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  1. IN the "Inside the episode" one of the show-runners said that Cersei's plot was her ultimate victory (okay) and that "its all been building up to this..." WhhhaaaaaaaAAA???? In what way was the show "building up" to that scene? There was no foreshadowing until the actual episode; it seemed very forced; rushed; lacked authenticity; seemed a story-line of convenience. It was, in no way, "building up to this moment"; instead its what these show-runners do: their one-trick-pony-story-telling. They kill people. That was it. Yes, the music was really cool and the fall out with Tommen was spot-on. But it was just something to do so when Dany gets to Westeros its not as complicated. She can go South, grab Dorne and Highgarden (how ... convenient) and the North gets the North and Cersei gets destroyed. That's it. Same thing with Arya and the Freys. The show-runners basically said "Look, we won't be back here ever again so, lets have Arya... in effect fly from Braavos, somehow get to The Twins, kill two adult males, one a very good fighter, and then bake them into a pie. All in the time it took for the Battle of the Bastards to happen." Its not even that I blame the show-runners; they are good (not great) story-tellers who were at their best when they had material written for them by GRRM. Now that he's gone, they are left to their own devices. And I don't even mind the story itself- its perfectly mediocre. But its not good and so many outlets are trying to tell me its good. Slate wrote an article that sums it up this way: GoT has become the show it never wanted to be- the show that gives fans what they want. Indeed.
  2. The only explanation is that the show-runners put that in there to EMPHATICALLY state that they are not dealing with continuity anymore. It doesn't matter if something makes sense or not anymore; no: if the scene looks, seems, or feels "cooler" they just do it. Literally NOTHING made sense in this episode: -Its like Revenge of the Sith- Soooooooooooooo much of that movie made no sense. And in the end, Lucas had done such little planning that he does not know what to do with Padme. But she has to die, right? So... so he ... he basically says "Fuck it, she has to die before New Hope" so he kill sher by having her ... "Lose the Will To Live..." That's what this episode should have been called: Losing the Will to Live. Nothing made sense, but they have to have to hvae to get things ready for the last season. And you can only do that if everyone dies now... before Dany and the Dragons. And Dorne and Highgarden have to team up because ... reasons... and VARYS CAN BE IN TWO DIFFERENT PLACES AT ONCE!!!! Because the show has taken my will to live. -Dragonfire kept in a pretty-easy to find basement. For 30 years. Nobody found it. -Arya can apparently travel faster than the speed of light. She went from Braavos to Westeroes, to the Riverlands, killed two GROWN Freys, baked them in a pie and then killed Walder Frey. In the time it took Cersei to NOT CHANGE INTO ANOTHER OUTFIT! I mean, that scene felt like the show runners were just like: "Look, we don't know when we will EVER be back to RR so ... ah... let's just kill this guy, kay?" And then the other one said "Brilliant!" And in my mind they high fived each other over the pile of money they sleep on. They then threw a bunch of random words on the floor, had a dor walk through it and then whatever landed "head's u" was what they used for dialog. -The deaths in this episode were all just convienece. They can't write 100 more episodes so they just "Godfather III" it; that scene were the helicoper kills all the mafia people. Yeah, that's all it was- rank convience. The show-runners don't know what to do otherwise. -Can we all agree that since Martin left the show (because he assuredly does not like it) that the show-runners have no idea how to compensate? Or write? -Who the fuck is alive at this point? There are no leaders in Dorne, the Eerie, the Riverlands, Highgarden or Casterly Rock. Seriously- there is nobody left to kill. -Jaime moves fast as well- Riverlands to KL... and the fire is still burning. -Fuck me, Varys being everywhere is just kind of funny. -Okay, that "KING IN THE NORTH" scene... literally made no sense. The Eerie was arguing about their role in the battle, what they were doing etc and then... just people start getting up and declaring for the King in the North. What ... what ... in the importal words of that old lady "That's not how this works; that's not how ANY OF THIS WORKS!" -Fucking dick move leaving Bran to scale the wall all by himself. Assholes. -Okay, hey there were things I liked: Dany + Tyrion was excellent; ah... the Lyanna reveal... felt SUPER TACKED ON but I still like that it was there. I also llike that the show is rushing to the end- they know they fucked up on time, they can't leave a lot laying around, so they are pushing people into their positions for the final.... rushed ... act. And in a way that was good. But in so many ways... its like taking a test in college. You start out strong but then you look up and BOOM- you have 6 minutes todescribe American history from Reconstruction to today. And its like messages from the Front- desperately trying to describe the Great Dep[retion before they yell "Pens Down." That's what this was- a mad rush without rhyme or reason, in a frantic push to ... to get it all over with.
