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  1. So, for starters, the Pats cannot promise McDaniels the job because that would violate the Rooney Rule (unless McDaniels was already a minority, because Dungee did that exact thing with Caldwell). Therefore, the Pats made it seem like 1) Belichick would groom him to be a coach at some point in the future (who knows when or where?????) 2) the usual blah blah blah about the kids and the schools and other lies people believe- like that one about Robert Mathis who claimed he was taking a fertility drug so he could have kids- even though his wife was ALREADY 7 -moths pregnant and the drug was never authorized to be used by men - but was actually taking it to mask his PED use? Good times! People always believe stupid things about kids. But there is no doubt that McDaniels could never accept this job unless he was promised the NEXT job. Because he HAS to know he would never again get another job in the foreseeable future in the NFL. I actually think this is a GREAT move for Josh. He gets a great job in a functioning, adult and well-established organization with little dysfunction. Sources are saying that the meeting he had was attended by Robert and Jonathan Kraft, McDaniels and Belichick. So EVERYONE is on board. No doubt Belichick told him that he was going to play out his contract runs after the 2018 season and then retire. So Josh has the job. There is also the chance that Belichick retires before the 2018 season (waiting for the Butler backlash to die down). They also gave Josh an extension and for a much longer period of time so he has plenty of money regardless. His agent left him. Well, that agent is also the Colts' GM's agent. And they have parted ways before. I don't think this is a factor at all. And he looks bad, but he is also going to be the Pats' head coach so he does not need to look good for anyone. Had McDaniels gone to Indy and failed (which looked more and more probable give the fact that Andrew Luck's bones seem to have the consistency of Silly Putty), he wouldnot have gotten another head coaching gig anyway. This was a great move for the Pats and for McDaniels.
  2. Hence the word "kinda." I said that McDaniels had not informed the Pats that he was taking the Colts job, thus keeping the door open for his return to the Pats. The fact that that then got stretched out over the full day kept me on that. I am not AT all surprised by this turn of events. So, yeah, I kinda did.
  3. So I was downstairs painting when I came to my trusted source on the NFL - this message board - and learned that somehow the Pats were not the biggest losers this past week. Somehow, the Colts were once again fucked by a Brady-lead offensive. That... that's it... let it out. Its okay, I'm sure somewhere in her ethere is some joke about how Wade Philips or Marty Shottenheimer is still available. Errr... I actually think this is- BY FAR - the best news possible for the Pats. It gives continuity to the coaching position regardless of outcome. It gives the tea, a soft landing after a devastating SB loss; it gives Brady his comfort blanket; it secures some familiarity for whomevere is the head coach. Supposedly, McDaniels walked into a meeting with the Krafts to formally resign. Hours later he came out with 1) a better contract and 2) possibly a new title as assistant head coach etc (ie: guy-who-takes-over-the-second-Brady-Murders-Belichick). There was some bullshit about his kids and moving to a new city... blah blah blah. Then a picture appeared on the net of Kraft and Belichcik having diner at Patriots Place. Its possible that's Belichick's retirement/resignation or its Kraft breaking it to Bill that McDaniels is staying OR its just a diner where they are plotting the destruction of Southern Austria. Any of these could be true. My pick is this: if Belichick was not on board with McDaniels staying, he'd quit because he would be squeezed out by Brady and the Krafts. Again I URGE ALL OF YOU to watch "The Two Bills" and how Belcihcik dealt with Parcells after the Giants' second Superbowl AND with trying to remain under him with the Jets ... twice. Belchicik MOIST LIKELY did NOT want that from the Pats and for Josh. My THEORY is that Bill wants to retire now; he knows he fucked up on Butler; he does not want to find new coordinators etc and is either 1) going to coach one more season and then hand off to Josh or 2) he's going to quit. I BELIEVE that all ofthis was orchestrated by Big Bill. Josh McDaniels wants to stay Josh McDaniels; he DOES NOT WANT TO BECOME ERIC MANGINI! People should know what that means. he would not do this unless he had Big Bill's blessing. Or orders. Ah! See?!?! I knew that joke was on the way. Hey hey hey... let's not say something we will regret later. I kinda did. I kinda predicted it a day ago. That's fair. Just breath... head between your legs, deep breaths through the nose, exhale through your mouth. That's how I made it through the Third Quarter of the Superbowl so... In all seriousness, this is very, very good news for the Pats. I mean, they needed some. Its been over a year since they last won a Superbowl... ...I'll... I'll stop...
