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  1. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    I have to say that's a pretty powerful sentiment. My thoughts fall in line with many others on the board: the guy shredded teammates and QBs at his leisure. He was utterly destructive and brought distension to most locker rooms. But lets look at this: Owens 15 seasons, 1078 receptions, 15,934 yards, 153 TDs (+3 rushing), 11 fumbles. All of the following players are in the HoF: Michael Irvin 12 seasons, 750 receptions, 11,904 yards, 65 TDs, 7 fumbles Steve Largent 14 seasons, 819 receptions, 13,089 yards, 100 Tds (+1 rushing), 17 fumbles. Cris Carter 16 seasons, 1101 receptions, 13,899 yards, 130 TDs, 17 fumbles James Lofton 17 seasons, 764 receptions, 14,004 yards, 75 TDs (+1 rushing), 16 fumbles Tim Brown 17 seasons, 1094 receptions, 14,934 yards, 100 TDs, (+1 rushing), 33 fumbles Marvin Harrison 13 season 1102 receptions, 14,580 yards, 129 TDs, 12 fumbles Others Not in the HoF… yet: Reggie Wayne 14 seasons 1070 receptions, 82 Tds, 10 fumbles Randy Moss 16 seasons, 982 receptions, 156 TDs, 16 fumbles Isaac Bruce 16 seasons, 1024 reception, 15,208 yards, 91 Tds, 16 fumbles Now a few REALLY boarder-line HoF guys for perspective: Chad Johnson 11 seasons, 766 receptions, 11,059 yards, 67 TDs, 7 fumbles Donald Driver 14 seasons, 764 receptions, 10,137 yards, 61 TDs, 8 fumbles Mushin Muhammad 14 seasons, 860 receptions, 11,438 yards, 62 TDs, 15 fumbles. I mean, its not even close. If you look at OWnes' numbers, they OBLITERATE guys already in the Hall- and from the same era; I did not post numbers from guys like Paul Warfield of Lance Allworth - both in the HoF. But the big thing are guys in that alst list. You have to ask: was Terrell Owens a Receiver like Steve Largent, Cris Carter and Marwin Harrison. or was he like Chad Johnson, Donald Driver and Mushin Muhammad? And would you vote for guys like them before Owens? The answers to those questions are self-explanatory. And if anyone votes for those three guys before Owens, something is wrong. Here is what I think happened- writers just don't like Owens. So when they voted, they did not prioritize a vote for him. That's wrong to do, but I do not see it persisting as a practice. I think he'll make it in the next year or so even though next's year's class is stacked.
  2. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    There's a Greater-Than-Zero Percent Chance Derrelle Revis is a Terrorist.
  3. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Exactly- its not just trades by the day-in, day-out evaluations of Free Agents. Look at Revis. Maybe a less savvy team would have signed Revis to a five-year, $70 million deal with $39 million fully guaranteed after one successful season with the the Pats? And that team was the Jets. How'd that work out for them?
  4. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Again, this is my theory- because he's got this great upside, you almost have to trade for him. Sure, he may suck, but you have about a 50% chance that he's good to very good/ As a GM you have to take that. I do not believe Garoppolo will be as bad as many of the guys who have been playing QB in the NFL in the "Cutler" zone. Hey, lets take it easy, take it easy... lets not say anything that could start something... no need to insult anyone here; we're all just having fun... no need to start yelling out fighting words... So, this answer is really complicated because I believe that over the last 15 years the Pats have done great in trades; also, the Pats rarely let a guy go who has extreme upside and I don't think I have ever seen a player "come back to haunt" the Pats. However, the Pats have absolutely traded players or let players go who ended up being very valuable for the team that got them. Here a re a few examples: Matt Cassell: Oh yeah, I went there. Pats traded Cassel and Mike Vrabel to KC for a 2nd round pick. Cassel went on to lead the Cheifs into the playoffs the following season. And he played really well in the playoffs... okay that's a total lie, he completed 50% of his passes threw no TDs and 3 picks. But in the three seasons he played for the Cheifs he git hurt a lot and the one season he did play the whole way he made it to the playoffs. Asante Samuel: After dropping the game clinching INT in the 2007 Superbowl, the Pats franchised Samuel and then agreed to let him go on the market. Samuel was fine, playing for the Eagles and then the Falcons for five more relatively productive seasons. Deion Branch: Pats traded Branch for a #1 pick to the Seahawks after the 2006 season. Branch played for the Seahawks for over four seasons before returning to the Pats in 2010. While with the Seahawks, Branch played well and the Seahawks made the playoffs twice. Brian Hoyer: Hey... the Bears liked him! Richard Seymour: the Patriot that Time Forgot, Seymour was a monster for the Pats before getting traded to the Raiders for a #1 pick. There, Seymour played four more seasons at a pretty high level. The problem? Well, he did play for the Raiders. Not his fault the Raiders were a terrible franchise. Randal Gay: Had three okay seasons with the Saints after leaving the Pats. But I confused him with long-time Steeler DB William Gay who has been with the Steelers since 2007 so... that ... that counts, right? Okay, so no .. nobody should trade with the Pats.
