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  1. [Spoilers] EP602

    So, there’s this Onion show called “A Game of Thrones” and it’s a satire of the books “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin. Its hysterical. Nothing on the show makes sense; they have these ham-fisted “twists” that everyone sees coming; dialog is mindless and major characters that people LOVE either 1) never show up or 2) do such lame things that it makes them seem hilarious! Its the best comedy on TV right now. Regardless, I watch the show and here is what I thought of this week’s episode: What I liked: Davos: The Guy Who Says What Everyone is Thinking: I like Davos a lot because I think it’s a good thing that there is a character who still can be a moral compass without any baggage. He makes mistakes but he tries to do good. That’s … refreshing. But why is he willing to die for a guy – Jon Snow – he barely knows and who is dead? Bran’s Dreams: This could actually be a “what I didn’t like” but I am trying to be less salty. Watching young-Ned and Young Benjen (I know many Millennials who may not remember who Benjen Stark was- the year was 2011 and it was a strange time, but there was this stark kid named “BenJen” and the show runners used him because he was in the book, but then… FORGOT HE EVER EXISTED!) … (Oh, btw – who tried to kill Bran after he was crippled? That was a pretty important moment. Sorry, the show runners never answered that question for you). ANYWAY… watching Bran see Lyanna and interact with that moment was very deep and also subtle. Well done. And I also liked the scene because it didn’t see an obvious resurrection that anyone with half a brain would have seen coming. Cersei’s Humanity: They are doing a great job in exposing the nuances behind Cersei which, I must say, are deep, convincing, believable and well-earned. I think Headey is doing a tremendous job. And in many ways, Cersei in the show is a more compelling character than Cersei in the book. I also liked the scene because Myrcella stayed dead. The scene didn’t foolishly make a character come back to life. Because that’s fucking stupid. What I am on the Fence About: The Security at Myrcella’s Funeral: So … the priest can just let in whoever he wants? And they just get in? Do they still have gold-cloaks? I mean, it’s a good scene because Jaime was in it and he’s, basically, one of the few characters who is not 1) excruciating, 2) doing stupid things that amount to “buys work” and 3) has real emotional investment. But … just cave the Sparrow’s head in; that insufferable, self-righteous asshole. Okay, I liked watching the scene and the interplay but I find the Sparrow’s power to be unreasonable and unrealistic. And yes, I know there are dragons in the universe. But, again, at least Myrcella did not come back to life like other dumb characters. Tyrion’s Contractually Obligated Scene: Hey, look its Tyrion. And Dragons. We put two great tastes that taste great together! Please forgive us for everything that happened elsewhere in this episode. What I didn’t Like: Roose Bolton’s death: This goes with my constant complaint about the way the show is currently being run: whenever there is a stumbling block in the story; whenever there a slow point OR a conflict point, the show’s “out” is to IGNORE the conflict and just … kill a character. Because that’s what they did. They didn’t know what to do with Roose, so the show-runners just killed him. No conflict; no big moment; no pay-off. Just dead. Now, what about all the people who supported roose? What about his bannermen? His retainers? His guards and heavies? Did psycho-sauce Ramsey Snow-Bolton walk up to EVERY SINGL one of thiose guys with that creepy smile on his face and his “rapey” eyes and say “Hey, guy-who-has-always-been-loyal-to-my-father-since-the-Trident – let’s assassinate my father! And you can trust me! Look at my crazy eyes and my fucking creepy face! And the way I am killing people arbitrarily and capriciously! I’m just a more vicious Tywin!” See, the problem is that at LEAST when Lord Frey or Tywin or ANYONE ELSE killed a major character – there was a reason! That they did it with some level of gain for others. When Tywin killed Robb others MAY have found it uncomfortable… but at the very least he could show it was better for everyone- end a war, kill a traitor, make peace, secure the realm… and it your name is Lord Frey, you get to be the Lord of the Riverlands. What is it that Crazy-eyed Ramsey said or did or was able to secure for those who GAINED under Roose? What could he do for them? Why would they NOT … KILL HIM?! Answer? Who knows…? Roose Bolton was a great character and he should have been better handled than “Okay-we-don’t-know-what-to-do-here-let’s-have-Ramsey-kill-him.” But, hey, at least Roose Bolton won’t stupidly come back to life. The Dumbest Scene In the Franchise: This is not hyperbole. Lady Walda’s death is the stupidest, most empty, most vapid scene in the history of the show. That includes every Shea scene; that includes the Dorne scenes; everything that happened on the Iron Isles all of it. Walda’s death was the show’s ham-fisted move to try to remind us how dangerous and vicious this world is. Okay. We knew that. Couldn’t just kill her off stage? No, we have to see it? What did the first draft of that scene look like? Ramsey: Lady Walda, you just gave birth and in no condition to walk around. So of course I called you out here on a cold winter’s day. Lady Walda: I know, m’lord. Its not suspicious at all. I just went through many