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  1. I kind of was half-joking about the Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall really worked well. I think Josh McCown to Dez would be awesome
  2. Dez Bryant has been cut. The Jets need a 20th WR on their roster. Perfect Match.
  3. He was the first "Ma" I could think of. I can pick up Joe Mauer and make the offer.
  4. Margot was already traded to me for Mazzara. My fans want to see how he does in a Piggy uniform for a bit.
  5. Who's next? Looks like in order to be traded the player's last name needs to start with "MA". I have Steven Matz for JD Martinez ready to go.
  6. I go away for a week and go from 3rd to 10th based on some really epic bad pitching. Gotta love baseball. And typical for me, I was looking at my roster and somehow dropped Peacock while looking at his stats and moved McCutcheon out on an off day but the app did not register moving him back in for yesterday. At least now that we are in for a full season I get post-July McCutcheon for later.
  7. Seriously, and I live right outside Philly. To WJ's credit he did offer me a choice of a couple of guys and I picked Herrera. So I have no one to blame but myself
  8. Good luck everyone as we start the season today. I have already made half as many moves as last year, so I promise to be more active. Not sure what I think of my team. Also, I am OK full year or half year. If anyone wants a full year, we are still looking for Dynasty owners. We would need to draft the week of 4/9 at this point though.
  9. Wait, people are on FA now and not Waivers. Crap.
  10. Really busy at work. Did my values very quickly. I am sure I am forgetting someone. I sure hope I get Ohtani so my Japanese fans will support my team.
  11. I really don't want to do a league of 5. I am away after Friday of this week, so if we don't get people and don't draft this week, it will have to be after 4/6, which we can do, but would suck.
  12. So what is your suggestion for innings and slots for a full year? Need 5 more people.
  13. Starting a thread so we can hopefully drum up some more people. Right now we have: @Bronn Stone @Jaxom 1974 @PyroclasticFlow @Week @grozeng Was @Mexal in? I think we decided on Dynasty over Keeper. I think we follow the same format as WJ's league or do we move a couple of SP to P? 7SP seems a lot to me and I think we did it so you could just minimize changing your roster. Do we make 5 SP and two P? Budgets are $300 per team. Settings are: You have to spend at least $1 on each roster spot. Roster spots are C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CI, MI, 5 OF, 2 UT, 7 SP, 3 RP, 6 Bench. Also, we have 5 DL spots and we've added 1 NA spot this year for players in the minors. Scoring categories are R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS for offense. QS, K, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, and Saves for pitching. Roto scoring. We will go to the end of the year. Players are signed for 1-4 years. Dollar values do not increase if you sign the person for future years. Penalty for dropping someone is 1/3 of the contract rounded up for the remainder of the contract. We need to find a draft time between now and the beginning of the season. We will draft after 9:30pm eastern. Am I missing anything.
  14. Yes we need more for Dynasty. So Week, Bronn, Jaxom, PF, Me. Let's get some more people. And when do we draft? I can make any night work. It will be a roto league so we can always do retroactive stats if we miss a couple of days.
  15. It looks like we just have Jaxom, Bronn, Week and me for Dynasty. Was there anyone else? Anyone else want to be in the league?