks you want to keep fecal matter disposal indoors...700 km/hr wind speeds is a mighty fan for the shit to hit.
  5. KAH added a post in a topic Ukraine 14: Nipple beams and tiger fights for all!   

    Compounding energy troubles from gas, coal is added to the list of worries for Kiev...
  6. KAH added a topic in General Chatter   

    Screw Mars, let's go ballooning on Venus!
    Apologies if this has made its rounds on the board already, I've been here very infrequently the latest months...but thought this was kinda cool.

    Screw Mars, let's go ballooning on Venus!

    I have it on good authority that the Venusians (Venians?) are not so picky as the Martians, and will, in fact, welcome their new OVERlords...aah ha ha ...ha.

    OK, that was probably a new low for me.
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  7. KAH added a post in a topic You have two cows   


    You have two cows. And now, you have no reason for not knowing them.
  8. KAH added a post in a topic You have two cows   

    The Bible.

    You have two cows...actually, you have only one cow, but you've made it out of gold, so you got that going for you. If you let people dance around your cow, you're gonna have a bad time, and your brother is going to have a bitch fit.


    You have a shitload of cows. God kills all of them one by one for the lulz. You're cool about it all the way up to the day you get cow pox. Then you bitch and moan about it until God says "Suck it up!"

    You comply, and get a double shitload of cows.
  9. KAH added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Balefont !   

    Happy B-Day! : o )
  10. KAH added a post in a topic Middle East and North Africa 17, where everything is what it seems   

    Khorasan bigger threat to the west than IS.

  11. KAH added a post in a topic Remembering Lord Manwoody   

    Rest in Peace, Lord Manwoody.
  12. KAH added a post in a topic Should the world get involved with Iraq?   

    The USA would be wise to let Iran take the brunt here. Tehran has an interest in keeping the status quo (i.e. Maliki), and the US has an interest in keeping the ISIL away from Bagdad with a minimum of US involvement.

    Frankly, I can't see a single reason that they wouldn't come to an unofficial accord on an isolated matter. It's not the first time they've worked together pragmatically.
  13. KAH added a post in a topic Middle East 14 - You know nothing ...   

    I remember al-Douri as the one top guy who got away after the US invasion, but had been rumoured to be dead off and on at various times since then, and then kinda fell out of sight. Apparently his been showing himself from time to time, but nothing spectacular.

    Any hard evidence he's really involved, or is it just old Ba'athists wishing for the olden days?
  14. KAH added a post in a topic Three zeros slashed off my currency!   

    Just curious...who is the guy on the note, baxus?
  15. KAH added a post in a topic Elliot Rodgers' 'manifesto': WARNING: potentially disturbing content/trigger   

    Whether or not he's pitiable is one thing; the more interesting subject is whether he could have become something else than what he was.

    It's been mentioned that he's been seeing therapists since he was 8, and IMO, the manifesto is very telling - it's full of the kind of insights that you would grasp from therapy sessions. It is also evident that it has done nothing to help him, because he has used it only to build and support his own hateful narrative.

    It may be early to conclude that he was beyond any help, but all the signs we've seen so far points in that direction.