hours of labor and I’m completely exhausted, but here I am! Ramsey: Is that my brother? Can I hold him in my creepy hooven-hands? LW: Of course, m’lord! In no way am I hesitant about having the bastard of my husband hold my child; because in the North, we ladies bare absolutely no suspicion of bastards; its not like for the first two seasons IT AS DRILLED INTO THE VIEWERS HEADS that bastards are not trusted; and its not like Lady Stark’s personal struggles with Jon Snow are not a major sub-theme running throughout this story! Here is my 30-minute old child! Ramsey: (takes hold of child between his mandible-claw-like appendages) He looks delicious- I mean, healthy. So, lets go to the kennels; a room my father has never ever been ever and lets hang out there for a bit. (gives child back) LW: Let me dimly follow you there. (They go into the kennel. The kennel must stink like dog-shit so she should know they are going to a kennel). LW: My, I have no problem AT ALL with my new-born child being in a kennel with wild dogs. Especially when I have obviously heard tails of these dogs chasing women through the countryside and eating them. Nope! No concerns at all. Ramsey: (Unlocks kennel doors) I want to say that I have tricked you! IT IS I WHO IS NOW THE LORD OF – LW: Lord of Winterfell? Yes, Ramsey we all know it. Even I’m not that stupid. I just have to now uselessly beg for my life- AFTER I have been locked in this room with you… (clears throat) No, please, Ramsey; please not my baby! Ramsey: No, Let me do something so fucking void of consciousness that its amazing nobody gives a shit; I will feed you to my wild dogs LW: (clearly looking off-stage, a sense of doubt crossing her face) “Wait … so … you’re not going to do this off-stage? No, you are really going to kill me so people hear me scream as the dogs eat me alive? Really? This was the best we could do? Ramsey: It’s a vicious time! LW: (Sigh) Okay, Ramsey; I get that. I get that we live in a foul, horrid time and that people’s lives are meaningless. But dow e HAVE to listen to the bones crunch down on my flesh as I scream for my life in horror? And don’t I have people sworn to me who may have been here to prevent this catastrophe? No? Fuck this is so dumb! Ramsey: It could be worse. LW: (As dog clamps down on her neck) True; it would be worse if I was a major character who died and was suddenly brought back to life,after the show cashed in on the spectacle of my death. That would be very lame. (scene) Ned’s Death Would Have Been Worse: So, lets just get to it- Jon Snow’s revival. Stupid, very obvious; totally destroys the mythology that what is dead in the show stays dead; ruins the narrative. And we all saw it coming. Like 1000 miles away. God it was terrible. But its sooooooo much worse than that. Because WE ALL SAW IT COMING! Think back to when you saw the end of the first season (or if you are one of us “insufferable book readers,” when you read) Ned’s death. You were stunned, right? I mean, you were in UTTER SHOCK! I mean, there are You Tube vids of fans Reacting to the shock. Like here.   Here, a grown man starts CRYING over it: This woman hides under a blanket like the boogey-man is about to get her: Seriously, there is a play-list of 50 reactions to this. Grown adults scream in horror. They cry. Like if their cat died or something. Its an amazing accomplishment for TV and GoT. (We won’t even TALK about the Red Wedding). Now… IMAGINE… how you felt when you read/saw Jon Snow dying. And how UTTERLY PREDICTABLE IT WAS THAT HE WOULD COME BACK! And how void of emotion it was; lame; silly; … HOW UTTERLY PEDESTRIAN IT WAS! How it was almost something (GASP) Network TV would do! Think about how far we have come since “Ned Dead at Baelor’s” to “Jon Snow just coming back to life because … magic!” Imagine if the scenes had been reversed; imagine if, for the story, the series STARTED OUT with Jon Snow’s death and immediate resurrection then ended with Ned Stark’s death? We wouldn’t care! Why? Because everyone would just assume that Ned would come back to life; because that’s what shitty sci-fi series do! They Trick the reader/viewer into believing the character is dead so they can get that HUGE payoff and reader cred, then pull a “switch-a-roo!” and, hazzah! The character is not dead. Lame. Super lame. And that’s what this show is now. Its bringing back crowd favorites while it kills everyone else because it doesn’t know what to do with them. The show has no idea what its doing anymore. Bonus Stuff I Didn't Like: So Now It Ends: The teaser at the end has the scene at the Tower of Joy and it looks great. Why? Because the ToJ was a scene that GRRM wrote; not the show runners. The Show runners are GREAT at creating and recreating stuff that GRRM already created. They do a great job at putting on screen what he already put on paper. The show –runners suck-out-loud at doing anything on their own that requires them having to create or interpret. They are bad at it. That’s why that last scene is there in the teaser- it’s a plea; an ardent cry from the show runners top the viewers saying “See? We still have the books! We can still make this work?! Its not terrible!” Its terrible. Anyway… here is a compilation of people reacting to the Red Wedding- the best part of the series; it shows viewers invested in characetrs and literally grieving over them. The show has lost that entirely becayusbecauseon’t have the books to draw from. You will never see anything like this from the show ever again, because the show is not good. Final Episode Score: 3.5/10.
