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  1. Mephesto added a post in a topic Anyone have an ASOIAF tattoo or tattoo ideas?   

    Full color. Drogon is the one she is touching, he will be black and red. And I think Rhaegal is in her lap, he will be green and bronze, and Viserion will be is looking off to the left, he will be cream and gold. Dany will have her trademark violet eyes and silverfish hair of course!
  2. Mephesto added a post in a topic Anyone have an ASOIAF tattoo or tattoo ideas?   

    Wanted to update. I got this baby started. First of three sessions done. She is looking GORGEOUS. I AM SO HAPPY. Anyone who bashes anyone else for wanting a tattoo is a naysayer and they are not to be listened to! If I don't like red hair, do I sound like a jackass if I say "do you know how bad dyed red hair looks!" Yeah I do, If you don't like tattoos, that's cool. But keep it to yourself and walk your boring ass out of a thread about tattoos.
  3. Mephesto added a post in a topic Anyone have an ASOIAF tattoo or tattoo ideas?   

    I am getting it at Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis MN, by Dan Kytola. He is really awesome, and will be adding his flair to it so it will be great. I have to wait until Jan 22 to get it started. Long wait list.
  4. Mephesto added a post in a topic Anyone have an ASOIAF tattoo or tattoo ideas?   

    I love this thread. I am going into my consultation for my next tattoo in a couple hours. It is a Queen Dany tattoo, also the beginning of my ASOIAF sleeve so excited. I designed this myself also which makes me happy.

    I can't believe how much crap I am getting for "basing a tattoo off a TV show". Silly fools, if you only knew. My response usually is, what do you think about people who have a cross or jesus tattoos? Well the BOOK SERIES, is my religion, and she is my Mary!

    Wow adding a photo directly into post is super frustrating.

  5. Mephesto added a post in a topic The prophecy of Azor Ahai's return   

    She says herself that sometimes they misread the flames.
  6. Mephesto added a topic in A Clash of Kings   

    The prophecy of Azor Ahai's return
    The more I think about the Prophecy, could it be Dany they are talking about?

    They said that Azor Ahai would pull the burning sword out, and be unharmed.

    Stannis had to wear a massive glove to do it, but Dany was unburnt by Drogo's Pyre. Surely she would have no problem pulling out a burning sword with her bare hand.

    Is this revelation I have one that is commonly known and I am late to the party? Or is Stannis really the second coming of Azor Ahai?
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  7. Mephesto added a post in a topic Final Samwell Chapter ***** will contain spoilers, don't open if you are not done with A Feast For Crows.   

    I thought that also, but if you were going to kill someone who has three dragons, and dragons haven't been seen for 150+ years, I would imagine that it wouldn't be common knowledge how to kill them any more.

    Maybe he is there looking for a book about the dragons, and how to kill them. Who knows though, the simplest answer is most often the right answer, but this is GRRM we are talking about. Never does he go with the most obvious, and always do the characters paths end up converging together.

    Since Jaqen is a character, and since his objectives are unknown, it leads me to think that he is going to be instrumental in the end, if he weren't GRRM would have wasted the effort in creating him. I do not believe that for a second, so he will have a major role, wether it will be against the others, or Dany, who knows, but I am sure that it will be one of them.

    Also, he is on somekind of epic journey. This led him to being captive in the dungeons of Kings Landing, so that makes me think he was looking for something there and got caught, or let himself get caught. Then he is on to OldTown working under the service of the seemingly rebelious Archmaester Marwyn, who may or may not be into the sorcery side of maester-dom.

    All of this points to him researching Dragons for one reason or another, but seeing as he is a Faceless Man and sworn to his brotherhood, I think he is going to kill Dany, or at least he is suppossed to try. I don't think he has political motivations, or anything other than servicing the many-faced god.
  8. Mephesto added a post in a topic Question: Brienne at the crossroads inn (spoilers)   

    Yes, they were the Vile Criminals who were caged with Jaqen,

    They were the ones who captured Jaime and Brienne, and Jaime saved Brienne from rape by telling them about the Saphires of Tarth, and suggesting that Brienne would be worth her weight in Saphires if ransomed back to Tarth.
  9. Mephesto added a topic in A Feast for Crows   

    Final Samwell Chapter ***** will contain spoilers, don't open if you are not done with A Feast For Crows.

    Sam made it to OldTown, he delivered Maester Aemons final message. His mission seems to be complete. He is going to be on his way to becoming a Maester himself. He even has a new friend.

    Except....... this friend....... was killed in the prologue!!!

    So seriously is this Jaqen H'gar in disguise as Pate?

    If so what is his mission? Is he working on his own? Is he there because he/the faceless men know about Dany? Did Varys actually contract the Faceless Men to kill Dany when Robert was still alive, but as we know "a man kills when a man is ready, not a moment before". Did someone else contract her murder? If so who? If he isn't after Dany, who is his target? He couldn't be there for anything other than to give a life to the many faced god right?

    It has been a while since I finished the book, and I have tried to marinate on this question, but I am too intrigued. Damn you GRRM, damn you and your unanswerable questions!

    What say you, members of the forum?
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  10. Mephesto added a post in a topic The Three-Headed Dragon (Possible Spoilers)   

    You're right, the books say that Jon looks more like ned than any of the other children.

    As to his mother, I don't believe that Ned would let Jon feel so alone by not knowing who his mother was, if he weren't protecting some dangerous truth. Jon could have handled the truth but if that truth would have made him unsafe Ned would not have allowed anyone to know about it.

    Robert was Ned's best friend, and there is no way a best friend can let you go without finding out who the mother of your bastard is. So Ned had to say something to him. There was no way around that.

    Also one more point.

    I don't think that Jon has to forsake his vows inorder to be a rider, he doesn't have to be king, or Dany's heir or anything.

    But if the Others are completely wiped out wouldn't that make the Nights Watch useless? They will probably be disbanded if the war is truely won.
  11. Mephesto added a post in a topic [ADWD Spoilers] Anyone else find the title misleading so far? (First 500 pages, Prologue to Prince of Winterfell)   

    A Storm of Swords didn't have valyrian steel falliing out of the sky..... Just kidding.

    I too noticed the lack of dragons, although I am not half way in yet, but I imagine it is titled that because the dragons are going to be playing a larger part soon.
  12. Mephesto added a post in a topic Damp-hair or Dam-phair   

    I read it the whole time as DamFair, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks, Damp Hair, how did I not see it earlier, I calle my self an idiot and laughed out loud when it first hit me.

    It only makes sense that the priest of the drowned god would be called Damp Hair. Since it is his moniker and not his name. It is Aeron Damphair, like Jaime Kingslayer,
  13. Mephesto added a post in a topic Are the non-POV chapters important?   

    There isn't going to be a test so skip what ever you want. The only one who suffers is you.

    But seriously why would you go through the trouble of reading 80 percent of the book and not bother to read the rest?

    Aside from the fact that you are not reading the book in its entirety there is important information that you are not getting if you skip the "boring" stuff.

    I was someone who felt like the book was a chore to read, but now I am glad that I read it and I really enjoy the chapters that I wasn't so excited about at first.