  5. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Again, this is my entire point. I believe a GM should take the risk because if he IS good the upside is far far far greater than the down side is bad. I hope that made sense. The "are we sure he's good" was a very childish joke on my part. As far as Luck v. Wilson, I will say that when he is on the field, Luck seems more dangerous.
  6. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    In my defense, I listed Cousins below Luck. Again, I want to point out that my rankings are not meant to be absolute or anything; just to give people a gauge on why certain teams would not trade for Jimmy G. The "why" is vital. Don't be so certain. I'm not saying the 49ers don't need help at WR and O-Line, but Shanahan is going to do a few things on that team, they have money to spend and ... it may only cost a second-round pick. I could be wrong but I think it could work. A good Qb can do wonders with decent talent and the right O-coordinator, especially after a year to get used to the system. Or... its counter-info to make the Pats lower their asking price? If the Pats are pushing for the #12 pick and Cleveland is trying to change the dynamics so they can get Jimmy G for the #33 pick? Seems like one way to do it is pretend you like Tyrod Taylor.
  7. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    See, I don't know about this. For starters, the Pats could think JImmy G's a really good QB and may trade Jimmy G for a First round pick and just think about the QB next season etc. But also, there is a divide between "Top Ten" QB and "Mediocre or sucks" Here are the guys I listed above who are outside the Top Ten but also above the "mediocre" levels: Jameis Winston, Andrew Luck, Kirk Cousins, Marcus Mariotta, and Matt Stafford. Most teams would be very happy getting a player at or near those levels of quality. Still not "Top Ten" but better than mediocre.
  8. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    In Defense of the board, that was just me. I will also say that I could have just combined the first two groups because all I am saying is that nobody in those groups is getting traded. I think its SLIGHTLY less likley that a Super Bowl winning QB who has a track record of success is traded than a guy who has extreme ability but - outside an unreal ass-whopping against the Pats in the 2014 AFC Championship game - no actual success. Finally, I think Wilson is in just a much better system than Luck, especially on D. I think it was somebody on this board that said that that Wilson has never won a game where the D failed to hold the opponent to under 23 points (not sure if that's still accurate, but it was at the time). And I think that this has a great chance to change over the next two seasons with the adjustment of the Seattle D and the restructuring of the entire Indy organization with the career-death of Grigson. And you didn't even mention Brock Turner. Seriously, its a the name you give your kid if you want him to grow up to be an amazing tool box. Its possible, but my point is that GMs right now have to understand this risk. And if a guy looks like he can play in this league.. you are incentiveized to take the risk. If you are right- GENIUS! You are lauded over for 10 seasons and you are 2/3 of the way to the hall of fame. But even if you are wrong, if you had NOT made the trade, where are you? Oh, that's right - STILL not in the playoffs! Or Tool-Boxing it up with Houston! I think that GMs have to pull this trigger and let the chips fall.
