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  1. How AMAZING is this: Ed Anzalone (aka Fireman Ed): I have no interest in talking about the Butt Fumble. I don't talk negative about the Jets to people other than real Jets fans. Thank you, you delusional nut-bag. God, I love lunatic fans who take themselves waaaayyyyyy too seriously! I love that after this game, the Jets and Sanchez were such monumental embarrassments that Ed no longer went to games. And that he announced it because he's a monumental moron. And EVEN BETTER that the Jets BEGGED him to come back. God, Fireman Ed, thank you so much for being who you are. No need to worry, Fireman Ed, you will always be a "real Jets fan" to me. And yes, yes I know- he;s a real life firefighter and yes, that makes him a hero and yadda yadda yadda - still a tool bag.
  2. The guy once had his helmet ripped off during a game and still ran for the first down ... in the PRE SEASON! He used to not cash game checks if he felt he hadn't earned them. He's a fellow lawyer! And he's the guy who, during the NFL - official's strike - said after the Green Bay- Seattle debacle on Sunday Night Football said: "... everything about the NFL is inelastic for demand. There's nothing they could do to hurt the demand for the game. So the bottom line is, they don't care. Player safety? Doesn't matter in this case. Bring Division III officials? Doesn't matter. Because in the end, you're still going to watch the game, we're going to all complain and moan and gripe and say there's all these problems and all the coaches will say it, the players will say it — it doesn't matter. Go ahead, gripe all you want. I'm going to rest. Let them eat cake." The guy is a fucking stud. Oh and he threw 6 TD passes in a Superbowl, son Superbowl MVP and is a Hall of Famer. But, seriously, lets hear Dan Founts try to talk about the inelastic demand of the NFL.
  3. Now a few words on everything else in the NFL: -Who could have predicted the demise of KC? I mean, what were the odds that defenses would stack the line and stop Hunt and say- week in and week out - "We bet Alex Smith cannot beat us"? Who could have predicted this?!?!?!? I mean what are the odds that after week 5 (with a record of 5-0) Alex Smith's passer ratings would be 88.6, 84.9, 77.6, 103, and 61.5 and the Chiefs would be 1-4 in their second 5 games. Stunner. I can't believe the Chiefs have been unable to ride the Alex-Smith-Train to the promised land. They just lost to THE GIANTS! This is not an inter-sport game; they did not suit up the San Francisco baseball team or anything. No, the New York Football Giants. Who look like a baseball team trying to play football. The Chiefs lost to that. No, they are not going anywhere this season. -Minnesota just sat the Rams the fuck down. Great win. -We can take the Packers out into the back yard and shoot them, right? Loosing at bad enough. Loosing at home is bad enough. But getting shut out at home? To Joe Flacco? Yeah, you are a very, very bad team. And lets all watch out for the Ravens. John Harbaugh knows how to get a team to play and that team has elements that can be dangerous. They could EASILY upend a team in the playoffs. Especially a team like, say, the Chiefs. -I love watching the Saints play. I do- great QB, fantastic running game, and a defense that is suddenly working and not getting suspended for dubious bounty-based scandals. That team has everything to win the playoffs and it would be great to see Brees in the big game again. -Remember when people thought the Bills were good? I mean BEFORE they lost 3 in a row, had an utterly avoidable QB controversy, had some water-boy throw 5 INTs in one single half of football (PR of 17.9; QBR of .3..... POINT THREE!!!!). And before they gave up 54 points to the Chargers? Lets all look away so the Bills can die with dignity. -Game of the week - prior to Monday Night - was Bengals at Broncos. There's no punchline... that IS the punchline. -Which leads us to the Seattle. Seattle is not a terrible team ... yet. But look at this: here are the teams the Seahawks have defeated this season: SF (1-9), Colts (3-7), Rams (7-3), Giants (2-8), Houston (4-6 and without Watson and Watts), and Cards (4-6). That's ONE team with a winning record and two others that were not the same team when they faced the Seahawks due to massive injuries. Seattle's wins come against teams with a record of 21-39. Their defense is in shambles and their head coach is ... showing signs of ... stupidity? The Legion of Boom is now Bust and nobody can stop the bleeding. I don't think Pete Carroll will be the mind behind the turnaround. I think we are watching the end of something and the bandwagon will get very light soon.