  4. This rumor- to the best of my knowledge, was picked up off a tweet and run by Barstool Sports. There is nothing else to it. But even if it were true, this is the Superbowl. I don't think ANYONE cares about weed anymore, and even if anyone DID care, after a first half where the Pats forced ONE punt and it was obvious that Rowe-Badamosi-Richards were utterly hapless, you should be able to make a change. Further, EVEN IF it was disciplinary in nature, why do it for a whole game? Just make it a quarter or even the half. And why THE HELL are you dressing the guy? I think the weed story could be true, but if it is then its not reason enough to bench a guy that the remainder of your team needs to compete. And even if it WERE, then by suiting him up you should be open to the idea of sending him in if needed, and Sunday, the Pats needed him. Also, the two stories - lack of belief in Butler combined with the weed - could be true and that makes some sense too. But at some point in the second quarter as a HC or even the DC, you should be open to the idea of Butler going in. As it turned out, nobody could have done worse than Badamosi, Rowe and Richards. I get the cost analysis. He would be expensive. 2018 he gets $12.5 Mil and he never makes less than that before he's an UFA after 2021, but he's mostly locked in until after 2019- then his dead ca number falls to under $6mil. But's he's productive. I know that for the Pats his numbers never seemed to be big, but he did have double digit sacks for the Pats in 2015 and NOBODY has had that since (he had an injury-shortened season on 2014, but was still solid in the playoffs). For the Cards this year alone he has had sacks against Jax, the Titans, Rams and Eagles - all playoff teams. He had 17 sacks this past season; lead the league. I GET that his price tag was high, but sometimes you have to pay to play. Instead the Pats traded Chandler Jones after the 2015 season for a second-round draft pick. That pick turned into Jordan Richards who sucked out-loud on Sunday.
  5. So, some more thoughts on the Butler situation: Reports today are that Belichick had been upset in the decline in Butler's play for some time. Over the course of the season it was readily apparent that Butler was struggling. Then, there was this illness w Butler and him flying in after, and that apparently he looked bad in practice and that it became a "perfect storm" of reasons so that Belichick informed the coaches that Butler would be benched just hours before the game; that Rowe was not told conclusively until moments before kick-off. And that coaches and players are pissed. I can't blame them. It divided the locker-room. This is similar to Pete Carroll and throwing the ball at the one instead of running it and everyone in the locker room knowing you fucked up. Only with Belichick it was over the course of 60 minutes. And that's what angers me the most. Even if we assume that all of that is true, the Superbowl is NOT the place to get on-the-job-training at CB; Rowe, Badamosi and Jordan Richards were utterly over-matched (even McCourty- who I love - looked putrid) and at some point, Belichick HAD to think, "Maybe... just maybe the guy who saved us in SB 49 could run out here and maybe, possibly do it again?.... NAH! Let's watch Jordan Richards try." That, to me, is unforgivable. What message are you sending to the other 50+ guys on the roster? What does that say to the fucking demi-god you have at QB who slings it for 500 yards and becomes, apparently, the first QB in NFL history to throw 500+ yards, 3 TDs and 0 Ints and lose. What are you saying? To me, you are saying that your coaching is more important than winning. BTW, Pats recorded 0 sacks. Chandler Jones lead the league this season in sacks and finished 3rd in DPOtY. Word also is that McDaniels IS going to the Colts after two fruitless days of needless speculation. My bad.