  9. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    On another topic, JIMMY G!!!! Trade him. Please. I think. I think teams will be willing to trade huge for Jimmy HGH. My theory is that if you are a GM you KNOW that you NEED a quality QB to win in the playoffs. While strong Defenses can GET you to the playoffs (KC, Houston) unless you have a really good QB, you will be one-and-done (or go a little further if you play another team with a third-string QB). Therefore, if there is a chance to get a QB who COULD be a really good QB, you almost HAVE to take that opportunity; otherwise you are settling on mediocrity. Lets get this out of the way: Jimmy G is NOT a sure thing; as others have stated, there is a "Belichick Effect" at play here. Lets face facts- Patriots QBs have ALMOST ALWAYS looked good while playing for the Pats - Brady, Cassell, Hoyer, Mallet, Garoppolo and Brissett, have all been drafted or signed by the Pats and started games in the NFL. Some have looked good- Hoyer, Cassell- while others have been puzzling to down right fucking terrible - Mallet ... and Cassell. But the pedigree is there where a GM HAS to take notice. Also- save for Gronk - Jimmy G had the full Pats arsenal at his disposal. That is a well-developed, talented offense that knows what its doing. Garoppolo benefited from all this and a coaching staff that knew how to use him. The issue is that GMs cannot just hope to find a QB in the draft. The uncertainty at QB is maddening; never in the history of pro-sports has one position dominated a sport as much as the QB dominates football. GMs know this and they know they have to take a risk. Some - if not most- scouts have stated that if Jimmy G were in this draft, he would be the first QB taken (granted, that's misleading because Jimmy G has 3 years in the pros). A GM has to do some calculus: what are the odds that a good or great QB lands on this team through draft, trade or free agency? And is Jimmy G > the player we would have drafted at QB + whomever we draft with the picks we are sneding to the Pats? The problem is that the decent QBs out there? Yeah, teams are not getting rid of them. Here are the starting QBs broken down by teams more or less likely to trade (and why): The Best QBs in the NFL: Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Drew Brees Russell Wilson Matt Ryan Derek Carr Cam Newton Discussion: I don't think there is any quibble with this list. These are seven best QBs in the NFL and I don't imagine much debate here. Nobody on this list will be out of a job anytime soon. Second-Tier QBs which means they are completely untradeable under almost every circumstance: Ben Rothlesberger - he has taken a huge step back; I would rather every single one of the guys above to start over him. Dak Prescott- No way is he going anywhere for the next 3 seasons minimum. Jameis Winston Andrew Luck - we are getting to the point where we have to ask if he's actually any good, but not ready yet to deep six. Kirk Cousins Marcus Mariotta Matt Stafford- Okay, maybe a little optimistic, but he's not going anywhere. Discussion: Everyone in this section represents those Qbs whose upside is still high even if their actual output is not great. Stafford has to make a move soon, but if you were a GM you would NEVER trade Stafford straight up for anyone in the lower sections. So this leaves us a few options on who will trade for Jimmy G. Everyone below at least there is some plausible argument that could be made for a trade with the Pats for Jimmy G: The Obi-Wan Kanobi’s: Not Dead... Well Not Yet Anyway... Everyone on this list is basically “no” due to cap issues... except … well… Joe Flacco- If the Ravens cut or traded Flacco he would still count $47.3 million against the cap. FUCK what a dumb contract. Can’t trade. Carson Wentz: Not going anywhere for cap reasons- he counts an ASTOUNDING $21 mil if cut or traded before June 1 and $13.4 if cut after that. Jared Goff: What. The. Fuck? If the Rams cut Goff today? $22.8 against the cap and $13.5 after June 1. No way. Eli Manning If cut today he would count $8.6 against the cap; after June 1? $6.2 mil. Too much I think. Philip Rivers If he gets cut today, he counts $29 mil against the cap; $17 mil if cut after June 1. Brock Osweiler: You need to sit down before you read this. Its… its really bad. IF