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    Ahh... you know... GRRM, Internet, books, TV...paleo eating, Gorilla Training (kinda like CrossFit, but not). Edit: I really need to get back to the training and eating right part.

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  1. Sending PayPal in a few minutes. Email starts with Lacy.
  2. Rest well, Bonsey. You will be missed terribly.
  3. Sign me up for whatever....except singing... or public speaking.
  4. 1 women's XL YAY!!
  5. thanks!
  6. <spoiler>How do we post spoilers?</spoiler> Not like that, I guess. :p
  7. [size=5]W00t!!![/size] :blush: Er... I mean... Yes...very good. Thanks for letting us know. :D