  6. So... not really. Patriots Def Coordinator Romeo Crennell lead the Browns to a ten-win season in 2007, which is, in effect, the equivalent of a Superbowl birth for any other team. The Browns have not had more than seven wins in a season since and in the last three seasons COMBINED the Browns have 4 TOTAL. The last time before Romeo that the Browns had 10 or more wins was 1994. And that was Bill Belichick. After that RAC went on to KC and was there when that LB killed himself in the parking lot. Since then, RAC has been a great D-coordinator for the Texans. Charlie Weis - former Pats O-coordinator - had a great couple of years with ND but the time he lacked in recruitment due to him being in the pros caught up to them, they changed athletic directors and that guy fired Weis. He then went to Kansas (poor) and as O-Coordinator to KC under Hailey and that was bad because Weis was probably trying to kick Hailey out and get THAT job. It failed. Overall I think Weis did a decent job at ND and was probably fired for perception reasons and, as everyone says, is a gigantic fucking asshole. I think Billy O'Brian is doing a good job with the injury-riddled Texans and he has Watson and that could turn that franchise around. Josh McDaniels was the Head Coach with the Broncos, got involved in Spygate 2, beat the Pats in Week 5 in 2009 and then proceeded to win four more games for the remaining 2 seasons. He was awful. He then was O-coordinator for the Rams and then came back to the Pats where he gets to have Tom Brady. I think hot coordinators on hot teams are a victim of the ideal that these coordinators come from hot teams and they need to IMMEDIATELY change the team. And after two seasons if the team does not look DRAMATICALLY better they get fired... for coordinators from the more recent class of hot teams.
  7. That would be amazing. I know @DanteGabriel wrote a fantastic write up about "The Two Bills" and people should read it. I could talk about that documentary for hours (...please...) and what Bill and Bill threw at each other over "I-don't-want-to-be-the-Jets-Head-Coach-you-take-it-No-You-Were-Here-First-No-you-take-it-I-hate-this-place" was perfect and illuminating. No question about it- NOBODY wanted that POS job. That would be flesh-wounding the messenger. Look, every minute that goes by with Josh not in Indy, the more and more it could seem like Belichick is twisting at something...
  8. Matt Patricia has officially been named the next former head coach of the Detroit Lions. Every minute that goes by that Josh McDaniels has not been named the official head coach of the Indianapolis Colts is distressing. It calls into question that Belichick COULD decide to retire and McDaniels would be the heir apparent.
  9. Okay, sorry, but you are correct- Bademosi was really terrible. I just like the guy - he plays with attitude and a chip on his shoulder. I like that in some guys. But, no, you are totally correct that he played terrible. With Butler more info: Rowe did not know he was starting until immediately before kickoff. That is an absolutely terrible. The Pats are NOTORIOUS for being big-prep people - they prepare everyone. And If Rowe was NOT prepared to start but was told he was starting "minutes" before kick off then that means people THOUGHT Butler was starting. And then he wasn't, That tosses out illness/injury. And leaves us with either 1) Hubris- Belichick thinking Butler was wrong for this game (HIGHLY unlikely because of Butler being in on 98% of the snaps) or 2) discipline. But that would mean it was something that HAD to happen in the Days hours or even MINUTES before kick off. That explains the benching; it explains the lack of forewarning and it explains the drastic action. There are a BUNCH of issues that COULD have lead to a drastic move like this. One- the most sexy - is that Butler was NOT sick but missed the flight either because he was dealing with something or because he was a shit head. Either way that stuck the team wrong. so the Pats made the decision to bench Butler for one quarter or one series. And Butler FLIPPED out! He threw things or he took a swing at somebody or he had to e held back etc, And when that happened, Belichick etc decided to bench Butler for the game. That's why Butler was emotional after; that's why Rowe didn't know until right at KO. The second is not as sexy but could also be true. What if Butler was dealing with something deeper and more troubling? Anything from troubles at home to personal issues with family or possibly another problem like that. And what if the team was working for him to get his shit together but it never worked. And then he flies into Minn after the team. And Belichick sees him at practice and knows he is not, mentally, in the game. The team tries to work it out but its obvious the guy is not mentally there. So maybe the team tells Rowe that he MAY be needed on Sunday but he is not told officially until just prior to kick off because the team ALSO did not know; they still wanted Butler to go, but he can't. They pull the trigger at game time. And the disaster erupts. Both of those scenarios Belichick is a magnanimous human for not throwing Butler under the bus and Butler is a selfish prick. I have no evidence to advance either of those, but NOTHING else (save hubris) makes much sense. And the word-on-the-street is that Greg Scianno is the Pats new D-coordinator.
