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  1. someone dropped Kluber?
  2. I actually really like Chen and Gio. Skaggs sucked his first start but has potential. Wheeler was a flyer. He was supposed to be good before he got hurt, so I am hoping he is back to where everyone thought he would be. I just checked my values and I had Thames and Pineda both over $20. Got Pineda for $7 and Thames for $2
  3. So was away last week in London and really did not pay attention to my team. Thought I moved in Cabrera for Reyes, but for some reason it only happened for one day. Oh well. Dropped from first to 3rd while I was away. I had 5 players I really targeted to get on my team Machado, Pineda, Thames, Sanchez and Chapman. I got 3 of them in Machado, Pineda and Thames. Hard to believe Machado has been the one that sucks the most so far. I actually had Thames valued at over $20 and was content to just sit as long as I could before he went on the block. And Pineda has his 23 K/BB. He has huge value in our league if he can keep his ERA and WHIP respectable. Sanchez and Chapman went for too high. I also had Judge on my radar. I totally forgot about him and don't even think he was drafted.
  4. Our league ends after the games on 4/3, right? 1 and done
  5. Already made 6 moves. Beating last year's pace
  6. That's great. Would have been better if it was intentional.
  7. I think I like my team. Went in with 2 players I really wanted to get. 1 expensive and 1 cheap. Machado and Pineda. Probably overpaid for both. But really like Machado's SS eligibility and Pineda is worth more with K/BB as a category in my opinion (but thought I would get him around $5). Also, really wanted Bird and Maikel Franco. Pissed I took Sano for 7 when Franco went for 4. I had Franco higher but both over $10. Also probably spent too much on pitching, but I like my pitching a lot. And Reyes can hopefully fill in while Kipnis is hurt C - S. Vogt (not sure who he is - but he was the highest ranked catcher I had at the time) 1B - M. Cabrera 2B - J. Kipnis SS - M. Machado 3B - A. Rendon CI - M. Sano MI - D. Pedroia OF - K. Davis, J. Upton, K. Calhoun, J. Bautista, E. Thames UT - C. Santana, M. Holliday Bench - S. Choo, J. Reyes, K. Kiermaier, B. McCann (because I have no idea if Vogt is good), B. Moss SP - C. Sale, S. Strasburg, C. Carrasco, M. Pineda, T. Skaggs, G. Gonzalez, W. Chen, M. Andriese RP - K. Jansen, R. Osuna, C. Bedrosian
  8. Sorry, have been absent. Every year I always ask for the P spot because I like the middle reliever that comes in and gets 3 Ks and no walks. But am fine with whatever the group decided on and probably best I was not here because then it would have been tied and more debate. And thanks for moving the draft back. My daughter's soccer practice ends at 9pm, so 9:45 is perfect for me. Otherwise I was going to be auto-auctioning for the first 30 minutes,
  9. So now I watched the last 2 episodes and I really liked them a lot. So maybe I just did not enjoy the Ghost Rider and ghosts storyline. I liked the reveal about Mace (that's his name, right)? And enjoying the LMD part and the new villain reveal. The last 2 episodes wre much better for me.
  10. I am in for whatever we do. Promise I will make more than 3 moves this year.
  11. For me the show used to be fun. Now it's not. I just find the CW shows more fun. Don't want to comment on the quality, because the CW shows are definitiely more cheesy ("I (dramatic pause) am Supergirl") I think it's all the Fitz whining about Simmons. Didn't we have that when she was on the other planet? I normally don't complain about shows. I am definitely not going to stop watching, and hope it does not get cancelled. But it is on the lower priority to watch. I was actually psyced to see that Timeless is coming back more than AOS. Not sure how the board feels about Timeless, but I find that show to be fun to watch.
  12. I have not seen the newest episodes, but I am not really enjoying this season. I continue watching because I want to see where they are taking the story, but I would much rather watch any of the DC shows on the CW. I never really had a problem with the show in the past and was willing to give it a lot of leeway because I like the Marvel movies, but I have had this season sitting on my DVR for a while and after the first couple of episodes I did not feel the need to watch the rest. I caught up last week and now may let it sit for a while again.
  13. Cool. I like the keeper and Dynasty leagues because of the year-to-year aspect of it. Probably why I like Experts too. So far we have: Me Bronn Lord Dracarys JJ (in case I forget closer to Football season)
  14. Cash's "Hurt" was pretty much on an album of covers. Had "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode on it too. He also covered "Rusty Cage" by Soundgarden on another album. I had to convince my wife Cum on Feel the Noize was not Quiet Riot but was Oasis (just kidding). I really like Oasis' version.
  15. If we are looking for committed players, Dynasty should probably be higher in the priority list. I am in the same boat as Mya. I tend to not do very many leagues so if I am ever Jaxomed it would be hard for me to get back in the league.