  2. Who got shafted worse? Doran Martell or Stannis Baratheon

    Reminds me of the Family Guy cut-away when they show Jake and Maggie Gyllenhal arguing over who is worse. And their father comes in and says "Kids, kids; you're both ... just terrible." In both cases, the show-runners failed abysmally when left with two complicated characters and had no book-source material to guide them. And their answer in both cases was "Just kill them." Because the show runners are ... just terrible...
  3. This comment should be my new tag-line. I almost did not comment on this thread merely because BK said everythingI wanted to. Regardless ... Is it a sign of the times where the SPOILERS thread has ten pages .... but the "Criticism Without Repercussions" Thread has close to 30? Oh how the overrated have fallen... Oh, and really quickly: Lazy Bazooka is amazing. What I liked: Breinne and the Queenmaker: Again, I always like it when disparate story lines finally, at long last, come together without any further delay. If there is one OVERHWHELMING criticism of GRRM's writing style is that it does not tie up its ends orderly (mostly because life is not orderly). The show does a good job of doing this. Brienne did not lose her; she did not follow the wrong girl; she did not get captured; Pod did not break his leg and she had to keep him alive. None of that. Brienne finally found Sansa and advanced that story-line. The King Slayer and His Queen: Jaime is doubling-down on being a Lannister, and that is far more interesting than anything else going on (more on the end of Dorne later). Jaime only took ownership of his children once he started losing them. He does not want to lose what it means to be a Lannister. And he will burn everyone else to do that. That is great. Meanwhile, Cersei's pain is overwhelming and in a good way. We see that she sees herself are this horrible person and that she looked at Myrcella as evidence that she could make something pure and good. Losing Mycella sets her off. How she reacts will be interesting. Lord Commander Thorne, First of His Name: So, the guy who plays Allister Thorne is an actor by the name of Owen Teale and Teale is an acting bad-ass. He was in a great ensemble work called Conspiracy from HBO where he played one of the most notorious Nazi's, the jurist Roland Freisler. The man can act. And the show has realized something - they have to use him because they fucked that story line 15 ways from Sunday (more on that later). He gives a fantastic rationale as to why he had to kill Jon Snow (one that makes ... perfect sense... in so so so so so many ways, Jon Snow was a fucking abysmal Lord Commander). Thorne's actions are horrifying. Then again, so are dead people coming over the wall and wildings raping the countryside. The show is doing agreat job with Thorne and with what he is up to. On the Fence: The Wall: Why are we watching this? Why is this important? Jon Snow is in a room? They are angry he's dead... sure Delorous Edd is clearly angry- he was Jon's friend. But who the fuck are the rest of these people? Remember Pyp? Gren? The others? Remember how they were formed characters? Remember that you cared about them? Yeah, the show killed them. Why? Because THAT'S THE WAY THE SHOW-RUNNERS THINK YOU ADVANCE A STORY! You kill important characters! And what do we have a left? A Wall populated with 1) the bad guys (Thorne), 2) good guys from other places (Mel, Davos)and 3) TOTAL FUCKING STRANGERS! So why would we care? Who are these guyswho love Jon Snow and willing to die for him? Do we know them? No. Why would we care about them? Don't know. But the show HAS TO make them this way because ... there are no actual characters left at the wall WHO WOULD be with Jon Snow. This isthe result of not having a plan in the story you are telling- its so so so so so obvious now. After the runners stopped following the written story, after they used character death as a substitute for drama, after they realized they were on the wrong road, they are left with extras acting as dramatic markers. And its pathetic. I don't care what happens to these people if Jon is dead (he's not dead), the struggles of these people is boring, not interesting, artificial and pedestrian. Kill them, don't kill them IT DOES NOT MATTER! Except... for Davos. I am invested in Davos. To me, Davos matters. I like watching him struggle with the problem, trying to solve it, trying to survive. That's good. But why is this a problem for him??? At its apex, Davos Seaworth is in trouble because ... he found a dead body? WTF!? Why is he in danger? Just leave! Regardless, I think the Wall is a dying story line because the show-runners have killed it. Arya the Blind: I don't care. She's not in any danger. She will absolutely overcome this trifling struggle. Arya is blind the way C. Thomas Howell was black in Soul Man- she is going to get out of it. Its not compelling. Really, just do a fucking montage. Its better than this. Happy Gilmore Said it Best: The big reveal of the episode was that, apparently, Mel .s ... wellReally Old.   