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  1. I cannot read more than one page of the forum on my iPhone. When I click the second page (or even do the skip to page thing), it just loads and ad. When I click back, it takes me back to whatever subforum I was reading. Any fix?
  2. Sorry about that. R + L = J. And it just seems like there's no great twists to be had. The rest of the story seems fairly easy to predict (at least in terms of the more important characters). Idk. The show is making it tremendously obvious that Dany "wins" in the end.
  3. R + J = L. Dany is Azor Ahai reborn. These things are pretty obvious if you've read the books closely and are also keeping track of the television show. Anyone care to discuss what other possibilities are? Dany clearly has to help fight The Others along with her dragons. And Jon Snow will be there, of course, resurrected by Melisandre. One of them will die since GRRM likes bittersweet endings. The dragons will all likely die fighting The Others as well. Thoughts?
  4. I think they're maybe doing that plotline where Ramsay uses Theon to infiltrate that one fortress so he can open the gates or whatever it is. Just a guess.
  5. Cutting to an up-beat rock song RUINED the entire moment, for me at least. The gravity of what just happened is totally ruined. It's like when they ended the movie Being There w/a blooper real. Ruins everything.