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  1. OK if we do keeper or dynasty do we want to do it as a roto league? I hate our pitching roster spots but no one ever wants to change them. I think there are too many in our roto league that we did last year.
  2. I'm in. Any interest in restarting Dynasty again this year or some form of a keeper league?
  3. As reigning champ once removed that just was an idiot and did not log in on time - I would come back if invited. We should make a league of all former winners of Experts and call it "The Real Experts League"
  4. Thanks. I am logged in through work right now and can't get onto Yahoo to respond. But ideally we keep everyone for next year. Despite the lack of trades and not a lot of talk, I really like this league every year.
  5. So Manhole won. Can someone remind me we need to email him to invite him next year since he is not on the board anymore.
  6. Is it wrong that I am kind of excited to see if Bryce Petty can play? I am so glad it is not Hackenburg though.
  7. No problem. I never read the comics so I don't know what happens there beyond bits and pieces from the board spoilers. I just liked the scene. I like how the two actors played off each other and that Negan actually thought they had a moment there. I kind of think Carl was being honest with what he was saying (and was already bit so was prepared to die if Negan went crazy). I just thought the scene was well done.
  8. Same in Keeper but I won in Dynasty as the 4 seed, but now face the number 1 without Wentz. My fans want me to pick up Eli thinking he will go off against the team that dumped him, but not sure I can quite do that.
  9. I really liked the Carl and Negan scene. Never read the comics, so I am not partial to what happens there, but the whole episode was set up for him to die. If they did something else it would have seemed strange. I read some of the net about the Whisperers and now am kind of sad they are killing him off.
  10. So does it look now like Carl was bit in the woods with that guy last episode and the whole "kill me" thing to Negan was because he was bit already and if Negan actually did it, he was dead anyway and it would buy some more time. I think the "I carried him here" comment kind of leads to this but the editing is so choppy I could be totally wrong. Anyone else get that sense?
  11. Were they? I remember liking a $4 player better than $5 because it was cheaper to drop. I don't mind keeping track of penalties over multiple years.
  12. Or we can truly make it an expansion team and they get a clean slate and 1 contract from every other team I would rather have a couple of good contracts and $20 in penalties from dropping players than a clean slate but we probably should do a better job telling the new managers the benefits of dropping a player and taking the hit.
  13. But it is not an expansion team. It's a team taking over for an old owner. So you clean ship. Get rid of players you can cut. Take the cap hit and move on. Money is not worth less. Prices are inflated and if you have $200 to spend you have an upper hand on whoever is available. I agree the smart move would be to buy 3 or 4 top players and then sit out to the end and just get all the $1 good deals at $2. it's a lot easier to do with $200. I think they should drop the players they don't like and take the hit.
  14. I don;t know, Wilson, Carr, Tevin Coleman, Bilal Powell, Fuller and Marvin Jones are pretty good contracts. Dropping bad contracts for a $7 or $8 penalty is not horrible. Allen Robinson is not bad either given where people thought he would be. Maybe we allow the owner 2 free drops to get rid of big contracts? I don't like the idea of giving someone $200 and a blank slate to buy anyone. If they play their cards right they can get all the good people available and then the cheap people at the end with that much money.
  15. No. I will remove it if I can/