  3. I just .... is this even a real show anymore? I mean, what punishment should the show get for plagiarizing itself? I have not said much about the show in a few weeks because there is just so little I enjoy any longer. I mean, basically its summed up as follows: Davos is great; Sansa is still good; I could lisetn to Ian McShane read from the phone book, Jaime is good, Brienne + Jaime is fine; dragons are cool. But tonight? Okay, the battle was cool, I guess, but it was "Blackwater 2.0." It was the EXACT same thing. And it started off so baaaaaaaddddddd But I'm getting ahead of myself. First we found Dany... negotiating with ... oh, who the fuck cares? Every. Single. Negotiations. Session. With. Dany. Ends. In. The. Person. She. Negotiates. With. Getting. Killed. Seriously, this scene suffered two HUGE problems: first, it was ENTIRELY NEEDLESS! Dany has dragons. At ANY TIME and with absolutely NO WORK she could get her three dragons to rain fire on the slavers (which they did). There was no need to do a siege etc. The slavers were fucking stupid to try. Its a terrible plan. There was no need for anyone to be worried. This made Tyrion's scene PAINFUL! Remember when Tyrion was, you know, an actual character? When he was smart and funny and wise? Now, he's just sad comic relief to act like everything is a mystery. WHY DOESN'T TYRION ASK THE NATURAL QUESTION? "M'Lady... don't ... don't you have like three dragons we could use?" So dumb that he never asks that question. (Honorable Stupidity: I liked Dany's plan to burn just ONE ship so her people could escape Meeren. Good plan. Just one problem? How do the other two dragons know this plan? How do they know to ONLY burn that one ship? They were lockd up until... magic I guess... but she could not have told them the plan? And don't give me this "she directed them" shit! She was riding Drogon; not the others. I mean, maybe she has "dragon talepathy" but if she did... bitch - SHE SHOULD HAVE USED IT BEFORE! No need for "Drogon... dracarys... because she could just Vulcan--mind-meld with them and BOOM! they just ... know!). But the second terrible thing from this scene was the utter stupidity of another stupid, dumb, tired, hackneyed, been-there-done-that negotiation session between Dany and ... and three props. Seriously; these were not characters they were barely sentient automatons. And what do they do? They ask for terms nobody would except. Sure, Dany will slaughter her dragoins. And give up the unsullied and watch as Melassandi is raped, I guess. But we knew how this was going to end ... because we saw it all before- the dumb-asses who just obnoxiously act like morons; we saw it with the dothrakii just a few episodes ago; we saw it with the slavers in season 3; we have seen this all before. And it has the EXACT same result. These slavers are fucking dumber than a bag of hammers. Why do the negotiating there? Don't they know she has a dragon? Why not go through an intermediary? Don't they know she has a dragon? Why not demand hostages? Don't they know she has a dragon? Did I mention the dragon? So, what happens? SHOCKER! The dragon shows up and wrecks shit. HE could have done that AT ANY TIME! And we saw it all before. (Honorable Stupidity Two: How are they feeding all those fucking horses? The drothari have a MASSIVE host; EVERYONE is on horse back. How are they feeding all those horses; horse are huge; they take a LOT of feed. How are they feeding them... oh, and EVEN IF YOU GET THEM ON THE BOATS... where are you storing all the food they would need? Don't know? That's because nobody knows what they are doing on this show). Then on to the Battle of the Bastards. Okay, just saying the actual fighting and the battle itself was great- gritty, absorbing, intense; action-packed... and yeah, dumb. But dumb is sometimes the most fun. Anyway, I liked the actual battle itself. Everything else was jaw-droppingly terrible. It starts off with a pretty solid scene between Sansa and Jon where Sansa, wisely, counsels Jon not to do what Ramsey wants Jon to do; its solid, Sun Tzu-esque advice that is focused, on-point and very relevant. So, first chance he gets, Jon ignores it! What a fucking tool-bag. He sees the prop formerly known as Rickon walk out and tries to rescue him ... EXACTLY WHAT RAMSEY WANTS HIM TO DO! Tool. Bag. That would all be fucking terrible enough. BUT... 2 things: 1) Jon Snow... suffers NOT ONE BIT for acting like an asshole! He does not pay for not heeding Sansa's sage advice. Once again, Jon Snow's bad behavior does not come back to bite him. Because Plot Armor is strong; it even holds when you are the fucking problem! But 2)... why ... why did Ramsey shoot Rickon... and not ... say ... Jon? If Ramsey is that fucking great of a shot (and he is) ... and he has the target lined up.... WHY NOT JUST KILL JON!?!?!?!?!?! Win the whole battle! Fuck them all over? Destroy your nemesis? Say a cool line like "Turns out I accept the challenge of fighting to the death... oh... sorry... you beat me to it." No... seriously? Why not - if you have the shot... why not kill Jon Snow? It. Makes. No. Sense. This. Show. Is. So.... Baaaaaaaaaaddddd... Then the battle itself. Had some great stuff, but I have to assume moving a shield wall into place takes longer than that; the confusion and action was fun and intense. But then... Blackwater 2.0 happened. I mean, it was exactly the same. These show-runners have no