  4. Before I begin my weekly rant about another week of the regular season and how the Pats dominated another pretender in the AFC, I want to say a word about former Patriots WR Terry Glenn, who died early Monday morning in a single-car accident. After being drafted with the #6 overall pick in 1996, then Pats coach Bill Parcells was asked how Glenn was doing. Parcells responded, "She’s coming along.” But Glenn could play; he was a gifted wide receiver who played with a chip on his shoulder and had an attitude that players and coaches could not contend with. He had amazing footwork and, when he was focused, could hang with the best of them. But most people remember Glenn for that attitude. But who could blame him? At the age of 13 he moved out of his mother’s home when his mother’s new boyfriend kept bothering him. So Glenn moved in with his aunt. A few weeks later, the boyfriend murdered Glenn’s mother. Glenn never forgave himself; believing that had he remained in the home, he could have protected her. Glenn was a monster on the field, with a rookie season that would rival many of the best of all time and ultimately had 4, 1000-yard seasons and played through his own off-the-field problems and persistent injuries. And Parcells’ words would have eaten at anyone. But after getting traded from the Pats in 2001 and failing to catch on in Green Bay, the phone rang in 2003. It was the Dallas Cowboys’ new head coach asking Glenn if he had any football left in him. Glenn- never a warm person – said he did. The Cowboy’s new head coach was the same Bill Parcells who mocked Glenn in 1996; he got 4 seasons out of Glenn, including 2 1000-yard seasons. He always saw something in Glenn and could reach him. I'm sorry for the way it ended for Terry. Okay, let's talk about the ho-hum dominance of the Patriots and how morbid the Raiders looked. When was that game in Mexico City over? The bus ride over to the stadium? During warm ups? When? The Raiders did. Not. Want. To. Be. There. They looked like they gave up during the coin toss. The Pats marched down the field, scored on the opening drive, went up 14-0 when the Raiders drove the field themselves and when Seth Roberts fumbled at the 4-yard line. Great news- you can stop trying now! Ball. Game. The game then devolved into Pats being lead off the field with dehydration (we think....) and the Raiders begging somebody to shoot them in the mouth. The Pats didn't even dominate with any stat with yards, 1st downs and 3rd down efficiency being relatively even, and with Oakland winning TOP and total plays. The only numbers that were in the Pats favor were turnovers and the final score. I am still a little hesitant to crown the Pats. Right now they are a near-lock for a 1st round bye, but they now have a near-insurmountable lead over KC (more on them later) and everyone else is just playing out the string. Except for Pittsburgh (who dominated a feisty Titans team). The whole season comes down to the Pats @ Pitt in December ; whoever wins that game will have home-field throughout the playoffs and have the inside track to the Superbowl. But one team we know is going nowhere is the Raiders who are cooked. They had a BYE WEEK! They had double the time to prep and looked horrible. I mean,what are the odds a Jack del Rio team was utterly unprepared to face the Patriots? I know - we are stunned by this, Regardless, not much more to say as the Pats dominate terrible teams in a season dominated by terrible teams. Season is decided on Dec 17. Two days after the Star Wars release.... coincidence? I think no-... no probably a coincidence.
  5. There is that, but I think the other reason the owners would not disenfranchise Jones (which is what they would be doing) it would open each of them up to possible disenfranchisement later on for, basically, raising a stink. Also, the lawsuit Jones would file would last 20 years and wreak havoc on the sport which, strangely, finds itself in a precarious position.
  6. I did not realize Gruden had been a head coach that long. My take is that Gruiden will not get fired and its because of this Cousins thing; that is the real issue here.
  7. Very true. But the defense may seriously hate him. If he loses 6 of their last 8 (and I agree that's a stretch) that could happen. Let me put it another way: thi sis the first time since the Superbowl that I think Pete is anything but "mortal lock" to stick around.
  8. I can't believe it, but you somehow made a 1-24 coach seems WORSE than his record. I can't argue with anything you said.
