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  1. Fantasy Football 2015

    So it looks like we will get some new blood in Experts out of Westeros B but every other league potentially has a member of Experts to block someone getting in.  Or would the 3 Jaxomed people be out regardless and a 2nd place finisher get in?  I liked that you had to win to get in.
  2. Fantasy Football 2015

    What's the order for promotion to Experts?  Isn't Westeros A on the bottom since it is an invitation league.
  3. Westeros Dynasty Football 2015

    Two of the founding Dynasty teams in the final.  I am defending my championship.  I think my good run stems back to the day when Race traded a $1 Drew Brees to me for Tiki Barber and some other top ranked player.  Drew Brees went  on to be one of the top QBs for the next 3 or 4 years and the foundation for my teams.  Tiki got hurt that week.
  4. Fantasy Football 2015

    In my other 2 leagues: Dynasty - Race (3) vs. Grozeng (5) Open - Grozeng (1) vs. Mudguard (2)   I also won my consolation matchup in Experts so I am still alive in 2 leagues too.  We had both 1 and 2 lose in Dynasty and have both 1 and 2 alive in Open.  Also in Dynasty two of the founding teams in the final.  In Open, I overcame Jaxom having Cam Newton. Helps that his second QB was Mariota.  I was very surprised I won that game considering I got nothing from Bryce Brown, Bolden and Tamme.
  5. Fantasy Football 2015

    Well injuries and underperforming came at the wrong time for Westeros Open.  My team was pretty dominant up until this week.  Was my best shot to get a win this year.
  6. Fantasy Football 2015

    Dynasty Bronn (1) vs. Grozeng (5) Jaxom (2) vs. Race (3) Bronn lost Rawls here.  Race is looking scary with Bortles and OBJ. Open Grozeng (1) vs. Jaxom (4) Dreadfort Direwolves (2) vs. BL (3) Jaxom and I split our season meetings, but I lost Rawls and maybe Stewart in this league so I may be in trouble.  Lost Hyde earlier too so my RB depth is not as good as it was all year.   
  7. Westeros Dynasty Football 2015

    So as long as Shane Vereen does not outscore Josh Brown by 66 points and Jarvis Landry does not outscore OBJ by 46 points it looks like the semifinals will be: Bronn (1) vs Grozeng (5) Jaxom (2) vs Race (3)
  8. Fantasy Football 2015

    Some other leagues: Dynasty Byes - Bronn (1), Jaxom (2) Race (3) vs. Maelys (6) Grozeng (4) vs. JJ (5) Open (I don't know who everyone is in this league - if someone does I can edit this Byes - Grozeng (1), Dreadfort Direwolves (2) BL (3) vs. Skagos Long Pigs(6) Jaxom (4) vs. Seagard Salamanders (5)
  9. Westeros Experts League 2015

    And if I don't switch out Brees the week he went crazy (or drop Rawls), I have over 2,000 points and would have been 7-6.  I can't believe I was so stupid.  If I did not second guess myself that week and did not drop Rawls later than I am 8-5.  I was such an idiot in this league.  And I would have 160 points or so this week if I were in the playoffs.  Stupid. I put up 2,156 points in Westeros Open this year.  That team is doing well. But lost Rawls and Dalton today (luckily Dalton was my QB4 behind Palmer, Brady and Fitzpatrick).
  10. Westeros Experts League 2015

    So looks like I may be OK based on power rankings.  Shouldn't even be an issue if I was not stupid and second guessed myself a couple of times where I made changes (or forgot to make changes) that directly led to two of my losses. But if Big Ben keeps putting up TDs that can only help me.
  11. Westeros Dynasty Football 2015

    Damn.  I thought I put Spencer Ware in for Yeldon.  Would have had 9 more points.  Oh well.  I hate when I have the second highest score and still lose.  That's the story of my season in a bunch of leagues this year.
  12. Westeros Experts League 2015

    OK.  I am sure everyone should want one of Carson Palmer, Big Ben and Brees (or Hoyer) for the playoff push. I will take the best offer for one of them that gives me a WR or RB (or both upgrade). I don't think Matt Jones is an upgrade (but I almost accepted Chris Johnson - if we were not against each other last week probably would have - not that it mattered since my QBs sucked). My computer crashed so I was offline for a bit - sorry for not responding.
  13. Westeros Experts League 2015

    Anyone need a QB?  I can only start 2 of Palmer, Brees, Big Ben and Hoyer. 
  14. Westeros Experts League 2015

    I was at a wedding and missed the news.  And then saw his big game and was all psyched I had him for next week.  Then checked my lineup yesterday and saw he was on yours.  I meant to pick him back up the week after I dropped him since Colston was on bye but never did it. Still not as dumb as dropping Odell Beckham Jr last year.  I think I had him in every league but Dynasty and dropped him once injuries started to hit in week 3 or something like that. But between Brees' big game and Rawls, I am where I deserve to be in the standings (but should be 7-4 and 2nd in Power Rankings if I was not an idiot.
  15. Westeros Experts League 2015

    No Thank you for me being the idiot that dropped Rawls (for Marques Colston the other week).  Those 30 points gave you the win and a jump in power rankings.  You would be in 8th place in the standings if I held onto him.  I came home thinking my RB problems were solved and then saw he was not in my lineup.