original ideas. At all. Once again, the heroes' actions do not matter; their fighting, bravery, courage, instincts, honor... NOPE! NONE OF IT MATTERS! We have this ready-made "Deus Ex Machina" just waiting to save the day! Exactly like the Blackwater; same shit, different season! Snow could have spent the battle with a thumb up his ass- SAME RESULT! Nothing they did mattered; the Erie was coming to save them! Hooo.... hooo... h-hooo...rrray? And then Ramsey retreats, and the Northern archers suddenly all become Legelace and can't fucking miss and JS goes off. And then dogs and stupidity. Why not have Samsa demand a head-man's block and a sword and executes Ramsey herself? You know... LIKE A FUCKING STARK WOULD?!?!?!?! NOPE! The show has NO IDEA what this story is about anymore. The show runners didn't get Stannis; they don't get Sansa; they don't get why battles matter; they don't know why Brienne is compelling; they don't know why some characters need to live and others should die... and they don't know why we liked these stories; why the books mattered. They can't think up their own stuff so they regurgitate what GRRM did; every Dany scene is IDENTICAL to ones that came before; every Tyrion interaction is stilted and wooden. Every battle ends with a "ROLL TWENTY ON SAVING THROW FROM BEING FUCKING SURROUNDED!" Immediately summon: "Arbitrarily Huge Army." WIN! Every Jon Snow interaction is the same.... But Davos found a horse in the snow? Means he knows about Stannis' daughter ... that he never mentioned this season? Shows how much they care, huh? The show is bad. Its not good. We still watch because we have to; we came this far. But its now doing what EVERY shitty show does when it is limping to the finish: does shitty and lazy "flash-back" episodes where all they do is replay what worked before. Its plagiarism. Only they are lazy plagiarists; instead of ripping off stuff from other sources... they just rip off the earlier works... And we can tell.
  4. This may have been one of the worst episodes of the series coming off the heals of one of the best. And it was bad the same way like 4 times. Nothing happened this episode, that was bad enough, but the show, in effect, said to us, "The last season or so was a waste of time too!" The crown jewel of this theory was Arya going to the House of the Undying and "training" to be an assassin. She loses her eye sight; she has to learn she is "nobody;" she has to erase her past. The training could take years ... it will require her to evolve and ... JUST KIDDING! Its Dorne all over again. The show-runners don't know what to do with her because thay don't have book-sourcing to go to so she just stops being an assassin. Just stops her training. So, basically, everything since she KO'd the Hound was a waste of our lives. Good to know. Then we come to The Faith Militant and the complete inability of anyone to swing a sword. Jaime- WOW - total badass! He rides up the steps of the sept with blood in his heart! Jaime is amazing so this will be great! NOPE! Nothing happens. The King decides to throw in with the Faith because ... well because. See, he's the King and GoT is popular so ... THEY DON'T NEED REASONS! And what about that scene before with Margery and Tommen where for what felt like the 651st time characters talked about the Faith and the Gods and NOTHING HAPPENED! I mean they are holding the Queen hostage against her will; they did the same thing with the Queen Mother and the Queen's brother. I mean you would think after that a head-or-two miggggghhhhhhhhhtttt roll... NOPE! Not there! The Frey's have even stopped killing people. And then there is Sam who- holy hell -stops at home with his father the asshole with the pretense of leaving Gily and Sam Jr with his family. Fine. That can all be done off screen. NOPE! No, we have to have a set-up seen in a prior episode; then THREE FUCKING SCENES in this episode all so Sam can then ... DECIDE NOT TO LEAVE Gilly and Sam! WHY DID YOU SHOW ME ALL THAT if at the ed theyw ere just going to leave?!?!?! Was it because Sam took that fucking sword? I know it is- that was fucking stoooooopiiiddd! I mean, sure Sam and Gilly are the two best horse riders in westeroes and both know the terrain better than anyone else... no wait none of that is true- they are a wilding woman and a baby riding next to one of the fattest people in the show. This is all a set up so they can get caught. But I thought Sam was smart? I thought that was the whole point? No, no, turns out like many characters in this show, they get dumbest when stuff matters most. And then we get to the final scene. Holy. Shit. Dany rides off alone... like you do in unknown territory. And she returns with her dragon. Awesome, right? Well, I mean, we'll ignore the fact that 125,000 horses DID NOT smell a dragon and freak out BEFORE anyone saw the damn thing. No. Dany then gives this bad ass speech where she tells everyone, in effect, "Are you with me!?!?!?"" And the whole Khaldesar yells back "YES!!!!" And that's awesome, right? NO! No, see WE ALREADY KNEW THEY WERE WITH HER! They were following her, right? They watched her torch their former leaders, right? I mean, was she afraid that after they all knelt to her and she went all "Lets-Light-This-Bitch" on them that they MAY have been waiting for a chance to bolt? It was a waste of time. Yes, it had a dragon and dragon's are cool, but this was a waste of time with a dragon.