  9. Okay, let’s play my favorite game: When Will Your Head Coach Get Fired (Now with 100% less Jeff Fisher). We are over half-way dome with the season: lets discuss which head coach will definitely get fired at the end of this season OR maybe sooner. Here we go: Guys Who Are Untouchable/Won't Be Fired (16): Belichick, Mike Tomlin, Jason Garrett, Dan Quinn, Mike McCarthy, John Harbaugh, Sean McVay, Doug Peterson, Jim Caldwell, Ron Rivera, Mike Zimmer, Mike Mularkey, Doug Marrone, Sean Peyton, Del Rio, Billy O’Brien. I could break this down into different sub-sections etc, but nobody from this group is getting fired. Most of these guys are going to playoffs or have turned around struggling organizations. McCarthy, O’Brien and Garrett get a pass because of injuries/multiple-game suspensions and still have the team being competitive. The most vulnerable on this list would be Rivera but I think he's safe because his team is in the playoff hunt. Too Soon (4): Jay Gruden, Kyle Shanahan, Sean McDermott, Anthony Lynn. These are guys are very new to the job and its too soon to fire them. The Strangely Vulnerable (2): Pete Carroll and Andy Reid. This one is a stretch, and I know it’s a stretch but hear me out (from the guy who, three seasons ago, said Peyton should be fired, so, yes, I’m an idiot). These guys are perennial playoff coaches and have been for years. But both have raised expectations and, as usual, seem to be failing to deliver. Carroll has a ring and Reid has a playoff pedigree but both MAY not live up to expectations. Carroll is also – possibly – HATED by his D and Reid may have started off great but has lost 3 of the last 4. If he does not right the ship, would it be THAT surprising to see him fired? In baseball, both Giardi and Ferrell made the playoffs, both were fired (Giardi was simply not rehired). Would it be THAT strange to see either or both of these guys fired under the same circumstances? I say “No”, but I get that it would be really strange. Guys who Could Get Fired But Probably Will Not Be But Jesus Maybe They Should Be Fired (4): Dirk Koetter (TB): If he was fired I would not be too surprised, but I think if ownership believes in him and sees this season as growing pains, then this will be a no-brianer. But at the same time, Mike Evans and Jameis Winston have displayed horrid behavior and an utter lack of leadership on a team where they are supposed to be clear leaders. That’s a coaching problem. And so he could easily be fired, I just think he’s liked by ownership and will be kept around. Vance Joseph (Denver): HE’S HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE!!!!! Actually, no he’s not. Joseph’s major boon is that he’s new. Brand new and he needs time to grow in the job. But his major problem is that the defense has supposedly given up on him and it showed in spades last night. This team is not playing hard and that’s a MAJOR coaching problem. I think Vance keeps his job because you don’t want to fire a guy after one season- unless that guy is Chip Kelly. But fuck… I think he’s a bad coach. And worse; I think his D thinks the same thing. Adam Gase (Miami): What a chode. I am fairly certain this guy doesn’t know a fucking thing about how to build a team. The Dolphin are sputtering and- SURPRISE -Jay Cutler was not the answer! I am shocked, I say, shocked! But, Gase will get a pass because Tannehill missed the season with an injury so he could not have his 4th consecutive “disappointing” season. Todd Bowles (Jets): It would be really hard for the Jets to fire a guy for “Failing to Properly Tank the Season.” The Jets are a bad team, but they are playing MUCH MUCH MUCH better than they have any right to be. 4-6 seems like 15-1 given the front office’s dire need to blow the season. Bowles all but willed the team to 4 victories. If he is fired, I totally get it, but if that’s what they wanted they would have fired him prior to the start of the season. The Fired (7): These people must be fired. Like Now. In the case of the first guy, three weeks ago: Ben McADoo, 12-13, (Giants): The team quit on this guy some time last year. He seems like he knows nothing about the sport, how to lead, how to game plan or motivate,. But he holds a clip-board like a god. They just lost to a team that has been rebuilding for 3 straight seasons. I think the Giants will fire McAdoo AND get rid of the Manning. The team will be blown up and that will be that. And Don’t let that 11-win 2016 season fool you; Giants have not won a meaningful football game since the 2011 Superbowl. Bruce Arians, 45-26-1, 1-2 in playoffs (Zona): This is the Fired Sleeper-pick. Bruce Arians is a guy who seems like he’s had a great coaching run but then you look up and you see that he’s not done a God Damn thing in 3 seasons. Arizona has a losing record since getting bumped from the 2015 NFC Championship game (in a one-sided drubbing). Arizona does have an injury problem – Johnson and Palmer, but when you employ a 62-year old QB, you have to expect some of these things. Arians may not get fired, but I think he definitely should be. Largely because he’s living off the reputation of spelling, well… Chuck Pegano, 52-38, Colts: First of all, you made it so that Andrew Luck hates football now; second, you ran, quite possibly, the worst single play in NFL History… on purpose. Third, since losing to the Pats in back-to-back playoff seasons in 2013 and 2014, Pegano has, miraculously, gone 19-23 and has not made the playoffs in what feels like a generation. Teams have to sometimes make a decision between their head coach and their GM and between their HC and their QB. Well, the Colts went with their HC last season over their GM; they will not do the same thing with their QB. John Fox, 12-27, Bears: Mortal Lock to get fired. You moron. How do you challenge a play that results in you losing possession as a result of YOUR OWN CHALLENGE?!?! Unbelievable. Un-freakin’-believable. The Bears have been so bad for so long, but John Fox has been exceptional in eradicating any shred of hope from Chicago. No winning seasons and no chance this season will be any different. They are on pace to finishing dead last in the division for the third straight season. Hue Jackson, 1-24, Browns: What’s crazy is that this is not the guy who I think has to be fired the most (See below). Jackson is yet another coach who has been thrown into the Browns Thresher. The Browns have had 19 head coaches (Paul Brown to Hue Jackson). Of those 19… FOUR have had winning records. Guess who the last one was? Hint: It wasn’t Belichick (36-44). No… MARTY SHOTTENHEIMER!!! 44-27. And that was 1988!!!! And what a list it is after that: Teddy Robiskie, Butch Davis, Eric Mangini, Rome Crennel, Chris Palmer,. Mike Pettine and now, yes, Hue Jackson. Jackson is not as bad as 1-24, but how much better than that could he be? He’ll be fired so yet another assistant coach can have his life ruined. Marvin Lewis, 121-111-3 (Seems like it should be better than 10 games over 500), 0-7 in the playoffs, Bengals: Just stop. You have to stop. There should have been an intervention 4 years ago when you were only being humiliated by the Colts in the playoffs. Since losing to the Steelers in the 2015 playoffs, setting back football by 2 generations, the Bengals are 9-15-1 and show no signs of reversing course. Andy Dalton is all sorts of wrong and Lewis has shown a complete inability to control the team. And then there is the playoffs. Lewis's record of futility in the playoffs is unprecedented. Lewis should have been fired last season, but plays for an overly loyal idiot. None of that is any good for Bengals fans who have probably suffered enough but will need to suffer more before this team begins to succeed. My guess: Arians PROBABLY does not get fired: everyone else above is gone.
  10. They were! Okay, so, Pats dominate a hapless Broncos team which leads me to ask this question: how quickly can you fire a special teams coach? Let me count the ways: -Pats go three-and-out to start the game. Ughh... they punt to the Broncos who IMMEDIATELY flub the punt, Pats recover score two plays later. -Broncos score a FG to keep close-ish pace with teh pats. Kick off to Dion Lewis who immediately returns if 103 yards for a TD. Camera immediately cuts to Denver Special Teams coach Brock Olivio who actively looks like he is trying to get his resume into a fax machine. This also buttresses my theory that everybody named "Brock" is a nozzle. -Pats dominate on D and force a punt; running back Rex Burkhead (surprisingly NOT a porn star) blocks the punt which leads immediately to more Pats points. Brock can be seen trying to dig a tunnel to escape under the Broncos bench. -Towards the end of the game, the vaunted Broncos somehow hold the Pats to a punt. When the Pats punt, the Broncos had 12 men on the field (because counting is hard) and that gave the Pats a 1st down after the 5-yard penalty. Olivio could be seen swallowing a revolver. How terrible are you? Pats look like the class of the AFC. Pats have won 5 straight and have wins over the Saints (now looking Superbowl bound), the Texans When they had Watson), and the Falcons (who may not be terrible), among others. Pats now have an important stretch - Oakland in Mexico and then 5 of the next 6 games against the AFC East to decide the division and the one left-over game is against the Steelers in a game that may well decide home-field throughout the playoffs. Its crazy because the Pats 4 games ago looked near dead and they ran through some good teams and now they are now close to "controlling their own destiny." And the Bills shat the bed and the Steelers were lucky to get a win over the terrible Colts. Feeling good about this...
