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  1. Of the three people Jaxomed this year (Myself, Pyro, and POTN) I'm still alive in Keeper and Westeros A. I play Pyro in Keeper and POTN in A. These are the only chances we have to save ourselves. No matter what there will be at least one new Expert next year.
  2. Ben and Bell putting up big numbers gave me a shot tonight. I'm down 16.7 with Gostkowski and NE Def. Gonna be a close one Jaxom.
  3. Need some advice for my money league. I need to start 2 of the 4. K.Williams vs. Tennessee, M. Davis vs. Jacksonville, Darkwa vs. Dallas, or P. Barber vs. Detroit. I'm leaning Williams and Davis with Martin active for Tampa.
  4. I'm not going anywhere. Bye in Westeros A and Keeper and the second most points scored in Thunderdome. I will pull out at least one win! Been a lot of fun this year. Good luck everybody!
  5. Thanks man, I'm gonna need it.
  6. Yes I want to start Quiz over Cohen. Not good when 2 of your starting RBs most likely aren't going to play in a must win game.
  7. No choice. 2 QB league and Winston isn't playing. Hopefully with the bears behind he will have to throw it a ton.
  8. Last minute advice. Need to start one. Trubisky vs. Philly Or Gabbert vs. Jacksonville I'm leaning Trubisky.
  9. Looking to trade L. Murray for a WR upgrade. Sent out a couple offers but haven't heard anything back. Shoot me an offer if you need RB help.
  10. This week should be interesting. The top six teams are 6-4 and playing each other. 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4, and 5 plays 6. Mudguard has a chance to make a big move with a win. Looks like it's 7 teams for 6 spots.
  11. After you posted this I was expecting a Hundley to Montgomery TD pass on the untimed down to end the game. I can honestly say I would have felt bad if it would have happened. Good win man.
  12. I was on the winning end of that twice, and the losing end once. I honestly have no idea how my team is 5-3. Two more wins should get me in the playoffs. A tremendous amount of luck will hopefully keep me from getting jaxomed.
  13. 2 weeks in a row losing a starting QB. Son of a bitch!
  14. I can't take credit for that move buddy. I'm riding Cousins to the title.
  15. 2nd most points and losing sucks man. At least in this league the power rankings mean something so it's not a total loss. Great week man.