  5. Hold the Door!

    I have to say that Hodor's death scene is a point where even us "book purists" and those of us who are almost catatonic in our dislike for the show have to ask a very good question: Did "The Door" get this series back? I think its the best episode of the season (not saying a lot) but I think its the best episode since the Red Wedding; the only episodes that hold a candle to it since are the Purple Wedding, the opener of Season 4, The Mountain and the Viper and possible Hardhome. But Hodor's death did many things that are emblematic of the good from this story: 1. It answered a question the audience actually cares about: Many people wanted to know what "Hodoe" actually meant. 2. It answered the question in a deft, subtle and very clear way: Excellent use of magic, time travel and the characters' relationships. 3. It used characters we actually liked, cared about and were invested in. Yeah, this was not Dorne or that wasted Kingsmoot nonsense; this was the main body of the fans' most favorite characters and it gave the audience something real. 4. It used dramatic tension to give the audience a satisfying reveal. The use of the slowly rising difficulty in the story combined with who it was happening to was fantastic. It ws a dramatic moment even if most of us knew that Bran was likely going to escape. 5. We saw a hero: Hodor was the hero; he did something he always had to do and he did it selflessly and bravely in spite of his own life. He did it for Bran, one of the more universally loved characters. Amazing use of everything. 6. The Death actually advanced the plot: Unlike most recent deaths since the show surpassed the books, Hodor's death actually meant something. It was done so well because it advanced the story - Bran escapes and the story progresses. And the fact that the story lad back that point about young Hodor and Bran was perfect. It bound everything together. I could go on but you get the point. This scene was very reminiscent of Blackwater and Balor; the Red and Purple Weddings etc. Nobody knew who would live and who would die and at the same time we saw this engrossing message about somebody the audience actually cares about. Hodor rose to the occasion. And unlike the deaths of characters we don't care about (Balon); characters we don't know (Doran Martell) or characters that a were only there to die (IAMSHEATHEFUNNYWHORE), Hodor has our attention and we feel it when he sacrifices himself for Bran and really for the story. Does this make up for the terrible story telling of, really, the better part of the last two seasons? Does it make up for the fact we STILL don't know who sent the assassin to kill Bran in his room; does it make up for wasting characters like Doran, Stannis, etc? I am not sure. But its a start that may help us all get to the finish.
  6. So, just a small tangent but it was a very small detail that I really enjoyed about Sansa's story arc. The scene with Littlefinger was very heavy-handed, but for one of the very very few times, an abused person in this story tells it like it is to one of her abusers; she describes to LF what it was like to have that monster, Ramsey, inside her, and how she can still feel him, and not in the emotional way. Her body still feels Ramsey. LF apologizes but his words never seem to match his attitude and this time was no different. The scene ends with LF, successfully, planting a seed in Sansa's mind about the Tullys etc. Later on, when in "war counsel" with Jon and Davos, Sansa explains her real-politic on the state of affairs and how they need to work on the other, smaller houses before moving onto bigger game. But she also mentions the Tullys. When Davos asked now she could have known this, Sansa - effortlessly - says a completely believable lie. Nobody suspects anything. Later when confronted, Sansa has no adequate explanation as to why she lied to Jon. When Sansa lied, it was Littlefinger talking; her words, but his move. She is now playing the game for herself but still using the moves others have taught her. Its an exquisite scene and very well done. But the point is clearly made: much in the same way Sansa can still "feel" Ramsey inside her... there can be little doubt that Littlefinger is still very much inside Sansa and she can feel him too.
  7. [Spoilers] EP605

    And the kid who played young Hodor deserves an Emmy. And I'm not really joking.
  8. [Spoilers] EP605

    The direwolves are selfless; Summer WOULD DIE for Bran. That's why we like the Stark Direwolves but are unimpressed with Lannister Lions.
  9. There is a lot to criticize about this episode. LF being at Moletown like he took the Concord; the stupidity of the Iron Isles; the bat-shit inanity of ANOTHER Red Woman. All that is legit criticism. That last scene was not one of them.
  10. [Spoilers] EP605

    I am one of the biggest critics of this show- I ream it mercilessly when it is warranted. That was amazing in every sense of the word; breathtakeing and heartbreaking. Best episode in 2 years.
  11. [Spoilers] Criticize Without Repercussion

    So... I said the last few weeks that the show-runners were at their best when they were following Martin's work. So this week, almost to prove me right, the show-runners had this week's episode end with, basically, a REMAKE of season One's ending- Dany burning somebody to death. We saw that scene before and it was best when Martin wrote it. Now, the show runners are left with copying themselves copying Martin.
