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  1. WJ that's right in the middle of the season finale of GOT. All Westeros all night.
  2. Thursday the 31st is out for me. I can make anything else work. Earlier start times are better for me.
  3. Hells Yes. Good to be back.
  4. I'm back for A. Gotta defend that title.
  5. I tried to start Arrieta and Kennedy today and the app won't let me put them in. Can commish override please? And yes I know Arrieta is getting rocked now. Haha
  6. I need some SP. I've got a closer sitting on my bench ( Watson ) if you need saves help and would be willing to trade some of my OF depth.
  7. SP is my vote
  8. Just let me know in advance and I should be good.
  9. Yep, I'm in buddy.
  10. I prefer full season play as well.
  11. I'm back in this year if a spot opens up.
  12. I'd be down for keeper next year as well.
  13. Thanks Dunk, I missed that post running the thru the topic. I will absolutely stand by whatever Jamie decides is best going forward. I'm the one that put it on his shoulders to begin with.
  14. I don't remember it being said at the beginning of the year that B, C, and Open were the first three feeders. That's how it was last year and we discussed changing the system through out the 2015 season. I don't believe it was ever established how invites would work this year, which is actually my fault for getting myself Jaxomed last year. I set the ball in motion and then left Jaime holding the bag as the new commissioner, without declaring exactly how the points based system would work. My apologies for that Jaime. What almost happened to Bronn a couple of years ago is what initiated the conversation of change. He won 4 leagues and barely got back in. I find myself in a similar situation this year. If the old way is used then I don't get an invite and won multiple leagues. I only joined 2 other than Thunderdome and won them both. I believe Jaime and the other returning Experts members should decide exactly what system will be used and set it in stone. Any tweaks to the system in the future should like wise be voted on by the league. Just my 2 cents. GO CHIEFS!
  15. Are there 3 open spots or only 2? If Bronn won Dynasty he should automatically get his spot back correct?