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  1. Dullest to me changed when I read a second time. I originally didn't have much time for Bran but knowing where the story goes helped me appreciate it much more. Tyrion and Danny in the East can drag on. The POV character that stands out the most to me as dull was Brienne. I really didn't enjoy when her chapters came up.
  2. I would say it depends on your reading pace (which I know is a cop out). Reading both books combined is a pretty large task and keeping that much sprawl straight can be difficult if you aren't going through them quickly. If you are a slower reader like me, there are fewer POVs, smaller geography and you reach some resolutions faster if you go one at a time. That said, if you want to completely immerse yourself in that world for a while then reading both makes sense as well. I have been through them twice and can say from my perspective - knowing what happened in ADWD absolutely helped when I reread AFFC. Possibly because I am not that close of a reader, but having the broader narrative already down really helped me appreciate the details the second time through. I hadn't even considered reading them combined until reading this post, but I think for my third read (probably sometime after WoW comes out) I will try this out.
  3. So many to choose and different characters are stronger in different books. Arya's journey up until she left Harrenhall is one of my favorite pieces of the novel. Tyrion's were consistently good until he murdered Tywin. Cersi's slow decent into madness where it showed her thought process in scheming were really entertaining. Especially on a second read where you know her schemes don't work out. Wasn't into it the first time as I was more plot driven - but the second time I read, Bran's entire journey was probably the most entertaining.