  12. So, got a few things to talk about: What I liked: The Kingsguard Slayer: Look, the Tower of Joy.... that scene had sooooooooo many problems it defies belief; I mean, there are only TWO KG members there when we know that there were three, and can you believe that Dayne was wielding TWO swords? What happened to the importance of Dawn? And did that look like Dorne to you? I mean ... I mean ... Oh, who the fuck am I kidding?! That scene was amazing. Absolutely jaw-dropping in every way; Dayne was exceptional; you felt the WEIGHT of that fight. You felt its importance and the sacrifices all these men were involved in. I could see what Dayne and (Whent or Hightower) were fighting for. And the actual fighting itself (while still flirting with unrealistic elements) was grounded in a real world. And even how it ended was a shout out to how Ned is seen and why Reed stabbing Dayne in the back is against the NEd-is-Honor Narrative. And that is- and has always been - a call back to Ned's Doppleganger, Jaime. Jaime stabbed a King in the back; Ned was in a fight what he one when a Kings Guardsman was stabbed in the back. In BOTH cases, Ned benefited from the dishonorable action. And yet it is Jaime who is considered to be the horrible, Oathbreaker; Ned honorable and noble. The ToJ scene works on many levels- action, suspense, a nod to L+R=J and so many other things. Buta t its core, the ToJ scene is a reminder that all of these people got here by doing terrible things and great things. And some have been elevated because of it, and some stained by it; and its not always entirely accurate. Witness to the Execution: I thought Jon's execution of the Night's Watch leaders and Ollie was great; I liked how every single one of those men stayed true to who they were: one of the was still in shock; another still begged to be remembered by his family for doing great things; Ollie was consumed by utter hatred for Snow (a COMPLETELY REASONABLE FEELING UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES). And Allister Thorne died doing what he thought was 100% right (again, completely logical). I was convinced that the way the show handled that issue was perfectly clear, consistent and engaging. What I am on the Fence About: Jon Snow's Resume: So, I understand and appreciate 100% that Jon Snow leaving the Watch is consistent withe word of the oath; Jon Snow died so he is no longer bound by the oath. Right? Well, I guess; certainly he is defying the "spirit" of the oath. Also, if Jon's oath ended after he "died" then why is he carrying out an execution? Is he now an employee at will? Can he just leave whenever he wants? But that's not really an issue. I like that Jon's story is expanding and no longer stagnant like other, similarly situated characters (*cough*Dany*cough*). I like that we no longer have to pay attention to the shit-hole that is the Wall (again, its stagnant). And I like that the experience seems to have changed him. That is all solid. But why is he leaving? I mean, doesn't the wall still need him? Isn't this a classic "now more than ever" reality? And so if he's NOT committed to the wall OR if he is now more committed to doing other things ... does that say anything positive about him? Did Jon only serve the Wall because he HAD to? And that as soon as the contract had an "out" he took it? I just don't know if this is a great moment for the show EVEN IF it was, in effect, a "given." Hey Davos.... that Witch ... We Cool, Right? I don't understand how these characters got tied into Jon and WERE NOT tied into getting murdered by the Wildings. She's a witch that follows a God utterly foreign to them. How have they not flambe'd her? And why is Davos so tied in with Jon Snow? Why is he acting like this? What? Does he just "like the cut of his jib?" Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing or even not welcome- it is welcome to see characters interface instead of with a needless sea of extras - but the connection needs to feel real and not forced. Davos + Jon feels forced.... What I Did Not Like Where Are the Dragons: I'm not saying that we need to see the dragons, at all, really. I'm just saying that Dany's story-line is SUCH a waste of time. THis woman has a whole city; a gigantic army, at least two hunters out looking for her and, hey remember, the greatest Magical Advantage in the history of stories- three flying dragons. JESUS CHRIST!!! Why have they not found her yet? Oh, its because teh story need sofr her to do X or Y etc and that's just shitty right there; its creating a story-line where none shoudl exist. Dany's dragons should be looking for her and if they found her they would be like a B-52 bomber v. the Mongol Hordes- shoot as many arrows as you like, the napalm is going to hit you first! This is such a HUGE waste of time; its all useless filler; it has no discernible weight or importance to the story; its needless activity for these people to do. There is so much in this show that still works, but the bad stuff constantly weighs it down and Dany's meandering and listless story arc is a huge contributor. Compare it to Jon's story. Okay, I get it, Jon Snow walked out on the only job he ever had. I get that. But at least his story is advancing past the role hewas locked into in Season 1. Dany is still stuck in Essos, not contributing to the main story and the writers (and even Martin) are constaltly finding ways to delay her involvement and its grating and woefully uninteresting. Dany's Dragons should have found her by now and should be raining fire down on her captors. There is no reason- realistically or even drummed-up by the fantasy world- that this has not happened yet. It is silly and uninteresting. But, no joke, that ToJ scene rocked.