I know this is supposed to be a big deal, but ... why? So, she's old? Does that change ANYTHING!?!?! Is it really important that Stannis fucked an old lady? No? Then how is that a "reveal?" Its not. Its just something that may be interesting if its done correctly. I am not holding my breath. What I Did Not Like (because it was terrible): The Avatar's Plot Armor: So, Sansa is struggling across the snow and the VERY FIRST THING I thought was "Where is Brienne?" She found the river and I thought, "Is Brienne there yet, because this scene has gone on for exactly 2 minutes too long without her." She got to the tree stump and I thought, "FUCK! JUST HAVE THE AVATAR OF THE FANS show up, kill the men withease and GET THIS SCENE OVER WITH!!" And so she does. As soon as she road up, I knew how the scene would play out: Somebody would say "That's a woman," and she would descend on these morons with ease, slicing threw them with no difficulty at all. Which was EXACTLY what happened. So, I can hear the apologists say "But the show made it hard on her! She ... fell off her horse." Okay... let me ask you this... was there ANY FEAR AT ALL IN ANY WAY IN YOUR MIND THAT SHE WOULD DIE IN THAT SCENE?!?! Any at all? If you said 'yes, I was afraid she would die,' you don't know what this show is about since the Red Wedding (satisfying the fans); if you said 'no, I knew she would live', then IT DOES NOT MATTER! She has the thickest and most impregnable plot armor in the show- even thicker than Tyrion and Dany. She is a great actress in a huge role that the fans ... LOVE! So we KNOW she is going to succeed; she will win, she will overcome all. Its as boring as anything in this show. The Death of Common Sense in Dorne: So ... Dorne is dead. I thought I would be happier. But Dorne is the quintessential example of how the show has failed. And failed. And failed. The Dorne story line, in the books, is half-baked (almost literally); its still in development, and has many more moving parts. Doran Martell is playing a series of games that his sisters and daughters are undermining. He has Quentin going to Essos; he has Swan in Dorne; he stops the plot with Myscella- the guy knows things and does things. Fire. And. Blood. In the show, the Dorne story-line is, basically, "We are angry that The Red Viper is dead because he was killed... in a fair fight that he agreed to ahead of time ... so... hate!" And the show did about as bad of a job with Dorne as they did with anything. They fucked up the Sand Sisters; they did not know what to do with Tristane, with Mycella, with the plotting etc. They did not flush out Doran, the show-runners DID NOT GIVE DORAN ANYTHING TO ACTUALLY DO! He was there and the show did not know why. So, they killed him. And they killed Tristane. And there is no real understanding why. We are told that the people of Dorne HATED Doran. OREALY!!!!???? Because this is the first time we have head about this. GREAT STORY TELLING!!!! Why did this happen Why is Stannis dead? Why are Pyp and Grenn dead? Why is Mance dead? Because the VERY INSTANT the show-runners were left without a book- once the books stopped but the show petered on- they did not- in any way - know what to do. But worse... they thought they knew what to do. They thought they could advance the story by killing off characters, because, they surmised, the book killed characters, so we can to! But Martin NEVER EVER EVER killed a character without a reason; without advancing the plot. The show does it and has a major problem: they are left with a barren story line. Sure, its a great "GOTCHA" moment when Martell is left dying on his terrace, but ... what's left? Is Ellaria Sand going to do anything worthwhile? Start a war with the Lannisters? Why? Because a characters we NEVER met died 15 years before the show started! Hey, here's a hint - WE DON'T FUCKING CARE!!!! We do not care about the death of characters we never met; we care about the lives of the characters we already know. The show doesn't know that. They don't know (or respect) what Martin was trying to do (2017 can't get here fast enough); they don't know why DOrne was important; they didn't know why Stannis was important; so, much like a barbarian raiding a city, they destroy and pillage what they don't understand. And we are left with astory populated with 1) people we don't know or care about; 2) people we know are safe from any type of harm; 3)people who die to make things seem dangerous, but really, these characters popped up just to die (ie: Tristane). So, ist very hard to care about what is going on and the show looks more and more like its going nowhere. And we are stuck with it. Overall Grade: 4/10.
