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  1. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Oh, no argument; I am not saying that the union is bad or good, but that they are an impediment in taking bad players off the field. And that's what a union SHOULD do. The psi comment was more a joke than a real criticism.
  2. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    I certainly wouldn't say its an "ulterior motive"; more like, "Look, policing player behavior is actually hard so we won't do it... or at least we won't do it very well... but pot? Oh, we got that shit down!" I don't think they are being "selective" about it; I just think they know its a problem that cannot be dealt with like ball psi. You have to fine players, go through the CBA, against the union and try to actually get rid of certain players who are habitual; problems. I DO NOT think the NFL said, "Its okay; Burfict was being a danger to Pats players- no biggie!" That is not at all what I think. What I actually think is that they don't really give a fuck about player safety and allow maniacs like Burfict to go out there and be a danger and, hopefully, they only break a guy's leg. They are hamstrung by the players and the union (which, to be fair, I kind of support). The Union will defend all attempts to actually deal with Burfict. (BVall psi, though? Totally cool). But Burfict is not out there injuring owners and officials; he;s injuring other members of his union.
  3. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Mexlal: Here is what you are saying: "Vontaze Burfict is a horrible person ... but if you talk about him being a horrible person you are ignorant. How dare you- the average NFL fan - pay attention to him when he does the horrible things that, you know, he actually does? What about the fact that Marv Lewis trusts him?" Mexal, he's toxic and he's not changing. He helped cost you a playoff game; he stomps on players and aims at their knees. Yes, I accused you of a false equivalency because you tried to camouflage that by saying "Look, he has to stand up to Gronk who is antagonizing tired Bengals (the way you phrased it was key- making it seem like Gronk is a big baddy and Burfict is defending the honor of the downtrodden Defense that cannot protect itself ... especially from the pass). Burfict is a great player- nobody has said otherwise. But with that comes a heavy price and that price is that he's going to do things that will cost you games. Is that the leader you want? It is the leader Marv Lewis wants. And maybe- just maybe- I'm being unfair to Lewis. Lewis does not have the cred to cut Burfict or trade him. He would get run out of town. So, he has to keep him. And because of that Burfict will continue to play great D ... right until he gets angry and then Hulk-Smashes his way into a Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty and cost the team a game. That's not great leadership; that's an excuse for everyone to act like they too can get angry and do unfathomably dumb things. I DID read the Bar-Stool sports piece ... last week. That's right BEFORE Fuck-wit McGee decided that the only way to defend the honor of his franchise was to step on Blount's hand. See, its not a coincidence. Now ... Why am I angry about this? Why, Mexal am I getting into it with you when, frankly, you are a great guy and a great fan? Because of Deflategate. More accurately because the NFL is filled to the brim with shit. Or more accurately, with bullshit. The fake, phony, trying-to-pass-as-sincerity fuck-sauce spewing out of that ogre's fat-lipped face, whenever Roger Goodlell tells me he cares about the "Integrity of the Game" or its "Safety." And then allows Burfict to go do what he does and get cover for it in paces like the NFL one you linked (the bar-stool sports one was interesting; the other one was a puff-piece almost assuredly planted by the Bengals PR dept). The NFL will let that danger lurk in every game to be unleashed whenever Burfict gets angry ("Don't make him angry, Mr. McGee; you wouldn't like him when he's angry.") but heaven forbid you are OB Jr and you take your helmet off; or if you celebrate too much- or do pot. Fuck all. Oh, and if your balls come in at .002% under psi levels we will go to Federal Court. But if Burfict de-cleats somebody ... shit ... what do you want US to do? We're only the NFL, a multi-billion dollar organization that won't really go after these people. And by "organization" we include the owners, management and the players themselves who don't give a fuck ... until its them." Vontaze Burfict has a job because the NFL is the way it is while it LIES TO OUR FACES about what its doing to make the game safer because ... "player safety is our #1 concern." But let Burfict inflict his inanity on anybody; Bennett's knees or Blount's hands. Because we are the NFL and we don't give a shit.
