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  1. Everyone always forgets about Edmure he's that kind of a guy. If he was freed, both he and the little fish that Roslin would give birth to could be used to fill the power vacuum in the Riverlands. But the show seems to have forgotten about the whole region in the same way they forgot about Stormlands and Dorne. Seriously, who governs Dorne? Is there anyone left in Riverlands?
  2. He didn't get fired. He was killed by mutineers- using that logic Jeor Mormont was a failure that got fired too. We clearly see that once the rest of the Watch is made aware of the conspiracy, they are not behind it and are disgusted by Thorne and the rest of conspirators.
  3. What I was thinking of is not the proof of the Rhaegars child's legitimacy, that is what the book is for, but, rather, the proof that Jon is that child. If that makes sense? Because those who would try and dispute Jons claim could just say- how do we know that he really was Lyanna's child and not Ned's bastard? The show continuity doesn't have Ashara Dayne as a potential candidate for Jons mother, but it does have Wylla. There has to be someone who witnessed the birth or its aftermath. Problem is, Howland Reed is sworn to House Stark and he could be seen as biased towards installing a Stark offspring on the Iron Throne. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but it would be the first question I'd ask if I was supporting someone else's claim on the throne. One way to get around it would be to use Jons affinity with dragons- but Tyrion has that too, which is why I think A+J=T might be true.
  4. Howland Reed? Might we see him at some point? There is also Bran, but people would have to believe him.
  5. I would really love it if the theory you propose came true. I found the whole thing a mess, because it doesn't make sense for Stark kids to turn on each other, not when they spent 6 seasons waiting to come home and family. Then again I don't expect much, given how many plot lines the show has butchered.
  6. I definitely agree with your points- the show goes along the lines of what looks cool on screen and gains notoriety, hence the preference for gratuitous sex to something that would actually advance the plot or patch the plot holes. This is why a lot of it seems contrived and unrealistic, and goes at odds with the established narrative. And yes, I know there is no beef towards me or Dany, you raised legitimate points. It was a good discussion
  7. Ah, my bad. I got confused between Storms End and Dragonstone. I think Dragonstone was granted to Stannis permanently - that was his main gripe throughout the series, as he felt that Robert fobbed him off with Dragonstone instead of giving him Storms End. It might be that it does have some small holdings - we only see the pretty a view of the cliff tops, the main castle and the beaches- but these are probably few and far between, with only old men, women and kids left.
  8. It would be hard to put a bastard of dubious parentage on the throne, most of lords would have a stroke at the very thought. I'm still surprised that Jon was chosen as KiTN despite his parentage, but at this point he was their military commander (at least to the wildlings and the northmen) and Ned is held in much more regard than Robert is- everyone knew what a shitty King he was. Plus, if it were revealed that he is Rhaegars and Lyannas bastard, he'd still be more preferable to Gendry, because Jons mother is a highborn. Unless Jon dies first, but then, Dany would have a better claim both by birthright and by having an army and weapons. Gendry was never acknowledged by Robert, and only Stannis and Davos considered him of any importance. I can see Gendry being legitimised and being the next Stormlord, though. If he should prove himself in the battle against WW and given that legit Baratheons are extinct, he's a good solution.
  9. Dragonstone being empty makes sense, to me, that is. It's a fairly small island, sparsely populated and commands a handful of similarly smallish islands- the largest being Driftmark and Claw aisle. Problem is, most of its military strength- that is, most men of fighting age, were conscripted by Stannis when he attempted to take KL at the Battle of Blackwater. Given that he suffered heavy losses, and mort of his bannermen either bent the knee to Joffrey and thus remained in KL for the fear of his wrath, or were summarily executed, it's likely that the few remaining fishing villages and farms are somewhat depleted of both food and population. Plus, given that the island is mainly volcanic stone, it's unlikely to be very fertile, at least not to the point where it could feed a sizeable army. Remember how Stannis and Selyse nearly starved during the siege laid by Tyrells at Roberts Rebellion- clearly there wasn't enough grain storage to last even a small portion of Roberts Army. Given that Crownlands main trade was fishing and naval trading, it makes sense that it's now very bare and lacking. As to The Reach and Dorne, the showrunners had very little time to squeeze administrative matters into the series, given how they're in the middle of a war, and in any case, those two regions were actually most stable, both economically and politically (as far as the show goes) prior to the war- Elllaria clearly had support behind her coup, which means that she was popular with banner men, and Olenna only had one banner man betray her (sadly, the most seasoned military commander). Both regions were previously untouched by direct combat and thus held on to their stores of food- even now farmers have likely kept their grain, given how Tarly didn't manage to make them give it up on time. Dorne is the hottest region with good trade routes into Essos and is likely to have kept most of its food too- not to mention that it's the hottest region in the kingdom and thus is not going to be affected by the coming winter as readily as the rest. She did give Yara conditions for an alliance- sessation of piracy, to me that seems fair and sensible. You're unlikely to see much substance in the show format- it has neither the volume nor the nuance of the books. Yes, it would help if showrunners avoided the massive plot holes (Dorne