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  1. Westeros Dynasty Football 2015

    Bumping this up. I renewed the league. I think I messed up and it automatically renewed everyone from last year, so please let me know if you want to be in the league again this year. I will get the rosters updated in a new thread.
  2. Westeros Fantasy Baseball

    Seriously hitting me while I am down. Got seriously swamped at work and just fell out of touch with the league. I thought I would be more active. I also benched Ortiz because he was not playing the last time I updated my roster, so had him on my bench almost the whole season. But 4th place considering I played a month or so is not bad. (I need to learn how to quote another post) Congrats WJ and Week.
  3. Westeros Football League D

    If you need someone to join I can
  4. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Just joined. I am away the week of 8/20-8/27. Any time after 9 pm eastern works for me except Mondays or Wednesdays when it probably would need to be 10pm.
  5. Westeros Fantasy Baseball

    I don't like trading in the preseason until i really see what my needs are. I do think I need some OF help, but who knows. But I am not ready to make a trade yet.
  6. Westeros Fantasy Baseball

    And I probably had Sano higher than others since you and I were the last ones bidding. I just have Arenado as a top 10 player. Sano is up there too. Conforto is a sleeper. I just don't understand what changes between yesterday and today where the people with money could have outbid us on Sano no problem. So why give up your best player (or one of them) for a guy you could have easily bought and Conforto (probably another guy he could have won easily with the extra money he had) during the preseason when you really don't know the needs of your team yet. But we go through this every year. Not complaining about the players in the trade more than the need for the trade itself. And not really complaining. Just annoyed that if I spent $35 on Sano and threw in a $5 player instead of a $4 Conforto I could have got a $47 Arenado. But I really like Sano this year too. But does Conforto really make up the diffrence between Arenado and Sano? And if you really wanted Conforto, bid $5 on him when you have $10 left and everyone else is at $1. (I am really tired today - stayed up another couple of hours doing work after the draft and had to be up early to get the kids to school - so probably more cranky than usual right now)
  7. Westeros Fantasy Baseball

    Makes me wish I did not drop off on Sano if I thought he could get me a top 10 player if I added a throw in.
  8. Westeros Fantasy Baseball

    My team is not surprisingly like last year's team. Unfortunately the same players that were on the team last year are the older guys not the younger ones. Also, unlike my normal teams I am lacking in speed. I think I had the same problem last year too though. I have no idea what to expect this year. I pulled a couple of player lists and did some auction values right before the draft and my values were much lower than what the players went for. And I factored in the $300. I had the same problem last year too and was leading for most of the year until I got swamped at work and did not update my team in the last month, so hopefully it works out for me this year too. (And yes WJ was making a big run right before I stopped updating my team and would still have probably passed me, but in my world it was because of inactivity, not because my team tanked that last month). My only regret from the draft is that I feel like I let down the Japanese fans of my team by not drafting Ichiro.
  9. Westeros Fantasy Baseball

    Been away from the board for a while. I accepted the invite. If I was not supposed to, let me know and I can delete the team. I am away the week of 3/21 so can't draft that week. I can possibly do 3/21 and 3/22 since I will be on a business trip and can do the draft from the hotel
  10. Fantasy Football 2015

    So it looks like we will get some new blood in Experts out of Westeros B but every other league potentially has a member of Experts to block someone getting in. Or would the 3 Jaxomed people be out regardless and a 2nd place finisher get in? I liked that you had to win to get in.
  11. Fantasy Football 2015

    What's the order for promotion to Experts? Isn't Westeros A on the bottom since it is an invitation league.
  12. Westeros Dynasty Football 2015

    Two of the founding Dynasty teams in the final. I am defending my championship. I think my good run stems back to the day when Race traded a $1 Drew Brees to me for Tiki Barber and some other top ranked player. Drew Brees went on to be one of the top QBs for the next 3 or 4 years and the foundation for my teams. Tiki got hurt that week.
  13. Fantasy Football 2015

    In my other 2 leagues: Dynasty - Race (3) vs. Grozeng (5) Open - Grozeng (1) vs. Mudguard (2) I also won my consolation matchup in Experts so I am still alive in 2 leagues too. We had both 1 and 2 lose in Dynasty and have both 1 and 2 alive in Open. Also in Dynasty two of the founding teams in the final. In Open, I overcame Jaxom having Cam Newton. Helps that his second QB was Mariota. I was very surprised I won that game considering I got nothing from Bryce Brown, Bolden and Tamme.
  14. Fantasy Football 2015

    Well injuries and underperforming came at the wrong time for Westeros Open. My team was pretty dominant up until this week. Was my best shot to get a win this year.
  15. Fantasy Football 2015

    Dynasty Bronn (1) vs. Grozeng (5) Jaxom (2) vs. Race (3) Bronn lost Rawls here. Race is looking scary with Bortles and OBJ. Open Grozeng (1) vs. Jaxom (4) Dreadfort Direwolves (2) vs. BL (3) Jaxom and I split our season meetings, but I lost Rawls and maybe Stewart in this league so I may be in trouble. Lost Hyde earlier too so my RB depth is not as good as it was all year.