  13. [Spoilers] EP602

    So a few people reposted my comments about the episode so thanks; awfully kind of you and I am glad you enjoyed my tongue-and-cheek (and salty) rendition of the episode. But others brought perfectly fair criticisms and observations (which I hope to address) while others gave the knee-jerk reactions we have all come to love and expect here on the boards (they include “If-you-don’t-like-iyt-why-do-you-watch?” and “stop being such a book-purist." But I like the discussion so lets work with what people said: Attitude: Well, lets assume he does the EXACT same thing with Jo; I'll hate it there too. And I never warmed to the Cat stark part BUt at the very least they were more gradual there and that story made a little more sense given the confluence of events that had to happen (including Nymeria). But I never liked Lady Stoneheart so its a complaint both ways. In this regard, I am not singling out the show as much as complaining on the general misuse of the "dead/not-dead" trope. In fact, when I wrote a review on these Boards of DoD, one of my major complaints was that Martin had cheapened death because JUST as we were in denial about Ned's death, we are utterly correct to believe that Jon will be back. And that's a shame for this story. Not true. Merely because someone sucks at something doesn't mean that every now and then they don't get something right on their own. Case-in-point, in my review I mentioned that show-Cersei is a better overall character than book-Cersei; same is true for Robert and Viserys (but, sadly, few others). Now this could be for many many reasons - maybe the book set a low bar; maybe the actor is doing a fantastic job; or maybe the runners nailed their interpretation. They are not "recreating" the ToJ scene; they are copying it. In fact, they line we have seen are among THE MOST MEMORABLE LINES FROM THE BOOK! I don't blame them for copying it; I just think that's an easier job. When they go off on their own? Disaster - oh let me count the ways: Jon Snow at Craster's + Bran at Craster's; Jaime and Cersei's "No, Not A Rape" scene; Anything in Dorne; Brienne in the North; Shae-the-Funny-Whore; The re-interpretation of Stannis; etc etc etc. I think the show is at its best when it interprets what is there; its at its worst when it has to figure out what should be there. Oh, I'm ... I'm sorry ... I didn't know that this thread was for "Believers" only; D&D praise-be-their-names... Be Silent All Heretics Who Dare Preach Alternative Views! BE GONE FROM THIS TEMPLE!!!! Fair point, but even here, the Show's re-interpretation of the books is substantively worse. Doran Martell is weak in the show; in the books he is portrayed as more mentally able; scheming and a long-term planner with a wide-view of the world. The story with Marcella, in the show, is "kill-now-think-later"; in the book, while a weak story, its a clearer story, not as silly and not as weakly delivered. Its not their fault that they have to make it up; no question there. Martin's pace of writing is what it is (I honestly have to write it that way for fear that I may get edited/banned) and we are likely not getting a book this year (my money- as it has been since 2011 - was that the next book would be released in 2017). However, they have not exactly made lemonade ot of these lemons. Stannis' end was probably the worst story-telling I have ever seen; Brienne in the North is not compelling; Ramsey is not as interesting as he was in the books and neither is Theon/Reek; Dorne is not just made up, its been abandoned. And we are only a few episodes into our brave-new-world. What stupidity are we in store for? Agree with both these points. While I have sort-of liked that the show avoided the "Tysha" storyline from the books, Tyrion in the books is more complex and more nuanced. Yes, sometimes his "I'm a dwarf" moaning can grate on a reader, but I the book allows for more depth, more viewing and less filler. The show seems like it feels OBLIGATED to include Tyrion and at no time can they capture what the book have there (though, I readily admit Dinklidge is incredible). Cersei is better in the show. Maybe its Hedley; maybe its her anchoring of that story-line; maybe its the writing. But she has been a better character since that scene in Bran's sickroom. I think its a true accomplishment of the show. Yup; exactly. I knew what you meant. But that has never been my criticism or most others. We do not demand 100% accuracy. We just want stuff that makes sense and is true to the narrative. I sued to call GoT an "alternate reality" from ASoIaF; but that is no longer true. Now its a bizzaro world where characters do things that don't make sense; deaths are no longer tethered to the story and dumb people do dumb things. And if I am an elitist because I ... read books (*sigh... I can't believe literacy is so caste-defining) then, yeah, sorry I have no problem with being an elitist in this regard.