the Texans cut Brock (nobody with that name ever turned out to be a good person) today he would count $25 Mil against the cap; after June 1 he would count “only” $19 Mil. That’s right … that’s entirely correct: Brock Osweiler is paid more than JJ Watt. That’s how fucking putrid it is to pay for a QB in this league. Carson Palmer: The Cards cut Palmer before the end of the 2017 season he counts something like $26 mil against the cap- they can't do it. Tyrod Taylor: Intriguing. Already the Bills have said they want to move on from Taylor; if cut today he would count less than $3 mil against the cap, but if after June 1? $800K. But, alas, being in the same division? No way. Andy Dalton What’s strange here is that if the Bengals cut Andy Dalton today he would only count $4.8 against the cap ($2.4 if they waited until June 1) and it would fee up $15.7 million in salary. I’m not saying that means they WOULD trade for Jimmy G and cut the Red … Runner? Devil? Gun? What’s his nickname again? Discussion: Ugh… could the Bengals trade for Jimmy G? I say “no”, but it suddenly got interesting there. The Cutler Zone (Now with 100% less Jake Cutler) - Guys Who Have Either Plateaued or On the Decline (can be traded but likely will not be; a few could be outright cut) Basically, I define the "Cutler Zone" as Qbs the team knows are not good and they know they will likely not do anything in the playoffs, BUT ... the team cannot possibly get rid of them because the replacements may be worse. This has been the only justification as to why Jay Cutler (hence the name) still had a job. Ryan Tannehill is the ultimate Jay Cutler - he's not good enough to win with, not terrible enough so that if you killed in broad daylight you could avoid a conviction. Ryan Tannehill sucks.... is what I am saying. Alex Smith – If cut today counts $7.2 mil against the cal; $3.6 if after June 1. The Cheifs, I think, are drunk and drunks should not make big game decisions. I bet they think they can still win with Alex Smith. Which is sad. Really. Ryan Tannehill: If cut today, $10.4 mil against the cap; $5.8 if after June 1. And in the same division as the Pats means a trade is unlikely. Blake Bortles: The Jags are awful, but I think they still believe in this guy. He counts $6.5 no matter when he’s cut so the money combined with the hopes he’s something leaves the Jags out of the race. Sam Bradford/Teddy Bridgewater: The Vikings could murder Sam Bradford in his sleep it would cost them $0.00 against the cap. That’s right- NOTHING! And Bridgewater? Who is likely out for all of 2017? $825K! That’s almost nothing. The problem is that Garrappolo is probably not THAT much more attractive than these two AND you know what’s Not attractive at all? A QB controversy come 2018! Also, they don’t have a #1 pick (traded to Phily for Bradford). Pass. The Bad- QBs who actually suck. EVERYONE on this list will trade for Jimmy G. JAY CUTLER! – Cutler counts $2 mil against the cap and $1 mil if cut after June 1. I honestly believe the Bears would pay triple that if Cutler just agreed to get lost every day on the way to the stadium. RGIII: He counts less than $2 mil whenever cut; chump change. Trevor Siemian: Its actually kind of funny. He counts $26K against the cap but if cut after June 1? $13K. You can go throw up over there... up... just let it all out... I doubt the Pats would do that and would rather let the Broncos die on the vine. Ryan Fitzpatrick/Geno Smith/Bryce Petty/ The Gentleman Sitting in Section 233, Row 28, Seat 14: What a shit-show. These guys are all terrible for two reasons: 1) they cannot play in the NFL and 2) they have all failed to take the job from the other guys who play QB on the Jets. But that’s not the point because RIGHT NOW only Petty is on the roster and he counts $1.8 Mil no matter when cut. Colin Kaepernick- He's just ... awful. And relatively cheap: $4.7 mil if cut today or only $2.7 if cut after June 1. (Do it). Also, Kaep can opt out of his contract on March 2. Hooray? So, lets break this down: The Draft (And whether or not they would trade for Jimmy G): Cleveland - Yes San Francisco -Yes Chicago - Yes Jacksonville – will give Bortles a chance, No. Tennessee – No. New York Jets – Same Div, No. San Diego -No Carolina No Cincinnati N… No? Right? But… I mean would it be beyond the