  4. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    This cannot possibly be a compliment and is, in fact, an indictment of what is wrong with the Bengals. Gronk's behavior is goofy and yes designed to antagonize. Burfict's behavior is designed to injure and endanger people outside of the game itself. When you dragged Gronk into this it was (at least to me anyway) an attempt by you to justify Burfict's gross behavior. You said, "If Gronkowski is taunting a player who's on the ground either hurt or tired, as he did twice, Burfict is going to get in between them because that's his job. I don't hold that against him." And that's fine, but how did he do it? Oh, that's right., he stepped on LaGarrett Blunt's hand. And that's the false equivalency- trying to justify what Burfict does by pointing at Gronk and then saying "He was taunting a player." That's no excuse for what Burfict does. Burfict does not just shout and yell and stand up to guys; he steps on them and goes for their knees. In and of itself that's not bad, but Burfict is incapable of just leading because- as I said up-thread - his brand of leadership is endangering people, taking cheap shots and being an habitual offender of the safety of the other players outside the bounds of the game. There is a huge problem there because the coaching staff allows this to go on. And on. And on. And they are- by their own inaction - powerless to now stop it because Burfict is the leader of that defense. Its both an indictment of Burfict for being an unhinged person and the problem of the Bengals for not roping it in sooner.
  5. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Wow. False equivalency much? Rob Gronkowski is being a complete jerk on that play- waging his fingers in the air and being a pompous ass. And its HILARIOUS! And nobody is going to get hurt by that. Nobody is going to have their ACL ruptured because of the way Rob Gronkowski pumps his hips; nobody is going to have their hands broke because of the way Rob Gronkowski wags his fingers; nobody is going to get anything hurt- besides their FEEWINGS - because Rob Gronkowski rubs it in. Burfict is aiming to hurt people not out of some sense of duty to his teammates but because he's an asshole. And he doesn't do it by standing up to Gronk, but by ... stepping on Blount's hand? I know that you specifically said that you think Berfict is a "leader" but that you don't like it when he does things like this when people's backs are turned. Yeah, but Mexal: that's how this turd-burger leads! That's how Marv Lewis ALLOWS him to lead: by being the most unbelievably dirty player who intentionally tries to hurt players when he thinks 100 million people have their backs turned. He's worse; he and what he does is so much worse; its not in the same arena as what Gronk does. And the league has to step in. I am very sick of this - trying to justify one player's dangerous and injurious conduct by ... slapping penalties on excessive celebration etc. Is the safety of the players a real concern or just window dressing? I don't know because Burfict is still out there. What Rob Gronkowski does is childish and frustrating. The muli-millionaires on that field might have to suck it up and deal. What Vontaze Burfict does is dangerous and the multi-millionaires who run this league have to do something.
  6. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    My favorite line of the game was when Gruden (or McDonough) complimented Gino Smith on a pass, saying it had a nice, tight spiral... ... that was promptly picked. Great job, Jets. Never change.
  7. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Seriously, Jets. Last three plays, the Jets have four penalties. I'm not making that up.
  8. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Mexal, come on. Players can go low... but only if the guy they are tackling has the ball. And that's vitally important here. Was Burfict - of as he is referred to in NFL meetings "Repeat Offender" - totally fooled out of his jock? It seems like he's just diving at a guy's legs. The guy may be a cheating dirty shit bag, but he's not lost THAT many steps where he should feel the need to see a pump and then immediately dive-bomb at that player's knees. If that's the case then I would expect to see that every game with any QB who pump fakes on the Bengals. Frankly, because Burfict played a pretty fucking great game on Sunday, I doubt that a guy like that is guessing too many times.
  9. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Now, now... if there is one player in the NFL who should get the benefit of the doubt because of questionable hits, its gotta be that paragon of virtue, Vontaze Burfict. He's a great player and a fucking terrible person. I hope he gets rickets.
  10. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Sorry, but I get very little news from Twitter. Bennett mentioned that Berfect apologized to him after the game, which is what I would do if I was a cheap-shot artist. I have heard that Pittsburgh Steelers had their "Apologies to Carson Palmer for Rupturing All His Knees" down to a fine art form. True, but it wasn't just that Brady was out but that a guy playing QB had half-a-hand (injury sustained in the Texans game). Brissett was put on IR immediately after that game. Also, Gronk was still *cough**cough* "Suffering from his problematic hammy" *cough**cough*. The Pats had no real shot in that game. Maybe the Pats should have brought in a capable pro just to manage the game, I'm not sure. Regardless, it will be a different team in 2 weeks. I most fervently hope.
