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  1. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I would have given a lot more for him last year.
  2. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I am not sure if my good fortune in this league is sustainable. Lost Woodhead, not sure when Jennings will be back and if Newton keeps getting hurt I am in trouble. I may be in selling mode soon.
  3. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I put up 174 with 2 WRs getting me 0 points and Cameron Artis-Payne on my bench. I know, not the same.
  4. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Ortiz can still go for years it seems. Granted I had him on my bench for most of the season this year because I moved him out and thought I moved him back in but never did. I always liked Big Papi even though he plays for Boston
  5. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I know this is the wrong thread, but I don't know what I am going to do next year in our Baseball league without David Ortiz. I have had him it seems like forever. And A-Rod too (although I did not have him last year). It's going to be like a part of me is missing.
  6. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Not at all. I try not to look at the league until after the Monday night game because this sort of stuff happens to me a lot. What pisses me off is I told someone today I was so glad I started Devanta Adams since Cooks was on bye instead of Cruz. But it is hard to win a week when you get no points from 2 of your wide receivers.
  7. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Hold on. We are very close. Olsen can still win it for you. Crap. I swore I started Devante Adams. I must have switched him out by accident instead of Cruz when I put in Royal. Crap. I am going to lose because I screwed up on my app. There you go. Olsen wins it for you. Congrats. That was close.
  8. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I see what you are trying to do there. We play each other this week. Tme to pull the scrub off my bench at QB
  9. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    2 words. Carson Wentz
  10. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Yeah, it looks like everyone has had some periods of success. Even Jaxom won the league
  11. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Just because I have nothing better to do and was curious 2007 - Jaxom actually won. Race was number 1 seed which is kind of good considering he traded away Brees for Tiki Barber the year before and finished 4th. Maelys was 3rd. I was 5th 2008 - I came in first as the number 1 seed. Maelys was 2nd as the 6th seed. They do not show below 6th seed. 2009 - Maelys first as the first seed. I was 4th. Race was 8th 2010 - Pyke won the league. Not sure who that is. Maelys finished 7th as the 8th seed. Bronn 4th. Race 8th, Jaxom 10th. Looks like I was not in the league that year 2011 - Pyke won again. I finished 8th as the 7th seed. Race was 2nd, Bronn 6th, Jaxom 7th, Maelys was not in the league this year 2012 - Bronn came in first as the 2nd seed. Jaxom was top seeded and came in 4th. I was 8th again. Race 7th Maelys still not in league 2013 - Winterfell Fliers (Scuba Steve) won. Blu-ray 2nd; Bronn 3rd.; Jace 4th; Race 7th, Maelys 8th, m 9th, Jaxom 10th. 2014 - I won, Bronn 2nd, Maelys 3rd; Jace 5th; Race 6th 2015 - Race won, me 2nd, Bronn 3rd, Jaxom 4th, Maelys 5th, Scuba Steve 6th
  12. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Don't worry. Horn Hill always starts out strong and fades down the stretch. I am sure I am in for a decline come Week 5 when I have to replace Cousins with the scrub on my bench.
  13. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Well, I thought I was in big trouble this week with Big Ben and Forte shitting the bed and Walker being out and I did not notice. Then I saw I was against Jaime. And his week was much worse.
  14. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I have becom a Brax fan and am rooting for that.
  15. Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Wow the injury bug has hit. Anyone need a QB? Fitzpatrick is available for a RB or a good contract.