succcession, Faith Militant disappearance, etc, etc), but she's not going to be the next Jahaerys the Reconciliator anytime soon- most of her scenes will be of her military planning and attacks, or ramping up the Unresolved Sexual Tension with Jon. Show logic- given between practical and sensible everyday economy planning, and romantic plot line, the latter would always win as it makes for a better show. I do agree that the whole breaking the wheel speech is at this point in time is just empty words- but so far she hasn't had a chance to reign and assert full control of the situation, so it's unfair to expect her to deliver her vision right now. She could declare the end of serfdom for all Westerlands smallfolk, but that won't make any difference if they're taken back into Lannister control tomorrow. As for the choice she gave being equal to what slavers give slaves, I have to disagree- a quick death or servitude is not what slaves get most of the time. They get executed only after repeated attempts to escape and are instead mutilated and starved until they're broken. Even highborn hostages are often mistreated and forced to submit to their captor- take Sansa and Theon. At least I don't think Daenerys would forcibly marry Talla to Aggo and create House Aggo of Horn Hill, which is what most invaders would do. Daenerys could put Tarly in chains and have him beaten and mutilated until he says yes, but I don't see how that would be any better. Isn't that the whole idea behind the origin of Faceless Men and House of White and Black? To give the release of death to the slaves who couldn't go on suffering? The fact that she's willing to negotiate with those who won't necessarily bend the knee to her, but are looking for dialogue like Jon shows that she is willing to cooperate if necesssary- she even lends her men to the wight hunt (stupid idea if I ever heard one).
  10. His vows clearly stated that he had to be a black brother until his end. And his end has come. If you're going to argue that he's dead and is basically a fire wight by now, you can't argue that he should stay at Nights Watch because he swore to stay until he dies,he already did die. People in the North did have a right to choose their own kings, just as they have chosen Robb before. They have declared themselves as independent and rose in rebellion against the current ruling power because they do not see it as legitimate, and as far as I can see, Daenerys has not won any kingdoms out of 7, so she can hardly be called the queen of Westeros, she needs to conquer it first. Until such time that either Cersei or Dany defeat The North and force his vassal to bend the knee, he is the King in the North. And Dany can't force him to bend the knee until she defeated him in the battle, which she didn't. He came to her on a diplomatic mission, that doesn't make him a loser or her a winner. Yes, she could pull a Frey on him and murder a guest, but they won't be a victory.
  11. Oh, I definitely agree that not using them in KL the same way they've been used in Meeren was stupid- I'd chalk it up to bad writing and a massive oversight on Daenerys' and Tyrions plans. Maybe they needed someone with Davos' knowledge of routes into the city, and Davos didn't volunteer. Plus, it's one thing to smuggle two people into the city, which didn't escape Cersei's eye either, and another to get enough Unsullied to get anywhere near Cersei. Plus, this being Westeros, the Unsullied may be less inconspicuous than in Meeren, because Meeren clearly has more racial diversity, and someone like Grey Worm would attract far less attention there than in KL. the I thought it was only vagons of gold that she burned? From what I remember, it was gold they were carrying- Jaime got Bronn a bag directly from the nearest carriage, the grain was transported to KL, and the last of it they had to take from farmers. I agree that it was another oversight- but then, we don't know how many she burned in total or how many there were in the first place- I doubt showrunners bothered with logistics. It could be that she burned like 1/5 of the whole train and the rest was in KL. Still leaves more for her armygf and less for Cersei. I thought that was the deal she was offering- to lay down arms against her? Certainly, taking the black would've been a lot more humanitarian and made more sense, but those that refused even after the second time Drogon growled were obviously not interested in laying the arms down and skulking off somewhere, as Tarly said, they've not recognised her authority, and had no interest in giving in either way. Oh, I'm sure Sam would find out at some point. But given how lightly the show treats such things family bonds for no reason whatsoever, I don't expect him to stay angry at Daenerys beyond some angry words at best, let alone Jon, who never met either of Randyll or Dickon. The only thing Jon knows about Randyll is that he's the guy who sent his friend to the wall under the threat of having him killed. He might be a bit more upset about Dickon, especially given the parralel with his own brother, but nothing would get in the way of hot Jonerys action if the show demands it. To me, her "breaking the wheel" speech refers to giving a greater autonomy and representation to the smallfolk once she is in a position to do so, not in the middle of a war. Yes, that is how a lot of tyrants justify themselves, they keep saying that things will get better at some distant point which never comes. But not executing enemy soldiers that just days before slaughtered your allies, even after she offered them a pardon for surrender or a trip to Nights Watch is not giving more autonomy and representation to the smallfolk. Enemy combatants are nor smallfolk. Like you've mentioned before, under medieval law the common grunts were put to sword immediately. The very fact that she gave them any choice at all makes her a lot more fair than some of the commanders we've witnessed so far to be. What would be funny is if Jon has petitioned Dany to send Tarly to NW, saying that he fought alongside his son, Sam. Randyll would've probably died of apoplexy on the spot, saving the trouble of executing him, and Dickon would probably be less compelled to die with him.