  10. So a few other things: 1. Gronk stated after the game that he is going to "evaluate" his options in the next few weeks on his future with the Pats. He flat out said ""I’m definitely going to look at my future, for sure. I’m going to sit down the next couple of weeks, see where I’m at." For the record, Gronk is under contract through 2019 so... his only option not to play the next two season is to retire. Fuck that sounds great. Brady's targets for 2018 will be concussed Brandon Cooks, surgically repaired Julian Edleman and two or three undersized white guys. Fucking great! Its 2006 ALL OVER AGAIN! 2. (And this is full on conspiracy shit). Supposedly as of this evening, McDaniels has not yet told the Patriots he will leave to take the head coaching job with the Indianapolis Colts. Matt Patricia has already confirmed that he will become the next head coach of the Detroit Lions. So, why would he do that? Well, the major reason is that the Colts are fucking awful and Andrew Luck is cooked. Who would want that? But the other theory? Belichick will retire. And turn the team over to McDaniels. McDaniels is not going anywhere if Belichick is leaving. That may be in play. Suddenly, finally, MAYBE Satan's Kingdon has, at long last, fallen....
  11. So, I am going to say something right off the top because it needs to be said first: Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles, Doug Peterson, and Nick Foles for doing every fucking thing that a team, a coach and QB must do to win this game- sticking to their game plan, eliminating stupid plays, being balls-out risk takers, not getting crushed by the pressure and making ever play possible to beat the Patriots. The remainder of this post MAY look like I am trying to degrade that, but I'm not. The Eagles went for it on 4th down TWICE; they put the ball in Nick Foles' hands and said "We know you can win this for us" and HE DID! They never panicked; never lost cite of how to win, never got the yips. even when their D failed to put the pressure on Brady that they had expected, the O kept firing. Peterson deserves all the accolades - going for the TD at the end of the first half and that MONSTER drive at the end of the game that KO'd the Pats, after getting stuffed on 3rd, going for it on their side of the field. Stones. All out fucking stones. Coaches before Peterson panicked, got that deer-in-headlights look and collapsed. Not him. And not Foles. Had you told me before the game that the Pats and Eagles would both turn the ball over once; that Brady would have 500 yards passing and that the Eagles would have ONE sack, I would have shrugged and said, "Oh, then Pats win in a blowout, right?" Even with loosing Cooks, even with Gostkowski's botches, even with HIGHLY questionable play calling in the first half, I would have naturally assumed the Pats would have won. And I would have been wrong. Dead FUCKING wrong. First and foremost, the Pats O was boarder-line unstoppable all night. While the Eagles ran 72 offensive plays, the Pats ran 73; Pats had more first downs (29 v. 25), more yards (613 v. 538); Brady had a higher passer rating than Foles (115.4 v. 106.1), more yards (505 v. 373), etc. The Pats had 3 receivers with over 100 yards - Amendola, Gronk and Hogan. I am not saying this as some sort of jibe that the Pats should have won and had a better game than the Eagles; that's not my line here. The Pats D was unacceptably bad. I say "unacceptably" for a reason- more on that in a moment. The Pats D could not stop a runny nose tonight. As many said- it was a replay of the Eagles victory over the Vikings, only the Pats had Brady and not Case Keenum. The Eagles were 10 for 16 on 3rd down (62.5%, an amazing number by any stretch) and of the 6 they missed, the Eagles were 2-for-2 on 4th down. That means of the 16 times the Eagles had to make a first down, 12 of them ended with them, eventually, getting the first down - 75%. That is completely insane. The Pats D was atrocious and maybe one of the worst I have ever seen show up at a Superbowl- maybe worse than the Pats 2011 team. That D 1) failed to tackle legendary fat-fuck Lagarrett Blount (who, I swear, I have NEVER liked), 2) failed to even mildly rattle back-up QB Nick Foles; 3) failed to stop the Eagles Offense the VAST majority of the night, 4) forced ONE punt, 5) and could never ever get off the field. The Pats D let the Eagles have the ball for 34 minutes (to the Pats 26). More than enough for the Eagles. Yes, I know there were two "controversial" TD calls and I don't think there is anything less interesting than having those discussions. For my take, I think neither was a TD and I said AT THE TIME that neither would be overturned. But then we come to why this was "unacceptable." Malcom Butler did not play ONE defensive snap. Not a one. Why? We know a few things: Belichick has stated that it was NOT disciplinary. Butler was NOT listed on the injury report. We know he (allegedly) had the flu and flew to Minn after the team arrived. After the game when soon-to-be-three-years-and-fired-Lions-head-coach Matt Patricia was asked he said "Packages." As in Butler was not ideal for the packages the Pats had. Just a reminder- Malcom Butler played in 98% of the defensive plays this season. 