pale? No, okay, fine. No. Buffalo – Div opp; No. New Orleans – No. Cleveland – Yes. Arizona – No. Indianapolis – No. Philadelphia – No. Baltimore – No. Washington – No. Tennessee – No. Tampa Bay – No. Denver – They should but likely no. Detroit*, Miami*, New York Giants* Oakland*, Houston*, Seattle* (10-5-1), Kansas City* (12-4), Dallas*, Green Bay*, Pittsburgh*, Atlanta* - all No and the Pats cannot trade with themselves. So… The Yeses and what they could do: Cincinnati: Fuck it, I’m doing this. Cinci is $45 Mil under the cap (most likely); also Pacman Jones is almost certainly gone and possibly joining him would be Maualuga and Michael Jonson. The problem is that I don’t think the rest of the roster – including AJ Green – would be okay with it. With the #9 pick overall, its time the Bengals restructured their team not blow it u[p. Clear dark horse and they may not even be thinking it but … no… right? Chicago – Nearly Fifty-Nine Mil under the cap and they need a QB. Supposedly the Bears like Mitch Trubisky (A name so fucking infuriating that you are stunned its not the name of one of the Frat Guys in Revenge of the Nerds), but that could be a classic “Lets cleverly drive down the price on Garoppolo.” Supposedly the Bears have sent signals they want Jimmy G but that’s all part of this dance. The reality is that the Bears want somebody OTHER THAN a raw recruit and their vet staff seems to indicate that. Regardless, they want to get rid of Cutler ASAP. They also will clear probably another $12 mil by cutting Royal, Fuller and Porter. I think the Bears lack the stones to ultimately pull this trigger so… San Francisco : SF is $81 Mil under the cap, they DESPERATELY NEED a QB and KAep’s whole deal is just a problem. When the 49’ers release Kaep they will have, literally, nobody under contract t the QB position and will either draft Mitch Trubisky. The thing is that the 49’ers could give a great Belichikian deal here- get Garoppolo AND keep their 1st round pick by trading to the Pats the #34 pick overall which for Belichick is basically “flavor country.” The thing is that the Pats traded Chandler Jones for a #2 and a player so the Pats may want a #1 or a #2 and some other things. Also, Jones’ trade was kind of a surprise; Garoppolo will have many potential suitors. I think the 49’ers have an inside track here. Cleveland: They have: $108 mil to spend under the cap; Desperate need for a QB who doesn’t look like Jesus; Two First Round Picks and the #1 pick in round 2. A dumb front office. LETS DO THIS! The Pats have three quality picks to look at that can land them a top 33 pick to go along with their #32 pick! The Browns have a lot of cap space, they have multiple picks. Also… THEY’RE THE BROWNS! They make up for their utter lack of football knowledge with their SUPREME CONFIDENCE IN THEIR FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE! We can BUILD ON THIS! But here’s the thing… the Pats loath first round picks and rarely trade for them. Cleveland needs a lot of players over the next 2-4 seasons. They may want to just stock-pile players just to see who works out, and may not trade a batch of lower picks, especially that second. I think ultimately, Jimmy G goes to the 49’ers. Their high 2nd round pick, cap space and potential to possibly bundle a few other trinkets could make this a deal. Also… it’s the NFC West- we’ll see Jimmy G in 4 seasons unless there is a Super Bowl in both team’s futures. Cleveland would need to ship that #12 pick overall or their #33 pick plus more and I do not think they want t do that. I also think that San Fran would feel frisky enough to do some big deals out of the gate; also Shanahan seems to like Jimmy G. So I think SF will do it, then possibly Cleveland and then Chicago … and if Cinci signs him I want money….
  10. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Maybe; I heard that story at the time and it could be true, but ... it could also be the smoke screen. I think Brady is a classic "company man" and at this stage of his (absolutely incredible) career, he knows how the public and media can react to certain things and knows not to shit where he eats. Frankly, I would love it if his snub in 2014 was not political, but if it were ... we wouldn't know, we would only have vague hints and it would look... well... it would look a lot like this.