  12. "Ed. Fetch me a block" Alternatively - "Lady Brianne, may I borrow your sword?"
  13. The Unsullied are trapped in Casterly Rock. And yes, this too is an example of shitty writing and potholes the size of Sam's stomach. Nobody seems to care about the sept of Baelor or wonder about all those lovely sparrows who gave free soup and shoes. Tarlys might not have been the main drain in the resources, but if there was no threat of Drogon, many more people would prefer to be taken prisoner, and it might become an issue, since the food supplies are scarce. Though, tbh, a lot of it was Dany flexing muscle, in the same way Jaime presented Olenna's poison like some act of charity. I was surprised the old girl didn't have any poison on herself at any rate, for her it's an oversight. True, relatives can get a bit upset over things like that, but surviving Tarlys are Talla, Melissa and Sam. The women are hardly going to start any trouble and Sam is a black brother, who's like the least likely candidate to start waving a sword around for revenge. That sounds cynical, even to someone who has read every book and watched every episode, but I don't think anyone is going to question that in universe. Obviously Sam is going to be angry, and it would be awkward if Jonerys does happen- but then, this isn't the kind of a story where we end up with a big happy Stargaryen reign ending where Sam jiggles Jonerys' babies on the knee. Then again, knowing showrunners logic, it could be swept under the carpet like so many contradictory events and actions of the show- if Dorne doesn't give a toss about a bastard girlfriend of a second Martell son murdering the rightful Martell ruler and his heir in cold blood and installing herself as their new leader and Iron Islands don't give a toss about the rightful ruler being murdered by his brother, Sam could magically get over the trauma at a drop of a hat. I mean, look at how Tarly gave shit to Tyrion for killing Tywin. Like, mate, you are fighting with the Euron, he just killed his brother and admitted it to the court, but what would we do without his magic fleet?
  14. Exactly- most of Great houses would rebel, Henry the VIII went against Catholicism and met strong opposition even within his own country, let alone elsewhere, and that's considering that Protestantism was spreading across Europe at the same time. Cersei didn't just go for FM, she has blown up a major religious landmark and as far as I can see has got rid of the Faith, it's completely irrational that she's not been assassinated yet, let alone so cheered on. Thi
  15. I would imagine it's not that easy to do a surgical strike without hitting most of the Red Keep. She was advised not to target any cities or castles by at least two advisers for the fear of hitting civilian population. War is hardly humanitarian, either she melts down castles and turns the city into ashes, sieges the city and starves people or she prolongs fighting using armies, using her superior numbers. So far she has only hit the Lannister and Tarly forces, not any major ports or towns, it might not be humanitarian to you, but I dare say it prevents much of devastation you speak off. Was Harrenhal humanitarian? Plus, taking Cersei out in a single strike would remove much of the contrived tension in the show, so she would avoid direct confrontation for as long as necessary to the plot. It doesn't make much sense, Cersei should've been toast at the start of the season, but that doesn't serve show writers purpose. It's the same reason Jaime survives a certain death by drowning, and Bronn gets a chance to knock him out of dragon fires way at the last moment. Keeping them prisoner and ransoming (assuming Cersei would give a shit about Tarly) would take away her resources, both in terms of food and security, not to mention the possibility of eventual dissent. Ransomed Northmen didn't wait long to rebel against Boltons. Theon and Balon didn't hesitate to rise against Starks at the first opportunity. It might not be moral to kill POW, but it's a logical choice for her. Tyrion pleaded for leniency- taking the black was a lenient option, but they threw the offer in her face, and made their choice. That's a damn sight more than most of their opponents got- was Olenna and Highgarden men ransomed and kept prisoner?