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  1. Mormont'sRaven added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Most obvious incoming plot "twists" and developments?
    I'm excited for the rest of the story, but some developments just seem so terribly obvious.

    For me:

    Aegon is a fake.
    Aegon will lose to Dany.
    Jaime is the valonqar
    R + L = J
    Jon is going to come back to life.
    Victarion won't survive/Iron Islanders are all red herrings.

    What about all of you?
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  2. Mormont'sRaven added a topic in General Chatter   

    In the market for a new PC and need help...
    My computer just bit it. Or rather, to be more accurate, my hard drive just failed. I could just replace it but honestly my rig is 6-year-old technology at this point and barely fulfills the minimum requirements for most PC games. It's also rather slow in general. I'd like a new one. I know it's cheaper to build your own but I'm not blessed with such skills. I've been browsing on Newegg and haven't found anything that seems to jump out on me. Any suggestions? I'd like to spend about $800 or so. Not much more than that. I know that's a low ceiling but this couldn't have happened at a worse time monetarily speaking (tax season). I was thinking of this. Let me know what you think! Thanks a lot for your help!
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  3. Mormont'sRaven added a topic in Literature   

    Best literature from female and/or african american authors?
    Pretty straightforward, really.

    I looked at my bookshelf and realized it was embarrassingly white and male!

    Even worse, I don't know many female writers outside of like Virgina Wolfe and Emily Dickinson. And I don't think I can name a single African American female author not named Roxanne Gay.

    So, can you give me some recommendations.

    They don't have to all be black and female. Some can be female. Some can be just black.

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  4. Mormont'sRaven added a topic in General Chatter   

    What do you guys eat for lunch at work?
    I'm starting a new (paid) internship.

    This one has longer hours than the other one, so I'll have to eat lunch during office hours. I'm really torn about what to do hear. Now that I'll be getting paid a decent wage, I want to start buying my own food so I can eat healthier. Alas, I really don't know what's healthy. Also, I don't think vegetables will keep well during the commute (which is about 2 hours each way). I'd also prefer something small to eat as well so it doesn't take up too much space in my bag.

    I was thinking to just buy a thing of pumpkin seeds or mixed nuts and leave them on my desk and just have handfuls of that throughout the day in lieu of lunch. My friends and family said this was crazy.

    So what do you guys do?
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  5. Mormont'sRaven added a post in a topic Two job offers at once. Need help urgently.   

    So I have a call with this woman from site B tomorrow. How can I tell her I need time to consider? She knows I'm just an unpaid intern at Site A. Who the hell would need time to consider a paid gig? That's why I think I need to tell her the truth but the two people I asked IRL said not to. Thoughts?
  6. Mormont'sRaven added a post in a topic Dating #17 - Your Biceps Make For Awesome Pillows   

    Tinder and OkC have not worked out for me at all. As I may be getting a real job soon instead of working 3 part-time gigs, I might have the money to spring on an eHarmony membership (or something). Do you guys think it's worth it for a 25-year-old with no romantic luck?
  7. Mormont'sRaven added a post in a topic Two job offers at once. Need help urgently.   

  8. Mormont'sRaven added a post in a topic Two job offers at once. Need help urgently.   

    Ok so Site B officially said they'd love to have me join and would call me Monday. Oh boy...
  9. Mormont'sRaven added a post in a topic Two job offers at once. Need help urgently.   

    Site B got back to me and said they'd love to have me and that they'd call me up Monday.

    Oh boy. This is getting nerve wracking hah hah.
  10. Mormont'sRaven added a post in a topic Two job offers at once. Need help urgently.   

    How do I tell Site B I need more time without appearing uninterested? Should I be 100% honest and tell them what's going on? I guess I shouldn't. I just don't want to wind up with no jobs if I get an offer, you know?

    And what if they don't give me a lot of time?
  11. Mormont'sRaven added a post in a topic Two job offers at once. Need help urgently.   

  12. Mormont'sRaven added a topic in General Chatter   

    Two job offers at once. Need help urgently.
    OK here's the story:

    I'm an intern at a website. Let's call it Site A.

    At the end of the internship (3 months), they said they didn't have any jobs but would love to keep me as an unpaid intern (lol). They asked me if I had any plans. I told them I had an interview with this other website, Site B. They said cool and that they'd reach out to me if a position opened up.

    About a week or two later (which was yesterday), I interview with Site B. It goes really well. A bunch of Site B people follow me on Twitter, and then I get an email asking for references. They said they'd let me know by Friday afternoon.

    BUT THEN I got an email from Site A saying they were doing to hire a new person soon and asking if I were interested. I told them I was but explained the situation (I had to as my boss here was one of the references I gave; I couldn't not tell them).

    They said to "Just do you" and that I'd hear more in the next week or so. They said they weren't sure what the hiring process would look like or how quickly they wanted to fill the position.

    So I'm kind of at a loss with what to do here.

    Site A's benefits: It's a social media job at a media site so I wouldn't have to write the aggregation pieces and could only focus on writing stuff I want while managing the social media. It's more prestigious than Site B. It allows telecommuting and even if I had to commute, it's about 30 mins of a smaller commute.

    Site B's benefits: It has a much more vibrant and stronger culture. It has a lot more money. I would actually be part of the editorial team as opposed to the social media team. Despite having less prestige, it's a tighter operation. However, site B's job is a "fellowship" (a 2 month trial that generally turns into a job at the end). Though I've never seen them not hire a fellow before.

    I'm really, really, really torn. I don't know what to do. I don't want to burn my bridges with either side. I don't want to disappoint anyone either.

    I'm just terrified that I'll wind up somehow not getting either job. Like if Site A still hasn't gotten their shit together after Site B has an offer, I don't want to blowoff site B only for Site A to decide they're not opening up a position after all.

    I'm sorry I always make advice threads on here but I don't have anyone to ask IRL.

    Thanks so much.
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  13. Mormont'sRaven added a topic in General Chatter   

    Samsung Galaxy tab vs. iPad mini?

    I'm using the computer too much and my wrists are starting to kill me. While I'll always type on the computer, I realized that I don't need to web-browse and read on it anymore thanks to tablets.

    So which one is the best entry-level one?

    I'm a kind of broke Internet writer so I can't really afford the top of the line stuff.

    So I saw a cheap Samsung one that was only about $180. The cheapest apple tablet is like $250! Is it that much better though?

    Any advice would be helpful.

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