  11. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    So, sorry I had stepped away for a bit, but been busy. One issue that I envisioned being a problem DURING THE SUPER BOWL ITSELF was the White House visit (ie "Well, the way Atlanta is dominating, at least I will not need to worry about stories about visiting Trump's White House"). So far SIX Patriots have said they will not go: Definitely or almost certainly political: 3 - Martellus Bennett, Devin McCourty, Chris Long Uncertain: 2 - Alan Branch, LaGarrette Blount Probably Doesn't Feel Like it: 1 - Dont'a Hightower. Bennett and McCourty both made or issued statements which are extremely clear; Long was replying to a story that demanded he not go and that quoted Long himself. Branch and Blount both gave very non-committal statements, but I would imagine either could be just thinking "I would never stand next to that thing." Hightower seems like the only one that could be considered apolitical: he had been to the White House twice for Alabama during their National Championships and he skipped the 2014 Championship ceremony because he had, in his words, "been there, done that." I know AT LEAST Chris Hogan is going to the White House (if invited). This "story" had a lot of legs here in Boston because of who we do not know about, namely, Brady. Brady skipped the 2014 visit. There have been a few Boston athletes and font-office people who have skipped, most notably Tim Thomas and Theo Epstein. Brady just feels different. Personally, I wish he would NOT go- I feel like it would be a huge distraction if he went considering that he DID NOT go in 2014. However, it would not change the fact that Brady almost assuredly supported Trump, something I just do not feel good about. At the same time, it may be just as big of a distraction if Brady sat out. I guess what I am really saying is that I wish Trump would sit out.
  12. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Ah, like clockwork, the "Brady has (insert arbitrary number here) years left in him" discussions have begun. Comforting, really. Manning's last season is so unbelievably bad it defies description. He had 17 picks... in 10 games. That's true talent right there. For the last four years of his career- while being surrounded by premium NFL talent at almost every position - Manning's numbers ranged from "Incredible" (2013) to "Oh My God, I Can't Look, This Is So Sad, Its Like Rooting For That Special Needs Kid to Just Score One Bucket So the Other Team Passes Him The Ball and The Kid Can Make One Shot Uncontested." (2015). His 2012 season was very strong but his 2014 season was illustrative of a QB in decline. The last four season's of Manning's career (with the understanding that Manning's #1 and #2 WRs are superior to Brady's #1 and #2 WRs, and that Manning actually had a running game): 1443 of 2170 (66%) 17,112 yards, 140 TDs v. 53 Ints (2.6 Tds for every 1 INT), Passer Rating of 101.7. Last 4 season's of Brady's career: 1446 of 2266 (64%), 16,776 yards, 122 TDs v. 29 INTs (4.2 TDs for every 1 INT), Passer rating of 98.7. A few things that need explaining: Manning was benched in 2015; the technical reason was "I Can't Take This; Its Like Watching Willie Mays in a Cubs Uniform. He's Embarrassing Himself Out There" (or a shoulder, I can't exactly recall). He missed 6 games; Brady missed 4 games in 2016 because the Commissioner, in effect, said so. But Mannning's best seasons in this four-year window were BETTER than Brady's best seasons in this same window. Also, generally, Manning's passer ratings were about in his statistical norm which was, generally, better than Brady's. However, overall, Manning's stats are generally similar to Brady's- he has more yards (336 yards or something like 21 yards per game over the span of a single season) and a slightly better passer rating (3 points). But the overwhelming area where Manning is behind Brady is INTs and the INT to TD ration. Manning threw 23 more picks in 2 fewer games. Obviously, overall, Brady is doing better now than Manning was in his last 4 seasons; and even though Manning was older, Manning's decline had already started at the age Brady is now. I also think Brady's game is more forgiving. Watching the game Sunday, Brady's ugliest passes were NOT the result of weak arm strength but of mistiming. Generally speaking, Brady's arm strength is fantastic; while he is not gunning the ball down field, he does put his throws on a rope and can slam them into small windows (ie: the one pass Edleman caught in OTR, super strong strike while Edleman was well covered). Also, the passes he was throwing to Amendola were a variety of perfect timing to just gunning them in there. Manning in 2014 was no longer able to do that; by 2015 he was reduced to hoping his guys would come down with it. So, no, actually, I tyhink Brady is throwing the ball BETTER than Manning was in 2014 and absolutely better than he was in 2015 (if you could call what he was doing 'throwing'; sometimes, it got so quiet at Mile High that after Manning threw one of his patented ducks, you could hear a small girl screaming out something like this. The issue is that we just don't know when that moment will be for Brady. Sure, I would love to think he will never get old like Dick Clark or Dwight Freeney, but if Brady's 2017 is anything like Manning's 2015, fuck that, Brady is getting cut or riding the pine. I just think that, like with Manning, once Brady starts the decline, its not going to be a "soft landing"; its instead going to resemble stock prices circa October 1929. But in all honesty and all kidding aside, I think Brady is doing better at this stage of his career than was Manning so I actually think he's significantly better than Manning was at this similar time in Manning's career. But, like Manning, once the decline begins (and it has not yet), like with Manning, it is not going to stop and Brady is going to look, potentially, as bad as Manning.