  4. NFL 2016 Offseaon: free agency freakout

    Way back two years ago we have a very detailed stat discussion as to whether or not Megatron was- at the time- on track to be one of the greatest WR of all time. And we all said the same thing "Yes... barring injury..." He started showing signs of wear and tear later that season. What a horrible loss for the sport; and for Detroit, of course. He was everything you wanted in a player and was a great guy (I have heard). Sad day, really.
  5. NFL 2016 Offseaon: free agency freakout

    Incidentally, former Pats Guard, Logan Mankins, announced his retirement today. Mankins was one of the toughest people ever to play the game; he was an absolute force on the left-side of the Pats line along with alter-ego, Matt Light (Light was a talkiative, fun-loving monster; Mankins seemed a lot more like in his off-hours he was an ax-murderer). Mankins even spelled at LT after Solder went down with an injury; it was revealed in 2012 that for the ENTIRE 2011 season (that saw the Pats make the Superbowl), Mankins played the whole season with a tornMCL. He was eventually traded to the Bucs for an unremarkable TE and a 4th round pick. Causing Bill Belichick to say: "Logan Mankins is everything we would ever want in a football player. It is hard to imagine a better player at his position, a tougher competitor or a person to represent our program. He is one of the all-time great Patriots and the best guard I ever coached." This would be akin to any other coach crying hysterically at the podium and then screaming "I WISH THEY HAD TRADED ME!!!!!!"
  6. NFL 2016 Offseaon: free agency freakout

    Ah... ah... Still pissed about the AFC Championship game (for like 6 reasons, but in a nut-shell its the stupid, dumb extra point rule Belichick changed that screwed us). Oh, and Why did we o for an on-sides kick against the EAGLES!! Because who the FUCK needs home field.... But congrats, Peyton I'll have this kick in the nuts to enjoy for the rest of my life. That, my friend, is a legacy...
  7. NFL 2016 Offseaon: free agency freakout

    Edited this post because the Board made me say it three times. In an unrelated story, Rodger Goodell was announced as this thread's new Moderator.
  8. NFL 2016 Offseaon: free agency freakout

    Kind of feel like I have to chime in Peyton's retirement. (I also have to chime in on Better Call Saul but just don't have the time). He revolutionized the QB position; he brought the QB as almost a member of the coaching staff; an on-field coach. The QB position was no longer important but revolutionary; teams that could maximize their QB position had an immeasurable advantage over other teams. Manning was not just a pure pocket-passer he made the most of every single position on the field. He made, as the cliche goes, everyone better. Manning was also the person most responsible for the QB focused game we have now. I won't get into any political discussions over "Well, DBs could not do X..." or "Hitting QB rules were now Y..." but the real thing was that Manning gave his team the ultimate freedom to hit anywhere on the field. Manning made good players like Emmanuel Sanders great; great players like Reggie Wayne superstars and superstars like Marvin Harrison legends. He made so many players so much better Manning himself always made the improbable ... probable. Passes that had no good chance of succeeding became commonplace with Manning. He could make every place on the field dangerous; he made the whole game his own. Defensive and head coaches had to game plan like it was a different animal the whole time. Even a team like the Colts that spelled Manning with Luck the game was entirely different. Manning was not just a game changer, Manning was the game. Manning made the game better. He played in 4 Superbowls and seemed to be perennially in the post season. He was a scion of the game that was always in the mix. And when he was not involved, things seemed like they mattered less. But to me... to Pats fans ... he was so so so so so soooooooooo much more. Peyton Manning was the Other; the Rival; the Nemesis. All the rest were pretenders and none mattered. Not even his little brother who beat the Pats twice in the biggest game in America. No one person more embodies the Patriots dynasty in terms of the opponent more than Manning on both ends - the winning and the losing. Manning is so much better because he is measured against Brady and vice versa. The fact that there is that OTHER right there on the field the whole time. The pretty-boy v. the fighter; the #1 Pick v. #199; the Champion v. the Challenger; the "Big Game QB" v. "The Game Manager." They were all those things. And always always always Manning v. Brady was always Big Time viewing. Manning even gave a shout out to Pats fans and Belichick in his retirement presser. Immediately after defeating Joe Frazier in the Thrilla in Manila, still in the ring, a reporter stuck a mic in Ali's face and asked him what his thoughts were on the fight. Ali responded, "Joe Frazier is the greatest fighter of all time next to me." I won't get into a debate here except to say that Peyton Manning was one of the select, hand-full of players who defined his era and will define it for years and years to come. And that, in every way, is greatness.