  11. Absolutely. My main point is that for the first time it looks as if this was either completely out of Belichick's hands or he let events get ahead of him to the point he could not maximize value. At the same time, the Pats got a backup in the 2nd round for 2 years that, in effect, won the Pats two games they needed in 2016 that put them in the position to win a Superbowl AND they get that 2nd rounder back. And also, it may have motivated Brady to find another HGH guy and get Geurrerro to get him the "premium nutrients" bring his game to another level. His statistic improvement from just prior to Jimmy G top today is no accident it was HGH. I think HGH Jimmy J played a huge role in all that. For that, the trade was worth it.
  12. Oh, and the Benjamin trade is dumb.
  13. Lets talk a little about the Jimmy G trade because I hate myself. The trade seems like a downer and I don't like it for a variety of reasons, but I think here there are other forces at work that screwed this thing. I think the Pats had an eye-in-the-sky position where they wanted to keep Brady and Jimmy G as long as possible and then trade Jimmy G later on. But that would get expensive. So the Pats also had the idea of making a "bridge" deal with Jimmy for a year or so until such time as Brady retired or they could trade him. We then have this other wrinkle out there; there is a report by a reporter on Twitter that claims that right before the trade deadline there were reports coming out of Tom Brady's "camp" that he was concerned that he would be traded after 2017. And that he did not want that. So this leaves two possible reasons why Jimmy G- a guy predicted to need AT LEAST a first round pick - was traded for a 2nd round pick an no immediate help this season: a season seeing the Pats getting squeezed by injuries. 1. This was Jimmy G's Doing. The Pats wanted to get Jimmy G for either the franchise tag (and then immediately trade him) or sign him for a bridge year. The Pats were concerned about the franchise tag because if they could NOT trade him it would be a disaster for their cap AND it was a real possibility nobody would do that if they thought Jimmy G would be available as an UFA. So the Pats decided to get a "bridge" year between now and the franchise tag and THEN trade Jimmy G this off season. But that deal never materialized; reports show that the Pats were trying to constantly work out a deal with Jimmy but he had a single message: he wanted to play. Now. And franchise tags and bridge contracts would not get him on the field to play today. While a trade to a team lead by a man who my wife only knows as "Beat - Hard" can get you playing time. So Jimmy G made it clear: trade me now or lose me or pay me too much to be your dumb back-up (which everyone knew you could not do). So the Pats had to trade him. 2. This was Bob Kraft's Doing: If the reports about Brady are true: that he was concerned Bielichick would trade him during the off season (when he has personnel control over the team) then the trade of Jimmy G crystallizes a move back-stage. That Robert and his son KNEW Brady was displeased and so phoned Nick Caserio (who controls the Pats roster during the season) to trade Jimmy G for whatever they could get to mollify Brady's concerns and make it clear that Tom Brady will never play for another team. Ever. No matter what. This theory was bolstered by BB's press conference earlier today where he gushed: “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jimmy. I couldn’t ask for him to give us any more than he has given us .. The 49ers are getting a good player, they are getting a good person and they’re getting a great teammate and they are getting a good quarterback, and Jimmy is getting a good coach.... he’s a talented individual. He is a great person to coach. I met with him weekly. ...“(Jimmy G as a backup to Brady) Not something we wanted to walk away from. I felt we rode it out as long as we could, over a period of time, explored every option possible to sustain it. At this point, felt like we had to make a decision. Very complex situation on multiple levels. This is really the last window that we had, we did what we felt was best for the team. There were many things involved in this whole process." He basically cried and said Jimmy G was like a son to him. He NEVER talks about Brady like that (his stock line for Brady is "There is nobody else I would rather have than...." He didn't talk like this when he traded Seymour; when he traded Mankins. But today? He GUSHED over Jimmy G. Translation: If it were up to him, BB would have kept Jimmy G. Its either 1 or 2. But bottom line: it was not 3: Bill Belichick did NOT want this trade like this. I think BB wanted either to trade Jimmy earlier and could not get a deal with the Browns (all signals are the Browns are FURIOUS they did not get this deal done) for a 1st OR that he did not want to trade him at all. With all that said and the conspiracy theories out there, my bet is #1: the Pats misjudged retaining Jimmy G and held onto him for too long and lost a golden opportunity to collect greater draft picks and/or talent. And Jimmy G was not going to ride the pine. So... hooray... a second rounder ... th-thanks?