  14. [Spoilers] EP602

    So, there’s this Onion show called “A Game of Thrones” and it’s a satire of the books “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin. Its hysterical. Nothing on the show makes sense; they have these ham-fisted “twists” that everyone sees coming; dialog is mindless and major characters that people LOVE either 1) never show up or 2) do such lame things that it makes them seem hilarious! Its the best comedy on TV right now. Regardless, I watch the show and here is what I thought of this week’s episode: What I liked: Davos: The Guy Who Says What Everyone is Thinking: I like Davos a lot because I think it’s a good thing that there is a character who still can be a moral compass without any baggage. He makes mistakes but he tries to do good. That’s … refreshing. But why is he willing to die for a guy – Jon Snow – he barely knows and who is dead? Bran’s Dreams: This could actually be a “what I didn’t like” but I am trying to be less salty. Watching young-Ned and Young Benjen (I know many Millennials who may not remember who Benjen Stark was- the year was 2011 and it was a strange time, but there was this stark kid named “BenJen” and the show runners used him because he was in the book, but then… FORGOT HE EVER EXISTED!) … (Oh, btw – who tried to kill Bran after he was crippled? That was a pretty important moment. Sorry, the show runners never answered that question for you). ANYWAY… watching Bran see Lyanna and interact with that moment was very deep and also subtle. Well done. And I also liked the scene because it didn’t see an obvious resurrection that anyone with half a brain would have seen coming. Cersei’s Humanity: They are doing a great job in exposing the nuances behind Cersei which, I must say, are deep, convincing, believable and well-earned. I think Headey is doing a tremendous job. And in many ways, Cersei in the show is a more compelling character than Cersei in the book. I also liked the scene because Myrcella stayed dead. The scene didn’t foolishly make a character come back to life. Because that’s fucking stupid. What I am on the Fence About: The Security at Myrcella’s Funeral: So … the priest can just let in whoever he wants? And they just get in? Do they still have gold-cloaks? I mean, it’s a good scene because Jaime was in it and he’s, basically, one of the few characters who is not 1) excruciating, 2) doing stupid things that amount to “buys work” and 3) has real emotional investment. But … just cave the Sparrow’s head in; that insufferable, self-righteous asshole. Okay, I liked watching the scene and the interplay but I find the Sparrow’s power to be unreasonable and unrealistic. And yes, I know there are dragons in the universe. But, again, at least Myrcella did not come back to life like other dumb characters. Tyrion’s Contractually Obligated Scene: Hey, look its Tyrion. And Dragons. We put two great tastes that taste great together! Please forgive us for everything that happened elsewhere in this episode. What I didn’t Like: Roose Bolton’s death: This goes with my constant complaint about the way the show is currently being run: whenever there is a stumbling block in the story; whenever there a slow point OR a conflict point, the show’s “out” is to IGNORE the conflict and just … kill a character. Because that’s what they did. They didn’t know what to do with Roose, so the show-runners just killed him. No conflict; no big moment; no pay-off. Just dead. Now, what about all the people who supported roose? What about his bannermen? His retainers? His guards and heavies? Did psycho-sauce Ramsey Snow-Bolton walk up to EVERY SINGL one of thiose guys with that creepy smile on his face and his “rapey” eyes and say “Hey, guy-who-has-always-been-loyal-to-my-father-since-the-Trident – let’s assassinate my father! And you can trust me! Look at my crazy eyes and my fucking creepy face! And the way I am killing people arbitrarily and capriciously! I’m just a more vicious Tywin!” See, the problem is that at LEAST when Lord Frey or Tywin or ANYONE ELSE killed a major character – there was a reason! That they did it with some level of gain for others. When Tywin killed Robb others MAY have found it uncomfortable… but at the very least he could show it was better for everyone- end a war, kill a traitor, make peace, secure the realm… and it your name is Lord Frey, you get to be the Lord of the Riverlands. What is it that Crazy-eyed Ramsey said or did or was able to secure for those who GAINED under Roose? What could he do for them? Why would they NOT … KILL HIM?! Answer? Who knows…? Roose Bolton was a great character and he should have been better handled than “Okay-we-don’t-know-what-to-do-here-let’s-have-Ramsey-kill-him.” But, hey, at least Roose Bolton won’t stupidly come back to life. The Dumbest Scene In the Franchise: This is not hyperbole. Lady Walda’s death is the stupidest, most empty, most vapid scene in the history of the show. That includes every Shea scene; that includes the Dorne scenes; everything that happened on the Iron Isles all of it. Walda’s death was the show’s ham-fisted move to try to remind us how dangerous and vicious this world is. Okay. We knew that. Couldn’t just kill her off stage? No, we have to see it? What did the first draft of that scene look like? Ramsey: Lady Walda, you just gave birth and in no condition to walk around. So of course I called you out here on a cold winter’s day. Lady Walda: I know, m’lord. Its not suspicious at all. I just went through many hours of labor and I’m completely exhausted, but here I am! Ramsey: Is that my brother? Can I hold him in my creepy hooven-hands? LW: Of course, m’lord! In no way am I hesitant about having the bastard of my husband hold my child; because in the North, we ladies bare absolutely