  9. US Politics: Scalia Dead at 79

    Scalia was a giant on the court and will go down along with Holmes, Cordozo, Harland and Marshall as one of the most powerful Associate justices of all time. His decisions were well thought out, incredibly intelligent and always always hard to argue against. While you could disagree with him, you always had to knowledge that his position was always backed up. As a liberal, I agreed with Scalia sparingly on the decisions he is known best for- trying to uphold anti-sodomy laws, his anti-choice dissents and his stand against gay marriage and affirmative action. However, Scalia alsovoted to uphold flag burning as protected speech(Texas v. Johnson); he wrote the decision to avoid censoring video games (Brown v. EMA); he wrote a withering dissent against establishing a DNA registry (Maryland v. King); he ruled against the police using thermo-imaging devices without a warrant (Kyllo v. US); he wrote that police could not abuse the "knocker rule" and go onto a suspect's property without a warrant (Florida v. Jardines); he ruled against traffic stops without reasonable suspicion (Rodriguez v. US); and that warrant-less searches were "per se unreasonable" (Arizona v. Grant); he upheld the accused's right to confront his accusers even if they were merely evidence gatherers (Crawford v. Washington; Melendez-Diaz v. Mass, a truly landmark case that said drug tests were not self-authenticating). He destroyed unfair sentences (Blakkely). Yes, his homophobia was a blotch on him; a relic of 1970s thinking in a 1980s universe; and no, he never did women any favors, especially on abortion. But on several bedrock principals that we would all have to admit were liberal in their tone- rights of the accused, censorship, rights of the incarcerated, Scalia was surprisingly enlightened. In deciding the fate of the Independent Counsel Act; Scalia was the only dissenter. After the Bill Clinton Fiasco years later… everyone would probably have agreed that Scalia had been right. Scalia wrote: "Frequently an issue of this sort will come before the Court clad, so to speak, in sheep’s clothing: the potential of the asserted principle to effect important change in the equilibrium of power is not immediately evident, and must be discerned by a careful and perceptive analysis. But this wolf comes as a wolf." Say what youy will about Scalia, but he was a giant. And unlike others who will try to trick you and play jurisprudence slight-of-hand, with Antonin Scalia you always knew who he was and what he was and that, at all times, he was a wolf who came at you as a wolf...
  10. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    Just for the record, I think he would do himself some good if he just takes a loss gracefully -- SB or NFC loss etc. That's part of the game. Everyone remembers Giselle saying that her husband can't throw and catch the ball; but we "forget" that Brady sat (in an amazing suit) for the duration answering shitty questions about how it feels to lose a Superbowl. Manning had to do the same - and so did Rothlesberger, Warner, etc etc etc. Some did it better than others but Newton did it worse of all.
  11. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    Oh, completely agree about the coaching staff. However, the same system that embarked on the mistakes of the past is still there to repeat the mistakes for the future. The decision-makers in that organization are horrible at their job; so long as they make the decision to take the Johnny Manziels of the world,they will always languish in the bottom third ofthe league. I mean, just how many seasons have we said "Give them a couple of seasons and..."?