  13. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    I get what you are saying and pundits revert to this sort of thinking all the time: You have the best running back/wide receiver/QB you cannot take the ball out of his hands. I get that. But at that point in the game, the situation should take precedent; you have to know all the variables. The Falcons had the ball on the Pats 27 with 4:46 left to play. The Pats need two things- points and time. And a clock-killing drive there handles two of those things. Just run the ball- you are looking for points there AND you can run time off the clock. Freeman had been running great up until then. Freeman was averaging 6.8 yards a carry. He lost 1 yard on first down. Lets say he ran for 6 on second down (about his average) and then the Pats stopped them on third. That would mean the final field goal would have been 38 yard chip shot. And even then, it would have burned almost 2 minutes off the clock, or forced the Pats to burn time outs. All of those outcomes are great for the Falcons. As the stats show, there is not a huge differentiation between scoring 7 there or 3. But scoring 0? And sure, running backs fumble; but QBs throw picks too and either could happen, so those sort of cancel out. I think Atlanta has to look at the situation and understand that running there is just the better call even if Passing gets you more yards or points. The fact is, you only need to score 3 points or kill two minutes of clock. Atlanta did neither. To me, while I agree Shanahan should not take ALL the crap, he has to eat some crap for this.
  14. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    1. What makes you think he didn't know the situation? And then you say "Whether it was his fault or poor coaching, I don't know" which is fascinating because you are arguing as if you DO know. And it doesn't matter - penalties who that you did something wrong. I would agree with you to a point if the O line was constantly committing False Start penalties- that could just be mental errors (or guys getting beat and resorting to trying to get a quick jump/ getting antsy). But these were guys just getting beat and then thinking "Okay, better cheat!" I think these are - IN NO WAY- "unforced errors;" these are good old fashioned forced errors! These are guys getting beat and getting caught. So, yeah- that's on the offense! It goes to show that they were not running as efficiently as maybe people would want to claim. 2. Devonta Freeman didn't just fuck up his blocking assignment; he was not properly prepared and it showed why the Atlanta offense could have been sharper. A little back ground on that play- Coleman was injured on the previous play so its possible that Freeman was not supposed to be in there but that they had no choice now that Coleman was done. Well, if that's the case- THAT'S ON THE OFFENSE FOR NOT PREPPING THE PLAYER! You have to have these guys know that they need to know the situation and what may happen. Next, what's fascinating is that Freeman is looking at his guy- Kyle van Noy (IIRC) the whole time; he knew who to black. The Pats rarely blitz Hightower; he is an athletic beast so he can roam that interior line and cover guys etc. So when he ran up, Freeman was looking in the opposite direction because, well, that's where he was probably told where the pressure was going to come from. So, there is a chance the D was like, "You know what? We bet Freeman is overwhelmed right now; too much going on; send the guy they don't expect and get to the QB because, well, WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GET TO THE QB!" And somebody, maybe, should have told Freeman that. I can't say for certain if that happened; but in that moment it showed that the Falcons were not as prepared as maybe they should have been. And that is offensive inefficiency.
  15. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Again, that's a HUGE assumption. In fact, common sense makes me think otherwise- that the reason o-line man (and DBs) hold and interfere etc is because they HAVE to risk it; in other words, they look at the situation they are in and in that instant realize "If I don't hold.grab/interfere - whatever - right here, it has a high probability of resulting in a huge negative play. However, if I HOLD here, the ref has to see me; and if there is a 50% chance of having the Defensive player Blow the play up. but only a 20% chance of getting caught holding ... FUCK I'M HOLDING!" So, no its not some sort of "mistake" or "unforced error" - and yes these are ABSOLUTE EUPHEMISMS you are putting up in an attempt to absolve responsibility - its the offense being outplayed by the D. And to try to account for that, the O-line committed a lot of penalties because, well, otherwise they would have been outplayed.