  11. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    So, do people know if the AFC Championship game is the early or the late game on that Sunday? I … I’m asking for a friend… The Patriots dominated a team that wanted to be dominated more than a character in Fifty Shades of Gray. The Bengals walked out there just hoping they would get their asses whopped. The most intensity that team showed was yelling at Rob Gronkowski for being Rob Gronkowski. The Pats had to work, though; the final score was not indicative of how close the game was for much of the contest. The D was hapless in the first half, they kinda got bailed out in a ticky-tack PI call; but in the second half? Donte Hightower is a complete stud, getting a huge Sack/Safety that ultimately turned the whole game. The secondary played good enough, but certainly not great, but they made up for it by stifling the run. And Tom Brady was, well, outstanding – 29 for 35 (that’s 83% completion percentage) for 376 yards and 3 TDs. I would like Edleman to get “back on track” but I am getting a sneaking suspicion that we are watching the inevitable final decline of a once really good player. Then again, James White had 8 catches so maybe they’re good. And I think the Bengals are all done. They just play like they are doing an infomercial at a prison. They don’t want to be there and we are sick of watching them. Marv Lewis looks like the world’s most dissatisfied warden. He’s fired at the end of the season, right? Where is his leadership on this POS team? I mean, finally, we can all agree that he should go and there is no pesky “Has X-straight seasons with a playoff appearance” to make us roll our collective eyes, right? Now, because the team decided to quit early instead of waiting to the post season, there is no camouflage of a post-season to confuse the issue. And Berfect can go fuck himself for that shitty hit on Bennett. I hope he gets shingles. And I feel that the Pats played about as well as they should have, but again, the Bengals pooped themselves. I just do not know how good the Pats are if they have to play in the AFC Championship based on who they are beating. Which leads to… We all can agree that the Steelers are just poorly coached, right? The Steelers looked right past the Dolphins; they didn’t have any game plan; they honestly just thought that the Steelers would just walk into Miami and beat a putrid Dolphins team. But… no…. no, turns out even the Dolphins get paid. As a head-coach, don’t you have to prep your team? Don’t you have to, you know, coach them? Its not as simple as “HAM BONE! Throw the ball to Antonio Brown!” And there is no head-set controversy to blame this loss on. So the result? Steelers pooped all over themselves. And now, Rothlesberger hurt his knee (his raping knee) and is almost certainly out this week… against the Pats. So, the Pats luck-sack into this week with LANDRY JONES as the Steelers QB. So, with that, what’s left for the Pats? By my count they play ONE good QB the rest of the season, one serviceable QB and the rest are back-ups or suck ass: Week 7: Landry Jones (back-up; terrible) W 8: Tyrod Taylor (not very good) W 9: BYE (Easily the third-best QB on this list) W10: Russell Wilson (Legit, top-tier QB) W11: Colin Kaepernick (terrible) W12 and W16: Ryan Fitzpatrick How many INTs do you think he will have by week 12?) W13: Case Keenun (has more turnovers than TDs) W14: Joe Flacco (has more turnovers than TDs; serviceable only because he does not actively try to lose his team the game) W 15 Trevor Simeian or whoever will be QBing for the Broncos by then W 17: Ryan Tannehill (so we can begin another post-season of “Stupid-Pundit-Thinks-Next-Season-Is-The-Season-Tannehill-Turns-It-Around.”). Just… look at that? Who will the Pats face that can bloody them up? I say “Nobody.” And that’s great- Pats make it to another AFC Championship game. But really? Not thrilled. Great teams go up against other teams that will FORCE your team to “dig down” and fight to get a good win. Instead? March of the Tomato Cans. Its fun and easy but it makes you complacent and next thing you know a really good Defense is punching you in the mouth in the Divisional playoffs and you are one-and-done. Other things: -Fuck the Colts. You are terrible. Up like 23-9 with 7:04 left to play in the Fourth Quarter and you let Brock Osweiler drive up and down the field, catch you in OT and squander a good Andrew Luck performance. But I am very happy for Bill O’Brian and I hope they make it to the playoffs. Good guy. -Alex Smith threw the ball 22 times and completed NINETEEN passes! He had THREE incomplete passes. Oakland’s D is poop and Alex Smith continues to