  12. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    I don't know. Seems like Vegas is being a little optimistic on the Browns. What a dumpster fire.
  13. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    Just in fairness to my comments I specifically said that "Terrible answers from a multi-millionaire who seemed to, not for the first time this day, shrink when the lights were the brightest." IN other words, the lights were bright at the post-game press conference and he looked as bad there as he did during the game where the lights were also bright. I was not making an over-arching commentary as to Newton's past performances. As far as the game itself, he looked really bad. Some of that was pressure, no doubt, but in many ways the Panthers O-line was better than the Pats one was a two weeks ago and Newton looked worse. I agree that he passed for "twice as many yards as Manning" but what does that really say? Manning ALSO had a shitty game; his team didn't NEED for him to play that well (and he didn't). If you don't think he got overwhelmed and looked lost out there, tha'ts fine, but I also watched the game and he looked pretty terrible. If Manning lost, I guess I would have made some jokes about it etc, but Manning played his game: simple passes, nothing daring, let the D win the game and the D won the game. if the D did not play the game it played, Manning WOULD NOT have been able to win it for them and that would have looked just as awful. Because it was awful.
  14. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    So, the more I think on it, I think the biggest take-aways from this game were 1) how great the Denver D was and 2) how terrible this game will be, long term, for Newton. THe Denver D has been talked to death and there is no need to rehash it. But Newton's dud of a game would have been bad enough- many players lay an egg in a Superbowl and, well, it happens and everyone moves on. And I will say outrightthat I think at least a PORTION of the criticism directed at Newton ios because he's black and because many white Americans are "sleeper-agent-level" racists. But the criticism of Newton was his attitude; that he was a cocky, arrogant QB who was a perfect front-runner; he laid in on thick in wins, but when things got tough he became petulant and evasive. Lets not mince words, Newton's actual game was putrid; maybe one of the worst SB performances since ... O'Donnell? Its hard to say. He threw picks, he fumbled, he could not avoid pressure; and he failed to raise his game when his team needed him to. All that. But worse: he was utterly and totally overwhelmed and consumed by the moment. Cam Newton looked and played small; he seemed lost; throws were too high; he tried to do too much; and most of the day looked like he was not ready. Now, when the Superbowl was over,Newton decided to lay a bigger egg in his post-game presser. He sulked through the questions, just whiny and throwing a mini-hissy fit. "We lost" etc. Terribel answers from a multi-millionaire who seemed to, not for the first time this day, shrink when the lights were the brightest, Now look, as a fan of Darth Hoodie, his post-game press conferences are horrid after a loss; he displays grumpyness and an attitude of "just-how-fast-can-I-get-out-of-here" as Newton. And his rep has suffered because of it. Also, who THE FUCK gives a "good" post-loss press-conference? I mean, other than Brady? Newton's post-game conference is now hanging around his neck because its the last image we have of him; and it lived up to the hype that many ascribed to him- that of a pompous and cocky pro-athlete who loves to talk it up when he wins and demands his privacy when he loses. That was not, at all, a good look for Newton. He is going to have this label on him for a while and his PR people will work to massage the message a bit as the season starts in 2016 (ie: a fluff interview by ESPN: "I could have handled that better" and announcers in the booth saying pre-canned lines "Jim, that just tells me that Cam Newton gets it."). But right now, the WORST thing Cam Newton could have done was live down to the opinions the "haters" had of him and he did that. Over and over again. The only way Cam Newton can grow out of this now is not to have a good PR campaign or anything like that; but to get to another Superbowl and do something he was utterly incapable of doing this year- act like he's been there before.
  15. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    Newton looked awful; he completed 18 passes on 41 attempts (43%), no TDs, a pick, 2 lost fumbles; he , horrid game. He made terrible reads and basically only had a hand-full of really good passes. A huge, huge part of the blame for the loss should fall on him. At the same time, the Denver D was the Denver D; it was unbelievable. As good as any D that has played in a Superbowl in the last 10years. How much of that is on Newton v. the O-line (6 sacks) v. the the game plan. Also, losing a WR to concussions mid game = not good. Newton is the QBsohe should get attention for the loss or the win and that's just the way the universe works. Brady had a similar game last week, but he put up 300 yards, and had the team in the game the whole time. And, yeah, racism is around this one, but that still does not make criticizing Newton per se racism. I think one thing we can all agree on is that when it came right down to it, neither QB rose to the occasion, but Manning didn't have to and Newton did.