0% on Sunday. After the Game, an "emotional" Malcom Butler said that "They gave up on me. FUCK. It is what it is." "I could have changed that game," The pats gave up 538 total yards the most EVER given up, not just by the Pats in a Superbowl, not JUST by the Pats in a Playoff game... not Just by any Pats team in the Belichick era... no. 538 yards is the most ANY team has hung on a Bill Belichick coached team. EVER. Nick Foles did that. And Butler did not see the defensive side of the field (he was on special teams, though). You will forgive me if I take umbrage at that. I mean, sure lets say that the Flash plays of rthe Eagles and maybe Butler cannot hang with him. Okay, I get that. But is Nelson Aghalor that? Or Jeffery? Of Smith? Holy shit! Do we NEED a highly regarded DB? Apparently not! No! Let him stay on the bench! How does that give your team the BEST chance to win? How is that fair to the rest of the team? How is that fair to the O? How is that even fair to the D? How is it fair to everyone else on that team? I know that the Pats D made it work for so long and I know last season they made it work so well. But ... 2015- Pats cut Chandler Jones. Jones is a perennial Pro-Bowler for the Cards; 2016- in Mid Season the Pats trade Jamie Collins for, well, nothing (conditional third round pick the Pats would have gotten anyway had he signed as a free agent anywhere else as a tender). 2017- Pats BENCH their extremely good DB, Malcom Butler and, instead go with Eric Rowe who was ROUTINELY torched by Jeffery, Johnson Badamosi who was completely irrelevant and Jordan Richards who is fucking terrible at everything. But hey, at least we all learned something... Would Butler have made a difference? I'll never know. But it seems like he could not POSSIBLY have done worse. And we will get no answers for this... The world right now is THRILLED the Pats lost (a TON of "Eagles Fans" have appeared on my Facebook feed the last few days) and in that, I cannot share that joy. But I cannot argue with it either. The pats have been too good for far too long and that desire to slay this dragon was shared by, well, everyone. Never in sports has a team's demise been more celebrated. We- the fans - earned that. If I am going to celebrate when they overcome the impossible, I have to take the lumps when they prove to be all to often, all too human. But the Butler thing has me angry and disappointing. The Pats dynasty was born in the shadow of Mike Martz's hubris to not use Marshall Faulk. And maybe... just maybe... the Pats' demise is there in Belichick and his hubris with Butler. And already "next year" looks strangely bleak... more on that in a moment... Grats one last time Eagles and their fans. The Eagles earned this one; nobody can ever take it away from you. Ever.
  12. So before I begin with my predictions etc., I am THRILLED that Randy Moss made it to the Hall in his first year. An absolute monster, Moss is probably the second best WR in NFL history, trailing only Rice, Moss was the most dominant offensive player since Sanders, even if Moss had a tendency to take off plays... drives.... games... seasons... Regardless, he was the best WR to play for the Pats and has even turned into a fun analyst (secretly hoping he gets the Monday Night gig). Also, ho-hum, Brady gets the MVP. While he obviously deserves it this season, he kinda-sorta-maybe-possibly seems to have won it by default. Wentz and Brown both had injuries that stopped their monster stats and Todd Gurley is a running back so they don't matter. With that said, as BFC said above, Brady seems like he should have 3 MVP trophies so no problems there. So, with all that said, we are on the eve of yet another Pats Superbowl appearance and yet another season of me riding a roller coaster of emotions along with lingering questions: Will the Pats D hold? Can Brady avoid the vaunted Eagles pass rush? Will Gronk stay healthy? Where will I stand during the parade? Okay, that last one is me being a jerk, but ... you know, I have to prioritize, right? According the FO, the Eagles are about as likely to win the SB as the Falcons were last season and they came frighteningly close. The Eagles D gets weaker the further