be the most dependable QB in the league (that’s not really a complement). I am very pleased we have discovered our “Team-That-Makes-It-To-The-Playoffs-And-Inexplicably-Knocks-Off-The-Broncos” 2016. Wait? Manning isn’t in the league any more? Oh… -I am happy for Seattle most especially because in the last 2 minutes of a game, PI is no longer a penalty. Apparently. -Do… do we have to think the Lions are good? They feel like they play a close game every week and they seem like they are in every game up to the end. Look at it: Week 1: 39-34 (+4 points) win over Colts Week 2: 16-15 (-1) loss to the Titans Week 3: 34-27 (-7) loss to Packers Week 4: 17-14 (-3) loss to Bears Week 5: 24-23 (+1) win over the Eagles Week 6: 31-28 (+3) win over the Rams They have a total points differential of -3 points. They seem to be a team that will always be in every game. Good on them. -Do… do we have to think the Packers are bad? They’re bad, right? Rodgers looks like he’s lost half a step; threw a pick and he cannot just put the team on his back right now and force a win. Lacy looked like poop and their D? They cannot stop anyone. Elliott is really, REALLY good, but 5.6 yards a carry? Packers may not make the playoffs? What will we do then? What team is going to INEXPLICABLY make terrible coaching decisions in the fourth quarter is Mike McCarthy is not around? - Odell Beckham Jr. is unreal. That last TD was amazing. What must that feel like? Do go out and nail a play everyone knew was coming and score (what amounted to) the winning TD in front of tens of thousands of fans? This guy is unlike anyone I have seen. Yeah, taking off the helmet cost his team, but thankfully the Ravens were already boarding the team bus by then. -What happened to the Panthers? I mean, obviously they were not ready for this; they are in full implosion mode. Their QB is a head-case who is melting like a wax doll. But they are the ultimate lead-dogs; they play great when they are in the lead and whenever somebody challenges them, they fall apart. Cam Newton is great up by 10, but when was the last time that team had to come from behind for a big win? Thankfully, Newton left his press conference early to get onto next week. Shit head. And give the Saints credit- that team can only win by allowing Breese to go out there and sling the rock. And fuck… did he… give that O credit. -And my hatred of the Steelers has NOTHING to do with the fact that I had them in my suicide pool… as far as you know. The Pats are now in the driver’s seat for the AFC… again. And I’m happy. At the same time… the Bills are not done and it feels like a few of these teams can suddenly get frisky. And if that happens, how will the Pats respond? Can you imagine the Bills playing the Divisional round against the Pats and smacking them in the face and stealing a 20-14 game? Because I sure as heck can.
  12. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    So, the Pats lost to maybe the worst team in pro-football; a team so bad that they cut Jesus for their practice squad QB. Overall, Pats looked good, buts its really, really hard to ascertain where the PAts playing well began and where the Cleveland suckitude ends. And that's right now my overwhelming concern: the Pats have only beaten terrible teams. Miami has one win and while the Texans have 3 (I, for one, am stunned), the Cards have only been able to beat teams like... the 49'ers. Ugh... I mean, look at it this way - the BEST team the Pats have played all seaosn, by far, has been the Bills and the Pats lost. Just right now the Pats are being touted as the favorite to win the Superbowl. Uh... shouldn't they beat a team above .500 first? The Steelers, meanwhile, are treating other teams like props. Denver took a small jump back but once their QB comes back they'll be fine. Kubiak... I hate to say this but he should retire. This job is a stress machine and his health is obviously impacted by the strain. He has his SB ring; get out while the getting is good. Also, what's going on with the Lions? They seemed like they played a good game? Against a better team! I mean, were they well-coached? It sort of seemed like they were well coached. Did I imagine that? And before I forget there was an ACTUAL HEADLINE at ESPN that said (by memory) Ryan Fitzpatrick silences critics with Zero INT performance!" STOP THE PRESSES! That is amazing! First of all, that a Jets QB pplayed 60 minutes of decent football and it was not on Super Techmo Bowl AND because you have to know how deep into the bottom of the barrel you have sunk when your barometer for "success" is "Not Actively Losing the Game For Your Team." Sure the Jets are a putrid, unwatchable 1-4 and