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  1. I know you are jealous. Let's call protesting trades "Bronning"
  2. But did they coin a term after your board name? I don't think so.
  3. OK, We will add an IR slot.
  4. Hey, I did not go 4 years. I am really struggling on some of my contracts. No idea if it is worth taking a flyer on people, but then it is a small penalty.
  5. I have not signed up yet
  6. OK, so a 2 year contract for him and 4 years for the others. the contract includes this year, so you have Doyle, Hooper and Snead for 3 more years after this one.
  7. The one where you said you wanted to trade me Cooper for Lacy? Sorry, I already dropped Lacy.
  8. My contracts right now: Dez Bryant - $22 - 2 years Emmanuel Sanders - $9 - 2 years Eddie Lacy - Just kidding Cameron Meredith - $3 - 4 years Paul Perkins -$6 - 2 years Adrian Peterson - $2 - 2 years JuJu Smith-Schuster - $1 - 4 years ArDarius Stewart - $1 - 3 years
  9. Cool. I am pretty sure the 19th works for me.
  10. Reminder contracts due before tonight's first game. I need to remember to do mine. Not sure what that means. I assume it's a new feature that I have never used.
  11. So do we have 6? I think it is just 5 - Bronn, ME, Tywin, Scuba, me
  12. I'm in. Got the invite, just can't accept while logged into my work account. When would the draft be? If we get into next week I have the Jewish Holidays at the end of next week and am not around that weekend either.
  13. Contracts here please. Unlike trades, I am counting abstains as Nos essentially. We need 6 Yes votes to make this change since it is in-season. We have 4 yes - me, ME, Tywin, Scuba 1 No - Jace 2 abstain - Bronn and Jaxom So we need 2 of Blu-Ray, Race and Lord Dracarys to say Yes for an IR slot to happen
  14. Week 1 and 2 were combined, right? There is still time. Dynasty is my favorite league. We used to have one in baseball too and that was the most fun. My fans in Japan loved my team.
  15. Jaxom and I have a trade: Kings Landing gets Austin Hooper Starfall gets Jared Goff I was worried that I only had one QB and that someone else would get to Jaxom first, so I definitely overpaid, but 2 Targets does not make a stud TE. I have Ebron who did nothing last week, but I remember Hooper had a couple good games last year but a lot more with only 1 or 2 catches.