  14. All I know is that He ... is having ... THE TIME OF HIS LIFE!!!
  15. So I want to say a few works about the Pats win over the Chargers (I was at the game) and then comment on the Jimmy G trade. Pats had a quality win over a quality opponent that played terrible. Once again the Pats play a team that was supposed to cause them problems and once faced with Brady and Belichick, peed down their collective legs. Great job. Watching the Chargers crew everything up, in person, for 59:30 of 60 minutes was special. Other than the run by Gordon, the Chargers did nothing right. Like nothing. Rivers went 4-for 4 on his first 4 passes and then threw FIVE more times the whole half; they go for a 52 yard FG when their kicker's season high is 32; Chargers don't know how linear time works so can't clock manage when the game was technically within a score. Rivers was- miraculously - held near 200 yards and not the Pats usual 300 yards. Chargers then ran the worst special teams play since the Colts tried to convince us that they ran a play that they never intended to run. Pats punted (towards where I was sitting) and the ball makes it to about the 3-4 yard line where Travis Benjamin- stupidly - fields it. What dumb-ass should have done was allow it to go out of bounds (oh well) OR field it and then JUST RUN STRAIGHT ahead! Instead, Travis runs BACKWARDS into the end-zone. Great job nit-wit. Pats break the tie with a safety; game is never close again. You jackasses. ' I thought overall Pats played well despite ongoing injuries (Losing Hogan at the end of the game and Cannon during it); and Brady is looking less and less like Brady. His passes are not as accurate and I think he's missing guys who may be open. At the same time, the guy threw for 300+ yards a TD and some really great throws. And the Pats running game is getting better, yet still not great, but the RBs are best when catching a pass. The best thing is that the Pats get a buy-week at the best possible time and they can recover and stay on track. Pats next few games are @Broncos (they'll role); v Raiders at a neutral location (50-50), then v. Dolphins (win), and then the game of the year for the Pats @ Buffalo where the season ultimately will be decided. If the Pats lose they may be playing for the wildcard at that point. We'll see.... Anyway... Jimmy G to the 49'ers for a 2nd round pick. Great. Wait... I thought Jimmy G was worth TWO first round picks or the 1st pick overall... now he's worth a really high 2nd rounder? G....great? But could they have done this before? And with the risk of injury to Brady where he gets dinged for 2-4 weeks who goes in there? Brian Hoyer (who the Pats will certainly pick up in the next week or so)? Is that what you want? Is that what we want? No players? They didn't fill a gap here. No DE no WR nothing. (Jay Ajaiya was just traded to the Eagles). The Pats had Jimmy G and Brissett last season and traded two starting QBs for a WR they don't use a 2nd round pick. Great move. Here is the ONE thing where it could make sense (Because it does not as we sit here): originally the Pats intended to franchise Jimmy G and hook him as a back-up until Brady retired in 2028 or whenever, but more likely to trade him then to another team after applying the tag. That was the plan. The problem was that in the off-season they signed DB Stephan Guilmore and he has been TERRIBLE! They paid him millions and that ticked-off Malcom Butler... who has been playing GREAT. So the Pats look up and see Guilmore and know they need to sign the guy they alienated, Butler. So they know they can't afford him so they decide- fuck that, the Pats need the Franchise tag so they trade Jimmy G for a great second and plan to use the franchise tag on Malcom Butler. That's the only way this makes sense because otherwise, the trade looks horrid.