they have no hope of salavging a 8-8 season at this point, BUT DAMN! Their QB never puts three multiple INT performances in a row! Not him! He's the "stopper" if I ever saw one! Oh sure, he's thrown twice as many INTS (10) as TDs (5) and at this rate he'll eclipse the 30 INT mark by week 17, but HEY- he never lays three eggs in a row! I fucking love hating the Jets. BTW- I know the trendy QB controversy is in Dallas with Romo v. Prescott and that the Browns are just BEGGING to trade their next 9 first-round draft picks for one of those guys, but is anyone else interested in what's going on with the Bears? Okay, not for football- they're putrid. But Brain Hoyer? I mean the Bears are terrible but he is playing well, right? He has 4 games- he has thrown for 70% completions in 3 of the 4; he has 6 TDs v. 0 INTs and in his last two games he has a QB rating of 120; the other two were over 90. Now, I get it, the Bears are 1-3 in those games but is that really Hoyer's fault? Hoyer... leads the NFL in completion % and is 3rd in Passer rating... for the Bears! I'm just saying, Cutler should ride the pine, right? Because he's, you know, fucking awful, right? Oh, and while I am absolutely partial to Mexal and his struggle to find something decent with the Bengals, I think they are going about this whole "Hey-Lets-Not-Go-One-And-Done-In-The-Playoffs" thing wrong. Avoiding the playoffs altogether is no way to conquer your fears. And Minnesota is frightening. And not just to their Running Backs' children. And I take no joy in watching the strange torture of the Chargers. How many ways can you nitwits craft to lose a game? Anyway, Pats' biggest test of the season is this week, at home against the same Bengals I just mocked. I really think the Pats should win, but the Bengals could wake up and remind the Pats what its like to play a team that cares.
  13. NFL 2016 Week 3/4: The Darkness Peers Back

    I kind of like the way the guy who - in a fit of righteous indignation - claimed to swear off football entirely last season, comes in here to make fun of me for spelling somebody's name wrong. Because, its better than coming back in here in week 1, 2 or 3 and do that (when the Pats won ... hmmmmmmm... I wonder if these things are connected?). I always knew you paid .... jussssssst a little too close attention to me, but this is sad.
  14. NFL 2016 Week 3/4: The Darkness Peers Back

    So, going to get this out of the way right wow because I do not envision anything changing in the second-half in the Pats game. What a shit-show. The Pats' offense is down its two best players and what's left is not dynamic enough to compensate with Brisett. The young QB is serviceable, but not good enough and these are just facts. Obviously, the fumble is horrendous, but its not dispositive of his day; he's just not very good and its the NFL in 2016- you need a good QB. Blount is not nearly as good as his first three games would indicate and give the Bills D credit - they really know how to stop a 3rd-string QB and a team down its best receiving threat. Well done. But the real problem here is on the Pats D: they are getting blown up. They cannot stop Tyron Taylor who is atrocious. The Bills have punted exactly once. I cannot fathom how horrendous this game is for the Pats D: they cannot stop McCoy and even though the Bills are down Watkins, they can't stop this passing game. Taylor was 17-22, 165 YDS and a TD; the Pats have 2 sacks on Taylor, but both were forcing him out of bounds on runs- they are putting exactly 0 pressure on him and he is hitting his in-between targets. Hightower is playing hurt (or I devoutly hope he's hurt), but I got to wonder what is the excuse for the other 10 guys they suit up. This was NOT a must-win game for the Pats given that they are, in my mind, playing with house money. But it would have been good to sweep the first 4 games so they get Brady back AND have the schedule set so that they can play well AND have home-field. But alas... Second half is starting... I hope the officials are in position ...
  15. NFL 2016 Week 3/4: The Darkness Peers Back

    That game will come down to three things: Location, Location, Location. Pats, in effect, lost last season on a missed PAT (ironically because it was Belichick who insisted it be pushed back). If that game had been in Foxboro, Pats take on the Panthers. But the Pats, foolishly, futzed around against Phily, the Jets and Miami and blew home field. So they (and the Broncos) got what they deserved. I know its early but the Pats are, in my mind, playing with house money right now, and I think Broncos-Pats will be a great game and where its played will be a huge, huge advantage.