you get from the Line of Scrimmage, with the D-line being great, their LBs being okay, and their DBs being a true cause for concern. And that's a major issue if you are playing a Pats team that loves to go inside and underneath and then break things up down the seam with Gronk or the sidelines with Cooks. Also, unlike previous years, the Pats have a legit running game with Lewis, White and Burkhead being legit problems out of the backfield both to run and catch the ball. On offense, the Eagles seem like they can do much of the same: the Pats will have their hands FULL with Agalohr and Jeffery running everywhere; Foles will want to start going inside (like Brady will) and the Pats LBs are suspect. And apparently the Eagles (apparently overrated - according to FO) O-Line does one thing great- run straight up the middle and the Pats have had legit problems there. Which brings us to Foles. If you believe Nick Foles NFC Title game is the real Nick Foles and the man who will QB the Eagles tomorrow, then the Eagles will win. And if you don't then they won't. Its that simple. Jeffery and Agalohr may be great WRs but if they guy they are getting the ball from can't find them? Or under/over-throws them? Or panics? It won't matter. As a real Pats fan, I see the latter, but every time I glance at the Vikings I am reminded of the former. Which brings us to Peterson. If this game comes down to coaching- if it boils down to the last 5 minutes of the game; if Belichick is able to confuse, disrupt or overwhelm Foles then you have to believe the Pats will win. Peterson was there in Phily in 04 when the Eagles took forever in the 4th to put up 7, just as McNabb was taking up lunch. If that same style of coaching and communicating and lack of urgency shows up tomorrow, the song will remain the same. I am confused on Peterson - getting a team to play A-caliber ball without Wentz and against two REALLY STRONG NFC Teams- Atlanta and Minn - makes me think there is something there. Then I read that practice was a disaster the other day and the players seem just happy to be there ... and then I think about 2004... I wonder if there is any there there at all.... And that to me is where this game comes down. As a hollering Pats homer, I have picked the Pats in ever Superbowl save 2001 (who could beat the Rams?) and 2011 (Pats had no right being there), and I see no reason to change this now. I see three scenarios. In one- the least likely- a determined and focused Eagles team behind their vaunted D-line put Brady to the test, getting him to throw yet another SB INT, sacking him 4 times, giving him the "yips" in the pocket, and holding the Pats to under 20 points, their playoff kryptonite. Foles does only what he is asked to do and the Eagles win the game when the pats fail to convert a 4th down with 8 seconds left on the clock. Phily wins by 6. In the second scenario- more likely but still not very likely - the Patriots rattle Foles badly and while the game looked sort of close in the first half, Foles cannot get the O off the ground in the second. The Pats take a commanding 3rd quarter lead of 2 scores and then pull away in the 4th Q as Foles comes apart throwing back-to-back INTs. Its the first Pats SB to finish with the Pats winning by double-digits. But its the Pats, its the Superbowl, and the Eagles are legit. A back-and-forth game comes down to the last 5 minutes with Brady finally stabilizing against an inspired Eagles D. Brady finds the end zone after a 70 yard drive to go up by 7. Foles takes the field with a little over two minutes, but Foles and Peterson cannot recapture the Vikings magic. The game ends on an overwhelmed Foles throwing the ball into the turf at Gilmore's feet on 4th down to seal a 27-20 Pats win. If only it was as easy to do as it was to write...
  13. Still better than McAdoo.
  14. In all fairness, so did the Pats O and D coordinators. My favorite Pats stats so far: - Among active starters with at least 15 career opportunities, Brady has the best record at game-winning drive opportunities at 54-39 (.581), while Bortles has the second worst at 7-24 (.226). - Teams Trailing by 10+ Points in 4th Quarter in Playoff Games - Last 10 Seasons -- Patriots: 3-4; Rest of NFL: 3-70 - In the last four playoff games where the Pats trailed by ten or more points (not necessarily in the fourth quarter), the Pats are 4-0. (v. Jax, 2017 AFC Championship game; v. Atlanta, 2016 Superbowl; v. Seattle, 2014 Superbowl; v. Baltimore, 2014 Divisional Round where the Pats trailed by 10+ two separate times in the game). So, Eagles, you're best plan: don't take the lead. Its just what the Patriots are expecting. I am only half-joking.
  15. You are now obligated to root for the Patriots.