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  1. It speaks to their depth that after they mentioned at the beginning of the game that Hornqvist was out, I totally forgot about him.
  2. They mentioned he was sick. Hope he's back soon, I miss his voice and the excitement he brings. His replacement is a dud, IMO. For Pittsburgh locals (or regionals who watch regular season on Root Sports), Steigerwald just got replaced for next season by Steve Mears from the NHL Network, whom I know nothing about. I don't love Steigerwald but I've just grown used to him over the years. Hopefully the new guy has a good voice, or at least better than Emrick's replacement. Worried that Schultz may be out now too. That looked pretty rough on his shoulder and eventually attrition is going to kill this playoff run. Although hopefully Daley is able to return before long.
  3. Finished The Library at Mount Char. Enjoyed it even if the primary characters weren't very likeable. I'll be interested in what Scott Hawkins comes up with next, though if it turns out to be a sequel I doubt I'd want to revisit. Listening to Speaks the Nightbird by Robert McCammon. Makes me wish I had read this 10 years ago. So so good. And just decided to start Reaper's Gale. It's been (hmm, I thought only 2 or 3 but it's really) 4 years since I read The Bonehunters, so it was really time to dive back in to Malazan. I always find it a little sloggish in the early going trying to remember old characters and get acquainted with new ones. Trying to recall which race is subjugating which other race, etc. It always turns out well in the end though, so hopefully I can just power through the first couple hundred pages and things will come together for me.
  4. Glad Sandra is gone too, but I nearly got out of my chair and bowed down to her if she had pulled off talking everyone into voting for Tai and then him going home with two idols in his pocket. That was either a great editing job or a great acting job by that alliance, because it looked to me like that's exactly what was going to happen. I don't mind Tai always finding idols. They've set the precedent of always having them out there, and he's perfected the art of finding them. It also helps him if he uses them strategically to help others in his alliance (whatever alliance he's momentarily in, that is). Since he currently has two, it got me thinking, was there ever a tribal council where two idols were used at the same time? Right now I'm thinking Zeke is in a very good position to win it all.
  5. If there are any runners reading this, I thoroughly enjoyed Running With the Buffaloes by Chris Lear. It follows the Colorado men's cross country team through the 1998 season. I enjoyed this much more than another running book, Born to Run by Christopher McDougal, which was entertaining enough, but a little preachy about, and kind of started, the whole (imo ridiculous) barefoot running thing. P.S. I realized while writing this post that title of the thread is Sports "Novels" and novels these aren't, but what the hell. There are not enough good books in general about running.
  6. Finished Abaddon's Gate. My least favorite of the series so far, and yet still had some very interesting new characters and was a very solid SF adventure. Currently listening to Wayward, the 2nd book in the Wayward Pines trilogy. Also started reading The Library at Mount Char based on numerous positive recs here. A third of the way in, very impressed and really liking it.
  7. Finished the first Illuminae book recently and highly enjoyed it. Reminded me of a YA version of Leviathan Wakes. The Call was also excellent.
  8. Also starting Senlin Ascends. Only 50 pages in, but there are some books that you just know are going to click with you very early on. This seems like one of those.
  9. I also read this a couple months ago and agree it is very good. I enjoyed the adventures of Chohenna and the Kepdun. Starting 2017 off with the first Illuminae Files book and The Lost City of Z at the same time on my Kindle.
  10. My 5 star reads of 2016: Caliban's War - James S.A. Corey A Headful of Ghosts - Paul Tremblay
  11. I missed it by that much last year, 19/20. So I'm shooting for 20 again this year.
  12. Other free kindle books on US Amazon, all from Open Road Media Sailing to Byzantium: Six Novellas by Robert Silverberg The Light Ages by Ian R. MacLeod House of Storms by Ian R. MacLeod Several other MacLeods From the Teeth of Angels by Jonathan Carroll A Child Across the Sky by Jonathan Carroll After Silence by Jonathan Carroll Kissing the Beehive by Jonathan Carroll The Marriage of Sticks by Jonathan Carroll The Sinai Tapestry by Edward Whittemore, plus the other 3 novels in the Jerusalem Quartet Saffron and Brimstone: Strange Stories by Elizabeth Hand The Saliva Tree: Stories by Brian W. Aldiss Strange Trades by Paul Di Filippo, plus several other of his collections And hundreds other, these were just the authors I was interested in. I searched for "Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy", sorted by price, and there were about 30 pages worth of ebooks currently free. Not sure if this is a sale or if so, how long it will run.
  13. The Cosmology of the Wider World by Jeffrey Ford is currently FREE on US Amazon. Edit: Also the 2nd and 3rd books of his Well-Built City Trilogy.
  14. Finished A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. It turned out to be a much different book than I thought it was going to be. When I realized this, mid-way through, I thought it was going to prove disappointing. Quite the opposite, I really appreciated what he did there. Thought the writing was excellent, and even after I caught on to what was going on, there were a couple subtle misdirections that came back to punch me in the stomach. Definitely a memorable reading experience. It was a very interesting juxtaposition to read this directly after The Last Days of Jack Sparks. Two novels that share some similar plot devices but do wildly different things with them.
  15. I would recommend it as a good spooky read even if you don't read the others. I read it a couple years ago and enjoyed it, but haven't continued with the rest of the trilogy yet even though I want to get back to it someday.