no suspicion of bastards; its not like for the first two seasons IT AS DRILLED INTO THE VIEWERS HEADS that bastards are not trusted; and its not like Lady Stark’s personal struggles with Jon Snow are not a major sub-theme running throughout this story! Here is my 30-minute old child! Ramsey: (takes hold of child between his mandible-claw-like appendages) He looks delicious- I mean, healthy. So, lets go to the kennels; a room my father has never ever been ever and lets hang out there for a bit. (gives child back) LW: Let me dimly follow you there. (They go into the kennel. The kennel must stink like dog-shit so she should know they are going to a kennel). LW: My, I have no problem AT ALL with my new-born child being in a kennel with wild dogs. Especially when I have obviously heard tails of these dogs chasing women through the countryside and eating them. Nope! No concerns at all. Ramsey: (Unlocks kennel doors) I want to say that I have tricked you! IT IS I WHO IS NOW THE LORD OF – LW: Lord of Winterfell? Yes, Ramsey we all know it. Even I’m not that stupid. I just have to now uselessly beg for my life- AFTER I have been locked in this room with you… (clears throat) No, please, Ramsey; please not my baby! Ramsey: No, Let me do something so fucking void of consciousness that its amazing nobody gives a shit; I will feed you to my wild dogs LW: (clearly looking off-stage, a sense of doubt crossing her face) “Wait … so … you’re not going to do this off-stage? No, you are really going to kill me so people hear me scream as the dogs eat me alive? Really? This was the best we could do? Ramsey: It’s a vicious time! LW: (Sigh) Okay, Ramsey; I get that. I get that we live in a foul, horrid time and that people’s lives are meaningless. But dow e HAVE to listen to the bones crunch down on my flesh as I scream for my life in horror? And don’t I have people sworn to me who may have been here to prevent this catastrophe? No? Fuck this is so dumb! Ramsey: It could be worse. LW: (As dog clamps down on her neck) True; it would be worse if I was a major character who died and was suddenly brought back to life, after the show cashed in on the spectacle of my death. That would be very lame. (scene) Ned’s Death Would Have Been Worse: So, lets just get to it- Jon Snow’s revival. Stupid, very obvious; totally destroys the mythology that what is dead in the show stays dead; ruins the narrative. And we all saw it coming. Like 1000 miles away. God it was terrible. But its sooooooo much worse than that. Because WE ALL SAW IT COMING! Think back to when you saw the end of the first season (or if you are one of us “insufferable book readers,” when you read) Ned’s death. You were stunned, right? I mean, you were in UTTER SHOCK! I mean, there are You Tube vids of fans Reacting to the shock. Like here.   Here, a grown man starts CRYING over it: This woman hides under a blanket like the boogey-man is about to get her: Seriously, there is a play-list of 50 reactions to this. Grown adults scream in horror. They cry. Like if their cat died or something. Its an amazing accomplishment for TV and GoT. (We won’t even TALK about the Red Wedding). Now… IMAGINE… how you felt when you read/saw Jon Snow dying. And how UTTERLY PREDICTABLE IT WAS THAT HE WOULD COME BACK! And how void of emotion it was; lame; silly; … HOW UTTERLY PEDESTRIAN IT WAS! How it was almost something (GASP) Network TV would do! Think about how far we have come since “Ned Dead at Baelor’s” to “Jon Snow just coming back to life because … magic!” Imagine if the scenes had been reversed; imagine if, for the story, the series STARTED OUT with Jon Snow’s death and immediate resurrection then ended with Ned Stark’s death? We wouldn’t care! Why? Because everyone would just assume that Ned would come back to life; because that’s what shitty sci-fi series do! They Trick the reader/viewer into believing the character is dead so they can get that HUGE payoff and reader cred, then pull a “switch-a-roo!” and, hazzah! The character is not dead. Lame. Super lame. And that’s what this show is now. Its bringing back crowd favorites while it kills everyone else because it doesn’t know what to do with them. The show has no idea what its doing anymore. Bonus Stuff I Didn't Like: So Now It Ends: The teaser at the end has the scene at the Tower of Joy and it looks great. Why? Because the ToJ was a scene that GRRM wrote; not the show runners. The Show runners are GREAT at creating and recreating stuff that GRRM already created. They do a great job at putting on screen what he already put on paper. The show –runners suck-out-loud at doing anything on their own that requires them having to create or interpret. They are bad at it. That’s why that last scene is there in the teaser- it’s a plea; an ardent cry from the show runners top the viewers saying “See? We still have the books! We can still make this work?! Its not terrible!” Its terrible. Anyway… here is a compilation of people reacting to the Red Wedding- the best part of the series; it shows viewers invested in characetrs and literally grieving over them. The show has lost that entirely becayusbecauseon’t have the books to draw from. You will never see anything like this from the show ever again, because the show is not good. Final Episode Score: 3.5/10.
  15. Who got shafted worse? Doran Martell or Stannis Baratheon

    Reminds me of the Family Guy cut-away when they show Jake and Maggie Gyllenhal arguing over who is worse. And their father comes in and says "Kids, kids; you're both ... just terrible." In both cases, the show-runners failed abysmally when left with two complicated characters and had no book-source material to guide them. And their answer in both cases was "Just kill them." Because the show runners are ... just terrible...