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  1. StappyNappy added a post in a topic (Book Spoilers) The last scene for each episode of season 3?   

    Thought about it some more the last couple of days. and went through the book again to figure out the correct order.
    Epi 1: Davos gets thrown in jail
    Epi 2: Tywin tells Tyrion to marry Sansa.
    Epi 3: Jaimie's Hand
    Epi 4: 3 Leeches (happens later in the book but it would be boring to have Davos locked up for more than 3 episodes and you want to set it up before the kings start dying.
    Epi 5: Dracarys
    Epi 6: Killing of Craster and Mormont.
    Epi 7: The Hound kidnaps Arya.
    Epi 8: RW
    Epi 9: Queenscrown
    Epi 10: Purple Wedding/UnCat
  2. StappyNappy added a topic in General (GoT)   

    (Book Spoilers) The last scene for each episode of season 3?
    hey first time poster so if i make any mistakes my bad. lol. the point of this topic is to discuss what you think the last scene of each episode of season 3 should be. so far i got:
    episode 8: RW

    Episode 10: My sequence would be joffrey dies. sansa escapes with littlefinger. then cat comes back to life.

    Episode 7: Arya gets kidnapped by the hound.

    Two more i'm not sure where to put: The Killing of Lord Commander Mormont. And Daenerys taking over Astapor with the Unsullied.

    So what do you guys think?
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